Here's Why Loki NEEDED To Die In Avengers Infinity War

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Loki's death hit fans pretty hard when we all saw Avengers Infinity War. Many people speculated whether Loki had actually died, or if he faked it once again. In this video, I want to lay out the real reason why Marvel decided to kill Loki in Avengers Infinity War. The real reason comes from both the Russo Brothers' commentary and some new information directly from Marvel. With this new insight about Loki, we may all have to rethink how we've thought about his character. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
    Loki Is Alive, But NOT As Bruce Banner (Avengers 4 Endgame)
    Here's Why Hulk Didn't Show Up In Avengers Infinity War
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Comments • 1 767

  • Eman's Movie Reviews
    Eman's Movie Reviews  2 months ago +98

    How did any of this information change the way you view Loki's character moving forward? Let me know your thoughts.

    • MyBunnyD
      MyBunnyD Day ago


    • Pyabhasho Art-Design
      Pyabhasho Art-Design 16 days ago

      I still don't believe the directors. Common, they are the Russo's. Fake news, Fake trailer. What if the whole Infinity War movie was just a nice alternative fake reality. And another thing, The God of Mischief, and really he didn/t know of what is Thanos capable? Is hard to believe especially that he can read other's mind. he can foresee a lot of things, even not everything, he would know that Thanos is gonna Kill him. And he is not that character who throws his own life away, just like that. He rather disguises himself as a dead Asgardian floating in the space until the hard work is done by others. He is more reasonable and coward when there is a threat that he can't handle. There was too much movie around him, to build and refine his character.So... But I'm just really missing him, and I may be totally wrong about him.

    • Tony Rush
      Tony Rush 21 day ago

      Yep..we will

    • LD Spann
      LD Spann 21 day ago +1

      Tony Rush I guess we will see

  • Alice Kleber
    Alice Kleber 55 minutes ago

    Sorta explains the “If it’s all the same to you, I’ll take that drink now” moment. No contact with sceptre, less crazy bad guy.
    I always thought there was a different storyline here- that Loki had to escape Thannos, and Avengers 1 was about showing Earth the threat, getting the tesseract and himself back to Asgard and in the control of Odin. Hoped they’d use this plotline...
    Infinity War death for Loki is weird- launching what’s EXTREMELY unlikely to be a successful attack on Thanos serves what purpose? Sure, redemption, but also fires up Thor for revenge. And- don’t you have to die in battle to get to Valhalla? Like all the Aesir killed by Thannos and Hela? And what happens to those warriors in Valhalla......

  • Jerry Hansen
    Jerry Hansen Day ago


  • Janey Thompson
    Janey Thompson 2 days ago

    Okay it is a unique good guy/bad guy, emotional roller coaster, which side of the coin is it gonna be character to play with, and I (love of Tom Hiddleston aside) think a villian villian is boring by comparison, and why remove such volatile, charismatic potential from the overall film..

  • Maria Pena
    Maria Pena 2 days ago +3

    So really can't believe this only because they let him die so fast..

  • kim m.
    kim m. 2 days ago

    I'm not sure I GAF about Loki. He got my last nerve in most of the movies he was in, always whining, boasting, or shape shifting.
    I loved it in "The Avengers" (2012) when that one old man stood back up when Loki yelled at the crowd to KNEEL! Good or him that he called Loki out on his bullshite! So, he died in the movie. Meh...
    Now, if you wanna ask me how I feel about Heimdall being killed off after all his hard work defending the people of Asgaard, that's another post!

  • Star Brite2013
    Star Brite2013 3 days ago +2

    I wish that Loki was still alive ...he added some spice to the Avenger movies ..I like the fact that hes' not predictable ..him dying didn't sit well with me

  • evelyn amago
    evelyn amago 3 days ago

    loki isn't dead hes in the role of avengers:endgame

  • B R
    B R 4 days ago

    I like how youtubers figure out what the Russo brothers are doing. This is the real reason why Lokie had to die. Whatever!! This video is full of shit just like a sewer.

