Why Japan Arrests Foreigners

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Understanding Japanese laws to avoid foreigner tourist arrests. Thanks to Squarespace, get 10% Off: www.squarespace.com/paolofromtokyo
    The Japanese justice system and Japanese laws are stricter than many countries and sometimes lead to foreigner arrests in Japan simply because foreigners are unaware of Japan laws and Japan justice system. The Japanese judicial system has 99% conviction rate in Japan so foreigners should be mindful and aware how strict Japan laws and rules are. Japanese Police arrests tourist in Japan or Japan Police arrest foreigners in Japan when they are under suspicion of a crime. Suspects will be brought into police custody to be interrogated for 3 days and if the Japanese police are still not satisfied, the police can request for additional detainment for up to 23 days total, without the suspect being officially charged with a crime in Japan. In this video, I interview a Japanese Trial Lawyer, Yugo Ishibashi, to help me understand the Japanese justice system as well as to share with foreigners and tourists how Japanese law works in Japan and maybe gain some insight on what options a foreigner has if arrested in Japan. Japanese police interrogation is quite stressful and Yugo mentions that sometimes suspects plead guilty even though they didn't commit the crime due to the pressure of the Japanese police interrogation. If suspects don't plead guilty to the crime, it may be possible to be detained for more than a year until the suspect confess to a crime. This is sometimes referred to as Hostage Justice in Japan. Convicted persons will end up in Japanese Jail and Japanese prison. This video should help educate tourist visiting Japan and foreigners living in Japan to help ensure that they are aware of how strict Japanese laws are so that they are careful to not violate the laws when they are in Japan. But keep in mind that these laws are one of the reasons why Japan is so safe compared to many other countries. This video is not to deter foreigners or tourists from visiting Japan, but they should just be aware of Japanese laws and the risks when breaking laws in Japan like graffiti in japan or fighting in japan.
    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am not providing legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a real lawyer.
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Comments • 7 702

  • Castiel Null
    Castiel Null 10 minutes ago +1

    Corrupt justice System. But also simply dont shop lift or commit crimes.

  • xBris
    xBris 15 minutes ago

    Yes, sure, Japan is MUCH safer than the US. One downside of Japan is of couse, that they forgot that they were the bad guys in WW2. But yeah, it's a great place. Just don't talk about politics or history.

  • datos82
    datos82 59 minutes ago

    Screw them , I will not visit Japan for sure...mehhh

  • Elizabeth SooYong Hwang

    Japanese Police Officers are still doing force confession to foreigner like they done to Koreans in past years. I hope not they are doing still doing a torturing a foreigners. Long times ago, when Japanese rule the Korea; many Koreans did independence movement for bring our country back from Japanese. And Japanese soldiers and police killed and torture Koreans with torture

  • qq Omg
    qq Omg Hour ago

    I’m Chinese so am I allowed to go?????

  • nightwishnemo
    nightwishnemo 2 hours ago

    Almost 1 million crimes per year with less than half of the population of the U.S... is still a lot of fucking crimes. It only takes 1 crime for you to get fucked up though.

  • Ray
    Ray 3 hours ago

    Fantastic video! thank you to you and Yugo, you have a new subscriber Paolo.

  • Eva Celik
    Eva Celik 3 hours ago

    OK you will not visit Japan

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W 4 hours ago +1

    The fact that you made the title sound like Japan arrests Tourists intentionally because their tourists, versus what happens if your arrested in Japan... makes you a scumbag Paulo.

  • Murray Campbell
    Murray Campbell 4 hours ago

    Yugo's English is fantastic!

  • Nikki Hitchcock
    Nikki Hitchcock 4 hours ago

    What if you get in a car accident and get arrest? Or you get arrested and you were injured (need medical assistance) what’s that process??

    IAMDIMITRI 5 hours ago

    One year for stealing onigiri. DAMN.

  • Guillermo Rodriguez
    Guillermo Rodriguez 7 hours ago +1

    "Shoplifting in Japan is Ilegal" Where is this legal?

  • kadajlim
    kadajlim 7 hours ago

    FUCK JAPAN. If a local pick a fight with u in a bar, then basically u r guilty(hostage justice is such BS)even if u r not d rowdy one making trouble.
    Say bye bye to ur tourism~

  • Vegan Dolls
    Vegan Dolls 8 hours ago

    japan is creepy af. and everything is little. i hate it.

