MAMAMOO Melon Music Awards 2018 (MMA 2018) Live Performance [ENG SUB]

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
    MAMAMOO LIVE PERFORMANCE ON MELON MUSIC AWARDS 2018 included them performing Wind Flower (Piano Version), a transition stage, Solar's Solo Performance, Starry Night and Egotistic
    Check out the original songs here!
    Wind Flower:
    Starry Night:
    MAMAMOO also recently made a comeback on 29th November with BLUE;S, the 3rd Mini Album of their Four Seasons Project
    Apple Music Link:
    Spotify Link:
    MAMAMOO (마마무) Official Channel

Comments • 97

  • Haley Madak
    Haley Madak 3 days ago +4

    who is here after mma 2019?

  • Regina yun
    Regina yun 4 days ago

    Hwasa is very sexy but not in the slutty way but sophisticated and strong women kinda way. I admire her alot

  • neil quinsanos
    neil quinsanos 4 days ago +1

    justice for MAMAMOO... their MMA 2019 is to short😭😭.. hopefully MAMA will give them justice. 🙏🙏

  • JillSandwich
    JillSandwich 4 days ago

    2:44 what a lucky guy

  • Parnee Gulaboot
    Parnee Gulaboot 5 days ago


  • Maggie Angelita
    Maggie Angelita 5 days ago

    Respect our Queens #respectmamamoo

  • amalia azizah
    amalia azizah 6 days ago +4

    Mamamoo MMA 2018 : Shadow of the Black Moon
    Mamamoo MMA 2019 : Shade on You MMA

  • S a t u r n i n e soul
    S a t u r n i n e soul 7 days ago +4

    it's been one year and their stage time hasn't changed. mma u sucks

  • Mary Jastine Antique
    Mary Jastine Antique 7 days ago +73

    who went for this video to bless their eyes after seeing our girls being disrespected at MMA2019?

  • Ghersson Geovanni Atahua Hernández

    Dude Hwasa .... WOW

  • Nic
    Nic 8 days ago +5

    Back when MMA at least didn't disrespect mamamoo 🤧

  • Pokey Em16
    Pokey Em16 8 days ago +4

    I was expecting somelike awesome stage this year.........

  • Fatimah Zahra
    Fatimah Zahra 8 days ago +78

    I come here because of Mamamoo too short perform in 2019 melon music awards.i really excited to see their performance, but 2019 MMA just give them 4 minute to perform

  • draakonikihv
    draakonikihv 8 days ago +6

    So this is the stage and opportunity that Mamamoo deserve. 2019 year disrespect MMA. Should Mamamoo even ever perform there again?

  • Roxy Lipz
    Roxy Lipz 8 days ago +1

    SoLar's botox here. So prominent.

    YOU KNOW BANGTAN 8 days ago

    Alwksbdhaaksbfuskabfhskabdidkdb MOON BYUL 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Daisy Kim
    Daisy Kim 8 days ago

    our queens


    Since there's no BLACKPINK and RED VELVET this year atleast MAMAMOO is there to save MMA. Atleast there are QUEENS to represent the true GG power

    • Whitneyooo
      Whitneyooo 8 days ago +3

      The sad thing is that MMA didn’t give MAMAMOO the proper stage. They literally cut their performance short and had them perform the same time as the rookies 🙄

  • Clarie Mangabat
    Clarie Mangabat 8 days ago +4

    Is this the group that they say almost 2ne1 now???????????????????

    • cHan01
      cHan01 7 days ago

      @Clarie Mangabat ikr😥

    • Clarie Mangabat
      Clarie Mangabat 7 days ago +1

      @cHan01 oh yeah g-iddle they are good. So sad they are underrated.. Nowadays, views is important..

    • cHan01
      cHan01 7 days ago

      @Clarie Mangabat Not all of them tho🤔 You should check out Dreamcatcher and G idle😊

    • Clarie Mangabat
      Clarie Mangabat 8 days ago +1

      @cHan01 really.. I've been watching their videos. Hmmm.. Anyway, they say closest in 3rd gen. Because you know 3rd gen GG are almost back to cutesy theme.

