How GOOD Is LaMelo Ball Actually? (Ft. NBA Potential, Shots, & More Deep Shots)

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • LaMelo Ball just made his debut for the Australian Illawarra Hawks, but the real question is for the NBA. How good is LaMelo actually? #NBA #LaMelo
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    LaMelo Ball has always been in the spotlight since his freshmen year of highschool, and now he’s finally out of high school, all 6’ 7” of him. The question is how good is LaMelo Ball actually?
    We all remember the 15 year old taking over the nation, the kid that was supposed to go the UCLA, that was supposed to be one of the best in his class and he still is, right? We’ve lost touch with LaMelo, he went overseas, he played in the JBA, he just played his first game for the Australian Illawarra Hawks. With some mock drafts putting LaMelo as a top 10 pick while other drafts having him as a second rounder. Lonzo recently said that LaMelo was the most talented out of the ball brothers so let’s look at his game and just what he has to offer.
    LaMelo Ball is somewhat of a mystery due to his circumstances. He started off in high school on an undefeated season in his freshmen year with both his older brothers Lonzo and LiAngelo. We all saw how he was special for his age, he could keep up with the juniors and seniors of high school basketball. In his sophomore year is when he exploded. Without Lonzo, LaMelo was given the keys to the team so we could really see what LaMelo could do and man did he not disappoint, he scored 92 points in a game, he even did this. He grew to 6’ 2” and LaMelo was pulling from everywhere, but there were concerns. There were times where he was too trigger happy, like in the state semi-finals when he shot 8 of 33 and missed 20 threes in a loss. I mean from the outside we all saw this kid goofing around, but he was just 15, so it makes sense. LaMelo was the most famous 15 year old in the nation. And then comes LaVar Ball. LaVar pulled out LaMelo from high school and put him overseas in Lithuania with LiAngelo.
    So that’s why his last season in SPIRE institute was so special. LaMelo could compete with his peers, with the right competition that could be properly assessed. LaMelo has also grown to 6’ 6” and yeah he took some deep 3s, yeah he still had the razzle dazzle handles, but there was something different. There was calmness. His handles aren’t just flashy anymore, they were slow and more deliberate. Something that LeBron and Harden like to do. There are times where he is patient in finding an opening rather than rushing. LaMelo took shots in rhythm. He was capable of assessing the whole defense and deciding what was the right thing to do. With his now 6’ 7” height, it’s almost impossible to block him at that point guard spot. His jumpshot is also a quick release. But even I have to admit, this is something that I think could translate to the NBA, but something I’m not counting on.
    Surprisingly that’s not the best part of LaMelo’s game. It’s his vision and floor general abilities. LaMelo has always made flashy passes in the fastbreak, but now it happens in the fastbreak and in a half-court setting. There are just plays where he finds his teammates out of nowhere. While LaMelo loves to shoot from deep, he also drives to the rim frequently. He finds teammates in stride, for their timing in the right pocket for them to easily shoot. He sees people in his peripherals and draws defenses in to create something for his teammates. He creates the opportunity and then acts on that opportunity. He’s a willing passer. That’s what makes him special, because he’s reading and reacting. Again, now he’s 6’ 7” and he’s a point guard. He would be the third tallest point guard in the league today behind Ben Simmons and the Goat Isaac Bonga.
    On top of that, he’s one of the more creative finishers in high school. For a guy with not a lot of air time, he does a lot in the air. He’s able to stay in control despite moving the ball in different directions while in the air. A lot of times he’s deciding whether to pass or shoot while in the air, reading the defense, and then making the right play. So how good is LaMelo? LaMelo has size that you can’t teach for a point guard, special vision, deep range, and a good finishing ability. He definitely is worthy of a top 10 pick. Anytime you can get a 6’ 7” floor general that can shoot, that’s someone you can’t pass up. If he dominates overseas, I gotta think that he’ll be a top 5 pick. The NBA has seen the likes of Luka Doncic just take the league by storm and so the value of international play has gone up. Look past the early 15 year old LaMelo to the 18 year old LaMelo and it’s easy to see that LaMelo Ball is special. But what do you think? Will LaMelo be a top 10 pick? Will LaMelo be special in the NBA?
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    MJ2KALLDAY  Month ago +161

    TVclip is having some serious upload issues smh
    Where will LaMelo go in the draft?
    So I played 2K for 24 hours and uhh this happened:

    • deep mann
      deep mann 21 day ago +1

      maybe pick 6

    • Kelvin Lai
      Kelvin Lai 26 days ago +1

      Fam I asked u for 3 straight years, what's ur bg music for basically every Nba video

    • Chubby_ Bunny
      Chubby_ Bunny Month ago

      Probably like 10-15

    • ninja zay
      ninja zay Month ago

      9:54 made me laugh so hard😂😂😂

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    Bo Chang 7 hours ago

    Would you rather draft Lebrun James JR or lemelo ball

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  • Saul Ayala
    Saul Ayala 3 days ago

    Lamelo is a god

  • Keith Shields
    Keith Shields 4 days ago

    Again, LaMelo is the Real Deal.. The NBA should be on notice.....

