Inside an Apache Rite of Passage Into Womanhood

  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
  • For the Mescalero Apache Tribe, girls are not recognized as women until they have undergone the Sunrise Ceremony- an ancient, coming-of-age ceremony that lasts for four days. Last May, VICE got rare access to the ceremony for Julene Geronimo - the great, great grand-daughter of the renowned Apache leader, Geronimo. We followed Julene through each day of her arduous rite-of-passage to better understand what womanhood means for the Apache tribe, and how these ceremonies play a significant role in preserving a way of life that almost became extinct.
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Comments • 2 746

  • Amanda PMG
    Amanda PMG 13 hours ago

    The sheer pride and joy in that girl’s face as she talks about the ceremony... you can see how meaningful it is. And the fact that a whole community gathered around her to be a part of her coming of age moment is amazing. Such a beautiful culture.

  • Frederick Gates
    Frederick Gates 13 hours ago


  • Randy White
    Randy White Day ago

    1love 😇

  • Ibarra Productions

    I’m Chiricahua Apache, I live in a city near Chicago and due to being away from my tribal lands I feel saddened that I’ve been unable to partake in traditions with my people and my tribal community. I’ll be 22 come spring, graduating college around the same time, and have yet to fully embrace my culture. I hope I have the opportunity to learn more as I grow.

  • Boss Hoggg
    Boss Hoggg Day ago

    The Mexican government payed bounty’s on Apache scalps men women children.....after all of the Apaches were killed the Mexicans began killing and scalping one another for the bounty.

    • Savage Brownie
      Savage Brownie Day ago

      False, when there were no Apaches around Mexicans just targeted other indigenous people like the Tarahumaras in Chihuahua and Apaches aren't the only tribe the Mexican government targeted. There was also bounties on Seri scalps for men, women and children. Also Mexico only targeted the Apaches in Mexico, not the ones in the US not that it matters.

  • downhilltwofour00

    Beautiful way.

  • J. Lopez
    J. Lopez 2 days ago


  • Eddie Lombera
    Eddie Lombera 2 days ago

    My moms parents are 100% tarascó, indigenous people from the state of Michoacán, Mexico. My grandpas parents didn’t even speak Spanish so it’s great to know my ancestry comes from the native Americans who were here before it was all taken. I might not have North American native blood but idk I feel a sort of warmth watching Native American traditions, I just can’t explain..

  • Kylie Jonkman
    Kylie Jonkman 2 days ago

    Beautiful beautiful...Iam so sorry my stupid ignorant ancestors placed these burdens on you and for what they did to you.. you are the most beautiful kind hearted souls I have had the privilege in my life to meet and if we all came together we could teach and learn so much form each other xxxxxxx

  • G60J60F80
    G60J60F80 3 days ago

    2:45 It reminds me of quinceañeras--lots of planning, really expensive. Cool to see similarities across cultures.

  • Zoë Renee
    Zoë Renee 3 days ago

    it’s sad bc everyone forgot about us, native Americans. We need to stand up.

  • kathyg921
    kathyg921 3 days ago

    What beautiful traditions and such love for the earth

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 3 days ago

    White people are from Europe homies G/-/0$+ GHOST the real one

  • Mickey Bitsko
    Mickey Bitsko 4 days ago

    I wonder if she knows how women were treated 200 years ago.

  • My weird YouTube channel 3

    I have been told that I probably have some Native American in me and I want to know for sure .but I don’t trust website’s like 23 and me and that stuff that tests your dna .

  • Denise Bermudez
    Denise Bermudez 4 days ago

    My question is are native americans mexicans because some of them have mexican last names 😱😱😱😵😵😵💖💖💖

  • frank torres
    frank torres 6 days ago

    Our sunrise ceremony is very precious tradition we are so proud of our young women

  • coupleofbeers31
    coupleofbeers31 6 days ago

    Such a beautiful and pure culture. Please do not lose this culture, fight for it. Our current society is so disgusting and sick and revolting with all the drugs, shit music, Kardashians, and urban misery.

