10 Marvel Villains With Weird Power Restrictions

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Marvel Villains That Are Weaker Than They Should In The MCU
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    Usually the greatest weakness a super villain has is the determination and might of the superhero who brings them down, but even supervillains have superpowers that makes them supervillains in the first place. Marvel Comics has a tendency to make every gift a character gets come at a cost. Even if you’re an other worldly being like Mephisto or just get your powers from other worldly beings like Juggernaut, there’s almost always a catch. Sometimes the restrictions are self imposed, like with the Elder of the Universe, The Grandmaster, or in the case of beings like Galactus, it’s part of who they are.
    Whether it’s magical, technical, self imposed or part of the way the Mutant Gene works in Marvel Comics, there’s usually some trade off. Some of those trade offs can be pretty weird, even if they’re not immediately obvious. They can even be the thing that casts them in the role of being the villain in the first place. Not all of the weird power restrictions manifest as an inconvenience to the user, they can also complicate the lives of the people around them or even the ones responsible for the powers in the first place. Something no doubt AIM regrets when making MODOK. From the smallest villains to the most powerful, here are some of the weirder power restrictions for the villains of Marvel.
    Entry 1 - ULTRON
    Entry 2 - JUGGERNAUT
    Entry 3 - GRANDMASTER
    Entry 4 - GALACTUS
    Entry 5 - GREEN GOBLIN
    Entry 6 - SEBASTIAN SHAW
    Entry 7 - EMMA FROST
    Entry 8 - MODOK
    Entry 9 - YMIR
    Entry 10 - MEPHISTO
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  • Teh Hyper Gamer
    Teh Hyper Gamer 20 hours ago

    Wait, Juggernaut is Charles Xavier's stepbrother?!

  • Almighty FDR94
    Almighty FDR94 4 days ago

    Go Fuck yourself says wolverine 🤣😂🤣😂

  • ShatteredDreams
    ShatteredDreams 7 days ago

    Even if a villian has their max level powers the heroes will still always win

  • The Professor
    The Professor 9 days ago

    Don't forget Emma has serious regenerative capabilities in her diamond form, and so does shaw when he has absorbed energy

  • Ram Kumar.v
    Ram Kumar.v 9 days ago

    2:40 guess the mistake here

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  • Mohammad Aqeel Naufal Mohammad Aliff

    Mephisto is all about his zone.

  • Elias Schall
    Elias Schall 25 days ago

    "Adrian Killian"

  • Mythic Z.
    Mythic Z. 25 days ago

    4:48 there is a planet with a face

  • Truck Taylor
    Truck Taylor 25 days ago

    So, a lot 9f people seem to find this video a bit boring. But, as someone who never really had the time or money to acquire and read comics, I find it all very interesting.

  • David Rutherford
    David Rutherford 26 days ago


  • EpicUltraKingSmizzy
    EpicUltraKingSmizzy 27 days ago

    Like half of the people on this list dont have a "weird restriction"... Modok has a big head, that's his power, thats not a restriction. Emma Frost has two powers, that need to be used separately... that's not a restriction, that's just having 2 powers. And Being immune to physical attacks but not energy attacks is also not a restriction. Why would something that nobody can normally do, be a restriction? Its not like he LOST the ability to resist energy attacks, so thats not a restriction.

  • Chris Flynn
    Chris Flynn 27 days ago

    I would add the over use of the word, "nefarious" to the list.

  • Zachary Scovel
    Zachary Scovel 27 days ago

    When did M.O.D.O.K. show up in the MCU? Never? That's what I thought.

    DANTVSVERGIL 27 days ago

    I mean...in Norse Myth, Ymir was killer and had his blood, bones and fur used to create Midgard/Earth.

  • Famous Cryp
    Famous Cryp 28 days ago +1

    1:02 that comic strip is from DC Harley Quinn it has nothing to do with what you are talking about

  • Eaglehood
    Eaglehood 28 days ago

    Funnily enough, I got an ad with Hemsworth before the video started.

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment 28 days ago

    I can understand nerfing a comic book villain because obviously there power wouldn’t be able to fit into the mcu THAT MAKES SENSE. But some power restrictions are so stupid that’s it’s almost bad writing.

  • Penguindreamz
    Penguindreamz 28 days ago

    What happen to juggernaut :/

  • Newoandme
    Newoandme 29 days ago

    This video should have been titled "Here are some Marvel villains"

  • Rob Loftus
    Rob Loftus 29 days ago

    I wish they'd retcon Ghost Rider

  • Charming Cthulhu
    Charming Cthulhu 29 days ago +1

    modok original big brain

  • Fistmake and Fishiro
    Fistmake and Fishiro 29 days ago +2

    I hate the way this guy talks. Say half a sentence, stop, finish sentence, wait unusually long to start next sentence.