    • cHan01
      cHan01 8 days ago

      @Clarie Mangabat It's actually 2ne1 fans who said that, they said Mamamoo is the only group they stan after 2ne1, they also said Mamamoo reminded them of 2ne1

  • Ayame wqx
    Ayame wqx 19 days ago +5

    Their every performance is legendary.I can't say which one is better than the other

  • François
    François 19 days ago +7

    Their voices are flawless. Stage presence is undeniably strong. Mamamoo is one of Korea's best girl groups.

  • IamSedine
    IamSedine 21 day ago +1

    What's with the volume of their mics? The piano keys are way louder.

  • Attack on bangtan sonyeondan URIGA NUGU

    Its like im watching a whole story damn im hooked

  • Naomi Olivia Moss
    Naomi Olivia Moss Month ago +14


  • kiara
    kiara Month ago +7

    Am I the only one who thought the blindfolded man on the clickbait was Jimin?

  • Chong Tsuey En
    Chong Tsuey En Month ago +1


  • Stan Hoseok
    Stan Hoseok Month ago


  • yoongle poongle
    yoongle poongle 2 months ago +4

    see army supporting and I feel so happy

  • Rhythm Bhatia
    Rhythm Bhatia 2 months ago +3

    Solar is so gorgeous

  • Selin Gulden
    Selin Gulden 2 months ago +3

    Their stage so POWERFULLLLL

  • shweta jadhav
    shweta jadhav 2 months ago +57

    Mamamoo isn't a gg its a group of strong, confident sexy women❤

  • Chyngx Rodrigo
    Chyngx Rodrigo 2 months ago +4

    this is a true performance.. QUEENS

  • Ireen w
    Ireen w 2 months ago +7

    That piano guy and the guy who was tied to the chair is still normal after mamamoo touch I salute if it was me just watching mamamoo live you might found me passing out somewhere 🤭🤭🤭

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 2 months ago +22

    Hwasa is sexy and she know it ❤️😍

  • Chiara Vallini
    Chiara Vallini 2 months ago +6


  • Edez Maranan
    Edez Maranan 2 months ago +33

    my bias is the one in white

    GCELL TJRO 2 months ago +1

    What a Lucky Guy hahaha 💜💜

  • shaammy de
    shaammy de 3 months ago +152

    For me Mamamoo is better than bp
    With charisma and the voice is so amazing! Just my not momoos but i can see .😊
    Tnx for the likes💗

    • chae is my Qween
      chae is my Qween 4 days ago

      @ena tuftuf bitch you just out of your mind why would you say mamamoo are boring and tried hard to gain people attention? are you fucking stupid?

    • Lim Chyn
      Lim Chyn 5 days ago

      Even though I like bp too, but can't help in liking your comment 😆mamamoo go!

    • Zahri Tsaniyal Baqy
      Zahri Tsaniyal Baqy 6 days ago +4

      @ena tuftuf yes, thank you for YOUR OPINION😁😁
      same as you, I think bp is boring too.. when they use to perform in award show, they'll be like use same song without any change on it
      but mamamoo always doing different thing which is make us, Moomoo, being entertained seeing them in every stage
      thats okay, that is *your opinion* , and this is *my opinion*

    • jana paola
      jana paola 8 days ago +1

      actually they're both amazing : ))

    • Adnan Tariq
      Adnan Tariq 8 days ago +7

      Thanks for starting fanwars! Bringing BP into MAMAMOO's performance was really necessary!!

  • Cynthia Xu
    Cynthia Xu 3 months ago +265

    Is no one talking about how that guy was playing the piano blindfolded? Bruh, skills.....

    • ValThe Dumb
      ValThe Dumb 5 days ago +1

      theres theses blindfolds that you can see through them ive used them before for a dance showcase so i dont think he was blindfolded and just used the see through blind folds

    • Zahri Tsaniyal Baqy
      Zahri Tsaniyal Baqy 15 days ago +4

      actually it is just dancer who chosen "pianosync" recorded song

    • Cynthia Xu
      Cynthia Xu 3 months ago +17

      typicalella I mean I doubt they would just choose a random guy to blindfold and play some "fake" piano. I can play my songs with my eyes closed

    • ellakouna
      ellakouna 3 months ago +9

      Cynthia Xu let’s be real, it was probably a pre recorded backing track

  • I love wheepup
    I love wheepup 3 months ago +4

    2:35 what genre of music is it?

