Living With The Palm Phone

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
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Comments • 227

  • NothingButTech
    NothingButTech  7 months ago +58

    Little update to this!!! Palm has just addressed a lot of my core issues with it.
    1. It’s cheaper
    2. Can be used as a standalone device
    3. An update for the camera

    • camtwan1
      camtwan1 Month ago

      Jeff of all phones claiming they can’t fit a headphone jack. Palm I believe

    • George Michael
      George Michael 2 months ago

      Yeah, it is like a fantasy iPhone I.
      In regular use it is much like mp3 players from early century. And I like it better than a Smartwatch. Watching a video on reading a text reminds me of the days of iPod Nano and Flip phones.

    • Geffá Oliveira
      Geffá Oliveira 2 months ago

      I understand they haven't enabled hot spot in this phone. Jack, could you possibly test if the app PDANet+ will work to share this phone data connection as a hot spot. Thank you

    • chr0max
      chr0max 2 months ago

      @Jeff Totally agree, but on such a small device it is understandable that there is no space.

    • chr0max
      chr0max 2 months ago

      Instant love 🥰 Such a great phone. Very cheap on ebay.

  • wsip82
    wsip82 Day ago

    please send it to me

  • I liek strawberries
    I liek strawberries 5 days ago

    Honestly, I would get that for a child if they need to take their phone to school ;-;

  • GJ SIX 8
    GJ SIX 8 21 day ago

    Can it run Crysis?

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 28 days ago

    I tried it and the size was great but the battery was HORRIBLE.

  • Tauzeeb Saha
    Tauzeeb Saha 29 days ago

    You luck is good

  • Ben Bunyamin Benjamin

    can we insert memory card 128 or 256

  • ajay singh
    ajay singh Month ago

    VZ told me that palm is only a companion phone. I need another phone and then I can add the palm phone for additional per month charge. Can someone tell me if this phone can be used as a main phone? I love the palm phone and want to use as main phone.

  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins Month ago

    The iPhone SE with the 4" screen is tiny and super powerful.
    Nothing comes close to the price and performance.
    Only $120 used or $250 new with 64 gigs.
    And I hate Apple products because of their faudulent business practices today.
    Boycott Apple for so many reasons.

  • PINK
    PINK Month ago

    No headphone jack really sucks

  • MichaelOH OH
    MichaelOH OH Month ago

    I am an old coot contractor that did not want to give up my flip phone. I need a small phone that fits in my pocket and wont break! I just could not see myself having a smartphone without breaking it so I never got one. Then I spotted this when I went to the Verizon store to get my next flip. PERFECT! I am now an old coot with a smart phone so I can find lunch and addresses. Its worth every penny I love it except I can figure out how to turn off auto correct in the texting ! pisses me off something fierce. Can someone help me out with that? obviously this phone was not meant for a gamer or someone doing facetime and watching videos. you can have tinder and grindr and maps, isn't that all we need!

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Month ago

    I was at Best Buy the other day and saw it for $150. It may have been refurbished. I didn't think that it was worth it, since an LG Aristo can cost half as much, but I think that $50 would be a winning price,and a really good sell either to parents introducing their children to their first phones or to older people who only recently found the need to upgrade from a flip phone.

  • Retro phone show
    Retro phone show Month ago

    Nice small phone cool

  • BoomBaby
    BoomBaby Month ago +1

    How about people get this phone because they are sick and tired of carrying a giant phone around all the time?

  • D Mer
    D Mer 2 months ago

    Could you maybe start doing your videos in a bikini

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 2 months ago

    I get tired of carrying a huge phone or phablet.

  • Alex Glass
    Alex Glass 2 months ago

    Well ... I got a PALM and must say it's fine! Yes it's small and the battery is too, but it really is a great little moby! Does everything my full size android does, but with smaller visuals. Plus; I've now got a Mophie Power case for it (which still keeps the phone tiny) so battery life is no problem. Lasts a whole day of fairly active use ......... LOVE IT!!!

  • Joshua Dolsak
    Joshua Dolsak 2 months ago

    Just wish it was iOS. If it was and could support Apple Watch I’d have it as my only phone. Using an SE just because of the size

  • Masud Chowdhury
    Masud Chowdhury 2 months ago

    Just wow girl & phone,,,

  • laujoyjoy
    laujoyjoy 2 months ago

    You can buy a refurbished one from eBay for $70 now.

  • Bibek Kumar Sahu
    Bibek Kumar Sahu 2 months ago

    Hey Hi; I am just like you a common man from belongs to a middle-class family, looking for Rs. 10000 /- or Max 15000/- rupees under 4-inch smartphone genuine model. with all facilities like Nokia 8.1, Please let me know as soon as possible for India location. If you helped me I really feel great by choosing your channel.

  • яσкσ
    яσкσ 2 months ago

    does it have a headphone jack?
    are there more variants with more RAM/internal storage?
    is it durable?

  • chr0max
    chr0max 2 months ago

    Best phone I had for a long time. The battery is better than expected, lasts more than a day without any problems. But, maybe it´s a phone for reality-living-people. I only text a little and make some pictures, meet people in real and the battery was never a problem. On ebay you can find it for $84.95 unlocked.
    By the way, everyone asks you about it. (can be annoying)

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 3 months ago

    Your channel is nothing but tech and you use a shitty crapple iJunk which isn't even technology

  • darren darren
    darren darren 3 months ago

    Is it single sim only?

