Filipino Food 101 with Jo Koy | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • Eating with Jo Koy is a lot like seeing his stand-up routine: loud, in your face, and filled with stories about his eccentric Filipino family. When it came time for Sean Evans to dive head first into the menu at Jeepney Filipino Gastropub in NYC, the choice for a dinner companion was a no-brainer. From staples like chicken adobo and arroz caldo, to now-legendary dishes like halo-halo and balut, Jo breaks down the Filipino food dos and don’ts as only he could. Will Sean convince Jo to give balut another shot, or will he swear off bird embryos for ever? Find out on an all new SITW.
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  • HereTo AnnoyU
    HereTo AnnoyU 2 hours ago

    pork adobo is great

  • Pottersean
    Pottersean 4 hours ago

    My filipino friend threw a party a year ago and i really liked the adobo and pancit

  • DESTRO350
    DESTRO350 6 hours ago

    I can feel my arteries clogging whenever I eat balut, but it's so worth the flavor!

  • Eugenie Ochoco
    Eugenie Ochoco 8 hours ago

    What's wrong with balut? I prefer vinegar instead of salt.

  • Pisces Queen
    Pisces Queen 13 hours ago

    Eeewww i dont eat balot even im Pilipino thats disgusting its broken eggs its a dead chick inside how you eat question LOL

  • Taeyung Army
    Taeyung Army 13 hours ago

    Can we have that chicken adobe 😂

  • Jasper Monroe
    Jasper Monroe 16 hours ago

    I'm hungry.! Food looks delicious.

  • Jean-Pierre Valenzuela

    Leftovers from this episode soon to be found in a Betty Crocker tub near you!

  • Oyales Journeys
    Oyales Journeys Day ago

    8:10 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elijah Somera
    Elijah Somera Day ago


  • superchibiwings
    superchibiwings Day ago

    who wouldn't eat Balut?

  • Nolan T
    Nolan T Day ago

    Sean didn't look sold. LOL!

  • Jean-Pierre Valenzuela

    IMHO, Filipino food isn’t mainstream because:
    1. They don’t look enticing
    2. They aren’t easy to eat (often requires pulling apart of bones)
    3. The meat is often from parts normally scrapped in developed countries (i.e. chicken neck, butt, pig intestines, ears, head, cow bone marrow, etc.)
    4. The calorie count is probably off the charts!
    5. They spoil quickly (my experience with pancit).

  • tuner zane
    tuner zane 2 days ago

    Jokoy you are the best

  • Brian Shaw
    Brian Shaw 2 days ago

    Two Words guys Pork Sticks

  • ro wins
    ro wins 2 days ago

    it never gets boring watching jokoy esp when he's talking about filipino stuff...

  • Mark Lemus
    Mark Lemus 2 days ago

    Where was the puto and the turon?

  • Mark Lemus
    Mark Lemus 2 days ago +1

    "I'm gonna throw up in your mouth!" Hahahahaha

  • Wednesday Addams
    Wednesday Addams 2 days ago

    more filipino food w the best taste!

  • Out of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks, Int'l

    Just like chitterlings, we can buy the meat. We don't have to eat the scraps anymore.
    Disclaimer: I personally do not eat pork.

  • wilange
    wilange 2 days ago

    Enjoyed watching this👍👍👍...proper way to eat with your hands...hands are cleaned...pick up food with fingers and thumb (not having the food touch the palm of your hand)...take food towards mouth...use your thumb to push/shove the food into your mouth (by moving your thumb towards the palm of your hand to push in your food)😁👍😁 and savor😁👍😁... this is how I was taught 🙂

  • amyj91
    amyj91 2 days ago

    i love chicken adobo my sister in law is filipino and she makes it, it’s just the best!

  • Wretched Lazarus
    Wretched Lazarus 2 days ago


  • Rj
    Rj 3 days ago

    Lol did he just say "I'm gonna throw up in your mouth"?

  • Arlanzo Myers
    Arlanzo Myers 3 days ago

    This kid has his backpack on LMAO

  • HE DP
    HE DP 3 days ago


  • Ariestocrata Studio
    Ariestocrata Studio 4 days ago

    The balut session at 8:00 was epic.

  • Ariestocrata Studio
    Ariestocrata Studio 4 days ago

    2:08 we use knives for weapons. Lol!

  • egoy34
    egoy34 4 days ago

    i like to add another rule.
    it dosent matter if its hot use the hands and go wild.

  • Lyza7r iel Isabelle
    Lyza7r iel Isabelle 4 days ago

    I only eat the egg yolk of the balut lol..

  • Ihsibanah Kaito
    Ihsibanah Kaito 4 days ago

    There was a Spork, a Spafoon then a *_Spraw_*. What else?!

