Gordon Ramsay | Before they were famous | Lobster Ravioli | Marco | 1989


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  • Frank Murphy
    Frank Murphy Hour ago

    Bet hes dying to tell him to fuckoff

  • ResidentEvil302 rican215

    Its so weird seeing him being the helper wow came so far

  • PoorguyFridge 29
    PoorguyFridge 29 Hour ago

    Ok im confused... Which one is Gordon?

  • aansa ahmad
    aansa ahmad 2 hours ago

    Wow cant believe it two of the legends Sir Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay working together 👏👏

  • FuZion_ReZii
    FuZion_ReZii 3 hours ago +1

    lvl 1 Chef
    lvl 10000 Chef

  • kenz
    kenz 3 hours ago

    It's so weird seeing him tame.

  • banquo60615
    banquo60615 4 hours ago

    I'm thinking Gordon was a big Flock of Seagulls fan. Back in the day.

  • Jed Maegraith
    Jed Maegraith 4 hours ago

    Lv. 1 Gordon Ramsey

  • Kavorka Online
    Kavorka Online 4 hours ago

    That young bloke on Marcos left is going places. Keep it up son and it will all pay off someday.

    REAL AMAZING WORLD 4 hours ago

    This was Gordon Ramsay before he became really confident

  • Anime Manga
    Anime Manga 5 hours ago

    The past of a level 100 boss

  • doop00
    doop00 5 hours ago

    That's why I respect him he have worked hard for his position today and still gives it his best.

  • way of the fist
    way of the fist 6 hours ago

    Hairs a fuckin mess

  • bdusa
    bdusa 6 hours ago

    And now Gordon should be nerfed in the next patch.

  • Beazley Dang
    Beazley Dang 7 hours ago +1

    Gordon still had wrinkles

  • Jonathan Tuminello
    Jonathan Tuminello 7 hours ago

    Harveys....the pinnacle of british restaurants.....white heat

  • ronan kirwan
    ronan kirwan 7 hours ago

    2 pricks

  • Alfred Bloom Segerström

    Thats how mafia works.

  • Ryan Cerda
    Ryan Cerda 9 hours ago +1

    What I want to know is who is the chef talking and teaching him? I can totally tell where Gordon got his style from! Love shit like this! Everyone starts from the bottom.

  • Crimsons Violet
    Crimsons Violet 10 hours ago

    you have to start somewhere. gordon was taking mental notes the entire time. you can sed him thinking, maybe about something he'd try with them. silent yet always thinking thats how he got ahead he learned and wised up fast.

  • Aryamon Mukherjee
    Aryamon Mukherjee 10 hours ago

    Wait. Which one is Ramsay? They both look identical, barring their hairstyle

  • TokenFanatic
    TokenFanatic 11 hours ago

    The pastas fucking raw!

  • acasaization
    acasaization 14 hours ago

    Look at those hairs open may be some in the food

  • Kevin Escobar
    Kevin Escobar 14 hours ago

    He’s so quiet

  • Zoltán Nagy
    Zoltán Nagy 14 hours ago

    Lobster ravioli.......DONE

  • Mike Likes Music
    Mike Likes Music 16 hours ago

    Gordon looks like a docile pup in this clip

  • Charisma B
    Charisma B 16 hours ago +1

    Ravioli Ravioli give me the *fucking lamb sauce*

  • Marci Nagy
    Marci Nagy 16 hours ago

    Ramsay and White when they were Bill & Ted.

  • IM Tellin It
    IM Tellin It 16 hours ago

    About to go watch Benny Hill...

  • Joe Boxer
    Joe Boxer 18 hours ago

    Basic version of Gordon Ramsay, lol fucken noob 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • H4Community
    H4Community 19 hours ago

    Goes well with Newbie Melody (runescape reference)

  • once posting
    once posting 19 hours ago +1

    lmao why is this so cute

  • Βαγγέλης Παπαγεωργίου


  • Lucas Argandoña
    Lucas Argandoña 21 hour ago

    Ob yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • Datboy Tea
    Datboy Tea 21 hour ago

    It may be the first time gordon doesnt annoy the crap out of me
    Thank you

  • snotlout irontoe
    snotlout irontoe 22 hours ago

    beta and quiet now he's compensating with his veins bulging from his face and retarded neck and shouting for no reason

  • Matt G
    Matt G 22 hours ago

    Gordon rocking that, half Flock of Seagulls, half Rod Stewart cut, and Marco already planning for his role as the next joker in the new Batman movie

  • G-way Madman
    G-way Madman Day ago


  • Richard Jackson
    Richard Jackson Day ago

    Where's his hair net ?

  • 𝘿 𝙎𝙬𝙚𝙧𝙫ø

    Lv. 1 Crook

  • Shadow Stalker
    Shadow Stalker Day ago

    The Gordon Ramsey we know now is not that silent

  • Magikrazy
    Magikrazy Day ago

    Now we need one for Nino that shows him learning how to clean restaurants and take pictures as proof.

  • ghostface
    ghostface Day ago


  • Tapor E
    Tapor E Day ago

    This is how mafia works

  • Dr.Mantis Toboggan

    Idubs and maxmoefoe making ravioli

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown Day ago

    respect to both these guys. Whilst i find the approach to work and learning back in the day barbaric, its hard not to sit down, shutup and listen when Gordon talks about food today. Him and marco are absolute GOATS

  • Bright View
    Bright View Day ago

    He looks raw!!! Slice that forehead!!! Now!!!

  • Joel Shee
    Joel Shee Day ago +1

    This is how Mafia works

  • E.C.'s LambGoatSoup

    You can hear the spirit of the head chef in modern day Ramsay.. The passion for cooking

  • Just Jhil
    Just Jhil Day ago

    So is this where he learned to cuss?🤬 😂

  • J G
    J G Day ago

    So ever since then he really don't like fixing his hair at all

  • elresdygie elresdygie

    see that silent guy.what hppen to that silent guy now.fckng noisy😂😂but i like him.

