The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  8 days ago +915

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    • VIC Debacker
      VIC Debacker 9 hours ago


    • Enjoy
      Enjoy 16 hours ago

      Unbox Therapy I would like to play racing games

  • Josh S.
    Josh S. 3 hours ago

    It's not perfect until it flushes and performs kidney dialysis.

  • Sergio Perez
    Sergio Perez 3 hours ago

    cool shocks

  • FantasyStar
    FantasyStar 4 hours ago

    the moment where you have the perfect setup and still suck in all games

  • Tyrese Mcintosh
    Tyrese Mcintosh 4 hours ago

    Anyone else have a big ass boner rn?

  • king mehdi
    king mehdi 4 hours ago +1


  • martin pikart
    martin pikart 4 hours ago

    I don´t have space in my house for this thing, not even for the electricity bill......:()

  • Shrax
    Shrax 4 hours ago

    wasted it on fortnite

  • Syko Stands-Up
    Syko Stands-Up 4 hours ago

    Remember floating humans in Wall-E, reminds me of that

  • Amir Hussain
    Amir Hussain 4 hours ago +1

    I can build this for much less

  • CloudMask
    CloudMask 4 hours ago

    The most expensive variant of "BUT CAN YOU DI THISSSS?!"

  • Christopher Zica
    Christopher Zica 4 hours ago

    Why isnt the snack cart RGB?

  • gabriele gradino
    gabriele gradino 4 hours ago

    $30,000 Gaming PC Setup he plays fortnite

  • 15lumen
    15lumen 4 hours ago

    You have 30,000$ PC setup and you're playing on it in Fortnite with cartoonish graphics. Don't you think that GTA V would better show capabilities of PC?

  • Jeff Sahui
    Jeff Sahui 5 hours ago

    Hello, you have a new subscriber and I love your videos ... I just want to know if you can cut the stripes of the frames, that is, remove them by removing the piece of frame they have and when you put together the screens it looks like one would be great. Greetings. ..

  • BadPingGamer
    BadPingGamer 5 hours ago

    if ever i get rich...

  • Succ
    Succ 5 hours ago

    but can it run ?

  • jonnyrockwell
    jonnyrockwell 5 hours ago

    Where is the xbone x ?? I have PS4 Pro with VR a 1080ti watercooled i7 rig and a Xbox one X Scorpio linked into 60 inch 4K LG OLED HDR Curved and a 7.2 Dolby Atmos Onkyo Rig. I then have a fully auto leather recliner super chair with fridge and food cupboard. All of that didn't cost me close to 30K$ so hmmm think my set ups better but it glows less that's for sure! But we both have to get up to shit lol...

  • abdirisak mohamud abdi

    Stephen hawking in the first bit.the world must be clueless about aliens without him🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • HamzieIsHere
    HamzieIsHere 5 hours ago

    A gamers heaven

  • maximilian1
    maximilian1 5 hours ago

    That i would play

  • TheNokturnalTimes
    TheNokturnalTimes 5 hours ago

    Why no toilet in the seat?

  • Wayne Schoenberger
    Wayne Schoenberger 5 hours ago

    Hey what is that headset/

  • Tennis
    Tennis 5 hours ago

    This costs more than my fucking house yo

  • Kevin Lynch
    Kevin Lynch 5 hours ago

    "Ultimate Gaming set-up" Uses monitor with 60Hz refresh rate.....

  • Gaming Spot
    Gaming Spot 6 hours ago

    U R u can buy anything..when u wish to buy...but some of them are poor like me they cant buy any thing like u ....u r rich...that the differents...we dont have cash..we dont have anything to setup

  • #zack 21
    #zack 21 6 hours ago


  • Apollo
    Apollo 6 hours ago

    Is this guy playn freeware game on this?

