Ash Vs Evil Dead CANCELLED - SERIES Finale Explained/Review

  • Published on May 4, 2018
  • It's the end of the road for Ash Williams and the Ghostbeaters as Ash VS. Evil Dead has been officially CANCELLED. Even worse, Bruce Campbell is retiring as the character for good. Find out how the now series finale works as a final goodbye, and if the cliffhanger was SUPPOSED to be the end (it wasn't).
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Comments • 1 644

  • Cook with karuna

    This was my kinda sick humour

  • alex martinez
    alex martinez 5 days ago

    Being from Michigan I loved all the references to my state. “When they kill you I’m going to ask to put the needle in myself.” “Jokes on you pal, Michigan doesn’t have the death penalty.”

  • mrpickle 1900
    mrpickle 1900 5 days ago

    I love the series as a whole

  • Derek Mcfadyen
    Derek Mcfadyen 6 days ago

    Netflix ... the company that cancels great shows and keeps all the cheap ass rubbish ..... fuck you netflix ! 😁

  • Andethidial bubabibub

    Everyone loved it and was hyped, I watched 2 episodes and never seen anything with less story and logic..

  • Mika Pulea
    Mika Pulea 8 days ago +1

    I am to young to watch this I am 11

  • Kabuto The Fox
    Kabuto The Fox 13 days ago

    I just got done watching the show...I'm gonna miss the show so much

  • Patrick Young
    Patrick Young 17 days ago

    At least it’s the type of cliff hanger that’s just so bizarre and far fetched it kind of works if you’re not gonna get a fourth season. Also pretty sure this was a spin on a alternate ending for army of darkness

  • Monk Onyx
    Monk Onyx 17 days ago

    Please bring this show back

  • zay!
    zay! 19 days ago


  • Diaa
    Diaa 24 days ago

    I'm scared to watch this coz i'm def sure i'm gonna love it but then its cancelled }:

  • NoobMaster exe
    NoobMaster exe 26 days ago

    It sucks that I’m just now figuring out about this

  • InSanityKing
    InSanityKing 26 days ago +1

    STARZ can go fuck themself, why does companies do this bullshit, cancelling all the fucking good shows, no wonder i dont watch tv, its because of fucking bullshit like this

  • classiclarry88
    classiclarry88 27 days ago

    I was saddened by the ending. Was hoping we would get closure and Ash would walk out of the monster's mouth and be done with it proper. At least if we had that future season 4 he finds a way back to the end of season three and can live normally. I like happy endings. Season 4 would have been sweet with father daughter team too.

    I was also hoping they would have found a 25 year old lookalike to play his evil twin in the doubles episode. That would be the skies the limit.

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok Month ago +1

    Bring back the king.

  • Will Flow
    Will Flow Month ago +1

    Evil dead meets mad max, I want another season!!!!

  • krazy moe
    krazy moe Month ago

    get the last two seasons scripts and or concepts and turn them into books that would be nice

  • Headless Horseman
    Headless Horseman Month ago +1

    Wtf, this was the best series ever!

  • Einer Schisshir
    Einer Schisshir Month ago

    i want to saw the dogfuckers in half who cancelled this

  • hehe
    hehe Month ago

    Ugh Netflix should pick it up, entice bruce with loads of money to keep playing him and redo the finale. It was good but I domt like the whole future everything is destroyed thing. You can kind of guess that they're in the future and Kelly pablo and brandy probably died of old age or who knows. It made the show feel lonely at the end. They should've picked up where right after Ash kills Kandar hes being dragged away by the knights of sumeria and he wakes up in a compound (not in the future) and kelly pablo and brandy is there and they have more work to do against the evil dead. But of course every awesome tv show always has either a shit ending or gets cancelled

  • itJUSTme l.u.k.e
    itJUSTme l.u.k.e Month ago

    @netflix WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashy slashy1101
    Ashy slashy1101 Month ago


  • Christopher Andrew
    Christopher Andrew Month ago


  • SelfMade YKT
    SelfMade YKT Month ago +1

    They need atleast a animated series if ash booty ass wont come back

  • Brennen Willemsen
    Brennen Willemsen Month ago

    All good things come to an end :’((

  • Tranquil GlitterzPink09

    Heartbreaking. I was looking forward on season 4. Since the ending season 3 pretty awesome high tech...

  • Maxym Bélanger
    Maxym Bélanger Month ago

    El brujo el special

  • Boy L.
    Boy L. 2 months ago


  • Bored Mary Read
    Bored Mary Read 2 months ago

    Technically Bruce cameback for one more go in Dead by daylight

  • Mission to be A Man
    Mission to be A Man 2 months ago +1

    NOT groovy

  • mon mon
    mon mon 2 months ago


    ROBØJAK 2 months ago

    Oh noooo!!!!

