Why The Star Trek Universe is Secretly Horrifying | After Hours

  • Published on May 21, 2012
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    Living in the great expanse of space can offer an incredible perspective on humanity and the indomitable spirit of adventure. Then again, we'd probably spend most of our time in the holodeck taking surfing lessons from The Justice League. Join Michael, Dan, Soren and Katie as they venture into the final frontier and boldly discuss what many have discussed before... Star Trek: The Trek Desecration.
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  • Brandon Govreau
    Brandon Govreau 24 days ago +1

    I believe you're being forced to talk about all this b******* because you have the intelligence to ruin the lives of evil people

    DELIBRIUM 24 days ago


  • NaptimeGaming
    NaptimeGaming 27 days ago

    Last one chronologically was iron giant. This one is Spider-Man. Should have seen that coming

  • GammaKnight
    GammaKnight Month ago

    They did forget to mention how they deal with crime.

  • Blue Tea Art
    Blue Tea Art Month ago

    First data is a android not a robot second the enterprise isn’t a war ship it’s a ship for exploration

  • Morgan Rogue
    Morgan Rogue Month ago

    Did the star wars music bother anyone else?

  • kingpinavatar
    kingpinavatar Month ago

    I love coming back to this video and looking and at all the pissed off nerds in the comments. Pssst. After hours wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

  • Ryan fu
    Ryan fu 2 months ago

    Everything based off the stagnation of the arts. The writers are geeks they stuck with what they were good at. If it were called art trek you could complain. Never have I seen such a cohesive pile of straw man arguments be sold to me to justify click bait.

  • Joel Simmens
    Joel Simmens 2 months ago

    There is no tv because as Data said "That form of entertainment did not last much past the 21st century." We realized it was a waste of our time when we could be working to better ourselves and society

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy 2 months ago

    Enterprise was good

  • Jim Parker
    Jim Parker 2 months ago

    Star Hike with an Amazing RV! We come in peace! Burn them all!

  • Emily Knight
    Emily Knight 2 months ago

    All these Star Trek nerds in the comments are so nit picky lol

  • danielhert86
    danielhert86 2 months ago

    they forgot that according to the original star trek there was a long on going nuclear war that will wipe out most of your information and knowledge of history

  • Snuffy Wuffykiss
    Snuffy Wuffykiss 2 months ago

    You forgot to mention that teleporters are suicide booths and everyone is a replicant...

  • ᏖᏗ ᏦᏓᏂ
    ᏖᏗ ᏦᏓᏂ 2 months ago

    So I'm nerdy and stan for Star Trek enough to take the time to respond to his video years later but:

    1. It is explained numerous times that the technology is used to create a post scarcity society. Replicators can't create everything, nor can it create the same quality of everything. Crew regularly references the fact that replicated food isn't as good as cooked "real" food and that synthahol is considered swill by many crew members. It cannot create living things, like it can't make you a cat. It also cannot create large things. If something large breaks on the Enterprise, they can replicate smaller tools and parts, but still have to repair it. They're an amazing but limited tool. They have been used to ensure universal access to basic needs like building materials, water, and food. Replicators also are not ubiquitous. Many colonies and ships do not have them. Lots of homes in the Federation have them, but not all of them, and some people choose not to have them. Beverly's grandmother on the Caldos colony didn't appear to use one. The idea is that people still have things to pursue, but the lower rungs of Maslow's needs are all handled.

    2. People are still motivated without starving them. People interested in technology still want to become engineers and other stellar cartographers and other kinds of scientists (like Geordi). Bones and Dr. Crusher both became doctors not to get filthy rich but because they want to help people. People choose to learn martial skills for security or leadership as officers. Even may choose to be janitor on a starship just to explore the quadrant. I mean, I work as a computer programmer now but if I had the choice between mopping floors on the Enterprise and seeing so many places or sitting here behind my desk, I'd be the best damn starship janitor in the universe. Soong created Data because he was passionate about AI. The difference is Geordi wasn't stuck living in some ghetto with shit education working 2 jobs at the age of 15 because his sick mother can't afford groceries and medication, and just because you're a janitor doesn't mean you get treated with less respect than if you're an office as a sentient being. This has proven to be the case in real life. When given the opportunity to pursue personally meaningful labor, most people do. It's a fallacy of the modern paradigm that people are lazy. People today are burnt out on working and seem lazy because they spend most of their days doing work for someone else for underpay and often doing something they think is meaningless and they have no personal vested interest in. If work became obsolete tomorrow, yeah, most of those people would take extended time off to do nothing, earned from decades of doing whatever for 40+ hours a week, but then they'd want to feel like their lives had purpose and do something that fulfilled them. Look at how retirees often get restless.