  • #zack 21
    #zack 21 6 hours ago


  • Virtual insider
    Virtual insider 6 hours ago

    U steal can’t beat Ninja

    EL3CTRO 6 hours ago

    how to get blurry vision with $30k

  • Zaid Haider
    Zaid Haider 6 hours ago

    where do you charge your controller

    NEXUS DEZTROYER 6 hours ago

    Mr.Hawking opening speech tho. HAHAHA I Love It and i miss him :

  • AnGeL oF DeATh
    AnGeL oF DeATh 6 hours ago

    U have 30k dollar pc and you play fortnite !

  • Alm0st
    Alm0st 7 hours ago

    no serious gamer would ever use this , screens to big , not enough mousepad , if you move everything moves.... what a waste of money.

  • Cristian Canalizo
    Cristian Canalizo 7 hours ago

    Chill devoe

  • Ambrose
    Ambrose 7 hours ago

    80 fps for 30k $ u kidding?

  • jezusinio1337
    jezusinio1337 8 hours ago

    30000$ and 70-80 fps at fortnite, nice! :)

  • Abdullah Muddasser
    Abdullah Muddasser 8 hours ago

    AKA The 7000 Pound Human Maker

  • M.T - And More
    M.T - And More 8 hours ago +1

    That Not Much I Think HEHEHEH!
    Put Some AC XD

  • Son Kale
    Son Kale 8 hours ago

    Yuh amk

  • Chinn
    Chinn 8 hours ago

    Put in som 8k screens

  • Clifford Kort
    Clifford Kort 8 hours ago

    i feel to close to the face

  • Infinitely Continuum
    Infinitely Continuum 8 hours ago

    Does it have a build in toilet?, since one can be there a week.

  • Leōn, The Wild Fit
    Leōn, The Wild Fit 8 hours ago

    My motto is: Contented with little, yet wishing for more.

  • paul robinios
    paul robinios 8 hours ago

    But play like noob.

  • Larkish
    Larkish 8 hours ago

    i want this

  • Joaj Jabal
    Joaj Jabal 9 hours ago

    Think about giving it away.... to me XD

  • dz algria
    dz algria 9 hours ago

    ههههه حلم لايتحقق بالنسبة لي

  • Smoking Crop
    Smoking Crop 9 hours ago

    hah, a TV? Shitty setup for gaming.
    Shouldve gone for a G-Sync 144Hz+ display.

  • Bill CZY
    Bill CZY 9 hours ago

    **But can it do this**

  • PinkesPinkeltier
    PinkesPinkeltier 9 hours ago

    i want that lol

  • i phone
    i phone 9 hours ago +1

    i dont have pc Gaming :-)

  • Lei Montana
    Lei Montana 9 hours ago

    Yeah its a pretty cool chair. BUT CAN YOU DO THIS _/ ___

  • parotpalan
    parotpalan 10 hours ago


  • anil prakash
    anil prakash 10 hours ago

    Well, skills can not be bought. I don't mean to hurt you but it's a truth. 😇

  • Farida Khan
    Farida Khan 10 hours ago

    Imagine a virus

  • Gaming Gaming
    Gaming Gaming 10 hours ago

    Fortnite gay

  • Tomy Fernández
    Tomy Fernández 11 hours ago


  • AdamOKGaming
    AdamOKGaming 11 hours ago +1

    my set up is less than 5x cheaper than yours

  • Papa Ali
    Papa Ali 11 hours ago

    What’s your virginity level

  • Arteezy
    Arteezy 11 hours ago +1

    But can it run minecraft ?
    I think no

  • mydogplayspubg
    mydogplayspubg 11 hours ago

    You could have bought a nice car fir that money.. You made the right decision ;)

  • G IC
    G IC 12 hours ago

    Wow, a giant Ad!. What a surprise...

  • Think Different Today
    Think Different Today 12 hours ago

    such an awesome video

  • #JC
    #JC 12 hours ago

    Can you do the vkworld S8, it’s got 5000 mAh battery and only costs like £200/$250

  • Amogh Srivastava
    Amogh Srivastava 12 hours ago

    Will it blend? That is the question.