  • Jason Baldwin
    Jason Baldwin 2 months ago +2

    Me & my son love this Show Netflix has so many shit shows they cancel a good 1

  • P_Duyd
    P_Duyd 2 months ago

    i am late i know

  • chad mahan
    chad mahan 2 months ago

    enjoyed the movies. but saying that, no i dont care either way. i guess im not a genuine fan(super fan)

  • BookWyrm HorndOne
    BookWyrm HorndOne 2 months ago

    There's always the comics. Buffy, Star Trek, Smallville, even The Six Million Dollar Man, so many others have seen new seasons via the comics & done extremely well. Why not Ash Vs Evil Dead?

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 2 months ago

    Save ash vs evil dead!

  • Matty L
    Matty L 2 months ago


  • Jonathan Cooney
    Jonathan Cooney 2 months ago

    i just watched the finale there, this is a load of bollox, the way they ended it is a cliff hanger, bruce needs to do a 4th before officially retiring.

  • Cherry Hang
    Cherry Hang 2 months ago

    I am crying, Z NATION was cancelled, and this. Those were great series. R.I.P..

  • The Desk
    The Desk 2 months ago

    I just got done watching season 3 on Netflix. I'm not too upset about the news, because the ending leaves it open to your imagination. Perhaps an adult cartoon? Maybe a comic book? I'm happy cos the ending leaves the future up to your interpretation.

  • Bloody Vomitus
    Bloody Vomitus 2 months ago

    I guess I’ll just rewatch the movies.

  • Harry not Potter
    Harry not Potter 2 months ago


  • Denise Cardoso
    Denise Cardoso 2 months ago

    Que pena😥

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 2 months ago +1

    Ash vs Evil Dead season 4 was cancelled and Rick and Morty season 4 is taking to damn long. Season 4 must be bad luck when it comes to TV shows. Either have to wait to long or it gets cancelled. Season 4 is the 27 club for TV shows 😂

  • The spider 1962
    The spider 1962 2 months ago

    I feel dead

  • James Auber
    James Auber 2 months ago +2

    Harrison Ford Is 76 He's Stoll Going To Indiana Jones. Same with arnold 72 still playing the termnatior. I think Bruce should do a other seaon of this show if not do a movie that hooks in to the show. Bruce I hope you come back to do ash again

  • Sonof Ragnar
    Sonof Ragnar 2 months ago

    Why the fuck do they keep cancelling the good shows after only 3 seasons? This one, Hannibal, The Exorcist...

  • Theodore Coleman
    Theodore Coleman 2 months ago

    What the fuck. I just finished season 3 get the fuck out of here

    • Ace Visconti
      Ace Visconti 2 months ago

      Theodore Coleman it was canceled but recently they released and I am so hype to watch it

  • Zied karmndi
    Zied karmndi 2 months ago +3

    2019 ???

  • Ericka Buford
    Ericka Buford 3 months ago +1

    😡 who ever cancelled Ash vs evil dead I wish they went to hell

  • VlogGod
    VlogGod 3 months ago

    This show was actually amazing just not enough views this show could have been so amazing if the views were just there. But I’m glad they made atleast 3 seasons and I honestly don’t know why the views were so low the practical effects in the 3rd season were actually very good and the one liners were better I guess it was there big last try but I think the show deserved more seasons and views it’s a very underrated show I really recommend watching it

  • VlogGod
    VlogGod 3 months ago

    Easily one of the best shows along with supernatural

  • Dragonstorm 1000
    Dragonstorm 1000 3 months ago +2

    As soon as I got to the end of the very last episode, I knew that this show would end on a cliffhanger. Man I hope they can revive this show for a final fourth series. Or at least make a movie that finishes the entire Evil Dead story with a bang.

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 3 months ago

    Es la misma sensación que cuando se canceló half Life :c

  • Crucified Hacks
    Crucified Hacks 3 months ago +1

    Just finished this on Netflix and I looked up a season 4 trailer and saw this I wanna see a spin off with Pablo and Kelly after they leave
    Pablo is the man I want some Pablitos fish and chips

    • Sonof Ragnar
      Sonof Ragnar 2 months ago

      Ash is the wouldnt be the same without him...he made the show with his corny one-liners.

  • gabes ,
    gabes , 3 months ago

    Good evening, I would like a Brujo Especial, without pickles please

  • Sean Buhay
    Sean Buhay 3 months ago

    Every good show is being cancelled by idiots.

  • LandLordLandman
    LandLordLandman 3 months ago


  • Rex O.
    Rex O. 3 months ago

    So sad this show got cancelled, kinda grew on me.