    3. People are still creating stuff. The series regularly references plays, novels, and poetry by people from many worlds and many time periods. A lot of times you'll hear Picard say something like, "Oh, that reminds me of the 23rd century Bajoran poet ." You just don't see episodes based on those stories because let's face it, the creators centered their stories around stuff familiar to viewers. If an episode was set as a murder mystery by famous 24th century author Gulak Svor or whatever, there's no attachment by viewers, but everyone knows Sherlock Holmes. You're conflating a production choices for relatable story lines with universe canon. Also, today ancient Greek tragedy and other very old art forms are still appreciated. People still love classical music written hundreds of years ago. It's not so inconceivable that something like Jazz (Riker plays) would be popular.

    4. Data's not a robot, he's an android. He's a fully sentient being with the capability to be creative. One of the major arcs of his character is his acceptance by the crew and Starfleet as a living being. It shows an advancement not seen in many sci-fi franchises where AI is essentially treated like shit. An entire episode "Measure of a Man" is devoted entirely to a hearing with Starfleet to determine his status as a person or property. He went to Starfleet academy, has been awarded some of the most prestigious honors for service, and is the 2nd officer of the ship. The fact the crew comes to his poetry reading is because they don't view his attempts at poetry as somehow less meaningful than if anyone else on the ship did it, even if his Ode to Spot was both the worst and best poem ever written.

    5. The Enterprise D is not a heavily armed warship. The Enterprise from the original series was still basically a scientific/exploratory vessel, but it was considered more of a military ship than the D (the next gen ship). IIRC, it's compliment was around 400 people, all of whom were Starfleet personnel. They didn't have civilians and families on that ship. The idea being that at the time of its voyage, space was still far less explored and the risks were much higher. We're talking about a time when humans nor Vulcans even knew what Romulans looked like initially. Later on during the time of the Ent D, it was considered a vessel whose primary purposes were diplomacy and scientific exploration. The idea is that 99% of the time nothing of interest happens, and the show really only details the most extreme circumstances. Also, many episodes do not consist of existential threats to the ship's whole compliment, only the core characters (such as Riker, Deanna, and Lwaxana being kidnapped by Ferengi), and some don't consist of threats at all but more philosophical questions (such as Data's daughter Lal). Roddenberry explained that by that time space travel was considered pretty safe and the Ent D is more like a hybrid of a scientific community and US base in a friendly country. US military bases in Iraq don't have families, but if you're in Germany you bring them along. Anthropologists and biologists regularly bring their families to the far reaches of the Earth while they study. The tours of ships like the Ent D can last well over a decade, so the ability to bring family is important when otherwise you may not see them for years.

    Also, even though we're excluding Voyager and DS9, seeing as how the timeline's intersect with TNG and DS9 is included in some TNG episodes it's worth noting that Voyager is a more military ship and families are not permitted and DS9 is a starbase, so it's a floating city and Bajoran spiritual hub.

    6. Everyone doesn't dress the same. Starfleet has uniforms which everyone (except Deanna apparently) must wear. The families aboard the Ent D, the inhabitants of planets they encounter, and the crew on shore leave do not wear them. Also, they're not one piece, they are a shirt and pants, hence the Picard maneuver. They also change over time, like uniforms tend to do. Different cultures have their own styles of dress. Also, if you aren't in Starfleet you aren't allowed to wear a uniform. That's like going to a military base and faulting all the service people on duty for wearing uniforms.

    • ᏖᏗ ᏦᏓᏂ
      ᏖᏗ ᏦᏓᏂ 2 months ago

      7. There is regular dissent between characters concerning the values of the Federation, and there are non-federation worlds and colonies with their own standards. Worf has different values as a Klingon from the rest of the crew that sometimes cause friction. Crew members often have moral dilemmas between their personal feelings and Starfleet/Federation laws. Sometimes they break it like when Worf's brother saves the the Boraalians or when Picard refuses to use Hugh as a vector against the Borg. Crusher and Picard fight over the Prime Directive. There's plenty of dissent; however, two of Roddenberry's requirements were that A) disagreements between main characters will be handled civilly and B) the main characters should in general get along and support each other. His whole impetus was that relationships can exist that aren't based on constant conflict and arguing like every show today. Data defies orders to save the exobots because he sees them as sentient and takes a special interest due to himself being a sentient artificial lifeform, but when the consequences come Picard give him an understanding that while he broke protocol he did so for the right reasons (protection of sentient life is a main ethic in the Federation). Spock and Bones constantly disagree. Also, the idea is that for the most part this is a society that has evolved past racism, xenophobia, sexism, ageism, etc etc. There's far less conflict when people are genuinely judged for their behavior but with a compassion for the failings of sentient beings.

