Ash Vs Evil Dead CANCELLED - SERIES Finale Explained/Review

  • Published on May 4, 2018
  • It's the end of the road for Ash Williams and the Ghostbeaters as Ash VS. Evil Dead has been officially CANCELLED. Even worse, Bruce Campbell is retiring as the character for good. Find out how the now series finale works as a final goodbye, and if the cliffhanger was SUPPOSED to be the end (it wasn't).
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Comments • 1 552

  • art_harshit
    art_harshit 4 hours ago

    i want spiderman 4 and evil dead 4

  • Hari Giri
    Hari Giri 5 hours ago


  • Hari Giri
    Hari Giri 5 hours ago

    whatevet the shows come this one will never breaks anyone

  • What’s Kraken
    What’s Kraken 7 hours ago

    Sad boi hours

  • Jacktube07 Pathpictures

    If Bruce Campbell played a Secondary Villain From James Bond 25

  • Ethan Bale
    Ethan Bale 5 days ago

    I'm so sad I want a 4th season so badly. I miss all the characters, gore and laughs. Please Sam Raimi, please Sam Raimi 😭😭

  • Andrew Ortiz
    Andrew Ortiz 5 days ago +3


  • No name ok
    No name ok 6 days ago

    It was a nice finale. I'm happy how it ended.

  • DragonFist _YT
    DragonFist _YT 6 days ago

    Im depressed AF

    IRVING X 6 days ago


  • mr. skeleton
    mr. skeleton 7 days ago

    I did saw chapter 4 before they cancel it why did they cancel it now i dont no what happen to the last episode I don't know what happened though when the city got nuked

  • Kyle Anthony Stuart
    Kyle Anthony Stuart 10 days ago

    He went mad max in the season finale. I wish theyll make movies

  • Lightning Jaguar
    Lightning Jaguar 15 days ago

    I blame deadites

  • Frida Nyström
    Frida Nyström 15 days ago +1


  • Gerardo Gon
    Gerardo Gon 16 days ago

    We need a game or even comic that continues the story

  • kurvos
    kurvos 16 days ago

    Not really "obviously a cliffhanger" as you put it. Like Bruce Campbell himself said, it could both work as a cliffhanger and a conclusion. For all we know, Ash could be dead and this is him being in Heaven, and this is his dream of how it would continue. Not to mention, if it DID continue after that so-called "cliffhanger", it would be so different and deviating from the formula that people would just complain about that instead. Not just for the Mad Max setting, but because we can't have deadites around any longer since he killed the source to them.

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 16 days ago

    I'm just gonna say one curse word fuck you Netflix you dick you ruined my favorite timr

  • HeresHashy
    HeresHashy 17 days ago

    So the show ends on a mad max level

  • sjdh
    sjdh 18 days ago

    The Evil Dead (Ash Williams) series usually end this way, see PS2 games.... Regeneration and, though "not connected- per say", Fist Full of Boomstick

  • Русский геймер :D

    I just finished the series reee season three is on a big cliffhanger .-. Why does this always happen!?!?

    • kurvos
      kurvos 16 days ago

      It's only a cliffhanger if you see it as a cliffhanger.

  • BorringGuy
    BorringGuy 20 days ago

    At least Bruce voices ash in dead by daylight

  • Queen E
    Queen E 20 days ago

    This show was a true gem. I'll miss it for sure!

  • Gerald Murrill
    Gerald Murrill 20 days ago


  • PAT Warner
    PAT Warner 20 days ago +1

    Technically, he's not retired. His likeness is still being used in "Army of Darkness" comics.

  • Xris M
    Xris M 20 days ago

    such a good show. way better than most of the drek they think we wanna see. But, why did it take over a year for me to learn I wouldn't get to see more story? =(

  • Apolinar_Howell
    Apolinar_Howell 21 day ago


  • d_hume 14
    d_hume 14 22 days ago

    Why the hell did they cancel this show

  • Abel Borg90
    Abel Borg90 22 days ago

    Damn this show was fucking brilliant!!!!
    I don’t watch too many tv shows and this was the only one I watch!

  • MrMuttly55
    MrMuttly55 22 days ago

    Now do Bubba Hotep-The Series

  • Cash Watkins
    Cash Watkins 23 days ago


  • Hashirama
    Hashirama 25 days ago +4

    Netflix gotta pick this up. I wanna see post apocalyptic pablo.

  • nina wallen
    nina wallen 26 days ago +5

    Ash, despite being a man, was potentially the best final girl in all of horror history.