  • Nanamush
    Nanamush 29 days ago

    This is just a list of super hero’s

  • The fallen memelord 421


  • Robert T
    Robert T Month ago

    4:28 Norrin "RAND"? … that's when I stopped watching. Do your research

  • Juanma Railgun
    Juanma Railgun Month ago +28

    Cosmic Cube =/= Teseract.
    They're literally nothing alike.
    That's the point where I chose to say screw this video, no actually interesting info is being shared.

  • Theodore Tiernan
    Theodore Tiernan Month ago

    What about Loki?

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    The tesseract isn’t the cosmic cube in the MCU...

  • LemonBoy
    LemonBoy Month ago

    Did this mother fucker just say *infinity gems?*

  • Ewok612
    Ewok612 Month ago

    This is remarkably unfocused.

  • Z019
    Z019 Month ago

    Ultron will return

  • posqeak
    posqeak Month ago

    The tesseract isnt the cosmic cube

  • anime/fortnite fan
    anime/fortnite fan Month ago

    Telepathic more like sexypathic

  • Jack Bat
    Jack Bat Month ago +1

    Let us be fair, TV shows, video games & films are nerfed versions of ALL comic book characters.

  • The Elder Toad
    The Elder Toad Month ago +36

    8:51 the MCU does not call the cosmic cube the tesseract because they are very different
    the cosmic cube is a pocket of power from the Beyonders
    the tesseract is simply just the space stone in a cube

    • theoamy1
      theoamy1 5 days ago

      The Elder Toad yeah.

  • Trodosio 1
    Trodosio 1 Month ago

    That Ymir was from smie

  • Mack Cardinal
    Mack Cardinal Month ago

    It's Cain Marko not Marko Cain

  • dark clain
    dark clain Month ago

    Wow. I only clicked on this because the thumbnail is wrong

  • Ooi Eugene
    Ooi Eugene Month ago

    Thanos & Infinity Gautlet , and..... they say endgame was great.I doubt that.

  • Brandon Boss
    Brandon Boss Month ago

    Now do Heroes like Hulk

  • Vanilla
    Vanilla Month ago

    scarlet witch, bend reality, throw's big rock

  • x and t-dog gaming
    x and t-dog gaming Month ago

    They didnt nerf Shaw in that movie the nerfed Darwin

  • Max Parlow
    Max Parlow Month ago

    Why you say dormamo like that 😂😂 10:30

  • Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon Month ago

    The Tesseract is not a Cosmic Cube.

  • Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon Month ago

    After he screwed up Juggernaut and Silver Surfer's real names I thumbed down. How hard is it to read words?

  • Black Beard2345
    Black Beard2345 Month ago

    In the Comics Emma Frost has been hurt in her dimmonad skin by the Hulk of course it was world breaker hulk

  • Sal Vulcano
    Sal Vulcano Month ago

    Uses rage comics in 2019

  • Seth C
    Seth C Month ago

    Moores law hasnt been met since like 2012

  • Daniel Kuehn
    Daniel Kuehn Month ago

    Aldrich killian.. sigh

  • Daniel Kuehn
    Daniel Kuehn Month ago

    Norrin Radd not Rand

  • Daniel Kuehn
    Daniel Kuehn Month ago

    It’s Cain Marko, not Marko Cain, you hacks.

    THE DEVIL DRAGON 2 Month ago +1


  • Work Fit
    Work Fit Month ago

    Forgive me for saying but are you going to say EVERY character’s name wrong???????

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Month ago

    2:19 Marko cain??...its Cain Marko

  • Legendary_Twit
    Legendary_Twit Month ago

    I don't wanna see Juggernaut

  • EthanEarl Combate
    EthanEarl Combate Month ago

    Hey it's Ant-tron Ant-man and pls like

  • Tru Maverick
    Tru Maverick Month ago

    Great video! Thank you for all those cool facts I never knew

  • Hannibal
    Hannibal Month ago

    Yeah Sebastian Shaw can absorb anything given off kinetic energy and add it to his power,energy beams bullets and yes a simple punch gives off kinetic energy. He's literally untouchable in the movie

  • Chi Lee
    Chi Lee Month ago

    deadpool healing factor is nerfed like hell too

  • Majin Blue
    Majin Blue Month ago

    Why do you guys click-bate so much?......
    Edit: And why is there so many ads?......

  • Nathanial Larkin
    Nathanial Larkin Month ago

    The teseract(or however ya spell it) in the MCU is the Space stone not the cosmic cube

    ZBORETS Month ago


  • Dr. Jack Bright
    Dr. Jack Bright Month ago +14

    Thumbnail: exist
    Ultron: *im about to end this mans whole career*

  • James Ray
    James Ray Month ago

    Wasn’t galactis supposed to be the eater of the celestials?

  • Victor Ma
    Victor Ma Month ago

    Make a video of black panther with his suit fighting Sebastian shaw


    They nerfed just about everyone in the mcu

  • Flynn Coyles
    Flynn Coyles Month ago

    The title is wrong but it wouldnt even be that hard to do what it says

  • Chief_Midget
    Chief_Midget Month ago

    bruh it’s pronounced Ya-Meer

    • CaosSorge
      CaosSorge 26 days ago

      Except EE-Mir actually is how it's pronounced in the original mythology.