      8. All the admirals are not evil. The ones who figure prominently in plots as antagonists are, by the nature of their role, but there are lots of admirals, most of whom are never met. For example, Admiral Nechayev plays in many episodes. She and Picard butt heads because she's more order oriented than he is, but she's neither incompetent or evil. Also, the admirals don't run the Federation. The Federation's government structure isn't really fleshed out completely in TOS or TNG, but what you do get is that firstly, the Federation doesn't directly rule any planets. All planets in the Federation still have their own governments, which have agreed to abide by certain charters (like with the UN in theory), such as a Federation planet has to respect all sentient life so they can't use slaves or practice caste systems. The Vulcans still have their own council that runs their planet. The Federation is ruled by it's own body of which Starfleet is only a part of as a peacekeeping and exploratory branch. Starfleet is run by admirals, who run a gamut because they're imperfect beings, but in the grander scheme of the Federation they are only a piece. Such as admission to the Federation goes before a council that is not Starfleet.

      9. Kirk only had like 3 sexual partners in the entire TOS/movies franchise. Of course a show written in the 60's even to be progressive doesn't pass our standards, but there's also some overblowing of Kirk's character. Also, one of those encounters is actually against his will with Deela in Wink of an Eye, so we can't hold that one against him.

      10. There are numerous times that Picard refuses to break the Prime Directive such as the destruction of Boraal and the Ornarans' chemical dependency on the Brekkians. In the case of Boraal it's Worf's brother, not Picard who violates the directive. He is basically willing to let Wesley be put to death over stepping flowers; however, he convinces the alien being who controls the planet behind the scenes of the inhabitants to spare him. The directive isn't broken, because he doesn't stop the justice system of the planet. In cases like Haven and contact with the Borg the initial contact was hostile and forced their hand. Data breaks the directive with Sarjenka, but Picard basically limits his involvement as damage control, and her memory is wiped after the event. The PD doesn't include human colonies like in the Ensigns of Command. Timmison was already part of a race in contact with the Federation but he requested asylum. A lot of the time these issues are more related either A) someone else already breaking it and Picard trying to mitigate as much as possible or B) cases where the PD was already compromised through things outside of the crew's control.

      11. They also work very hard to not change the timeline. In that particular episode you show there were 2 Picards cohabiting a timeline in a time anomaly, they weren't exactly going back to kill Hitler. In Yesterday's Enterprise the Enterprise C is sent back to certain death against the Romulans. In Parallels the Enterprise from the timeline where the Borg have taken over the quadrant aren't permitted to stay in the alternate reality and the Enterprise of that timeline ends up having to destroy that ship to ensure Worf is able to set the timelines right again. In Cause and Effect they're in a timeloop and the only solution is to change the line to break the loop. They're always careful to not alter the timeline as much as possible, even if it means sacrifice.

      12. Q never worked like that. He's not God or any type of god. He's got godlike power, along with the continuum, but he's definitely fallible and his opinion on something really isn't a good measure of it's morality. They also encounter the Douwd who has pretty godlike powers. In the end Q does decide to help Picard to save humanity because he sees value in the system, but he also tells Picard that, "The trial is never over," meaning humanity and the Federation can never rest on their laurels and must always seek to do better.

      What makes this so disappointing is that the guy who's supposed to be playing the pro-Trek guy is obviously not really well-versed in the canon. He may be a fan, but in most universes canon is pretty important for making a moral judgement. Like in Firefly you can kinda look at the canon of that universe and realize the crew represents the gray area between them being freedom fighters or terrorists. In Star Wars while there's no question the Emperor is evil, are the people on all those planets really oppressed. The prequels show that the pre-Empire society wasn't exactly peachy. Was the post Empire society more stable? The difference is Star Trek makes the quality of life and autonomy to self actualization paramount values around which the series and canon revolve, which sets the tone for the rest of the ST Prime universe.

      Oddly, the one really questionable Federation move, the Cardassian treaty and the resulting Marquis revolt is omitted. It begins in TNG, so could be included, and it's made clear that the Federation is really torn because their cause is just but the needs of peace overall were chosen over their rights.

  • Jhon Shephard
    Jhon Shephard 2 months ago

    Jake Sisko is a writer. That counts as Picard is in the first episode. They mention constantly mention music composers among both humans and klingons and others. In TNG, Picard's brother is literally a farmer. Also clearly you never saw DS9. Enterprise is a flagship with literally the best people in the Federation and reflects that by showing those peoples' professionalism. DS9 has other non-federation people who are non-federation and internal conflict on the station.