  • Vampire Meh
    Vampire Meh 4 days ago +1

    Loki died and I stop watching the movie . Wth

  • renee85wit
    renee85wit 4 days ago +1

    I hope Loki is saved

  • Angelrc22
    Angelrc22 4 days ago

    Loki did not "fake his death" at the end of Thor 1. HE. ATTEMPTED. SUICIDE!!! The fact that he was unsuccessful and was picked up by Thanos is incidental, but it doesn't mean he faked his death😡 He intended to die.

  • NG NATE Ramjattan
    NG NATE Ramjattan 5 days ago

    Loki has worked with Thanos since the first Thor movie. I know because he's apart of the children of Thanos and Thanos sent him on a mission to earth to get the space stone!

  • Paula Borba
    Paula Borba 5 days ago

    Loki can`t be dead he just can`t beacuse it`s just so stupid what marvel did to him Loki is amazing and I don`t know waht is going to happend whit me if he doesn`t return.

  • Lexie Smallwood
    Lexie Smallwood 6 days ago

    If loki died he would of turned blue because he is losing his illusion that her put on him to make him look human

  • Spencer Maschek
    Spencer Maschek 6 days ago

    I'm up for both, I really enjoyed the original character that Tom Hiddleston developed and cant imagine anyone else playing him, however, I'm also open to the new direction and curious to see how the character would develop. We've seen it happen with Captian Cold on legends dc of tomorrow and I'm extremely disappointed that the character won't be playing cold any more especially since he did such an amazing job. It seems like people are liking the thought that no matter how far you go down the dark path like Loki did there is always a turning point and a chance to redeem yourself at the end. Plus Disney has their hands on marvel now so obviously their going to do character tweaks and ride the ban wagon as far as they can go on Lokis character success. Honestly, though there is a point to how far they can push a series. And creating a tv spin-off series could give us more information on the character development and why he came to that conclusion that he needed to try and stop Thanos. Just like with the star wars series their branching out into the known universes and seeing how far they can push it till fans either become bigger fans or branch out to a new crowd. Again I'm up for both directions. They have stuck pretty close to the comic books so far and have done a fantastic job.

  • Jacob Lapic
    Jacob Lapic 6 days ago +1

    Dope! I love Loki and if he's redeemed he can be an anti-hero. That worked well in the Fox (rest their souls) Marvel universe with Mystique and I liked that character progression a lot!

  • Martha Kneib
    Martha Kneib 7 days ago +1

    I don't care for the "it was the Mindstone" theory because it removes the character's agency.

    • Eman's Movie Reviews
      Eman's Movie Reviews  7 days ago

      I agree, but it's not a theory. Marvel literally changed it. It's a fact according to them now. 😂

    • Eman's Movie Reviews
      Eman's Movie Reviews  7 days ago

      I agree, but it's not a theory. Marvel literally changed it. It's a fact according to them now. 😂

  • Krissy seminecro alive Parfait zeron's wife

    They are to mix third own choice of ruling with wat they were trained to by parents and unknown reactions of both past parent ruling and current loss of parents

  • Krissy seminecro alive Parfait zeron's wife

    All siblings n families under those parents are now to parent each other

  • Krissy seminecro alive Parfait zeron's wife

    Parental rulership is passed down

  • Krissy seminecro alive Parfait zeron's wife

    His brother now rules over him n he over his bro

  • Krissy seminecro alive Parfait zeron's wife

    Loki has no change of heart but a change of rulings over him

  • Krissy seminecro alive Parfait zeron's wife

    He's motivated by a life style programming that is changing his adaptation

  • Krissy seminecro alive Parfait zeron's wife

    Loki never dies

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 7 days ago

    My expression on Loki’s death like.. what!! That’s it?? That‘ can’t be right..

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 7 days ago

    Loki died so that he can come back alive in every movie.

  • Arbaaz
    Arbaaz 8 days ago

    Yo how can loki die cuz he is a God and God's don't die

  • Lemonade
    Lemonade 8 days ago

    Loki can't be killed, especially by a mortal like Thanos. He's a God among men like Thanos. He's surely hiding his real body somewhere and would never attack Thanos with a dagger. He's not stupid.