  • PapyPopRock
    PapyPopRock 6 days ago

    les peuples Amérindiens sont si forts dans leurs cultures et dans leurs esprits que les l'injustices qu'ils ont subit leurs serons rendus, je vous adore, que Dieu vous garde.

  • IaiSou clAzzY
    IaiSou clAzzY 7 days ago

    Native Indians should r just like Maori there language and are fading away should keep figting for it its good for next generation and next generation where there accessters comes from...

  • Snt Ntr Angela Armstrong


  • Othniel Judah Israel
    Othniel Judah Israel 8 days ago +1

    The socalled Native Americans are #ISRAELITES👑 from the tribe of #GAD according to the Bible #Deut28 #Deut7x6 #Genesis49x19# #Deut33x20n21 ➡️

  • Peter Hedlöf
    Peter Hedlöf 8 days ago

    Whats a Good fashion of clothes.Its just simple truth thouse outfits are real Beautiful.

  • spinning debbie
    spinning debbie 9 days ago

    So many similarities to UK Roma. I was taught not to believe in God, as my parents 'went into brick' and tried to forget the old ways. I went on the road again as an adult. I later found out the Gypsy word Dev El for God was from the North Indian word Dev for Great and the shared Hebrew word for God - El (ohim).While people romanticise us living in bow tops or caravans, they persecute us. I tried to get people back together again, but the government wouldnt allow us to meet. When we did, the meetings got piled with pretenders using drugs and playing rave music. May Wakan Tanka, Yeh wah, Yahweh, Bless and protect you.

  • Iron Fist
    Iron Fist 9 days ago

    Why are us Native Americans so depopulated? Cause the Mexican and U.S Governments put prices on our scalps. Back in the day people were killing us left and right just for our scalps and they became very rich just from that alone. That's something you will never find in the history books.

  • blandonstrans
    blandonstrans 9 days ago +1

    That is the most pure, and beautiful transition

  • Hendrick Adakai
    Hendrick Adakai 9 days ago

    This coming of age ceremony is very common among Athabascan people. It's done by the Navajos it's Kinaalda, and the Pacific coast Athabascan tribe Hupa in Northern California, who call it Kinaaldung, it's also done by Northern Athabascans in Canada. Even the dances are similar to other Athabascans tribes. An it's done by Apache Athabascans so much similar to each other.

  • J Hassan
    J Hassan 10 days ago +1

    I feel for Native Americans on a deep level - to have a bunch of sanctimonious, righteous European Christians come over and colonise their land and completely destroy their land on such a level is hard and difficult to comprehend. The sheer arrogance of banning another people's sacred rites is astounding!

  • bruh that's cringe
    bruh that's cringe 11 days ago

    we should celebrate the fact that these apache ladies are speaking diné bizaad.

  • Maryam Al-ghazali
    Maryam Al-ghazali 11 days ago

    I live the American Indian they have pride

  • James Hart
    James Hart 12 days ago

    Trump says these reservations need to go to make way for more development.

  • Dex Wolfe
    Dex Wolfe 13 days ago

    The true Americans....the First Nation.... surely descendents of the Sky..... Beautiful....

  • Angry Grandma619
    Angry Grandma619 13 days ago

    Excellant ceremony

  • Aurelia Astrea
    Aurelia Astrea 13 days ago

    Very nice, I enjoyed watching the video. My great-grandpa was Ojibwa, so his tribe originated around the Michigan and Canadian area. He is long dead though, he died in 1981 at the age of 64 from heart failure. I wish that I could have met him.

  • Shawn Fellows
    Shawn Fellows 14 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your culture and traditions. I wish we will actually learn more from you about living in harmony.

  • Avia Littlehawk
    Avia Littlehawk 15 days ago

    My Grandpa gave me my name. They gave me the name of Littlehawk. I’m Cherokee/Mohican

  • Iti-Nelle Valgeväli
    Iti-Nelle Valgeväli 16 days ago

    Is it just me or does the dancing around the campfire look similar to electrons spinning around the core of an atom? Fascinating.🤔😍

  • zzzpip
    zzzpip 17 days ago

    Respect from England.