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith 2 months ago

    The Klingons have it right when they are afraid the federation comes to steal what it is to be Klingon, their individuality. And then the Battle if Binary Stars.

  • Dante Chapman420
    Dante Chapman420 2 months ago

    Wtf there is sooo much you guys missed out and didnt explain.... it really saddens me to watch this sorry guys :(

    • Dante Chapman420
      Dante Chapman420 2 months ago

      +J S 1st off im 22 so i dont need to ask my family for shit second my mother is dead think before u speak. im only speaking my mind which isnt illegal its my opinion not yours. And theropy na im good maybe u will need it to help u think before speaking

    • J S
      J S 2 months ago

      Saddens you does it, now? Ask your mommy for a happy pill or sign you up for therapy.

  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 2 months ago

    Star Trek universe is awesome...

    .....but flawed because Star Wars universe is obviously the future Star Trek universe... terrifying.

  • Dylan West
    Dylan West 3 months ago

    What if its a cult?

    • J S
      J S 2 months ago

      Apparently, one thing is they don't know the difference between "its" and "It's".

  • Barnaby
    Barnaby 3 months ago

    There's something really creepy about 28 year olds talking like 8 year olds.

  • Vicente Navarro
    Vicente Navarro 3 months ago

    Is he intentionally dressed as The Scarlet Spider, or is the blue jacket a coincidence

  • Jacob Kleinsasser
    Jacob Kleinsasser 3 months ago +1

    They have total blind faith in their way of life, what other society is like that.
    North Korea
    Apple Stores

  • Rohit Diesh
    Rohit Diesh 3 months ago

    Patrick Stewart looks like Gandhi with that tan

  • L Smith
    L Smith 3 months ago +1

    LOT of butthurt Trekkies in the comments taking the video way too seriously

  • SGT SpiderMonkey
    SGT SpiderMonkey 4 months ago +1

    So what your saying is that when a government takes care of your needs then the economy stagnates and people lose motivation to work and innovate? It sounds like the beginning of Socialism/Communism... Still want to preach that Liberalist snowflake crap? All you “Bernie Bois” don’t even have a BASIC grasp on economics do you?

  • Phillip J
    Phillip J 4 months ago

    they did have war, it sucked and we lost data. Federation and its various related organizations formed after the war. Deystopia and Utopia both create stagnation in a society which may cause a valley of steady state society. No progress because with out adversity there seems to be no point. It's why the Klingons, scowlistic armor fiends, and any other aggressive highly technological society exist to create conflict in these stories and thus a need for progress. Don't believe the hype kids, intergalactic conflict is still possible. Resources being abundant in the universe there is no need to fight over them once you have that range but sentience does produce enough quirks to be surprising.
    My bet is on any alien species we may meet in the future who wants to pick a fight with us will be evangelical about something or other which will cause them to seek conflict. See Alastiar Reynolds "Revelation Space" (the book and the series), Peter F Hamilton's "Salvation", The "Halo" Game series by Bungie and maybe even The day the earth stood still (any version you like although the short story is pretty intriguing) as a few plausible examples. The problem being you can't even call it insanity or madness because there Alien. They can and probably will think differently then the human race. Salvation puts a nice little Shyamalanian twist on Fermi's paradox and so does revelation space so there good reads. theirs also a video by A info graphic channel which confirms someone else besides the scifi writers and me are thinking "Where are all the aliens?"

  • Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    Film theory did this Star trek is fascist theory better.

  • tasty britches
    tasty britches 4 months ago

    Futurama has the same problem. Why does bender listen to music kids now don't know about?

  • Varis 08
    Varis 08 4 months ago

    Get fucked.

  • Sean Nixon
    Sean Nixon 5 months ago

    When you take want greed and money out of the equation you will have a great society.

  • skyduy9
    skyduy9 5 months ago

    ahh in TG there's a video game.

  • Nameless 31
    Nameless 31 5 months ago

    the pj's are one the federation uniforms civilians were different clothes you only see the point of view from the military you never see the people very long in the federation. plus amongst the people they trade things for a galactic currency called latnuim on earth people make entertainment, run restaurants , shops, pursue the arts and sciences

  • Ghuleh
    Ghuleh 5 months ago

    Why Star Wars music in a Star Trek video?