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  • Yusra
    Yusra 5 days ago

    Idk but he is cute

  • No Friendzzz
    No Friendzzz 8 days ago

    little lonzo

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    Noizz z 12 days ago

    7:33 made me laugh cuz the Mario jump sound

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  • Tyren Cockrell
    Tyren Cockrell 13 days ago

    I mean to be far, that dude should have just patted his back. Instead of putting his dirty hands on Lamelo's face. I can see why he had to slap that dude lol.

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  • Doctor MindBenDa
    Doctor MindBenDa 15 days ago

    That grueling 82 game NBA schedule will break a frail body like lonzo and melo down quick!!! A fat body like Zion even worse!!! See lonzo stayed hurt, i knew it... NBA schedule is a muthafucka, hoopin none stop, jumping on plane to plane bus to bus . hotel to hotel.. Barely see yo family!! Fucking crazy man..

  • Doctor MindBenDa
    Doctor MindBenDa 15 days ago

    That grueling 82 game NBA schedule will break a frail body like lonzo and melo down quick!!! A fat body like Zion even worse!!! See lonzo stayed hurt, i knew it... NBA schedule is a muthafucka, hoopin none stop, jumping on plane to plane bus to bus . hotel to hotel.. Barely see yo family!! Fucking crazy man..

  • J Ng
    J Ng 16 days ago

    The real question is skill vs. character. You can have all the skills in the world and no character, then you become a cancer to the team. But of course, if you're just selling your band.....

  • SharinganUchiha28
    SharinganUchiha28 16 days ago

    Even LaMelo shoots weird like Lonzo

  • Seth Dobbs
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    Imagine he goes to the pelicans

  • Heaven On Earth
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    i subbed i was tired of hearing tht please subscribe but good vids bro

  • Michael Chivers
    Michael Chivers 18 days ago

    Lamelo Will be a top 3 pick porbably

  • Peter
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    The amount of half court shots melo will take

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  • King Jones
    King Jones 20 days ago

    Lamelo has good handling

  • encinobalboa
    encinobalboa 20 days ago

    Could be good. I question Melo's motor because of his family influence, see Lonzo's on court laziness and also his poor free throw shooting. Melo has not shown can be part of a team so his coach-ability is also an open question.

  • JYNX 5K
    JYNX 5K 20 days ago +1

    Lamelo is a playmaking sharp

  • Magic Rose
    Magic Rose 20 days ago

    Dude make a video about new and improved markelle fultz

    • SplashMoBpg Tae
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      Magic Rose and Ben Simmons.. He got a jumper now. Like he unlock his jumpshot creator 😂

  • VivaRevolucionDGS
    VivaRevolucionDGS 20 days ago

    He's too thin. On the defensive end he is going to get pushed around like a rag doll. Complete liability. Offensive game is nice but there are 2 ends of the floor in the NBA, well except for James Harden.

  • TaylorMade 3
    TaylorMade 3 21 day ago

    I bet Scottie was sitting there thinking... What the fuck is this kid talking about "Facts" for? That shit gets on my nerves and I'm 22 years younger than he is. I'd like to shoot the little motherfucker who started the "Facts" trend whoever it is.

  • Jaco Mc
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    Halfff 🔥

  • Wayne Sun
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    Although his father is hated so much but I am enjoying watching this guy playing then Julian Newnub. I can see huge potential for LameLo.

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    Something is wrong with you!!

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    Your voice and cadence is annoying as fuck bro..

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    Im calling it a kid named Marvin Schindler will be a top high school player

    This is a guess

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    He’ll make it to the lakers when Bron retires

    ARIEL PEREZ 21 day ago


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  • Lemoneasy
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    when you realise the background music is from super stick man golf 3

  • angrylamo
    angrylamo 22 days ago

    Watching him play in Lithuania was pure pain he didnt care about the coach and the teammates who were running around with WTF on their faces

  • Rest In Peace
    Rest In Peace 22 days ago

    0:00 put the caption on 😂

  • Robert0276
    Robert0276 23 days ago

    Poor kid, I feel bad for all LaVars kids, he’s a D-bag

    • Robert0276
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      Yeah, of course I grew up with both parents being great, not rich but not douche bags that think the world revolves around them, lavar should have been neutered as a kid

    • chiboy773
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      feel bad? their rich..smh

  • Damian Izaguirre
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    Melo sould be a top 5 pick

  • Isaiah Jones
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    Bruh he slapped Lamelo . Idk about y'all but if I'm overseas and somebody slap me I'm hitting them back no questions#Facts

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    For sure a top 10 pic 🤟🤟🤟

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    bojo perez 23 days ago

    doesnt matter how much you score back in highschool. theres this guy how scored 104 points in highschool here but couldnt even get a starting spot in the PBA

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    His kick is obnoxious!

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    Is this lil moser?

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    Man this kid has no chill! He would be a great player!

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    My favourite video is “ worst player in nba history” and the one where “ why lonzo changing his jumpshot” and the one “ Lebron helped Steph curry” I’ve been fan for way more then a year I been watching you before everyone, in your biggest fan. I always watch all your videos till the very end literally every video

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    Did I see a just double dribble at 5:00?

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      Jacques Washington he just got the ball from a pass not a double dribble

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    "What have you learned from watching all this-"

  • bythebay2008
    bythebay2008 24 days ago

    If their father stops getting in the way, we can see appreciate the talent that these Ball’s brothers have.

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