Acts With Attitude: 5 Angriest Contestants on Got Talent

  • Published on Jun 22, 2016
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Comments • 98 786

  • Jared Mandig
    Jared Mandig Hour ago

    I'm the one who is being humiliated for them.

  • Scare Bro
    Scare Bro 2 hours ago

    Achachude she has a achehcude

  • Chandni Dutt
    Chandni Dutt 4 hours ago +1

    David appeared quite dumb

  • Chandni Dutt
    Chandni Dutt 4 hours ago +1

    One word for the first one:trousers

  • Nur Natasha
    Nur Natasha 4 hours ago

    The last one,you should give him a chances to talk.

  • vanex daaca
    vanex daaca 5 hours ago

    Who is the real brat? The judge or the contesants?

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr 6 hours ago

    The three girls look like heathers

  • Angel Ibatuan
    Angel Ibatuan 7 hours ago +1

    If im the judge im gonna say if u want to win practice your voice the red jacket is a good girl not likethe two girls

  • sean brown
    sean brown 8 hours ago

    Mel B as no need to talk with her mess of a private life.

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who 9 hours ago

    _Literally everyone commenting about the two girls being forced by the tall girl_

  • Hamaji Kirizaki
    Hamaji Kirizaki 10 hours ago

    Not even a soul:


  • Bobby Daverman
    Bobby Daverman 11 hours ago

    The “Singing Souls” was not a bad song it’s self, it’s just the voices that needed help.

  • Ishmael Saldana
    Ishmael Saldana 13 hours ago

    YOOOO that last one got me😂💀💀💀

  • Assasin 24
    Assasin 24 14 hours ago

    The three girls must be the $#!ty sools

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 14 hours ago

    Simon pulls out a sword

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 14 hours ago


  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 14 hours ago

    What are those eyes

  • Daeshawn The Artist icon

    This is sad you dont treat people like that karma will come back to you and it won't be pretty that is just not right ot treat people like that

  • Blaze Hype
    Blaze Hype 15 hours ago

    Welcome back to another episode of Americas got ABNOCSHIS LITTLE BRATS

  • *HaIlEy HaRpEr*
    *HaIlEy HaRpEr* 15 hours ago

    That one guy that was dancing and ran off, I actually felt kinda bad for him. I just wanna hug him lol

  • Giselle Castro
    Giselle Castro 15 hours ago


  • Giselle Castro
    Giselle Castro 16 hours ago +1

    I feel bad for the one that was sad and was wearing white I feel really bad for him 100000000 Cheers for him!:)

    JILL MAJORS 16 hours ago

    “ at-ti-CHUDE on her at-ti-CHUDE!”

  • Luke Lonczak
    Luke Lonczak 16 hours ago

    When I heard their voices it made me cringe

  • Michael Hudson
    Michael Hudson 16 hours ago +1

    If there was Americas Got Bratts the green girl would get the golden buzzer.

  • Brenda West
    Brenda West 16 hours ago

    She Roasting

  • Brookie The Cookie
    Brookie The Cookie 17 hours ago

    Baba booey

  • Werid Friends
    Werid Friends 17 hours ago


  • Emmanuel Ferrante
    Emmanuel Ferrante 18 hours ago

    It's called homosexuality it's a mental wanted political correctness you got it.

  • Jennifer G
    Jennifer G 18 hours ago

    The second guy is such a baby.

  • dumb_teen_99
    dumb_teen_99 18 hours ago +1

    Guy: I’ve been taking vocal for 6 years
    Also guy: *SoUnDS lIKe He HaS a ChIlD bLoCkINg HiS tHrOaT*

    same guy: I’m GoOd At ThE pIaNo I ToUgHt My SeLf To PlAy
    *sounds like a cat walking across one of those pianos u step on at the mall*
    One more thing
    Amanda:your grounded
    Girl: *BITE ME*
    Simon: seems legit

  • TTV Bulkiest Stone49
    TTV Bulkiest Stone49 18 hours ago

    I don't feel bad for the guy with his hair up in the air with a black and white hair I felt bad for the guy with the brown hair and the gray shirt with the white jacket and the white pants

  • TTV Bulkiest Stone49
    TTV Bulkiest Stone49 18 hours ago

    I really noticed that the three girls we're just like Alvin and the Chipmunks and I think they knew that

  • TTV Bulkiest Stone49
    TTV Bulkiest Stone49 18 hours ago

    I feel really bad for the guy in the white pants and a white shirt because like he was trying his best😥😓😣💔

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 19 hours ago

    2nd on was ga......

  • Ok.
    Ok. 19 hours ago

    i dont get the last one like why did they high five him and stuff

  • Ok.
    Ok. 20 hours ago

    that “lippy” chick needs to like get out. her voice was terrible AND her attitude. might i add her looks- honestly if i went up there and sang i know itd be terrible but you cant get mad about going up on a stage to literally get JUDGED.

  • Janiris Troche
    Janiris Troche 20 hours ago

    No one's talking about the mime!?!?!🤣

  • alluringlyrics
    alluringlyrics 20 hours ago +1

    " i feel like im being judged... "
    * is on a judging show *

  • alluringlyrics
    alluringlyrics 20 hours ago +1

    that guy with the gray hair is ridiculous its like hes trying to be funny.

  • Damon Courtney
    Damon Courtney 20 hours ago

    I'd give him ticks

  • K-ONE 017
    K-ONE 017 21 hour ago


  • Tanja 5
    Tanja 5 21 hour ago


  • Tanja 5
    Tanja 5 21 hour ago

    I’ve seen this a billion times, but I’m still watching it...

  • CelticsBoah
    CelticsBoah 21 hour ago

    I mean Simon called him useless so I’d feel very bad

  • Swiggen
    Swiggen 21 hour ago

    I feel bad for the first dude...

  • The Other Stuff
    The Other Stuff 22 hours ago

    Wow I love Urdu captions.
    Love from Pakistan 😍

  • Squid Z
    Squid Z Day ago +1


  • Nelson Vinsha
    Nelson Vinsha Day ago

    i like honest/direct person, they funny, hahaha

  • ICUP2002
    ICUP2002 Day ago

    Pierce morgen is a legend 😂🤣

  • FionaCat1251
    FionaCat1251 Day ago

    The 35K dislikes are the friends/family of the contestants in this vid XD

  • E Baby
    E Baby Day ago

    When someone who can’t sing asks Mel B if she thinks she’s a better singer 🤦🏻‍♀️ well obviously honey

  • Alpha
    Alpha Day ago +1


  • SoulFresh YT
    SoulFresh YT Day ago +1

    lol look at their shirts...its like alvin and the chipmunks lmao...except its the jerk bully versions

    DRAWING WITH SAI Day ago +1

    15:23 did you saw the man with big head

  • Rubén703 Albures


  • Rubén703 Albures

    Number 1

  • mamasapaon
    mamasapaon Day ago

    i love how the host always manages to calm them

  • Lucy
    Lucy Day ago

    On the second one i feel bad, Simon was initially a jerk :/

  • Gemma Nelson
    Gemma Nelson Day ago +1

    It feels like the two girls on the ends were sisters and the one in the middle was the friend that was the mean "leader" of the group like if u agreeeeeee