  • Kim
    Kim 6 months ago


  • irllcd13
    irllcd13 6 months ago

    DS9 > TNG > TOS

  • Guy Core
    Guy Core 6 months ago

    These idiots are arguing that every person in the UFP all wear the same clothes. They obviously haven't watched the show and are arguing in a vacuum. Members of Starfleet all wear similar uniforms. UFP civilians wear whatever they want.

  • Gilbert Henri
    Gilbert Henri 6 months ago

    star wars theme on star trek subject? Please....

  • Matthew Goodfriend
    Matthew Goodfriend 6 months ago

    Secretly horrifying? Every episode It's a wonder how anyone survives. lol

  • Timothy Fuller
    Timothy Fuller 6 months ago

    The only problem with their argument is that their frame of reference is from Star Fleet. Not from the Federation as a whole.

  • LordZontar
    LordZontar 6 months ago

    To be fair, TOS wasn't about the Federation. We saw very little of Federation society because the whole thing was about the missions of the Enterprise - and when Earth was mentioned, nobody said it was a perfect paradise. There had been some improvement in human society, but it and people were still a work in progress. It's TNG that started the utopian Earth bullshit, the Space Viking Klingons, and all the rest of the nonsense. However, the argument that the Star Trek universe is secretly horrifying doesn't really gel in this video. Even if we grant the cultural stagnation point, that in and of itself isn't horrifying. Pathetic, maybe, but not horrifying. Q is not a god, Starfleet admirals are not all evil, incompetent, or alien possessed, and the Federation wasn't an all-conquering empire in the series. "Horrifying" would be the Federation secretly committing genocide or imposing order through mind-control upon its citizens.

  • mervviscious
    mervviscious 6 months ago

    I want the original writers and video talking heads back....

  • Sam's luvin
    Sam's luvin 6 months ago

    what's up with the green line on the right and white line at the bottom? can't you just cut those errors out of the video?

  • Ron Puni
    Ron Puni 6 months ago

    Was this a green screen? Instead of actually being in the diner?

  • TlalocW
    TlalocW 6 months ago

    "Apple stores." Never has there been a better answer to that kind of question.

  • Ed Eranged
    Ed Eranged 6 months ago

    Even if his points were valid, the 'winning' point was, ''It's not real and the writer is culty''..
    That's not a victory.. Take the argument outside the Universe in question and you can challenge any movie/game/book born notion. It's the sign of defeat if you have to use the 'It's not real' card.
    Michael wins.

  • Black Swan
    Black Swan 6 months ago

    I realize this is six years old, but I'm shook. ONLY STAR FLEET DRESSES AND ACTS LIKE THAT. THEY'RE THE GOD DAMNED MILITARY.

  • Bernard Putersznit
    Bernard Putersznit 6 months ago


  • Patrick Maloney
    Patrick Maloney 6 months ago

    I think Barclay was banging Troi on the holodeck.

  • Frank Chinembiri
    Frank Chinembiri 6 months ago

    The federation is basically space Nazis.......

  • Harvester of Hit points

    One word destroys this: The Borg, okay that was two words.

  • Leaf Winterborn
    Leaf Winterborn 7 months ago

    Really poorly researched, shame you've done some good clips but this is just waffle

  • John Klaus
    John Klaus 7 months ago

    Ok, so there were actual performances of new music and art by federation people on the show. A whole episode was at just such a symposium.
    Also, they sent one ship out of a whole fleet. Most of the federation ships they found on their journeys were either research vessels researching things already found, trade vessels or warships.
    I also take issue with the theory, presented here, that societies out researching the unknown are somehow bored.
    There are also frequent references on the show to how basic the replicator foods were. There were also multiple situations where people still cooked on the show. Riker for Diana as just one example.
    So far this group doesn’t seem to have watched the show.

  • P A
    P A 7 months ago +1

    I suppose this was meant to be clever

  • Derek Wheeler
    Derek Wheeler 7 months ago

    You mean Uniformss? Starfleet has uniforms. In their off hours they all dress more unique
    The United Federation of Planets does not have uniforms.

  • gammaraider
    gammaraider 7 months ago

    "None of this Bakula crap" LOL :D

  • Humble Evidence Accepter

    "Hello. My name is HEA and I am a Trekkie." (Support group responds: "Hello HEA")

  • WingIT Productions
    WingIT Productions 7 months ago

    LOL, Live Short and be Impoverished.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 7 months ago

    Either this is not meant to be serious at all or these critics of Star Trek know very little about Star Trek and its defenders here do a piss poor job arguing. If they want to argue about lack of creativity about or interest in imagining and showing a future society concerned with totally different problems, wishes and so on as we do have today, then criticise the show but don't call the universe dystopian for not being all that different to what we know today apart from more generally applied ethics and better technology.
    Plus after all the show was not a "this is what could happen if you go 300 years into the future" but "this is human society as its creator and fans would like to see it evolve from today's needs and interests point of view + some visuals and plots for entertainment"

  • David Matteson
    David Matteson 7 months ago

    I like Candice's bun

  • Gandoff2000
    Gandoff2000 7 months ago

    "Star trek isn't real life . . . " Duh! I do not watch TV for real life. I can watch real life for real life.

