Binging With Babish Cooks In-N-Out and Shake Shack Clones | The Burger Show

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • In the world of burgers, the In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack rivalry is the stuff of legend, pitting east coast against west coast in a battle of patty supremacy. But rather than feed the fire of an old flame, Alvin Cailan is teaming up with TVclip legend Andrew Rea (Binging With Babish) to teach people how to make both of these iconic burgers at home. Better yet, they've devised the ultimate peace treaty: a Double Shack x Double-Double Animal-style Voltron burger. It's a moment in burger history you won't want to miss.
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    First We Feast's "The Burger Show" is a new web series that explores everything about modern burger culture-from the rise of Instagram-bait stunt burgers, to the enduring influence of regional styles-through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan. Alvin's breakfast-sandwich empire in Los Angeles put him on the culinary map, but it's burgers that are his true passion. Now he's in NYC to understand what drives his obsession, and he's linking up with folks like Adam Richman, Matty Matheson, and Binging With Babish's Andrew Rea to help him along the way.
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Comments • 3 150

  • Neil Ovenden
    Neil Ovenden 10 hours ago

    You must have a huge asshole

  • Skittles but with chocolate inside

    silly americans

  • Christian Justin

    In N out taste like McDonalds Shake shack aint cheap fast food no cpmparison

  • Abigail Cote
    Abigail Cote Day ago

    "Especially if you live in a place where you can't get both."
    Me, in Vermont: or either... *cries in rural*

  • TylerKai421
    TylerKai421 3 days ago

    3:49 "who would want a krabby patty at 3 in the morning? "OH BOI 3 A.M.!!"
    -Squidward Tentacles and Patrick Star

  • David Graney
    David Graney 3 days ago

    Good God why am I baked watching this...I might implode in on myself I'm so hungry now

  • Sir William Wallace
    Sir William Wallace 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey took an In & Out burger back to the uk for his daughter. Hence it gets my vote.

  • skivich
    skivich 3 days ago

    TBH both suck compared to Whataburger in Texas.

    LAVATORR 4 days ago

    I really wish people would stop shamelessly sucking In-N-Out Burger's dick so much. It's a good burger. That's it. I have no idea why people freak the fuck out over it so much, but it's on par with Beyonce and North Korean dictators on the all-time list of "Things People Ridiculously Over-praise".

  • OfficerPoop Nugget
    OfficerPoop Nugget 4 days ago +1

    Never in my entire life have I craved a burger so much in my life before this video

  • Sunshine Phish
    Sunshine Phish 4 days ago

    absolutely correct; nary a single In-N-Out in the 317

  • TCG Cardcast
    TCG Cardcast 4 days ago

    I personally hate both, Five Guys Burgers are the best

  • crazy moustache
    crazy moustache 4 days ago

    is it just me or should they host all episodes of burger show together?

  • Julian Morales
    Julian Morales 5 days ago

    Is there a hot wings with Andrew?

  • Samuel Lee
    Samuel Lee 5 days ago

    Cooking-it doesn’t have to look good, as long as it tastes good
    Unless it’s expensive cooking then in that case it’s reversed

  • Heavy Metal Weatherman

    Fuck pickles. That last burger is the one I want!

  • Dimitri Loginowski
    Dimitri Loginowski 5 days ago

    thats some good all american tv lol

  • Dylan Clemens
    Dylan Clemens 5 days ago

    In n out is overrated

  • Sagitarius -ANON
    Sagitarius -ANON 5 days ago


  • blacksheep
    blacksheep 5 days ago

    Watching this makes fasting for thought!!!

  • MP Rabie
    MP Rabie 6 days ago

    This dude makes me want to stop eating all together.

  • Gabi Koonings
    Gabi Koonings 6 days ago

    Ordering a burger without unions, unless you're allergic, you're an idiot.

  • Zyndicate
    Zyndicate 6 days ago

    I like

  • Carson Barger
    Carson Barger 6 days ago

    Five Guys got snubbed

    GHOUL GOD65 6 days ago

    Shake shack gang for life tho

  • Makani Hagiwara
    Makani Hagiwara 7 days ago

    I can literally see the juice drip out😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aisha
    Aisha 7 days ago

    Babish’s Burgers

  • Flavia Chiappini
    Flavia Chiappini 7 days ago

    shake shack is soo good

  • Tobs Kreed
    Tobs Kreed 7 days ago

    As a huge Hamburger addict, this is just blatant porn lol

  • Dawson Hargett
    Dawson Hargett 7 days ago

    In and out > shake shack

  • dev 7925
    dev 7925 7 days ago

    Texas has in and outs to

  • Benjamin LaVallie
    Benjamin LaVallie 8 days ago

    iran alive ministries padinas story youtube

  • Boomer Zierath
    Boomer Zierath 8 days ago

    Damn it, now I’m hungry

  • Kuban Z
    Kuban Z 8 days ago

    Dont forget Five Guys Burgers theres almost as many as In and Outs out here.

