Hunting GIANT Bullfrogs at My FLOODED FARM!!! (Catch Clean Cook)

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
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    Its frogging szn baby! I finally went to the farm with the boys and harvested some beefy bullfrogs! I hope you all enjoy!

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  • Wyatt Beck
    Wyatt Beck 10 hours ago

    go to 23:32

  • Ian Poe
    Ian Poe Day ago +1


  • CriticalOps- leeleeplayss

    Are these real guns

  • Jah Son
    Jah Son Day ago

    (Catch,Clean,Cook) you forgot to put (Judge) great vid tho

  • Piercen Nasser
    Piercen Nasser Day ago +2

    You tube just doesn’t want you to do what you love and what you’ve been doing your life

  • Michael Grado
    Michael Grado 2 days ago

    God tamm they got a lot

  • Victor II Velasquez
    Victor II Velasquez 2 days ago

    Is the watch waterproof

  • SavageFatGuy
    SavageFatGuy 3 days ago

    Gotta flour before egging then chips

  • toppdog98
    toppdog98 3 days ago


  • catck sally
    catck sally 3 days ago

    tell them flair

  • AmericaNeedsWeed
    AmericaNeedsWeed 4 days ago

    Salt and pepper that meat God damn it

  • Fortnight Sod-_-kid
    Fortnight Sod-_-kid 4 days ago

    Why you wear a hat in every video you should show what you look like with out it

  • Chase Slack
    Chase Slack 5 days ago

    Flair you can catch your frogs with rod a reel. Try a blue Berkley power worm and wait until they shove it in their mouth then set the hook like a bass. Could be a cool challenge!

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson 5 days ago

    to much premotion

  • Fernando s
    Fernando s 5 days ago

    Anyone else get pissed when he left the extra hot cheetos for them chipotle cheetos

  • lqmangle
    lqmangle 7 days ago

    why is he he hunting frogs with an stg 44

    • Seth Plemmons
      Seth Plemmons 5 days ago

      Its a 22lr made by german sports guns remake of the stg44

  • M Islam
    M Islam 7 days ago

    What a disgusting people out there Eat Frog's.

  • Les Chapman
    Les Chapman 10 days ago

    Great video and lots of info. Loved it and will be watching ya'll all the time. Thanks.

  • gastonn
    gastonn 13 days ago

    U should shoot flies with a sniper

  • alejandro cantoriano
    alejandro cantoriano 14 days ago

    You should try and and grill the frog legs see what taste better grilled or fried.

  • cristian candia
    cristian candia 14 days ago +1

    frog will by flair

  • Rhys Werner
    Rhys Werner 14 days ago +1

    Macy looks hungover as fuck in this video! 😂 either that or just sick of the boys shit haha

  • Connor Purdie
    Connor Purdie 18 days ago

    why not season before battering or marinate?

  • Josh McCalip
    Josh McCalip 19 days ago

    6:43 Frogs: "Run!"

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 20 days ago

    what bolt action is that

  • Jocelyn Caulfield
    Jocelyn Caulfield 23 days ago +1

    All ya need is a ak 47 and spear gun with a rope

  • Kat bingham
    Kat bingham 23 days ago

    Pls dont get demonitized

  • Sherlock
    Sherlock 27 days ago

    Meanwhile in France they’re still waiting for their frog legs then again they are frogs

  • Sugar Skulls
    Sugar Skulls 29 days ago

    0:01 English has left the chat

  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia 29 days ago

    Fuck you youtube and your new guidelines bunch of corporate dicks

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy Month ago

    Because if you shoot them with a pellet gun it doesn’t make big holes in them and if you accidentally hit them in the leg you can remove the pellet.

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy Month ago

    Flair I’m not hating I’m giving some tips when I go for frog legs I just use my pellet gun you don’t need a real gun

  • Evan Osborne
    Evan Osborne Month ago

    Slayman squad

  • NoE ZuNiqqA
    NoE ZuNiqqA Month ago

    Is he canadian or just a SUPER fan of NELK

  • Elijah Gomes
    Elijah Gomes Month ago +1

    They have better call outs then my call of duty teammates

  • Quinton Smith
    Quinton Smith Month ago

    Tender lol you go

  • Nicolas Rojas
    Nicolas Rojas Month ago

    Istagram nicoalexis2019

  • John S
    John S Month ago

    Where was the gun in the thumbnail pic?

  • KRONIK999
    KRONIK999 Month ago

    whos macy

  • Mason Games
    Mason Games Month ago

    I have a model of the STG

  • Rodrigo Valdés
    Rodrigo Valdés Month ago

    9:22 what the heck was that 😂😂😂 a frog fusillade? Hahahaha

  • JUs Jus
    JUs Jus Month ago

    They’re so white

  • Buck Downs Canada
    Buck Downs Canada Month ago

    It’s bullfrog season here but I only have a 12 gauge what can I do ?😂😂😂

  • TheLuigiNoidPerson 109

    I don't have any idea why anyone would need an STG 44 to hunt BULL FROGS.

  • Sean Gere
    Sean Gere Month ago

    Use a FX Impact PCP Air Rifle for frog hunting.

  • Yordan Mart
    Yordan Mart Month ago

    U should’ve used Takis

  • falsehashtags
    falsehashtags Month ago

    No frog hunting until last 7:00? Why?

  • MC ToTheSquared
    MC ToTheSquared Month ago

    His PayPal wasn’t in the description ;(

  • ray the person
    ray the person Month ago

    0:40 there are 3 American flags

  • ray the person
    ray the person Month ago

    Why the hell are you shooting a frog arnt you supposed to use darts or somthing

  • Michael Gallego
    Michael Gallego Month ago

    that aint good bro dont kill them they have rights to live they are here on purpose dont kill them

  • Bootyleg IG
    Bootyleg IG Month ago

    we eating good to night..

  • Samuel Miller
    Samuel Miller Month ago

    He’s gots a sturmgewher

  • JacobTV OBrien
    JacobTV OBrien Month ago

    who the hell goes frog hunting with an STG 44 xD

  • jimokie edc
    jimokie edc Month ago

    I like your gun

  • Celine Nader
    Celine Nader Month ago +1

    I love how much Bonzo has opened up to the channel

  • Loyalty1269
    Loyalty1269 Month ago

    Guys season with salt and pepper then season with pepper right after they come out the fryer

    AOS GAMER Month ago


  • janet adams
    janet adams Month ago

    Another creep. Shut up. Trap yourself.

  • Jaxson Tinney
    Jaxson Tinney Month ago

    What gun are you using