Here's Why Loki NEEDED To Die In Avengers Infinity War

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Loki's death hit fans pretty hard when we all saw Avengers Infinity War. Many people speculated whether Loki had actually died, or if he faked it once again. In this video, I want to lay out the real reason why Marvel decided to kill Loki in Avengers Infinity War. The real reason comes from both the Russo Brothers' commentary and some new information directly from Marvel. With this new insight about Loki, we may all have to rethink how we've thought about his character. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
    Loki Is Alive, But NOT As Bruce Banner (Avengers 4 Endgame)
    Here's Why Hulk Didn't Show Up In Avengers Infinity War
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Comments • 2 034

  • Eman's Movie Reviews
    Eman's Movie Reviews  5 months ago +168

    How did any of this information change the way you view Loki's character moving forward? Let me know your thoughts.

    • Joanna Schmidt
      Joanna Schmidt Month ago

      Honestly, I think that Loki’s death was lame, and that his character deserves a much better end than that.
      As for the mind stone, it’s my personal suspicion that it only exaggerated what was already there, and Loki is still responsible for (all) his actions.
      I do love Loki’s character arc, but with his death, I find it... diminished. One could argue (if Loki is truly dead) that his character growth only made him weak, as it would appear he had much more elaborate and solid plans while he was a villain.

    • felicity #army
      felicity #army Month ago

      @rasheed white Omg this is my mind

    • Sheila Williams
      Sheila Williams 2 months ago

      Thor and Loki complement each other so what does Thor do when Loki who he fed off of be doing if Loki's not there to call him "brother" while he is trying to kill him. Thor's is already fat now (FatThor) LOL! he has to get that weight off so he needs to start beating on someone and Loki is the greatest adversary for him ..BOOM!

    • Gabrielle Williams
      Gabrielle Williams 2 months ago

      Its the same in us....HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE.....OR Id be mad too. And then the scepter adding to it.....he may have gone POSTAL

    • Tina Morgan
      Tina Morgan 2 months ago +1

      Loki is in endgame

  • Ghostragez YT
    Ghostragez YT Day ago

    Shut up bitch u

  • Carmina Quezada
    Carmina Quezada 4 days ago

    He can't die like this he has been suffering a lot and to die already 😭😭

  • nutellaaa :3
    nutellaaa :3 7 days ago

    Because marvel is a b***h.

  • veronika earline
    veronika earline 12 days ago

    Just want a film for loki

  • Gyoro and Ururun
    Gyoro and Ururun 14 days ago +1

    His death would be more acceptable if it wasn't so pathetic. Why would an intelligent guy like Loki try to stab him with a knife? Russos made so many mistakes in these two films. Lmao.

  • ceeda y
    ceeda y 15 days ago +1

    HE DID NOT DIE 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Mynx1986
    Mynx1986 15 days ago

    They already stated that the reason they killed him was to shake things up

  • Stacy Young
    Stacy Young 16 days ago

    Loki is my favorite out of ALL of them. Mostly due to his sense of humor, little jabs or comments towards others especially his brother. I was NOT a fan of the cruel Loki. Much much better in The 3rd Thor.
    Like with many families the father takes to the oldest son and the mother takes to the youngest. He wants to be equal to his brother but like many, he seems to always fall short. He must come me back because without Loki...Thor isn’t as good.

  • Zeenat Ansari
    Zeenat Ansari 16 days ago

    I like him more grey shaded....the character redemption stuff I wouldn't support....he went with dagger on Thanos cuz he loves Thor...I personally believe that....he always loved him...but his anger and jealousy kept him away...He did say Brother Sun will shine on us Again....and I hope it does on Loki....I want him Avengers movies...A series given is Great but he didn't deserve to die!!!Well he did run wit tesseract in Endgame in (year 2012)

  • CountofMischief
    CountofMischief 16 days ago

    Actually I read somewhere that Marvel did confirm Thanos was controlling Loki through the mindstone.

  • Mimibchugy
    Mimibchugy 19 days ago +1

    Why does russos hate loki?

  • Margarita Garcia
    Margarita Garcia 20 days ago

    Is theirs actually going to be a series about Loki

  • Lisa Cookiie
    Lisa Cookiie 24 days ago

    When I heard him say Loki is dead 4:29 oh bitch I'm gonna kill someone oh bitch just need to know where you live😈😈

  • Hail Hydra
    Hail Hydra 24 days ago


  • TigerLilly
    TigerLilly 26 days ago

    He may not be Hulk but how many times have the brothers told us (not always directly) that Loki is dead, they could be lying to avoid spoilers.
    As you can tell I’m being really desperate to see Loki alive lol 😅

  • fox girl
    fox girl 29 days ago

    But Loki also died to save his brother Thor. If you really think about it it all makes sense.