  • Faith Kotze
    Faith Kotze 9 days ago

    Loki isn't dead this is a lie

    ACE FORTNITE GOD 9 days ago

    loki not dead i know lokis real instragram its called princeofasgard something then the picture is half of his face

  • Jennifer Wright
    Jennifer Wright 9 days ago

    Okay, Loki Hater. I don't know who nor what you think you are but I've got some news for you, any hater of Loki is nobody I want any sort of business with. Loki will always come back and he has NEVER been a villain nor a god of evil. He's hurt and was possessed for 4 years. Any fool should be able to understand that. I love Loki and I always will so I'm not going to listen to you nor finish your damn video. And apologies to any Loki Stan who may read this. Loki's coming back. :')

  • Bloody Macbeth
    Bloody Macbeth 10 days ago

    Release your anger

  • #best one
    #best one 10 days ago

    You can't keep bringing loki back

  • Kobe Braithewaite
    Kobe Braithewaite 10 days ago

    I hate the way you talk damn stop being boring like you reading a script off 22 news lol turn up bro

  • Jen Piccirillo
    Jen Piccirillo 10 days ago

    Loki and Heimdall kill each other. No death is real unless it is backed up by Ragnorok in the Poetic Edda. So bring them back!!

  • Meliatsuk Makakirashu
    Meliatsuk Makakirashu 11 days ago

    I completely hate that Loki is Dead he’s always been one of my favorite Marvel villains but I really feel like Thanos is going to use the time stone so that he can bring back the Loki that actually worked for him in the first Avengers movie. But that’s just how I feel and what I think about it

  • Omar Espinosa
    Omar Espinosa 11 days ago

    marvel comics, will be ruin by the russo brothers.!!!

  • SuperGirl Xsyvu
    SuperGirl Xsyvu 11 days ago

    The thing i hate about is deadh is is deadh

  • Mir Berry
    Mir Berry 12 days ago

    I want my loki back... i want my loki back, back, back , back , back , baaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Dawson
    Linda Dawson 12 days ago

    Read TV tropes can be summed up in two tropes
    Redemption equals death
    Revenge motivation for Thor
    I cant let my daughter watch End Game. Not because of the violence, but because Loki dies. People are not allowed to talk about end game in my house especially my nephew who loves trolling people.

  • Andrew Woodruff
    Andrew Woodruff 12 days ago

    It might not be true Russo brothers say that stuff to put people off

  • Matthew Barnes
    Matthew Barnes 12 days ago +4

    Loki has a television series coming out on a Disney streaming service so Loki will come back some how

  • Justin Borchardt
    Justin Borchardt 12 days ago

    Loki in the comics had a similar role in bringing the avengers together and then retain an anti hero type role in the long run.

  • WolofWhispers •
    WolofWhispers • 12 days ago

    Loki didn’t really die though

  • Christina O'Day
    Christina O'Day 13 days ago

    Thor ragnarok was very shifted from real norse STUFF for instance Loki is tied to a stone slab with a snake dripping poison on his face.And Fenris wolf is supposed to be tied to a rock as well and Hela is Loki daughter and the gods can't actually die in Asgard.

  • slundy
    slundy 13 days ago +1

    I don't care....We just need Loki back.

  • podcastbard
    podcastbard 13 days ago

    Trickster gods of myth aren't evil they just trick us when we become stuck in our mindsets.

  • knowing and growing
    knowing and growing 14 days ago

    stay dead for 1 movie

  • Watermelon gamer
    Watermelon gamer 14 days ago

    Well people die into dust YOU FORGOT THEM and they die

  • Kenei Chielie
    Kenei Chielie 14 days ago

    it's incomplete without my Loki!😭

  • Travis Chapie
    Travis Chapie 15 days ago

    First off he never died in infinity war please watch the whole movie and pay attention

  • Ron Sasso
    Ron Sasso 15 days ago

    Loki is a great, complex character and he continues to change. He must be brought back to life because he will add more humor to any movie. Tom Hiddleston does any outstanding job with Loki!

  • ZSlytherin 52
    ZSlytherin 52 15 days ago

    Idc why he needed to die. I say bring back Loki... Whatever it takes

  • Alexander Hilton
    Alexander Hilton 15 days ago

    Want loki back and i be fine if he was a anit hero he can be both good and bad i miss him he so humorus and everyrhing after all your savior is here

  • The Real Narnia
    The Real Narnia 15 days ago

    If you also think about the Maximoffs, who got their power from the Mind Stone, you'll remember how much hatred they had towards Tony. Ultron, too. It wasn't until Vision that the Mind Stone was...I dunno, 'cleansed' for lack of a better word?