  • Ericka McKinney
    Ericka McKinney 17 days ago

    Such a delightful and beautiful story!

  • HeavenCanWait7
    HeavenCanWait7 18 days ago

    People in america can learn so much from native americans... Why would they ignore that much history and knowledge...

  • Cross Franklin
    Cross Franklin 18 days ago

    White man's ways are not the right ways for our people all it's lead to is pain and destruction and corruption and death I'd die for our people and what we believe in that's right for us

  • Cross Franklin
    Cross Franklin 18 days ago

    I look native American because I am native American Indian Alabama poarch band Creek indian atmore Alabama USA and Cherokee I'm very proud to be a part of the family of natives our forefathers and fore mother's were our teachers and taught us wisdom white man shoved his crazy crap down our throats but we knew better because our great great great great great great grandparents taught us right way

  • Daisy Goseyun
    Daisy Goseyun 18 days ago

    I'm a one of them

  • Hypatia
    Hypatia 18 days ago +1

    Reminds me of how much pride I feel as a white person for my own culture 😊 really nice

  • Ben Tatou
    Ben Tatou 19 days ago

    Beautiful young ladies.

  • Martha A
    Martha A 20 days ago

    10 thousand.. omg, you must be rich.. hurt, you should have spent some of that money on new clothes for yourself..

  • Nadi W
    Nadi W 21 day ago

    its so disgusting and apalling that they tried to dump nuclear waste on your land. its painful how much natives are disregarded to this day

  • Parvathy Binoy
    Parvathy Binoy 22 days ago

    Grateful for sharing such a sacred ceremony. love.

  • Viaja 3
    Viaja 3 22 days ago

    A ceremony filled with Love 💚
    In awe at the connection they have and extremely proud of her like I was there ✨

  • Ts 1toughact2follow
    Ts 1toughact2follow 23 days ago +1

    that's really amazing .

  • Jullene Eirven
    Jullene Eirven 24 days ago +1

    Wow, my name is Jullene too! I am part Cherokee and Black Foot (Maternal and Paternal sides)! My 8 yr old is watching this with me, she is intrigued!! Great video!

  • Jessica Ortega
    Jessica Ortega 25 days ago

    White men, they think they own Not only the Native American Land but our Creator's Land. Government run by white rapist,killing, racist, money hungry selfish fools. They are the Devil We need

  • Rafael Ramirez
    Rafael Ramirez 25 days ago

    E aquí los verdaderos americanos

  • संजय गोस्वामी

    Wow good to know that some indigenous peoples are still around spared from a continental genocide.
    Btw Apache traditions are similar to Altaic Mongols.
    If the ocean did not not come in between all lands would have been under the protection of the great Khan and indigenous history would have been different.

  • Terry Gunn
    Terry Gunn 26 days ago

    what a sacred ceremony keep it alive till the end of time

  • Alexandros Markantonis

    What a beautiful people with long history. I would love to travel there one day. meet their culture!!!

  • Austin Harris
    Austin Harris 29 days ago

    It’s great to celebrate this Amazing and beautiful way of life on indigenous peoples day! :-)

  • Dennis Werley
    Dennis Werley 29 days ago

    it shames one to see how the government worry about BLM , the boarder and trump . but let the real people live on land that gives nothing to them . every race in the USA owes something to the NA . but no one gives a damm . being a half breed myself I feel the shame of the white side of me for the NA side . guess I was born at the wrong time in history . would of loved to live in the time of the true one people of the land . Seneca nation lives on .

  • Khloe_makes_videos Short

    They always come to my tribe on Indian day and I cry I’m so scared of them

  • Callen Way
    Callen Way Month ago

    Absolutely beautiful! I have been hoping and praying that these generations of Native Americans are given back what was taken and more.