  • Charlie Bowman
    Charlie Bowman 9 hours ago

    Excellent English Yugo! I guess this is the most important component for trusting a lawyer.

  • Kilman El Sombaty Sombaty

    Fuck that I better stay home! Fucking Japos might send me Jail for nothing and I'll be there for a year
    No way! The

  • Fred Miller Jr
    Fred Miller Jr 10 hours ago

    Just use common sense. The Japanese are cool as F and you have to be a real ass to make them arrest you. So be respectful and behave yourself.

  • Paulie Walnuts
    Paulie Walnuts 12 hours ago

    This video is so banal. I 've travelled all over the world and never been arrested. You obey the laws of where you are and the subject is not even though of. It is a video for those who want to get away with some sort of crime. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Jos frost
    Jos frost 12 hours ago

    you say almost triple. the amount of crime then japan., but its more then that, its actually 9 times as much. one of the reasons i rather have another country then america to be world leader. my friends call america . the number one, second world country, i laughed and nodded , yh thats kinda true. if i look at statistics then it clearly shows america is far from a good country,

  • saucy katt
    saucy katt 13 hours ago

    Japan Great place- fuked up Justice System.

  • myra961
    myra961 13 hours ago +2

    ehh. japan is a great country to visit but not to live in.I was there and they look at foreigners like how visitors look at animals in zoo, esp if you have tan/dark skin like me. i love how snobby the people there towards outsiders but then at the same time not realizing how their country's birth rate is decreasing. hope they'll breed like rabbits to save their asses.

  • Vito Amos
    Vito Amos 13 hours ago

    Ue o Muite Arukou

  • Facebonez
    Facebonez 14 hours ago

    In the USA most of the crime is concentrated to places like Chicago and Oakland and democrat run cities like that. Not all, of course. But most. I'm not taking into account little shit like public intoxication and whatnot, mostly robbery and murder or things of that nature. Plus there are drug crimes, which mostly tend to be idiots just getting arrested for smoking weed while driving and getting caught.
    What I'm saying is, saying "crime in this place is so much worse than that place" is a dumb fuck broad statement which really means jackshit.

  • Ade Larsen
    Ade Larsen 16 hours ago

    Long live Japan.
    I go to Japan to drink great beer and eat wonderful food.
    The culture and people are just so fine.
    Why would I commit a crime ? I'm too busy having a good time.

  • Lostwithinmyself
    Lostwithinmyself 17 hours ago

    Can he confirm that you do not have to show ID or allow them to search your belongings say if your stopped on the street??

  • Gizmologist1
    Gizmologist1 17 hours ago

    I do not commit crimes of any kind, but now we can see why so many Americans do not travel outside the US.

  • Dennis Navarro
    Dennis Navarro 18 hours ago


  • 大豆
    大豆 18 hours ago

    Japan has a low crime rate for a reason, respect the community, and remember why you came, instead of, let say,
    South Central Los Angeles.

  • 大豆
    大豆 18 hours ago

    Because often they are dicks, and don't bother to learn the language, expecting they own the world

  • jason200912
    jason200912 19 hours ago

    do they have foreigner prisons?

  • Britt Snapsters
    Britt Snapsters 19 hours ago +1

    If you have to confess to a crime you didn't commit, the law of Japan is CORRUPTED !

  • Ja D
    Ja D 19 hours ago

    one of the safest countries in the world yes, but tell that to Lindsey Hawker 1984-2007.

  • Britt Snapsters
    Britt Snapsters 19 hours ago

    The lawyer has an American accent. LOL

  • Britt Snapsters
    Britt Snapsters 20 hours ago

    I'd never go back to Japan. BORING!!!! And everything is TINY!

  • Roge Doge
    Roge Doge 20 hours ago

    Because foreigners are not above the law.

  • Kyotra
    Kyotra 20 hours ago

    What the hell Japan? So much of this is so unethical and a blatant violation of individual rights. There is much that I appreciate about this country and its culture, but there are also way too many cultural issues that take way too long to improve themselves.
    SMH, there was a time when I thought it would be cool to live in Japan for a year or two in order to absorb the culture, but that idea evaporated when I saw how collectivist the culture is and how resistant it is to outsiders and individualism; now I'm starting to think that even an extended road trip across the country for a few months would be too much to deal with.

