Acts With Attitude: 5 Angriest Contestants on Got Talent

  • Published on Jun 22, 2016
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  • Justine Nicole
    Justine Nicole 10 minutes ago

    The 3 girls at the stage.
    What my parents here

  • BananaNate
    BananaNate 2 hours ago

    Simons like the Gordon Ramsey of got talent

  • Moon’s gaming
    Moon’s gaming 2 hours ago +1

    If you’ve been taking vocal lessons for 6 years, you don’t sound like you’ve made a lot of progress in that time

  • Samuel Chew
    Samuel Chew 3 hours ago

    Simon is a savage

  • Campbell Wood
    Campbell Wood 5 hours ago

    6:14 Nani?

  • cяαsн ĸeon
    cяαsн ĸeon 6 hours ago

    The 1st and 2nd one are just salty

  • Effie Katsoulakis
    Effie Katsoulakis 7 hours ago


  • Hania Islam
    Hania Islam 7 hours ago

    The green jacket girl was a frrek

    MR. CREEPER 8 hours ago

    i like the first one XD

  • kenbrohomie s
    kenbrohomie s 10 hours ago

    The. Mime was funny

  • kenbrohomie s
    kenbrohomie s 10 hours ago

    These gays don't know how to be themselves he wanna be lady Gaga he can be a good Vegas act tho

  • kenbrohomie s
    kenbrohomie s 10 hours ago

    See that's messed up how people in the audience bully that guy would if he shot them people or killed himself

  • Living Creativity
    Living Creativity 11 hours ago

    These judges need to shut up!!!

  • Elitecatcake lol
    Elitecatcake lol 12 hours ago

    im on the contestants side the judges are fricking rude

  • FrodoXAnnalover 12
    FrodoXAnnalover 12 12 hours ago


  • Gacha Bagels
    Gacha Bagels 14 hours ago +1

    Anyone agree that howie and dr.disrespect are basically brothers

  • Calvin West
    Calvin West 16 hours ago

    all of them are worthless at life

  • Reem Abdelhameed
    Reem Abdelhameed 16 hours ago

    The girls In performance n2 wore the jackets that represent their Hogwarts house
    The tall one is obviously a Slytherin
    And the one that spoke was a Ravenclaw

  • Matthew Howland
    Matthew Howland 16 hours ago +1

    Roses are red
    Apples are too
    Yay I got a like
    Why is it blue?

  • Panzerkampf
    Panzerkampf 18 hours ago

    So that's where the cast of eddsworld went

    SAPPHIRE SQUAD 19 hours ago +1

    HAHA I loved the Nick prank

  • Jessica g
    Jessica g 19 hours ago +1

    I get why that guy ran off the stage- if Simon were to tell u that you were “completely useless” I feel that anyone would find it insulting.There is a way of saying things.
    I know it’s entertainment but if anyone’s seen that episode of black mirror w that guy from ‘get out’ then I feel like the parallels are EVIDENT

    • Jessica g
      Jessica g 11 hours ago

      Isabelle Mahy 😂😂even though English is my first language-I can admit my comment was poorly written

    • Isabelle Mahy
      Isabelle Mahy 16 hours ago

      I hadn't understood the sentence Simon had said to that contestant (because English is my second language ).
      But I understand all what you have written and I completely agree.
      There is a difference between being honest and being polite.
      Simon is not polite.

  • Saaga Gacha
    Saaga Gacha 20 hours ago

    #5 Needs life
    #4 Needs girlfriend
    #3 Needs to go back to a kindergarden
    #2 Needs (comment)... (just that one who has green hoodie )
    #1 Needs more makeup( im not calling ugly!!)

  • ItzMe_Sydney YT
    ItzMe_Sydney YT 20 hours ago +1

    *The Singing Souls sound like me being dragged up my stairs.*

  • Ashlyn Lim
    Ashlyn Lim 20 hours ago

    The mime was Nick Lmao 😂😂

  • Super Narwhal444
    Super Narwhal444 21 hour ago


  • Dimpothisal Kh
    Dimpothisal Kh Day ago

    N#4 is actually right
    Can’t believe Simon cowel said that :(

  • Darth Zothena
    Darth Zothena Day ago

    when the last one is nick cannon and you get shocked

  • Meh Eilish
    Meh Eilish Day ago

    If simon said something to me like that i will get off the stage and snatch his weave

  • House Gaming101
    House Gaming101 Day ago

    So ugly voices when it comes to#2 soooo rudeee there are like nerds and sing a song of rock en roll not match your not like us we are rock stars your not😝😝😝😝💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Gacha Life
    Gacha Life Day ago

    Dam those singing trolls had some attitude 😳

  • lola thompson
    lola thompson Day ago

    who else thought the chipmunks said bite me

  • GamingGacha TuberStudio

    The 2nd one yass boiii I would’ve given I a golden buzzer!! And you look like eniemem tbh!!
    Boii those judges don’t give a freaking chance to make you lose.