  • immasmashyourface
    immasmashyourface 7 months ago

    BAD FRIEND!! BAD!!!!!

  • Michael Monzon
    Michael Monzon 7 months ago

    The guy defending Star Trek did a terrible job, there a ton of things he could've say to win the argument.

  • upilaronn
    upilaronn 7 months ago

    Welldone guys...

  • Leo Yohansen
    Leo Yohansen 7 months ago

    The Star Trek future is one in which people still apparently need to get jobs so it's obvious that everyone's needs aren't being automatically met. Crime and dishonesty still flourish revealing that people aren't anymore socially healthy then than now, especially if society is supposed to be so balanced and prosperous. On the United Earth, the occupation of Indigenous people's lands has never ceased and a global society of supposedly enlightened people still walk around covering their bodies unable to handle the social maturity and freedom of being a nudist society. Then, with all of the technology and discovery to have been achieved by the 24th century, there's still religion. Not just on earth but apparently throughout the galaxy of warp drive capable societies in which interspecies bigotry still holds a major place in addition to specifically human fears of superior beings of either android or genetic modification.

  • nnnnnnnnnnn
    nnnnnnnnnnn 7 months ago

    A bunch of idiots brought up in a society run by Ego.
    What really drives a human with a soul is Love.
    There is so much unknown in the world - on the outside and from within! No lifetime is long enough to learn and develop.
    And these pathetic creatures are bored.
    I pity these people who have no idea what life and love is.

  • Doesn't Hurt Yet
    Doesn't Hurt Yet 7 months ago

    Remember when cracked was good

  • enigmayshi
    enigmayshi 7 months ago

    Like many things, they didn't actually have a competent person defending. While Gene Roddenberry's Trek wasn't perfect they are selling it extremely short.

  • Christian Church
    Christian Church 7 months ago

    i see that scarlet spider there...

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris 7 months ago

    Does everyone just forget deep space 9 and voyager exist?

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris 7 months ago

    When you think the only motivation is money so that you can have material things you want thats pretty sad.

  • Brian Downes
    Brian Downes 7 months ago

    They're right. And they leave out the fact that the Star Trek universe is a perpetual, multi-sided cold war that threatens to erupt into genocidal conflict that would kill billions.
    Also, all power in the Federation is concentrated in the hands of Starfleet. How often do you hear about the Federation having elections? Do the starships get orders from the Prime Minister? No, they get orders Admirals, from military officers. The Federation is a militaristic bureaucracy.

  • Jason Zulkarnain
    Jason Zulkarnain 7 months ago

    "People wear same clothes".
    Errr, those are Starfleet uniforms...
    Star Trek got the idea from ancient history when many civilisation ventured beyond the open seas.
    Romans went up to Britain Isle, & many evidences showed they reached Mongol.
    European went out to open sea with prime directive: Gold, Gospel & Glory. Now, European languages are the most used ever anywhere around the world.
    If the Europeans didn't do this, there won't be United States!
    Star Trek theme is almost the same as many civilisations did after medieval age throughout the history, only in space!

  • Joe B
    Joe B 7 months ago

    Star Trek was about exploring new places and not being obseesed about football and bullshit ... why does this vid referance star wars and star trek as the same? the two are different, star wars is now political bull shit and star trek literally explored everything and expanded your mind of how to think.

  • Sunny Choudhary
    Sunny Choudhary 7 months ago


  • majeric
    majeric 7 months ago

    A prime example of an argument that's convincing but not right. The argument conveniently leaves out all of the evidence to the contrary.

  • Hisako Reichmann
    Hisako Reichmann 7 months ago

    Give me a break. You guys are just shitting on the lazy writing of Star Trek. Of course they aren't going to write songs and plays and naturally go to things that the audience is familiar with.