  • Stacey Osorio
    Stacey Osorio 15 days ago

    very upset that Loki had to die bring him back to life please

  • oogly81
    oogly81 15 days ago

    I think you missed one major key point in Loki coming around, the death of his mother. That clearly impacted him more than anything else had in all the movies and was what started his journey of working with the good guys. I for one am glad they killed him when they did as his story arc really has come to an end and what better way to go out. There is another theory out there that for Ragnarok to complete all the Asgardians would have to die before everyone could come back. So Loki's death could easily just be part of that.

  • John Terpack
    John Terpack 15 days ago +1

    Did you really just tell people to "try turning it off and back on again"? Your day job must be tech support.

  • ben harris
    ben harris 15 days ago

    Well yeah they want you believe he is dead of course they're going to say that especially if he shows up in endgame. just like the figure escaping the ship in the background in infinity war and the hulk Loki theory was just stupid and that's what they were addressing the dumb theory. that's why loki's clone keeps looking to where he actually is and he didn't need the sceptor to fake his death and has been proven that some make clones of themselves.loki never stops faking his death.sorry I still refuse to believe he's dead regardless of what the brothers say cause they troll gullible people over and over.

  • Scotch Beef
    Scotch Beef 16 days ago

    Loki isn't dead it was an illusion...... i hope

  • Steve Ostrowski
    Steve Ostrowski 16 days ago +4

    Tom Hiddleston talking about Loki really demonstrates why he's such a brilliant actor. He *knows* his characters

  • Emberlynn Ansbro
    Emberlynn Ansbro 16 days ago +1

    Why do all of the cool avengers and semi-heros has to die quicksilver died and NOW LOKI WHYYYYYYYYYY

  • Chris T
    Chris T 16 days ago

    12 minute run time on this is too long.

  • Padre Salvi
    Padre Salvi 16 days ago

    Mind stone?

  • Kevin Cassidy
    Kevin Cassidy 16 days ago

    He's obviously coming back duh

  • Zyhir Harris
    Zyhir Harris 16 days ago

    I can careless for loki

    GAVIN CHISM 16 days ago

    He died period , he isn't hulk . that is the most insane thing I have ever heard .

  • Michael Hurdle Production Studio

    So is he really dear or what?

  • DJ Ritty
    DJ Ritty 16 days ago

    He's the only bad guy the audience could relate to and give a crap about in 50 movies lol...that's why HE had to die. ;)

  • Frida Montes
    Frida Montes 16 days ago

    I’m fine with Loki being dead it sucks cuz I’m really like him. But I guess it’s okay.

  • shion0
    shion0 17 days ago

    Correction he didn’t steal the stone to give it to Thonas. If Thanos hadn’t threatened Thor’s life Loki was gonna keep lying that he had no idea about he stone. Can’t trust your analysis after you missed this huge point.

  • Cerius Deluge
    Cerius Deluge 17 days ago +1

    I think Loki is really Kenny McCormick.

  • Joseph Shambaugh
    Joseph Shambaugh 17 days ago

    I don't want him to be dead I liked him for how he was but if hes dead I think he did as a hero even though he gave Thanos the mind stone but in my eye's he DEFINITELY Redeemed himself!!!! But I really hope Loki is in end game to which I WILL BE SEEING WHEN IT COME OUT

  • betsy hughes
    betsy hughes 17 days ago

    Very easy, didn't watch movie, didn't see Loki die, therefore Loki not dead end of discussion! Simple.🤗 Loki just of doing other stuff!😘

  • 202eyeballing
    202eyeballing 17 days ago

    At the end of the day that was poor writing because Loki would not have challenged Thanos he could not beat him especially with a blade, and he still had his team of under bosses there as well it will be more likely that he would’ve fake his death again to in sure he can come back and do something to help later versus sacrifice yourself knowing that would not have kept Thor alive anyway.