    • Chief_Midget
      Chief_Midget Month ago

      Not Ee-Meer

  • DANI S
    DANI S Month ago

    Emma is not one of the MOST powerful telepath by a long shot lol, there are many, many mutants more powerful than her telepathically- Cassandra, Jean, Madolyne pryor, legion, Nate grey , professor x, kid omega etc

  • iron ingot aeric plays

    Ok, on the topic of ghostrider the marvels agents of shield robbie reyez version is Epic

  • Jade memories
    Jade memories Month ago

    No idea what the deal is little nemo on hbo emailed council of solace books too much adderall no tragedy befall family 275 Lakeside drive agerholm.

  • Beasty-07
    Beasty-07 Month ago

    Lol start of video, super nerd fist bump

  • Angela Ly
    Angela Ly Month ago

    What happens to psychic diamond girl when she’s getting fucked and turns to diamond
    More specifically what happens to the guy

  • Noah Samson
    Noah Samson Month ago

    Dormaymoo lol
    Edit also mefisto lels🤣

  • MattPaint
    MattPaint Month ago +2

    Noobmaster69 has killed Thor a hundred times

  • guam
    guam Month ago

    Its DorMA’AMou

  • Christopher Silverio

    Omega Red

  • Nerd of Action
    Nerd of Action Month ago

    Someone needs to fact check your scripts. Marko Cain... it's Cain Marko the Juggernaut bitch!

  • Luan Souza
    Luan Souza Month ago

    Grandmaster looked like some rich guy, who could buy a lot of cool weaps and hire a bunch of powerful bodyguards.

  • TheKligerFan
    TheKligerFan Month ago

    It’s nerf or nothing

  • Sean C
    Sean C Month ago

    Realistically the only viable reason for Galactus eating planets, generally occupied ones, is because he likes genocide. If it were ONLY about energy upkeep then eating even a tiny star like Proxima Centauri (It's mass is 12% that of our sun) would without question provide far FAR more energy than eating a planet ever could.
    Also, the movie is (on purpose I think) definitely scarce with details about just HOW they cut Ultron off from the net, and frankly I think it's bogus. Obviously enough he has no need to physically plug in to anything, and the sheer number of communication satellites in orbit would make a being with unlimited access almost completely impossible to actually cut off from the internet. Now maybe Vision could computationally run Ultron into a stalemate with Vision not being able to cut access and Ultron not being able to establish it, but that's the only reasonable way it could have played out....clearly though that's not what happened, and at the end the last body Ultron was in somehow magically forgot about the internet.....frankly if they don't bring us a "Ultron made a super secret backup" storyline at some point it'll be a completely wasted opportunity.

  • Marvin Pereira
    Marvin Pereira Month ago

    The thumb nail made no sense

  • Gustavo Antoine ブラジル

    Did he just call the cosmic cube "tesseract"??

  • Sir. Corny Neck
    Sir. Corny Neck Month ago +1

    "What are the hero's biggest weaknesses?"
    Plot Armour

  • Chinfu
    Chinfu Month ago +2

    Ultron was nerfed due to both laziness and lack of budget

  • Ryan Dragons
    Ryan Dragons Month ago

    How about 10 youtubers who ran out of ideas

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh Month ago

    They also nerfed a hero "HULK"😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Joseph Loki
    Joseph Loki Month ago

    Who’s the guy in the thumbnail on the left

  • Thomas May
    Thomas May Month ago +56

    Emma Frost has 3 powers
    1. Diamond
    2. Mind
    3. She’s hot af

    • Ethan Otteson
      Ethan Otteson Month ago +6

      You forgot her power to suck all the life out of any line of dialogue, as the editing room put it.

  • Nwabueze Ozuzu
    Nwabueze Ozuzu Month ago

    In her diamond form she needs to breathe 7:30 that's why Eric could do this 7:48

  • Ronald Ambatoho
    Ronald Ambatoho Month ago

    Back in the days, Fantastic 4 and X Men are way more famous than Avengers.
    Still the most anticipated thing that I wait is the total reboot of previous trash Fantastic 4 movies.

  • Krazy Eights
    Krazy Eights Month ago

    We all know thanos was nerfed

  • Hells Gamer
    Hells Gamer Month ago

    I hate this channel n it was click baited hard mf core fucking imbread tuber

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    KaiBowman Month ago

    Aldridge Killian not Adrian killian

  • Donut King
    Donut King Month ago

    6:00 REEEEE ravioli

  • Kennedy Slusher
    Kennedy Slusher Month ago +4

    Its pronounced like (ya-mirr)

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    MamaCoco Fitness Month ago

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    A-MAN Month ago

    He said Adrian Killian!

  • greg finn
    greg finn Month ago

    Galactus is technically older than every character.