  • first last
    first last 7 months ago

    All this is bullshit. Of course you can't expect the show to predict/invent a whole pop culture of hundreds of years in the future, much less many, same with fashion. Do you want startrek writers to spend their time making up whole movies?
    The second thing mentioned was one stupid arc that was long building but stupid where body snatchers were taking over starfleet, which was on the body snatchers of course and not a comment on the society that existed before or after.
    The "women and children" bit was sexist because of the woman part. Families went with crew because people want to be with their families and the ship can't be asked to make constant detours to various home worlds for visits, children want to be with their parents all the time. Other passengers were probably there willingly too, a great adventure in safety, well they don't really get into why most others are there or who.
    Prime directive was always the stupidest part of the show and does seem to exist to be broken. Sure they shouldn't mettle in other societies but they should stop their planets from breaking up, even if a little girl isn't communicating with Data and asking for help. And when does starfleet push their ideals around on anyone outside of starfleet?
    Q isn't a god, just has god like powers. And the point is valid that despite Q seeming to want to judge them badly, their actions rightly force Q to acknowledge how good starfleet is now. But instead this is twisted to the opposite, that they do whatever they want and Q puts his stamp of approval on it, way to totally be dishonest there. I dislike the Q episodes anyway, along with the holodeck ones, lazy writing to put the characters in contrived nonfuturistic situations.
    This cracked didn't try at all. I didn't buy fake dunces acting either, supposedly big Startrek fan but making such stupid points and conceding to stupid points so easily.

  • Stefanie Prejean
    Stefanie Prejean 7 months ago

    Actually in Star Trek III The Search for Spock they did dress differently. I especially noticed Kirk's and Sarek's outfits.

  • Gyorke Dani
    Gyorke Dani 7 months ago

    And this is why DS9 is genius it basicaly explains and solves all of these

  • Greg Benwell
    Greg Benwell 7 months ago

    Sorry but I find Firefly AND The Expanse way more plausible, then Star Trek!! After all look around you at the world as it is today!! NOT EVERYBODY has the availability to a brand new car!! NOR DOES everybody get the recognition or the JOB they want to do, or even the pay they deserve!! IN some cases you have folks that ARE living in poverty will still holding down THREE JOBS and with that said the "rich get richer", while there are people working their butts off that just NEVER get a vacation or a promotion or even remotely "ahead" in their jobs or social standing!! Heck many of those in what used to be "the middle class" now can NOT find a decent job to even earn a modest living let alone an honest one!! And the last full time job I had I was still so broke I was "shopping" at the local food pantry just to feed myself because I was paid too much to qualify for food stamps but NOT ENOUGH to pay rent AND buy food at the same time!!! And I am CERTAIN that in the Star Trek "universe" not everybody had or has complete access to the replicators they always claimed were so "great"!! In fact there are people NOW in 2018 that do not have clean drinking water, NEVER SEEN a computer, and in some cases DO NOT OWN SHOES and this is the 21st century people!! And in some parts of the world UNLIKE Star Trek, there are still war, famine and diseases that are wiping out people that you just DO NOT hear about or see!! And these same people like myself may be standing beside you at Walmart right now, that you think are "doing well" that are spending their rent money just to cloth and feed themselves, even though they look as though they are in "good health" and in "good spirits" their story of their home life may be totally blind to you!!! And again it might SEEM LIKE these people (like my recent purchase) are doing "GREAT"! After all I was at Home Depot buying a weed eater for $74 dollars just to trim my yard BEFORE I risked getting wrote up by my HOA, but had to spend my rent money to buy the stupid thing, so I walk a line between getting wrote up by the same people I owe money too for unpaid rent!!! It isn't like I am trying to get kicked out of my HOA, but it isn't like I own a money tree either that I can happily pluck $100 bills off in my world either!! But yet to listen to my landlord he seems to think I have money falling out of my back side like a lot of other people in today's world!!! And I own a truck I drive and KEEP RUNNING, that only cost me $500 to buy and every couple of months I have to replace $100 worth of parts on!! It is after all cheaper to DO THAT then make a $600 a month car payment to the bank for a car that WILL NOT LAST the full term of the loan anyhow!!! Because everything today is built (even cars) to be disposable and such is my point that my "disposable income" is NOT "disposable" TO ME!! I have to watch every cent like a hawk and I am 54 years old and have survived for years of low pay temporary jobs that gave me NOTHING, no vacation time, NO PAY, not even a retirement package and NOBODY gave a crap about it BUT ME!!!! So I have had to learn how to do things without money and without a lot of help!! And I have worked all my life with still NOTHING TO SHOW FOR ANY OF IT!!! And I know I am NOT the only person that has had this happen to me!!! There are literally millions of us who in the early 1980s sought work and ONLY FOUND temp jobs at fly by night companies that never made a dine from dead end jobs that not even the government ever really "helped" or cared about!! I got one friend that was a temp for 18 years at IBM and when they were done with him they cast him aside like an old boot!! And THIS IS how the American business world has damaged the spirit of their own workers and consumers!! Sure IBM made millions but never spread the wealth with those employees that PUT THEM WHERE THEY ARE TODAY!!!!