  • L U C I F E R
    L U C I F E R 12 hours ago

    pls stop wasting money on shitty players

  • inoe kurozaki uzumki
    inoe kurozaki uzumki 12 hours ago

    Amigo cuanto me costaría que que me enviaran r la pc gaymi

  • Harsh Arya
    Harsh Arya 13 hours ago

    *hey rich guy aka king of gadgets ,can you please give something you do not use now?*

  • Grim Soulz MC
    Grim Soulz MC 13 hours ago

    You see, I like guns to much to spend more then 300-500$ on a computer, why in THE FUCK, would anyone, in their right mind, buy a $30,000 pc?

  • Stormwebb19
    Stormwebb19 13 hours ago


  • Aj Kt
    Aj Kt 13 hours ago

    Everything looks good love it but but as we know not all of us can afford that but I still want it just don't ask

  • Hugh Jaines
    Hugh Jaines 13 hours ago

    i need this in my life :D i also need 30,000 to buy it so that will probably never happen, but i think i just found a new DIY project haha! great video ;)

  • Humble Muslima
    Humble Muslima 13 hours ago

    ...meanwhile back at home still struggling to pay my water bill. Subhana Allah, where is perspective these days.

  • Barber - Танкист.

    My setup cost 10$ My “gaming pc” - 5$, Chair - 0.5$, Mouse, keyboard 1.5$ Monitor 3$ OMAGA!

  • Wesley Lecler
    Wesley Lecler 14 hours ago +1

    Why don't you use a curved TV instead

  • 2-bit Alif Muhammad
    2-bit Alif Muhammad 15 hours ago

    $800. Gaming PC plays Roblox,PUBG,Minecraft,Fortnite,MOBA, and more :VV

  • Cap Cap
    Cap Cap 15 hours ago

    150 thousand dollar setup and I’ll be happy for all eternity

  • Rutilicus RUTILICUS
    Rutilicus RUTILICUS 15 hours ago

    Don't sing man, please don't sing. For heaven's sake :P

  • Jeff hardy2nd
    Jeff hardy2nd 15 hours ago

    Aka fortnite

  • Jeff hardy2nd
    Jeff hardy2nd 15 hours ago

    From all the game in the world why that gay game

  • Mali Sosa
    Mali Sosa 15 hours ago

    He’s a no skin tho

  • Vadim
    Vadim 15 hours ago

    plays fortnite on this setup..


  • Aman Indeed
    Aman Indeed 16 hours ago

    Price does not determine value; this setup is worth less than $5K.

  • Parvej Khan
    Parvej Khan 16 hours ago


  • Neeraj Mooppen
    Neeraj Mooppen 16 hours ago

    Give it to ninja

  • Omar
    Omar 16 hours ago


  • YouthMachine
    YouthMachine 16 hours ago

    And they say "money isn't everything."

  • AnnoyinglyFunnyTV
    AnnoyinglyFunnyTV 16 hours ago

    Wtf do u mean DECENT FRAMERATE??!? My framerate on my crappy dell office computer with idfk liek 2 GB ram and gets only up to like 20 FPS!! Be grateful u have all this stuff.

  • TheAmazing Tuber
    TheAmazing Tuber 17 hours ago

    I wish I get this setup, I WANT IT SO BAD! :O

  • Tazer Turtle
    Tazer Turtle 17 hours ago

    This is the definition of laziness.

  • Kswan423
    Kswan423 17 hours ago

    This reminds me of JP's setup from Grandma's Boy lol

  • RubyAll in Guy
    RubyAll in Guy 17 hours ago

    What man really wants

  • Roberto Ramos Hernandez


  • Masky Theproxy
    Masky Theproxy 18 hours ago

    Everybody asks who's jack not how's jack

  • Matiod Mesfin
    Matiod Mesfin 18 hours ago

    Dollars and no skin 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 18 hours ago

    No skin trash ass

  • Levinlemon
    Levinlemon 18 hours ago

    *5 years pass*
    *posts another $30k pc build*
    *multiple "but will it run..." comments show up again*
    Me: what a waste of $30k for something worth $5k on China's Ebay

  • SuperTacoBoss
    SuperTacoBoss 18 hours ago

    Yeess, I can't afford it