  • Bryan Foxworth
    Bryan Foxworth 27 days ago

    Sooooooo sad it was the best show ever funny,bloody all the characters was so amazing damm ash vs evil dead it was truly fun and the show and and all behind this master piece love guys u will be missed thank u

  • Xsellment
    Xsellment 27 days ago

    God damnit bruce >:/

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Month ago

    Best show ever

  • Angel Rider
    Angel Rider Month ago

    Honestly I believe this show could have made bigger and bigger and made more seasons and he was totally awesome even though I'm afraid of scary stuff like this the humerus of Ash made it all worth it, less scarier and freaking awesome. They should continue this series and not worry about the critiques and all that stuff there are a lot of people that like this show because it has comedy, action, drama a little, bit of terror but not as terrifying as other movies you might say and crazy plot twists. the point is this show is awesome and they shouldn't have canceled it in the beginning it should have continued. they should have continued it because some of the main characters we didn't even know what happened to them in the apocalypse or even if there's some other crazy alternate time altering adventures or I don't know. Ash vs. Evil Dead rocks and it's freaking awesome bring it back Netflix or whatever company is in charge of that show!!!!

  • Cameron ‘
    Cameron ‘ Month ago

    Brandy felt like a replacement for Kelly tbh

  • BJI82a
    BJI82a Month ago

    Shows like this one always end too soon I didn’t see the movies but this show gave me a good feel on how Ash fought the dead and how he was doing in his older years wonder what can take this shows place

  • Tim Creech
    Tim Creech Month ago

    This ending weirdly set's up continuety with Jason x also I consider both endings of Army of Darkness cannon because ya know time travel and displacement so that's right we have an old and a young Ash kicking deadite ass together in the post apocalypse!!! GROVIE indeed!!!

  • Legend has It
    Legend has It Month ago +4

    I stumbled upon this series on Netflix and got hooked to it instantly. Sad to hear Ash has retired just before the series finale T^T

  • Rad Opss
    Rad Opss Month ago

    Season 3 is on Netflix now

  • Papa Jubjub the Second

    Ash is my favourite final girl

  • Papa Jubjub the Second

    Fuck me I loved this fucking show

  • buddy bub gamer
    buddy bub gamer Month ago

    It’s faje

  • Dean Grondin
    Dean Grondin Month ago

    Pick this up netfilx!

  • The Spider-Man
    The Spider-Man Month ago +3

    Why does everything great always get cancelled at season 3? From Daredevil to Ash vs Evil Dead.

  • Classic _HWG
    Classic _HWG Month ago

    what god damnit they tore down the jefe

  • rashad johnson
    rashad johnson Month ago +2

    I believe there will be another season he trolled us on mk11 now he’s trolling us on the tv show, probably to build the fan base season four is coming, mk 11 would not put ash in the game if there wasn’t something coming down the pipeline for him

  • Matt Bell
    Matt Bell Month ago +3

    They should continue it on TV. They have built an audience off Netflix

  • Matt Bell
    Matt Bell Month ago +9

    Bro wtf I need more it just started to change completely like some 80s movie style change and they cancel it?

  • Sigma Geranimo
    Sigma Geranimo Month ago


  • Tonic VR
    Tonic VR Month ago

    We'll miss you Bruce ;_;

  • DramaticYT
    DramaticYT Month ago +1

    at least hes in dead by daylight

  • [TheBusterBoy]
    [TheBusterBoy] Month ago

    Jokes on you I just watched season 3

  • henry dicarlo
    henry dicarlo Month ago

    Brandy getting splashed with blood every episode was a hoot.

  • Kyle Loney
    Kyle Loney Month ago +1

    I Just Finished and Now Im SAd AF

    • Jose Quinones
      Jose Quinones Month ago +1

      Same I just finished season 3 and I can't believe it had so many questions tho

  • MistaTofMaine
    MistaTofMaine Month ago

    just finished 3rd season, major bummer won't be going on any longer. :(

    • Elogh
      Elogh Month ago

      @Duke Mations just finished the show and looked up when season 4 is coming out and got this :(

    • Duke Mations
      Duke Mations Month ago

      Yeah, just finished the show 5 mins ago, sucks they canceled it

  • Ian Garay
    Ian Garay Month ago

    I wish they would bring it back

  • Mr haun
    Mr haun Month ago +1

    I fuking didnt even no this! I been waiting lmao.

  • Lordpianz
    Lordpianz Month ago

    bring this back...we want season 4

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski Month ago

    The executives of all the channels are fucking stupid.
    I didn't really care for season 1 or 2, they were meh, but season 3 was kick ass.
    All the good shows are always cancelled, Star Trek, Firefly, Ash vs Evil Dead, Arrested Development and Doll House to name a few

  • sinkiy
    sinkiy Month ago

    Why would they cancel this!!! Encore finally made a good show and they cancelled it lol

  • Thefangirlisobel06
    Thefangirlisobel06 Month ago


    GoKuSODMG 2 months ago +2

    So no season 4

  • JakeShadow125
    JakeShadow125 2 months ago +10

    So Dead by Daylight is the only place Ash can continue his series. Rip UnU (good game, just didn't expect it to go this way)

  • Call Lynx
    Call Lynx 2 months ago

    Brandy vs The Evil Dead?