  • Sherri H
    Sherri H 7 months ago

    2:45 the enterprise isn't a "heavily loaded warship". It's an exploration vessel with minimal weapons.

  • Victor Eijkhout
    Victor Eijkhout 7 months ago

    North Korea! Apple Stores! Hah!

  • JellyJelly
    JellyJelly 7 months ago

    meh, they tried hard to make Star Trek look lame and evil
    still think its utopia
    also, the reason why they only do 19ths century stuff in the holodeck is because it makes for good episodes where the audience can relate to. Victorian england is simple enough to understand.

  • Phil Battiste
    Phil Battiste 7 months ago

    Also, the argument of "God says it's okay" doesn't totally apply here, as Q isn't the most morally upstanding character.

  • Paweł Sitnicki
    Paweł Sitnicki 7 months ago

    It's not fair since the guy defending Star Trek is clearly an idiot...

  • Andrew Zink
    Andrew Zink 7 months ago

    So.... lots of love of DS9 being "the show that dealt with real issues".
    Right. For the first couple of seasons, and ratings were horrible.
    So guess what they did? They largely ditched the depressing social angst stuff and went back to classic Trek adventure. They brought Worf and the whole Klingon conflict into the main arc, followed shortly by the Dominion war. The show was finally entertaining once they ditched 95% of the moral-outrage tar pit stories.

  • Abraham Redhead
    Abraham Redhead 7 months ago

    Six years ago version of you guys need to chill.

  • Miguel Moreta
    Miguel Moreta 7 months ago

    I understand that whoever wrote this decided to paint with very broad strokes for comedic purposes. However, even with that in mind, I was still surprised by how much they got wrong about Star Trek.

  • Steven Kramer
    Steven Kramer 7 months ago

    2:28 I don't know...I go out on my bike and explore neighborhoods and forests just to see what's there. Isn't "boldly going" to find new cultures just an extension of this? Curiosity
    is an basic element of humanity, so is the desire to explore.

  • Proper Heresy
    Proper Heresy 8 months ago

    Deep space nine destroys the entire argument

  • Therizino Saurus
    Therizino Saurus 8 months ago

    its funny they show the corrupted admiralty, or the ones that say don't trust any are from the same episode

  • Emily Schueller
    Emily Schueller 8 months ago

    These guys are so gross. They can't think of anything better to do with a holodeck than porn?

  • Beaker
    Beaker 8 months ago

    What they don't mention? The society of star trek is actually Socialist.

  • Kevin smith
    Kevin smith 8 months ago

    kinda sounds like America... 6:15

  • jim cherkas
    jim cherkas 8 months ago

    Scientology is just down the street from that cafe

  • moeskido
    moeskido 8 months ago

    Yes, Roddenberry also created TNG. Then it was taken away from him when Paramount management realized that he not only couldn't run movies any more (which is why they gave control of the movies to Harve Bennett), he couldn't run a tv series either. Which is why they gave control of the tv side to Rick Berman.

  • megadeth22885
    megadeth22885 8 months ago

    roddenberry tried to portray communism and communists in the way they view themselves and their ideology.. even going so far as to create the ferengi, star treks first intended main bad guy as greedy capitalists.. in reality though, communists come off as sane individuals as being closer to the borg, than the federation

  • Jim
    Jim 8 months ago +1

    Guys, at least give both sides equal footing when you have a debate.
    1. They speak of new art, novels and literature all the time. They meet a new scientific discovery every episode. They are not bored.
    2. They are not rich, they don't pursue currency and mock the Ferengi for focusing on it.
    3. The "counterarguments" are just really bad quotes and references that make the show look like a joke, and it often is. The first season is filled with militarism, and you should focus on that, but it dissipates as they create universal peace with all by directly meeting with them. Something we could learn from?
    4. There is no "goal" for citizens because that is how life works. It's ok not to be driven by some constant war far, far away. They have many directives to pursue if citizens use their free will to do so.
    5. The characters are not a cult, they do not have religion even though they meet god-like beings every other day, oddly enough.
    If you are going to criticize the show, do it for good reasons like the "prime directive" which should have ended the series before it began. Instead they break that every other episode without much thought, which is preferable to dooming so many of course.

  • CoreyStudios2000
    CoreyStudios2000 8 months ago +1

    Star Trek= Cold War USSR mixed with Scientology