  • Roel Morillo
    Roel Morillo 4 days ago

    Where's the Mang Tomas Sauce at? The red label spicy one

  • Jane Pathay
    Jane Pathay 4 days ago

    winner winner filipino dinner 😂 that hits me

  • Wayne Elardo
    Wayne Elardo 4 days ago

    "Its fighting for his life." Lmao

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 5 days ago

    I wished you also tried sisig, kaldereta, kare-kare, pancit and lumpia 😁

  • Steven Brian Dumaguit

    The best the utensils are Hands😀

  • ID Mon
    ID Mon 5 days ago

    Adobo shouldn't be the Filipino national food, it's so basic, Lechon Paksiw should be the Filipino national food, it is the meter that a Filipino restaurant is measured with, if they don't have a good lechon paksiw then they shouldn't call their restaurant Filipino.

  • James Noland
    James Noland 5 days ago

    Ear balut with vinegar

  • Bianca Gonzalez
    Bianca Gonzalez 5 days ago

    "Do it laugh" ahhhhhh

  • ANnie MAe Beltrano
    ANnie MAe Beltrano 5 days ago

    I can eat 5balut in one day lol🙈

  • Robert Berry
    Robert Berry 5 days ago

    And he even Ate the balut wrong. Honestly he even eats with the fork and spoon incorrectly.

  • Robert Berry
    Robert Berry 5 days ago +3

    Filipinos love balut. I lived there for 2 years .

  • Zarina Chan
    Zarina Chan 5 days ago

    Hahaha Sean your cute🤣

  • micro-babe
    micro-babe 5 days ago +1

    This is literally me introducing my white boyfriend to Filipino food.

  • loise bertulfo
    loise bertulfo 5 days ago

    A Filipino who doesn't like balut is no Filipino 🙅

  • KamoteTV
    KamoteTV 5 days ago +5

    men,they literally mixed the flag with the HALO HALO! hahahaha

    • JM Lubag
      JM Lubag Day ago

      That makes it authentic filipino food

  • Ly Marcos
    Ly Marcos 5 days ago

    Proud Filipino hereeee 😍😘

  • nenabunena
    nenabunena 6 days ago

    Everyone in my family eats and loved balut

  • Michii Concepcion
    Michii Concepcion 6 days ago


  • Amy Robertson
    Amy Robertson 6 days ago

    The rules seem very Jewish lol

  • monkey king
    monkey king 6 days ago

    I think it is actually adobo that gave the Filipino cuisine a bad rep because what exactly is adobo? Chicken, pork or both, soy sauce, vinegar, pepper and spices. I think it pales in comparison with other southeast asian traditional dishes when it comes to presentation, originality(because we have tons of versions of it, and the basic recipe is way too simple). that being said we should promote other traditional dishes while keeping our own love for adobo between us pinoys. let's not share what others can't appreciate because clearly the dude is just being nice. you can see at his reaction.

  • Daze Glynne Chase
    Daze Glynne Chase 6 days ago +2

    They both look so funny when they eat balut😂😂😂... It's delicious though and I love it.

  • ely
    ely 7 days ago

    totally appreciate that the halo-halo was some O.G. typa shit. THATS halo-halo!! and i miss calamansi. the nearest Filipino store we have doesnt sell a calamansi concentrate. my toyo just not the same without calamansi. lol

  • Krissalaine Capulong
    Krissalaine Capulong 7 days ago +15

    A classic filipino adobo doesnt have mushroom! That's gonna make it quite chinese.

  • Laurent Day
    Laurent Day 7 days ago

    Those are nothing compared to some of the most traditional filipino dishes like this:
    Where my filipinos at?

  • SilverSlayer23
    SilverSlayer23 7 days ago

    I don't like Filipino food....

    *Waits for food to plop infront of me 🍽🥄

  • Juliana Isabel Subia
    Juliana Isabel Subia 7 days ago +32

    Jo Koy: filipino food is the best blends of Asia...

  • Askim Zeratrim
    Askim Zeratrim 8 days ago

    Enjoy it laught. He told u not so am i

  • Cham Alcantara
    Cham Alcantara 8 days ago +1

    aww kawawa naman siya nung kinain nya yong balut. bless 😅🤣

  • Francesca Acenas
    Francesca Acenas 8 days ago +14

    It was hilarious how Jo Koy was so uncomfortable with the balut. It's truly an acquired taste - don't assume that all Filipinos enjoy it. I for one will only eat the yellow yolk part. And the soup. But now that he's called it amniotic fluid (which it actually is), I might just skip that part as well.