  • Christopher Fountain
    Christopher Fountain 2 months ago

    THIS IS BULLSHIT BRING BACK ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD FINISH THE LAST 2 SEASONS YOU DICK JUGGLING THUNDERCUNT. I do understand Bruce Campbell wanting to retire from the role however why give the company the satisfaction that THEY ENDED THE SHOW INSTEAD OF DOING IT ON YOUR TERMS. Come on people compain to bring Ash VS The Evil Dead Seasons 4 and 5 done

  • mr benchpress
    mr benchpress 2 months ago

    Just when the show is getting damn good they cancel it bustards I was looking forward to more

  • It's Me, Steve
    It's Me, Steve 2 months ago

    Thank god i couldn't even get passed watching episode 2 of season 1. It fucking sucked ass

  • king bib
    king bib 2 months ago


  • MAX Points 099
    MAX Points 099 2 months ago +1

    This was one of my favourite shows to watch high on weed

  • steven
    steven 2 months ago

    After seeing the end of season 3 I have to say it was a smart idea to cancel the show. Quit while your ahead.

  • Evil Spock
    Evil Spock 2 months ago

    It's sad! Thought we would get at least one more season. Hail to the King baby!

  • Connor Invictus
    Connor Invictus 2 months ago

    I didn’t even know about the show? Shit lol.

  • FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer

    Ash is now in Dead by Daylight.

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera 2 months ago

    I know this video is Old but I enjoy The Series Of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix in Series 1, 2 and 3

    • Bryan Bowen
      Bryan Bowen 2 months ago +1

      Me too (outghta start a hash tag lol) loved Evil Dead since I was a kid (now I'm 41yrsold) bought all 3 bluerays & just finished watching them for the umpteenth time

  • Juan Maldonado
    Juan Maldonado 2 months ago +2

    He should have been in endgame

  • Jose Jose
    Jose Jose 2 months ago

    Fuck who ever cancel these i hope they get (dick or pussy ) cancer

  • Jazz music Stops
    Jazz music Stops 2 months ago +1

    “Hail to the king baby”

  • BookWyrm HorndOne
    BookWyrm HorndOne 2 months ago

    Well there's always the comics, like Dark Horse did with both Buffy and Angel.

  • Gary Heighway
    Gary Heighway 2 months ago

    Son of a bitch.

  • Jeremy Ray
    Jeremy Ray 2 months ago

    I recently finished season 3. Looked pretty Final there.

  • The Astro Artist
    The Astro Artist 2 months ago

    I wish at least brandy would kind of take on the role it is a great show and sad see it go the way it did

  • shFtshiFty
    shFtshiFty 2 months ago +1

    I'm not kidding when I tell you I enjoyed this show more than The Office. I'm so sad about this still to this day. =[

  • poisonjam44
    poisonjam44 2 months ago

    the cliff hanger ending...fawk man..

  • Peter Danior
    Peter Danior 2 months ago

    The goodbye before he fights Kandar is amazing

  • The Turquoise Dream
    The Turquoise Dream 2 months ago

    It totally sucks balls that the story end there. I'd had loved to see the last two seasons done up as a movie, maybe an "Army of Darkness 2 " kinda thing.

    CARTOON KILLER 2 months ago

    the show was boring anyways

  • Erik dying light
    Erik dying light 2 months ago

    Well that sucks I loved this show

  • Ice Viking
    Ice Viking 2 months ago +5

    I was never able to watch the show as it was being aired because we never had the channel. I opened up Netflix a week ago and saw that it was available. I binged all 3 seasons. Would love to see more but I see it was cancelled.

  • Marcus Leonetti
    Marcus Leonetti 2 months ago

    Sad... people before me grew up to this I gotta watch before it became out of taste now they make new show I was happy and then just like Jericho its gone....

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 2 months ago


  • Firo Fiore
    Firo Fiore 2 months ago

    I hope we get a reboot :P 2020-2022 hopefully

  • doggo
    doggo 2 months ago

    1 year later: I want to die now

  • Pimpiin Barbie
    Pimpiin Barbie 2 months ago +1

    I miss ash vs the evil dead 💔

  • Core Conservative
    Core Conservative 2 months ago +1

    Maybe they can kill him off and his daughter become the next ash??? Maybe? Probably not

  • Martin Thomas
    Martin Thomas 2 months ago

    Come on people that’s no ending what happened to kelly Pablo and brandy I mean at least we know the knights survived

  • Nikki Clarke
    Nikki Clarke 2 months ago

    While it is sad that this is over and Bruce has retired Ash, Im just happy we were able to get these 3 seasons. These were so unexpected to begin with.

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson 2 months ago

    Can someone start a petition for Netflix to pick this show up