  • ultimatecringe
    ultimatecringe 29 days ago

    regarding the mind stone thing, I think that Loki has disliked his brother - "wow, he's so annoying. why cant that be me?" or something similar. I feel that the mind stone only amplified his disliking towards thor into hatred - "he should just die." I could go more in depth, but I don't want to

  • edgar alba
    edgar alba Month ago

    That nigga Loki is dead

  • xDESTROYER BrockaholicHDx

    video is garbage and donkey dong. Loki ain't dead

  • Shirri Buchanan
    Shirri Buchanan Month ago

    I nearly cried when Loki died😢😢😢

  • Jodie Leigh
    Jodie Leigh Month ago

    NOOOOO oh god please noooooo

  • ggflowergirl
    ggflowergirl Month ago

    Noo 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Heavy - Volt
    Heavy - Volt Month ago +5

    I think it’s all too lame for Loki.
    He HAS to be back.
    I mean, how many times directors did bring characters back from grave ? Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean he won’t come back.

  • Shayne Punsalan
    Shayne Punsalan Month ago +1

    Marvel be like:

  • Wendy White
    Wendy White Month ago

    I just want Loki back

    NIDIA HERNANDEZ Month ago +4

    I don't care bring him back I love him

  • Tracey king
    Tracey king Month ago

    OH he definitely will!!

  • -Asgardian-
    -Asgardian- Month ago +3

    I think he's dead dead, but there is so much more to say. He definitely knew Thanos and he wouldn't actually try to kill him with a butter knife. His actions,the way he talks and his looks,,,,
    He knew too much and was up to something.
    Hope to see it in the Loki series.

  • kpop_ae BTS
    kpop_ae BTS Month ago

    I wonder if Hela is alive and and I just want loki to be alive and actually........ Hela is NOT Loki's sister or thor's SHE'S LOKI'S DAUGHTER can mavel pls change hela to be loki's daughter.

  • Maylin Heidtke
    Maylin Heidtke Month ago

    Loki deserves a better death then what he got

  • Mae_flower Tomera
    Mae_flower Tomera Month ago +1

    He’s BACK!!!

    • Jerri Lynn Everett
      Jerri Lynn Everett 12 days ago

      Well then his wish came true loki has a new show on the time line in endgame were Loki grabs the tesseract and disappeared

    • R2 D2 GAMER
      R2 D2 GAMER Month ago

      Lol that’s only a wish

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago

    i really hate how he died like he actually thought he could beat thanos with a knife??????

  • lia Afyouni
    lia Afyouni Month ago

    i like loki in every flipping version and i swear if he doesnt come back.. haha 🔪

  • lia Afyouni
    lia Afyouni Month ago

    why is it every time i see tom hiddleston or loki i want to cry? D: *why?*

  • Plastic Beetle
    Plastic Beetle Month ago +1

    Odin had said about both thor's and loki future where Odin said loki's destiny was to die

  • Robert Alonso
    Robert Alonso Month ago

    Looks not dead hes just a version of Loki without ragnarock or endgame or without the chitari attack on New York

  • Paula Unger
    Paula Unger Month ago +1

    Love this video - still fresh even after seeing Endgame! Your theories seem a lot more grounded and reasonable than others I've come across ;) I agree with you about the retcon - Loki's whole story is very relatable, and removing some of his agency by saying he was influence by the Mind stone in the scepter feels like a cop out. Having said that, though, it sort of makes sense in the context of the stone itself and does link into the effect it was having on the Avengers, particularly Banner, the one most susceptible to an unstable mood. Given that this hasn't gone anywhere yet, presumably the TV show will address it. Hope they don't plot device it too much! And of course, they've given us back the screwed up bad guy we all fell in love with earlier. Can't wait to see where they go with that. :D

  • Kaly Gaming
    Kaly Gaming Month ago +3

    How is he dead he's the God of Mischief I just want Loki back😭

  • felicity #army
    felicity #army Month ago +1

    I live for he

  • felicity #army
    felicity #army Month ago +1

    If Loki is death, kill me

  • Gaia Marie
    Gaia Marie Month ago

    I love Loki, and I'm glad he redeemed himself at the beginning of infinity war. If he's coming back, I hope that he has a balance of the good and evil within him. With being Odins son, thors brother, what not, but also staying true to his antagonistic personality. It would be cool to bring him back, if they do then I hope it was because he teleported through the time thing or something from end game, and not just faked his death again. However, as far as the story goes, it may be good for him to just finally be dead now that he has redeemed himself. However, if that is the case, I would want marvel to explain why they never really metion Loki in end game, or why Thor never tries to save him in the past when they time travel back.