  • FightWorldSlavery
    FightWorldSlavery 8 days ago

    dude you gotta get on a program and lose weight, youre gonna die- do a liver cleanse first to jump start things- dm for the ingredients if you wanna change your life. blessings.

  • Dan Crosby
    Dan Crosby 8 days ago

    Both look pretty good, but you can keep the L & T.

  • alex duran
    alex duran 8 days ago

    I want like this guys cuz hes nice... but this fat dude is just... idk man maybe it's his face??... then this stupid son of a bitch doesnt know how to mustard fry a fucking burger .? Disgrace to all fat fools everywhere... then he says flavor envelope ... done thumbs down

  • Sugoi Sobaka
    Sugoi Sobaka 9 days ago

    it still triggers me that you guys put no tomatoes on the combined brands burger man, but it looks damn good nonetheless

  • Alex Riebsomer
    Alex Riebsomer 9 days ago

    Watching this at 2:00 a.m., craving a double double animal style, I live in Indianapolis. He specifically calls out Indianapolis (1:10). It feels like he was speaking directly to me. Now I’m looking at plane tickets to LA just so I can get a burger.

  • Jonathan Christerson
    Jonathan Christerson 9 days ago +8

    Roma tomatoes? Sorry no, just a pain in the ass eating a burger with tiny tomato slices....they fall out. One giant tomato slice is the way to go.

  • The Bacc
    The Bacc 9 days ago


  • Raziaar
    Raziaar 9 days ago +1

    Wood knots literally weaken wood, FYI. It's not strengthened by them!

  • Raziaar
    Raziaar 9 days ago

    Breaking the internet is such a stupid phrase.

  • Kyou
    Kyou 9 days ago

    Im actually against the wrapping on in n out i think it makes it messy tbh the last few bigs way too messsy of you order animal style.

  • Alex Feng
    Alex Feng 9 days ago

    Arizona has both🤘

  • Zack Jaramillo
    Zack Jaramillo 9 days ago

    Five guys>

  • MeirFiveNight
    MeirFiveNight 10 days ago

    The Asian guy is obese

  • Mike Manfredo
    Mike Manfredo 10 days ago

    Pat LaFrieda ground beef

  • oliver 98
    oliver 98 11 days ago

    I’m happy I live in a world where being fat is a job(not hate love the show)

  • Johnny Jacobsen
    Johnny Jacobsen 11 days ago

    In elementary all the kids won't eat their burger with their onions! Except me!
    I found my family!

  • Eskimo Quinn
    Eskimo Quinn 11 days ago

    Seriously. Good burgers but you cannot recreate either

  • Med Otaku
    Med Otaku 12 days ago

    I just tried the mustard thing.
    It's somewhat overpowering.

  • TheNegativeNerd
    TheNegativeNerd 12 days ago

    obviously these guys don't know the god burgers originating from the heaven known as Five Guys

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    Burgerville is way better.

  • the.mighty.kyuss
    the.mighty.kyuss 12 days ago

    I will admit ino burgers are fucking amazing. But the best burgers come from mom and pop shops in the midwest and south.

  • Rudy D'souza
    Rudy D'souza 12 days ago

    i love alvin

  • Joaquin Ruesga
    Joaquin Ruesga 12 days ago

    they have both where i live

  • Vintage Marion
    Vintage Marion 13 days ago

    Soooo late but “Banana Chilies”? You mean Banana Peppers? Haha

  • Fritz Jackson
    Fritz Jackson 14 days ago

    Shake Shack burgers are honestly on par with homemade. I feel like the only people that really like 5 guys with intensity don't know how to cook a burger for themselves.

  • Ross Salese
    Ross Salese 14 days ago

    five guys better than both

  • Benz Mendez
    Benz Mendez 14 days ago

    Angel's Bugrits

  • Glock Fanboy
    Glock Fanboy 15 days ago

    As someone who lives in Indianapolis, in n out is overrated

  • Rickle Pick2003
    Rickle Pick2003 15 days ago

    Binging bith babish
    Birst be beast

  • James Moursund
    James Moursund 15 days ago

    By the way, the church hymn at 0:59 is called "As with gladness men of old [did the guiding star behold]." It's a hymn for Epiphany (the celebration of the wisemen finding Jesus from the guiding star). The tune is called "Dix" - harmonized by William Henry Monk in the English Hymnal (1906). Great music.

  • Dane Jennings
    Dane Jennings 15 days ago

    Only Texans know whataburger is the best

    • Dane Jennings
      Dane Jennings 8 days ago

      TheNabob57 yep cause that’s all people do in the south, totally

    • TheNabob57
      TheNabob57 8 days ago

      Must be all that in-breeding down there

  • Buffalo Railfan
    Buffalo Railfan 15 days ago

    Bubblebas wants to know your location

  • Lior
    Lior 15 days ago

    song at 8:26?

  • spanky arse
    spanky arse 16 days ago

    food torture/porn. I can't get either of them. Grow up in Stoke on Trent (Burslem, go Port Vale) and your burger experience measured in how much lard drips from your burger.