  • Lucifer Gaming
    Lucifer Gaming 17 days ago

    I needed one more "get help" from thor and loki

  • Masked Abstract
    Masked Abstract 17 days ago

    After loki said in infinity war "we have a hulk", where did he go for like 5 minute. Gives him enough time duplicate and escape.

  • George Jetson
    George Jetson 17 days ago

    well loki wasn't meant to survive ragnarok, and neither was thor. but hey, wheres the money in that.

  • Amanda MF
    Amanda MF 17 days ago +1

    Thanks for the spoiler, asshole. I didn't even click your video... the thumb & title gave it away. Awesome.

  • 99 %
    99 % 17 days ago

    Thằng nào lại gần mụ tùng mà chả bị thanos kill. Loki đú ai ko đú. Đú mụ tùng hôi nách chi để thanos táo bón ghen. Ahihi

  • King King the First
    King King the First 17 days ago

    I was upset not that he was killed, but that he was killed so early into the film.

  • Celestial Queens
    Celestial Queens 17 days ago


  • Charles White
    Charles White 17 days ago

    I still dont think Loki is dead. If he died he should have turned back into his blue self

  • Anthony Sullivan
    Anthony Sullivan 17 days ago

    Why would the makers of the movie say loki is dead? Same reason why some would say spiderman and doctor strange etc are dead, to have a shock moment during the movie. Audience watches movie not expecting loki to appear and suddenly get shocked to see him alive in the movie. They wouldn't give any info as to what to expect so of course they would deny it.

  • Oryem Herbert
    Oryem Herbert 18 days ago +1

    we will watch such youtube videos after endgame and see how much your information is correct

  • Erik Castillo
    Erik Castillo 18 days ago

    The factories that you said a lot of times that it's new information... the fact is that it's not new information everything that you have said about Loki's backstory and everything is 100 full proof already been explained through the movies itself it's just there's so many people that weren't actually paying attention to the movies and didn't notice it..
    So I thank you for making this long-winded video to explain something that was obvious from the start but it is just that the whole thing it was obvious from the start..
    That's one of the things that I love about Marvel movies they love to foreshadow what's coming next..
    And the whole factor of the Russo Brothers saying that he is dead but previously they also said that Peter Parker was dead and yet we're getting another Spiderman movie and we all know already that Spider-Man is going to be showing up either in end game or in a movie after endgame either way he will be coming back and we already know this for sure proves that even though the Russo Brothers say that somebody is dead within the storyline doesn't mean the third actually dead it means that the character did in fact die but the character does have an opportunity to come back..
    My theory is that they're going to use the time Stone rewound time so far back that most of the main characters are back

  • Pumba Awolow
    Pumba Awolow 18 days ago

    I look like a cheesebergur from macdondalds

  • Wyatt Bowland
    Wyatt Bowland 18 days ago


  • Gideon Addai
    Gideon Addai 18 days ago

    Loki's supposed true death was rather too simplistic and vague in my view. At least he should have been honored by having him die after putting up a "fight" of a sort with Thanos, in his own mystical way. Rather than have him die a "real death" by literally pointing a dagger at Thanos. It just doesn't add up.

  • Patrick Barnaby
    Patrick Barnaby 18 days ago

    Marvel should bring Loki back even if they don't do it in Endgame, I hope they resurrect Loki in another Marvel Movie.

  • Carrie Compton
    Carrie Compton 18 days ago

    No! I do not want him to be dead! They have to be lying just to trick us T_T

  • Poet of Ages
    Poet of Ages 18 days ago

    You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain... again...

  • Sara Leveton
    Sara Leveton 18 days ago


  • Sara Leveton
    Sara Leveton 18 days ago

    He's Draco Malfoy with black hair.

  • Sara Leveton
    Sara Leveton 18 days ago

    He's like a better version of Snape.

  • Sam Regan
    Sam Regan 18 days ago

    This all bullshit never listen to this TVclipr

  • The Immortal Network
    The Immortal Network 18 days ago

    Back in the comic days Loki lived up to his title. Pure mischief and evil and making Thor suffer in any way possible for not being chosen as Odin's successor. At one point Loki even manipulated The Hulk out of Bruce Banner to bring destruction upon Asgard. Don't like the spin they're putting on Loki