    • Gaia Marie
      Gaia Marie Month ago

      Wow that wa a longer than I thought it was, lol

  • Bubbel _TV
    Bubbel _TV Month ago +1

    It's a little bit sad, all this Fan-theories about that Loki is still alive aren't true. Oh god why ??😥😭

  • Berto Lert
    Berto Lert Month ago

    Keep it up brotha

  • Girlonfire 2.0
    Girlonfire 2.0 Month ago

    Loki is loved so is Thanos

  • Mosthandsome elite
    Mosthandsome elite Month ago

    =_= goodness.. im just mad how hes buddy buddy with thor after thor left him to die in sakaar. For real, throwing the remote so far away and hes immobilized while guards are looking for them. Then loki, the masochist he is. I dunno if hes insane.. after implying to thor to stay in sakaar cuz Hela WOULD kill him, he would go there after what he did acting like the Savior.. goodness... being the cunning being that he is. Im sure he knows thanos is still after him and he has no escape since avengers 1. Maybe he faked his death many times to avoid his watch. So in infinity war.. im very mad he didnt use his sorcery and whatever. HES A POWERFUL PRODIGY OF A SORCERER. TAUGHT BY FRIGGA HERSELF. BUT GOSHDANG. EHEHEHEHE IMMA USE MY BUTTER KNIFE. =_=
    srsly. Why not blast him like what you did in your cell. Why not do what you did to coulson??? Why not teleport yourself and others someplace else with the tesseract when you say its INFINITE POWER.
    After you bragged to Nick how powerful it is. =_= im mad.

  • Jhenna Mijares
    Jhenna Mijares Month ago +5

    In my opinion what marvel did to Loki is really....heartbreaking....’cuz people loved him, including me, and when the Russo’s brothers said “ dead” that broke my heart in million pieces😔

  • the gangsteri-aine
    the gangsteri-aine Month ago +8

    Loki is not dead
    ....FIGHT ME

  • Palmtree X
    Palmtree X Month ago +1

    Knowing him, he’s probably still alive somewhere. I mean, that punt knife trick that he tried to get thanos with at the beginning of infinity war is simply too stupid for loki to do, he’s way too smart for that

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    Whatch endgame he not ded

  • I'm Just Lucy
    I'm Just Lucy Month ago

    I saw this one post on the internet, joking about the reasons why they killed Loki too quickly. I don’t remember clearly what it said but it was something like: *Loki would’ve killed Dr. Strange and Vision because Loki would’ve wanted the time and mind stone just for the heck of it*

  • Lol 4488
    Lol 4488 Month ago +3

    Loki was a smart guy
    His death could of just been easily avoided if he just teleported himself with Thor to earth along with bruce

  • Lol 4488
    Lol 4488 Month ago +72

    If Loki had to die
    I expected an epic fight between Loki and the dark order

  • Settings Plus
    Settings Plus Month ago

    This is only Phase 3, there are many more films planned. Some say time has been used already and won't be re used. We saw Dr Strange had the time stone and it has re surfaced. You never know.

  • Slender shark06
    Slender shark06 Month ago

    Well, how loki acts is kind of like he used to when people believed in asgods for about 1000 years ago. So i'm glad he is kind of like an antivillain but a villain in the same time.

  • four additional incisors :{

    i still dont see a reason why he had to go. i want him back. i want him to stay.

  • Infinitae Celestial
    Infinitae Celestial Month ago +1

    really serving up the hard truths here huh

  • DARIEN Ford
    DARIEN Ford Month ago

    Loki never died, remember he supposedly died in Ragnarok. Endgame showed how he is truly the God of Mischief

  • NibblesDaCool
    NibblesDaCool Month ago

    bring me loki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilla Tz.
    Lilla Tz. Month ago

    I wont to die! 😭😭😭

    I wish I can save him! 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    BIG GEE Month ago

    The mind stone influencing Loki is a new and interesting angle. But I prefer a Loki that is slightly mischevious to down-right evil. Odin son or not he is a Strom Giant Prince, DNA and all. No matter how nice he is written he should have his baser nature show it's self from time to time.


  • Loki Lives
    Loki Lives Month ago

    So I heard a theory that Loki made an illusion ( in IW)

    Ok ok, if it was an illusion...then the tesseract loki gave to thanos was illusion?

  • Crystal nova
    Crystal nova Month ago

    I miss Loki 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Supernova Enc.
    Supernova Enc. Month ago +9

    Thumbnail: Why Marvel Killed Loki
    Also thumbnail: picture of loki smiling "I'll be back you'll see..."

  • Volley Wargames
    Volley Wargames Month ago +1

    What about the evil Echantress Lokis love interest in the Comics

  • Debscully01
    Debscully01 Month ago

    The Russo Brothers are the reason for all the horrible stuff that has happened. I do not like them and their coldness toward Loki. Tom worked so hard to make Loki a character who is a true hero now in my opinion after IW. He was truly selfless in the end. ENDGAME SPOILERS**** He seems to be truly dead and the Russo Brothers said this with no sympathy in an interview. I feel bad for Tom Hiddleston. He deserved better. I am glad he was redeemed and will have a TV show. But having to remember him dying so horribly, broken neck. Not sure I will ever get over that. I do like Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon. They seem to want to do right by Loki. Hope I spelled those names correctly.

  • Greasy hair
    Greasy hair Month ago +20

    He's such a complex character, I did feel like he had so many more stories to be told with him.

  • NyanAnimates
    NyanAnimates Month ago

    This is marvel when can we trust this :|

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Month ago +1

    I don't believe it he has to come back! he has to come back! He loki son of Odin and brother of Thor, God of mischief. He has to come back