  • xX_Brian_Xx
    xX_Brian_Xx Day ago

    0:51 Gordon: yes

  • Rachael Liz
    Rachael Liz Day ago

    Aww he's a bebby ❤️

  • HungryBlaze
    HungryBlaze Day ago +1

    This weirdly reminds me when rick turned into a depressed alchoholic

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C Day ago +1

    he was sooooo quiet compared to now!

  • Joe _
    Joe _ Day ago

    We all start somewhere

  • SugarGirl 188
    SugarGirl 188 Day ago


  • SugarGirl 188
    SugarGirl 188 Day ago

    Oh.... My.... Irene....

  • M G
    M G Day ago

    Honestly Gordon Ramsay at this point in time is absolutely adorable. Level 1 Crook indeed

  • DragonWarrior 999


  • Joshua Ramirez
    Joshua Ramirez Day ago

    Imagine the bloke who taught Gordon , he’s a god

  • CrystalGems TV
    CrystalGems TV Day ago

    How does a man so soft spoken become so *L O U D.*

  • Foods Eat
    Foods Eat Day ago

    This guy's gonna be a world famous chef. Just you wait.

  • Calcifer34
    Calcifer34 Day ago

    Christ he's son looks just he's dad at that age.

  • Dylzii
    Dylzii Day ago

    This was before he met the idiots in hells kitchen. Look how happy he looks in this video.

  • Jason Carson
    Jason Carson Day ago

    Gordon Ramsey in 1989 says "yes"
    Gordon Ramsey in 2019 says "FUCKIN HELL, THIS RISOTTO TASTE LIKE CAT SHIT"

  • The MasterYocheese

    His first contact with the *LAMB SAUCE*

  • Andrew V.
    Andrew V. Day ago

    omfg I thought he was the guy talking at first but he WAS THE GUY IN THE BACK MEEKLY SAYING YES I CAN'T 😂

  • Ruben A
    Ruben A Day ago

    What the fuck did he do to his hair at that time? Was he choosing between being a knock of brand george michael or a cook who has been through the blender himself so he could feel what the food feels like?

  • Dalexis Peguero
    Dalexis Peguero Day ago

    this just shows u that no one is born complete.

  • Angry Face Reaction

    *the food made him angry^*

  • Chara Cter Dreemurr

    1989: Lv.1 Cook
    Now: Lv. 1,000 Chef

    SHAME ON YOU! Day ago


  • Abdullah Numan
    Abdullah Numan Day ago +1

    Lvl. 1 Crook.

  • Some Anime Nerd *.*

    This is surprising

  • Maheen Shahzaad
    Maheen Shahzaad Day ago +1

    ~Level 1 Crook Gordon Ramsay

  • rotpeter
    rotpeter Day ago

    Hee, hee, Gordon the pussy!

  • Aleksandar Sulejic
    Aleksandar Sulejic Day ago +1

    and what about hair in the pasta . do they have hats

  • 01emercado01
    01emercado01 Day ago +1

    "All things truly wicked start from innocence" - Ernest Hemingway.
    Who knew this shy little guy would become one of the most ruthless people in the world.

  • Mr Supreme Pizza

    Before he lost the lamb sauce

  • Katherine Hayes
    Katherine Hayes Day ago

    Wow! Would ya look at that! ♡

  • Zyptic
    Zyptic Day ago +1

    Can't stand people with long hair and is a chef. Why risk hair in peoples food? You know he doesn't brush and has a head full of dead hair. Nasty af

  • David KORESH
    David KORESH Day ago

    Gordon Ramsey in bitch mode

  • banquo60615
    banquo60615 Day ago +1

    The year was 18 BLS. Before Lamb Sauce.

  • Yer Mom
    Yer Mom 2 days ago +1

    He looks innocent

  • Forex Yardie
    Forex Yardie 2 days ago

    Gordon before the DLC and updates

  • waddup
    waddup 2 days ago

    1989: Lvl.1 Crook
    2019: Lvl.1000000 Mafia Boss

  • smootskin
    smootskin 2 days ago

    I can never imagine Gordon Ramsey as a 13 years old cooking - and not as a master chef.
    I'm actually scared for some reason, my heart rate is up even minutes after watching this video...
    I need help

  • Gerobak Nightmare
    Gerobak Nightmare 2 days ago

    1989 Gordon : "yes"
    2019 Gordon : "FUCK OFF WITH YOU"

  • Argiselle R
    Argiselle R 2 days ago

    Oh dang

  • Bing bong
    Bing bong 2 days ago

    Ravioli, Ravioli, where is the lamb sauceioli?

  • womanbeater
    womanbeater 2 days ago

    2 Gordons?

  • Nicolas Hoggard
    Nicolas Hoggard 2 days ago

    When he was a donkey, now he is a donut

  • Maria Olivares 1265
    Maria Olivares 1265 2 days ago

    Fetus gordon

  • Matt McLachlan
    Matt McLachlan 2 days ago

    Before Gordon Ramsay seasoned everything

  • Fariz Algifari
    Fariz Algifari 2 days ago +1

    well he doesn't talked that much

  • Rollin 24/7
    Rollin 24/7 2 days ago

    if I didnt know who he was and shown the thumbnail with no context, I wouldve thought....haircut 100 or flock of seagulls. maybe Thompson twins.

  • Alee Janet L.
    Alee Janet L. 2 days ago

    The Simpsoooonns....

  • Daria
    Daria 2 days ago

    I watched like 50 seconds of this thinking, jesus, he looks COMPLETELY different today