  • russelle joe Castillo

    Me:mom,can I join America's got talent???
    Mom: sweetie are u talented?
    Mom:there's your answer

  • TheGachaWolfie TOAST

    4:47 nice teeth

  • Owen Weg
    Owen Weg Day ago +1

    Good vid

  • Hailey Carey
    Hailey Carey Day ago

    They are the Singing Trools

  • Cool Cats
    Cool Cats Day ago

    R00dest mime evr

    SPIDER- MAN Day ago

    *Looks like alvin and the chipmunks didnt make it*

  • Ya’el Amsalem
    Ya’el Amsalem Day ago

    10:13 the face of regret

  • Hdhcggf Bbr Vd jf

    Boo America's Got Talent

  • Yvie Radford
    Yvie Radford Day ago +1

    Ha ha ha

  • pugsloth music
    pugsloth music Day ago

    What is David doing lololol

  • mattie
    mattie Day ago +2

    I feel like the second one was reasonable I feel like the audience was just being plain rude lol

  • Jordynn Davis
    Jordynn Davis Day ago

    The Alvin And The Chimpmuckes Girls The Red And Blue Ones Are So Inusinte And The Green Will Not Shut Upppppppppppp

  • Elise Clark
    Elise Clark Day ago

    Someone should bring tomatoes

  • Mung pii
    Mung pii Day ago +2

    That was the worst thing i ever watch boooo 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 like if u agree right here

  • X xlPolex X
    X xlPolex X Day ago

    Nick 👌

  • Error404
    Error404 2 days ago +7

    The green girl from singing trolls i mean souls doesn't deserve that kind of burns from the judges.

    She deserved more

  • Devil Kazuya
    Devil Kazuya 2 days ago

    Wtf in 10.57
    Mine favorite.
    😂 😂 😂 😂
    Simon) You sing and i judge that's a way it goes 😂 😂
    Green girl) you sing and I judge you 😂 😂 "oh my God"
    Green girl) just trust me I just bad as u look "damn 😂"
    Amanda) you are grounded
    Green girl) bite me.
    Simon) you girls u sounds like 3 cats being dragged up move to way. 😂 😂 😂 😂 < I WILL DIE WITH LAUGHING >
    You know compare yourself with the spice girls it's just crazy 😂 😂
    Green girl) yeah the spice girls can't sing anyway. 😬😂 😂 😂
    BLUE girl) you can be rude sometimes but you said it's true and can be rude😬😬😂 😂 😂
    Simon) I forgot that.
    Simon) you are much better than your friends. So I accept that yeah.
    You should be a spoke person in the swap place with Lippy 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
    OH my God
    Damn tha 3 girls are some kind 3 kittens
    SOMEBODY kill me....
    Laughing at my floor 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 God

  • Marilou Gaa
    Marilou Gaa 2 days ago +2

    2:56 poor Mann he tried to apologize but the audience. she looks like nice guy

  • Kartoffelsalat Ist kuhl

    Who was the last

  • Taryn Branna
    Taryn Branna 2 days ago

    the three girls remind me of a very bad verson of the Alive and the chipmunks

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 2 days ago

    First guy. You guys are really polite today😂😂😂

  • chellしぃ
    chellしぃ 2 days ago


  • chris monegro
    chris monegro 2 days ago

    The guy in the white sounded like he just he just ran a 50 mile marathon and tried to give a speech

  • Wasif Ayan
    Wasif Ayan 2 days ago +1

    I dont like Simon ... I like and saport the girl

  • Matthew Yao
    Matthew Yao 2 days ago

    Muslim Got no Talent

  • Gail Boone
    Gail Boone 2 days ago +3

    When you realize the 3 girls are dressed like Alvin and the Chipmunks

  • Jamie Wilkins
    Jamie Wilkins 2 days ago

    The girl in the green looks like my stepmom

  • Dominick Padilla
    Dominick Padilla 2 days ago

    Mime: BoO yOu, BoO yOu
    Me: XD

  • Genesis Acoba
    Genesis Acoba 2 days ago

    I love how honest Simon Cowell is!!

  • anonymous tony
    anonymous tony 2 days ago +1

    10:54 he always says that!😵

  • Jaylinn Mendez
    Jaylinn Mendez 2 days ago

    😂 lol

  • Christian Molina
    Christian Molina 2 days ago

    Omg you guys are being so rude to them just say sorry to them

  • kæçhē ßāçk
    kæçhē ßāçk 2 days ago

    the other 2 are like responsible but the green girl is not

  • kæçhē ßāçk
    kæçhē ßāçk 2 days ago

    samandas like what the heck is this

  • beast millon 15
    beast millon 15 2 days ago +1


  • beast millon 15
    beast millon 15 2 days ago +1

    I mean the second person is instant

  • beast millon 15
    beast millon 15 2 days ago

    The second person is in ant