  • suncatcher
    suncatcher 3 months ago +75

    i wonder if hwasa using lipstick that loco was given to her

  • Otaku Chan
    Otaku Chan 3 months ago +84

    The kpop industry just needed hwasa like about time someone introduced sexy rather then cute or bold or you know

  • Eh Lay Na
    Eh Lay Na 3 months ago +56

    Moonbyul as the mafia boss
    Solar as the stripper and owner of the club lmao... I love mu Queens 💕

  • Nurin Bella
    Nurin Bella 3 months ago +3

    Omg i loveeee them

  • JSFor
    JSFor 4 months ago +10

    They are so underrated man these girls perform !!!

    • Goody Vibezzzs
      Goody Vibezzzs 8 days ago +1

      JSFor sorry to break this but Mamamoo is not underrated. They are very famous in Korea m. However, they might be underrate internationally

  • Hizabelly Vasconcelos
    Hizabelly Vasconcelos 4 months ago +1

    Amo que a moonbyul nem chega a ter contato com os homi... HAHAHA é tipo quanto menos contato melhor, obrigada de nada!

  • Mujtaba Imtiaz
    Mujtaba Imtiaz 4 months ago +97

    why does it feel like people are not enjoying it??, they should have done this in america or something

    • justnobody
      justnobody 8 days ago +3

      They mute the scream in some part lmao, have you seen the fancam?

    • Lovers Forever
      Lovers Forever 14 days ago +5

      Mujtaba Imtiaz Not enjoyinb? lol have you even heard the screams on Egotistic?

  • Su Upit
    Su Upit 4 months ago +25

    Yeah hwasa killing it✊

  • SaKuRa SaKuRa
    SaKuRa SaKuRa 4 months ago +2

    Los unicos grupos q iria ver son BP y mamamoo
    En solistas chun ha. Y sunmi
    Y EXO
    Bts no voy porq vende falsos apoyo grupos hacen lo contrario q dicen jaaa bts no es libre. Para amar ni para nada. Asi sus canciones son falso

    • Junin Kim
      Junin Kim 2 months ago

      Para mí que vos sos re puta o te pegaban mucho de chiquita?

  • bebi yoongi
    bebi yoongi 4 months ago +46

    Solar please stop killing me😭😍😍

  • Hyeminracle
    Hyeminracle 4 months ago +22

    even the stage is wonderful omg

  • kimseok jinismine
    kimseok jinismine 4 months ago +12

    I love hwasa....

  • the exotic witch
    the exotic witch 4 months ago +70

    Everyone face to face with piano boi byul ruffles hair "that's my support-

  • Mona
    Mona 5 months ago +59

    I just love how healthy my girls are and how they can be theirselves all time! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Saquiyinray :3
    Saquiyinray :3 5 months ago +3

    las amo dios, son tan divas, me encanta ajusjsjs

  • esmeralda encina
    esmeralda encina 5 months ago +3

    Se aventaron todo el privado xd 7u7

  • ;3바나나진
    ;3바나나진 5 months ago +47

    Stan these beautiful, talented, perfect girls

    • XkeiX
      XkeiX 17 days ago

      ;3바나나진 and the whole Kpop Industry

  • Ianne Hyuuga
    Ianne Hyuuga 6 months ago +17

    Yeah totally Rest In Peace 😍

  • ethereal denouement
    ethereal denouement 6 months ago +143

    Moonbyul's aura here is extra captivating and exceptional 😍😍

  • naty miu chica kawai
    naty miu chica kawai 11 months ago +38

    soy el comentario en español que buscabas

    • Osvaldo Batalla
      Osvaldo Batalla 5 months ago

      Cómo se llaman las melodías que se escuchan cuando salen de las puertas de colores