  • Tony Shemp
    Tony Shemp 20 hours ago

    I'm not going!

  • Jeffrey Bue
    Jeffrey Bue 20 hours ago

    Getting arrested in Japan is the furthest thing from my mind when I'm over there. They are some of the most well behaved people on the planet IMHO.

  • Radkon Psygami
    Radkon Psygami 22 hours ago

    Best thing to do is not to do stupid stuff in Japan which will get you arrested. Still...if you do get into trouble at no fault of your own, the system will be stacked against you...and good luck if it's going to be a Japanese person's word against yours - you certainly won't be able to scream "racism!' The way some people do in USA.

  • Walden Jance
    Walden Jance 22 hours ago +1

    *facism in le making*

  • TimeTraveler_0
    TimeTraveler_0 22 hours ago

    This is the first time I saw a japanese with such a perfect american accent

  • Jason Marchi
    Jason Marchi 22 hours ago

    No due process of law in Japan? You can keep it. Sounds like an ideal country to stay FAR away from, like many other countries on this planet. And WHY would anyone travel to Japan to do drugs, shoplift, or get into bar fights??? That's the behavior or utter morons. Japan can KEEP those kinds of nitwits and imprison them for life.

  • Jason Marchi
    Jason Marchi 23 hours ago

    Why do all trips videos to Japan show the crowed concrete, metal, and glass cities? No one ever shows the countryside, the gardens, the parks, the beaches, the small villages and the REAL Japanese people. Enough of the metropolitan over-sell. I can stay home and go to see a crowed, over-populated city.

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 23 hours ago +1

    "the system"
    still that lingering undercurrent of fascism?!
    that blind absolutist mentality is why the US was literally forced to put a stop to the war.....
    or Japan would still be carrying on....
    ....the lack of common sense is crazy.

  • Kerberos
    Kerberos 23 hours ago +5

    Because they break the Law.
    Their you go, I just saved you 14:23 minutes of your life.

  • Thomas Bleming
    Thomas Bleming 23 hours ago

    Most every country in Central and South America has the Napoleon Law when dealing with crimes. Under that law anyone who is arrested is automatically considered guilty. The defendant must proove his/her innocence.

  • Private Boy
    Private Boy Day ago

    One time I went to japan :)

  • jim coulter
    jim coulter Day ago

    If you're a cretin, don't go to Japan. Otherwise, you'll enjoy the nation and the people.

  • Konstantin
    Konstantin Day ago

    Looks like a watered-down version of Russian system. I bet they don't even torture suspects physically!

  • Keith Sim
    Keith Sim Day ago

    December 13, 1937. Largest crime committed by Japan.

  • Ken narville
    Ken narville Day ago

    japanese people are among the most arrogants , xenophobic , , cold, inhuman and racist people on earth. Beautiful country , detestable people.

  • Fisher Le
    Fisher Le Day ago

    Only stupid liberals think usa is racist, visit Japan nigga, you ll see real racist shit.

  • Matty Wanders
    Matty Wanders Day ago

    I've never been arrested in Japan. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Chung Muffin
    Chung Muffin Day ago

    Fuck Japan

  • aaronj
    aaronj Day ago

    Seems that there's one thing that is consistent across all criminal justice systems: absolutely keep your mouth shut during interviews and never give the police any information whatsoever. There is only one type of information you can give the police: information that can hurt your case.
    In the US however, you only need to say the right things to end the interview, and even if they refuse to do it, you can get out in 24-48 hours. In Japan, you must not have a mental breakdown inside of 40+ days.

  • Tested128
    Tested128 Day ago

    That’s why America is better

  • Monica Kaja
    Monica Kaja Day ago +1

    I love japanese people!

  • lacroix
    lacroix Day ago +1

    "Why Japan Arrests Foreigners"?? More like "Why every country would arrest you for shoplifting"...like, really? I didn't know stealing and bar fights are Japan exclusive offenses!

  • Simon Cowie
    Simon Cowie Day ago

    That’s wrong the FBI forced Apple to unlock the phone in a case in the USA so the FBI can get a phone unlocked without your pomission now
    They can’t grab you or force you physically
    Plus every Foreiger is entitled to representation from their embassy

    • Abdega
      Abdega 13 hours ago

      Yes and no,
      They didn’t unlock it,
      They paid a private third party to unlock it for them