    VYNS FAGEL 8 days ago

    My whole family loves balut

  • aniah alexandra
    aniah alexandra 8 days ago

    nainggit ako sa balut 😤

  • Angelo Mella
    Angelo Mella 8 days ago


  • Jett Reggae
    Jett Reggae 8 days ago

    Lol I'm also one of the Filipinos who don't like balut

    • Jett Reggae
      Jett Reggae 2 hours ago

      @nenabunena Imagine eating a baby duck🐣🦆

    • nenabunena
      nenabunena 6 days ago

      Maarte ka kasi, lol

  • Mark Don
    Mark Don 8 days ago

    now that's the right thing to do if you wanted to taste 'halo halo' in a good manner

  • Thea Concepcion
    Thea Concepcion 8 days ago +1

    Bretman Rock is the right guest for this episode

  • HS Premium
    HS Premium 9 days ago

    yo bravest man ever

  • lastimosa
    lastimosa 9 days ago

    i never thought how weird it was for people to not use forks, it was always normal for me

  • elvin ventucillo
    elvin ventucillo 10 days ago

    No one believes Sean really ate the balut. Jo Koy is not a Pinoy if he hates balut. 😁

  • JM Jimenez
    JM Jimenez 10 days ago

    Balut so good, why

  • Orient Son
    Orient Son 10 days ago

    this is just so funny! lol

  • PureRailtrash867
    PureRailtrash867 10 days ago

    Balut isn't that bad. I really like it!

  • Adam nottelling
    Adam nottelling 10 days ago

    I made chicken adobe i wasn't impressed :/

  • fat.asian
    fat.asian 11 days ago


  • Criss Cross
    Criss Cross 11 days ago

    A very entertaining quickie episode

  • beto serrano
    beto serrano 11 days ago

    Jo Koy is my favorite

  • hanah shanice javate
    hanah shanice javate 12 days ago

    Balut is my FAVEEEE

  • Jet Black Storm
    Jet Black Storm 12 days ago +3

    Watching this make me reminisce the times when I was still living in Philippines. The halo-halo, Inasal, Sisig, Fishballs... I could go on. Damn, I miss it

  • コールドウェル大蛇丸

    Mahal ko ang tao na ito ikaw ay may walang ideya 👌😄😎

    SQSIA 14 days ago

    I'm convinced Sean mixed the Filipino flag with the Halo-Halo. Watch that shit disappears.

    Oh, I'm weak.

  • Mcmholdz Choi
    Mcmholdz Choi 14 days ago

    Hey!!. Take the little flag first!!.. Haha

  • Sergio Neri
    Sergio Neri 14 days ago

    why didn’t they eat buko pandan :((

  • Yung Abuelo
    Yung Abuelo 14 days ago

    “I’m gunna throw up in ur mouth “

  • C J
    C J 15 days ago +1

    (Makes video bout Filipinos)
    Filipinos: diD u KnOw tHaT-

    Me: just shut da fuc up

  • Susan Lauchli
    Susan Lauchli 15 days ago

    still , can't do it!!! hahha

  • Susan Lauchli
    Susan Lauchli 15 days ago

    yeah. I am almost 60, but never ate balut, in my life!

  • AM 2026Del Carmen
    AM 2026Del Carmen 16 days ago

    Omg I love Jo Koys accent

  • jander ewo
    jander ewo 16 days ago


  • Avenido Anecito
    Avenido Anecito 17 days ago

    should I subscribe? 😂😂

  • Khairul Azlan
    Khairul Azlan 17 days ago +1


  • Markees Ravago
    Markees Ravago 18 days ago

    i never craved for balut, it's like if there's balut then i'll eat but won't really look for it

    MARECEL and CURTIS 18 days ago

    Marecel and Curtis here your new subscriber from CANADA. love watching you guys video and we like to share it to our friends and family with your confirmation. We posted some videos too when we visit our home in PHILIPPINES. we will appreciate if you guys will check it out too.Please share and subscribe 🤗 support each other!!!! I love ARROSCALDO FOOD that’s one of my favourite

  • Anonym Cat
    Anonym Cat 18 days ago

    Balut is pretty fucking good though...

  • butter bean
    butter bean 19 days ago

    Hahaha.. I like this guy!!

  • Judd Romano
    Judd Romano 21 day ago

    im filipino and i dont even like balut lol

  • blue moon
    blue moon 21 day ago

    Mga baklang tooo

  • Dave Lin
    Dave Lin 21 day ago

    I'm surprised you didn't do Sisig... Delicious with a cold beer

  • Boi 23
    Boi 23 21 day ago

    Lemon used for Arroz Caldo.
    Calamansi: *Am i a fucking joke to you Jo koy?*

  • Proto Kevin Leversee
    Proto Kevin Leversee 22 days ago

    Dude I love Balut. Chili Buko Suka AYOS!

  • Wayne nunya
    Wayne nunya 22 days ago

    I couldnt eat that baby duck type thing either