  • TVFilthyFrank k
    TVFilthyFrank k 16 days ago +3

    I can't have either

  • djguy100
    djguy100 16 days ago

    Im sat here drooling on my laptop watching this lol

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 17 days ago

    Greatest collab ever

  • PivLer X
    PivLer X 17 days ago

    Nah dude habbit IV LIF3

  • Alpha-087
    Alpha-087 17 days ago

    I'd take a shake shack burger any day. Hard pass on the those other two though.

  • kirwi kirwinson
    kirwi kirwinson 17 days ago

    Jesus Christ. How much mileage are they going to get off of this Inn-n-out vs Shake Shack, fake rivalry bullshit?

  • Teddy Roosevelt
    Teddy Roosevelt 17 days ago

    Live in ohio, always have, no idea what these burgers are like, best burger I've had is 5 guys, what am I missing out on?

  • Jeremiah McGowan
    Jeremiah McGowan 18 days ago

    I haven't had either

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 18 days ago

    The burger show of fucking awful. Fuck this dumb shit

  • Allerick Upton
    Allerick Upton 18 days ago

    Y'all need Whataburger

  • Tee Dogg 2003
    Tee Dogg 2003 18 days ago

    I like my burgers without cheese please

  • Jon Rodriguez
    Jon Rodriguez 19 days ago

    I’m lucky we have in and out in Texas

  • Anon
    Anon 19 days ago

    Cheddar is better...

  • Drew Graham
    Drew Graham 19 days ago

    Man people obsessed with food are insane "Flavor Envelope"

  • The Creeper King
    The Creeper King 20 days ago +1

    What’s in and out

    PIT PYG 21 day ago

    "dude I'm special I'm eating this cause' some one in Indianapolis can't have this." brother, i eat in n' out cause it's better than everything else. I dont' give a **** if some one in England can't eat it. That's the last thing on my mind lol

  • KesselRunHero
    KesselRunHero 21 day ago

    Ya'll crazy Burger King got the best burger!

  • glenn estrada
    glenn estrada 23 days ago

    In n out way better but both overrated ...

  • ed klunar
    ed klunar 23 days ago +3

    In n out is half the price of shake shack so the comparisons have always been stupid.

  • Juan Rojas
    Juan Rojas 24 days ago

    He just wanted to eat all them burgers

  • Kylie McDaneld
    Kylie McDaneld 24 days ago +95

    Former in n out employee... trust me get whole grilled onions!! It's life changing. Also that's way too much mustard. We actually use a spiral on the grill and then throw the patty on top. Another fun fact: the cheese is folded about a 1/4-1/2 inch so that you get that characteristic "smile" when it's on the burger. Lettuce is not cut in triangles I've torn up hundreds of heads of lettuce lol we actually take about a palm sized amount and crunch it up against our palms so it gets a flat top that the burger can rest on. Okay enough fun facts just trying to say that ino is FAR superior to shake shack without a doubt don't @ me

    • Austin Lau (629AusLau)
      Austin Lau (629AusLau) Day ago

      I agree regular onions are terrible Grilled is the way to go

    • chadgrov
      chadgrov Day ago

      Can I eat a flying Dutchman out of your ass?

    • Fivogyh, okay?
      Fivogyh, okay? 14 days ago +1

      how do you do the carmalized onions?

    • RamZam
      RamZam 14 days ago +5 there now... can confirm we do all these things

    • Runaiic
      Runaiic 15 days ago

      @Kylie McDaneld

  • Douglas Fulmer
    Douglas Fulmer 24 days ago

    He put way too much mustard so that it made its own layer, but in In n Out they brush it on.

  • Nicole Ibrajev
    Nicole Ibrajev 24 days ago

    Did no one else notice the burnt bun at 3:!2? Like how was that thing even toasted lmao.

  • Reggaeman YO
    Reggaeman YO 24 days ago

    Alvin looks like he's gonna die of a heart attack at any moment...

  • camaro Carl
    camaro Carl 26 days ago

    In n out is all you need. 10 out of 10. Shake sack.....5 out of 10....if that.

  • Scott Mallon
    Scott Mallon 26 days ago

    Shake Shack wins every day. Don't @ me.

  • xGoodOldSmurfehx
    xGoodOldSmurfehx 26 days ago

    yikes, interesting stuff but damn americans are experts in gooey cholesterol food
    i have no idea how people can eat that stuff and find it appealing but its probably tastier than it looks
    still, i just wouldnt bring myself to eat that kind of stuff im used to healthier food, even among so-called fast food :P

  • Chris Z
    Chris Z 27 days ago

    You guys should start a burger chain called ‘East meets West’.

  • James Cornell
    James Cornell 28 days ago

    Shake Shack is worse than In-N-Out and way more expensive.

  • 3ThreeHeadedMonkey
    3ThreeHeadedMonkey 29 days ago

    You guys need to come down to Melbourne Australia. We've got an amazing Burger scene. Gotta try out Andrew's Burgers, open since 1939, Royal Stacks, my fav, and Grill'd, our home grown awesome and healthy burger chain.

  • Tasmir aziz
    Tasmir aziz 29 days ago

    9:40 like half the burger leaked.