  • TheWindGinProject
    TheWindGinProject 3 months ago

    What is the standby time that allows the phone to still ring

  • Deja Lane
    Deja Lane 3 months ago

    I'm sure I'm the only one who thinks this is a dumb invention

  • Alejandro Sudiro
    Alejandro Sudiro 3 months ago

    This is for grandma who has never used smartphone.

  • polarhive
    polarhive 3 months ago

    Telegram > iMessage

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander 4 months ago

    Fashion doesn't give women pockets because it forces them to buy expensive handbags... so they make a hell of a lot more money.

  • venki cherukuri
    venki cherukuri 4 months ago

    Hey Just want to check with on IP 68 resistant. Have you really tested with water ? What is your stand on PALM being water resistant ?? My PALM is phone is dead when a glass of water fell on the dining table ( My phone is on the table :( )

  • Stranger Phenomenon
    Stranger Phenomenon 4 months ago

    WHAT 300$ for that.. :( I thought it is only 50$

  • Carlos Kim
    Carlos Kim 4 months ago

    Why couldn't they just have made it a stand-alone phone?

  • Jimmy Cortez
    Jimmy Cortez 4 months ago +1

    I love how everyone expects the camera to be good, yeah well the phone is small so what do you expect?

  • manoj puthran
    manoj puthran 5 months ago

    buying a iphone se or xperia zr compact is a good option

  • The Tuareg
    The Tuareg 5 months ago

    iPhone se only will top it all.

  • Gloria Payan
    Gloria Payan 5 months ago

    we're did you get the phone.

  • NamelessHero211
    NamelessHero211 5 months ago

    IM guesing i would have to switch to Verizon to use wiht my phone since i have AT&T?

  • tapchik
    tapchik 5 months ago

    This is a good review!

  • scottietissue
    scottietissue 5 months ago

    Can It send scheduled Text message?

  • Bee Ragan
    Bee Ragan 5 months ago

    Can you delete apps on the home screen?

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen 5 months ago

    You should have done more voice over and let us see THE ACTUAL PHONE.

    • Tam Nguyen
      Tam Nguyen 5 months ago

      And also I'm sorry please skip the fancy transition, you're not making middle school powerpoint presentations.

  • CharlieTheKid
    CharlieTheKid 5 months ago

    Thank you for your honesty. The issues you pointed out are legit deal breakers. Thanks again!

  • Dilip Srinivas
    Dilip Srinivas 5 months ago

    Kid how old are you 12 , 13 ? Your voice is so cute.

  • Gujjar Gujjar
    Gujjar Gujjar 5 months ago

    I want this cute phone can you sent me the link online store I am in ksa

  • Evelyn F
    Evelyn F 6 months ago

    The only issue that bugs me is the lack of camera quality. If they only upgraded the low light camera to be on par with the latest galaxy phones, I would ABSOLUTELY buy this for $350 and use this as my only phone.

  • mike cee
    mike cee 6 months ago

    Can it be used for at&t?

  • Logan Knighten
    Logan Knighten 6 months ago

    I know i'm really late to the party, but for $350 US. Is it really that crazy of a price? I paid $300 for my Gear S3 Frontier and the same for my previous series 2 Apple Watch, a new Series 4 starts at $399... Thats without the cellular connectivity. I think a Palm Phone and either their $30 Lanyard Case or Arm Sleeve would be a much more useable, but still tiny way to stay connected without having a, in comparison to the Palm, brick in, or sticking out of a pocket.

    G.P.JIGYASHU 6 months ago

    You speak very well..😊

  • TwinkyDeeStar
    TwinkyDeeStar 6 months ago +1

    Hi how is the call clarity on this phone?

    • TwinkyDeeStar
      TwinkyDeeStar 4 months ago

      I bought the phone and the call clarity is fine in case anyone else is wondering

  • Abi
    Abi 6 months ago

    0:10 you don't look that excited

  • As0x
    As0x 6 months ago

    Fuck imessage just use whatsapp. IDK why whatsapp isn't spread in the US.

  • hgallegos915
    hgallegos915 6 months ago

    I was going to get it as a stand alone but u already have a Moto z3 and I phone. Vzw has it for 200 as a promo so I got it

  • johnmonk66
    johnmonk66 7 months ago

    a 2019 phone with a 2003 battery and locked only to Verizon. Palm is deliberately trying to fail. just unlock it and put in a real battery and it will sell better.

  • Oscar Park
    Oscar Park 7 months ago

    I have an SE and since Apple’s now run like a trailer park meth lab, it doesn’t look like the SE2 is going to happen. It’s insane that you have to search china market phones (Melrose, Anica) or phone assistants like this, just so I can Have a decent size phone. It’s great that this is a stand alone phone now, but there’s enough of us out there to create a market. Ugh frustrating. Thanks for the video.

  • mac daddy
    mac daddy 7 months ago +1

    She completely missed the entire point of this phone. She whined about the camera, the speed, the price and the stupid iPhone messaging nonsense. Newsflash: this phone is for people that have a stable life with people who they actually interact with and do not need to be glued to the phone 24x7. It's the perfect phone for a person who truly values their own personal time and does not squander it away on others via messaging.

  • OVXX
    OVXX 7 months ago

    if only it was more powerful with headphone jack

  • oneindianboi
    oneindianboi 7 months ago

    which country are you from ?

  • John Richardson-Lauve
    John Richardson-Lauve 7 months ago

    Like how you said that "if it was $150..." Best Buy is selling it (w 2 year contract) for $150 currently.

  • John Mays
    John Mays 7 months ago

    iPhone doesn't work with anything else that isn't apple. You comment that it doesn't work with iPhone doesn't make sense to me since it's an andriod phone.