Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment On MSNBC News!

  • Published on Dec 3, 2012
  • Electronic Harassment-Synthetic Voices in My Mind
    ORIGINAL ARTICLE TEXT MSNBC-KMIR6 Palm Springs News November 12, 2012
    By Angela Monroe CREATED Nov. 12, 2012
    Hundreds of people in the valley say they are hearing voices in their heads, and those voices are being transmitted by microwave or other methods. Several viewers asked us to investigate what they call "electronic harassment." Electronic harassment, synthetic telepathy and voice to skull technology: chances are you haven't heard of these terms. But after searching the internet, we found dozens of websites dedicated to the phenomenon and several valley residents who say they're victims. "How much more can you invade me, than to go into my brain," said Cathedral City resident, Randall Ringger. "It sounds like somebody else is reading the book, except it's thoughts," said Twentynine Palms resident, Kevin Bond. "We're not having a group hallucination, this is actually something that is happening," said Palm Springs resident, Bob Stansfield. These men all live in the area didn't know each other before the voices started and say someone is playing mind games with them. "Mostly its a lot of derogatory comments about whatever you're thinking about," said Stansfield. "Only time I had a whole sentence, he said this is not about you. Which just frosted me, if it's not about me, what the hell am I going through all of this for?" said Ringger. Kevin Bond, author of the Electronic Harassment Parent Coalition of Palm Springs, says he used to have a normal life. "I was living in the San Diego area, I was clerking for a federal judge, and I noticed that I was being followed by a whole bunch of people." According to the websites, what Bond is describing is called gang stalking. He moved to Palm Springs to escape. "I started hearing as you'll hear, hearing voices and what they'll call voice to skull or microwave hearing," said Bond. Bob Stansfield says his experience was similar and started a decade ago. "They were active and following me around here and I started hearing the voices a little bit after the vehicular stalking," said Stansfield. Randall Ringger says the voices started when he was undergoing chemotherapy. "The first thing that was said was Randall Ringger, and I sat up straight and I went to the bathroom, and I looked in the mirror, looked myself in the eyes and said did that really happen." Bond says he's found more than 300 victims locally and is tracking others across the state through billboards. In Johnson Valley, a freedom house just opened to help people who believe they are being targeted.
    "To many of you who find yourselves the object of covert harassment, that there is hope, and that you are not alone and that we are striving to file legislation and we are working towards freedom for all." Derrick Robinson leads a national group called Freedom from Covert Harassment & Surveillance. He says he knows who is playing mind games.
    "Rogue government officials that are sponsoring this, also corrupt business officials, and private citizens," said Robinson, And he also told us how. "Most of it is delivered by microwave and I believe it is satellite delivered, whether someone is on a remote location or using a laptop or next door using the desktop," said Robinson. Bond says neurotransmitter chips that run off body electricity have been inserted into some people.
    "And they assign cell phone numbers to them, the cell phone numbers are then run through a computer, and a computer translates your thoughts. This technology has been available to the military for 60 years," said Bond. "I've been to a psychiatrist and they gave me anti-schizophrenia medication and it did absolutely nothing whatsoever," said Stansfield. These men have their own theories why they're being harassed. "I think I was targeted because I am gay," said Stansfield. "I reported people, someone for selling, I thought they were selling drugs and they were," said Ringger. "Nationwide this crime is committed 60% percent white women ages from 30 to 38. But in Palm Springs it is almost 98% gay men," said Bond. Dr. Drucker said, "It does tend to occur more in populations of individuals who are marginalized or in some ways stigmatized in society."
    But these men strongly disagree, and say police and the psychiatric community need to take them seriously. "I'll tell you when I worked for the government I heard a lot of people coming in saying I'm hearing voices through my tooth, now I look back and I think are they like I am now and I just didn't pay attention," said Bond. For them, the Electronic Harassment and synthetic voices are a waking nightmare. Kevin Bond says they are working on a book project about electronic harassment and pitching the idea to Dreamworks.

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  • Faith and Grace
    Faith and Grace 6 days ago

    They hacked my cell phone to spy on me and they also sabotage my attempts to apply for jobs online. I'm broke and don't have gas in my car and they sabotage my job applications. Perhaps the most corrupt country in the history of the Earth.

  • Katie Pieterse
    Katie Pieterse 8 days ago

    This is happening to me and I wrote directly to you but never heard a response back. I am the key to the :-) gang they are using the same techniques on me it behind microwave Weaponary and V2K...

  • Leff Nossi
    Leff Nossi 9 days ago

    Jesus Lord Christ! My own relatives who were supposed to help me they locked me in a mental institution and then the rest is history! God only knows the tortures I've gone through!

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith 18 days ago

    Was told by a man from National security driving around in a car that he could kill me when ever he wanted shortly after that in my appartment i was gett pains constantly.

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith 18 days ago

    I am a targeted individual and i am being electronically attacked daily and am being told daily they will kill name is rick Smith and i live in austintown ohio

  • Moms Ballin On A Budget

    Anyone here in 2019?

  • c q v2k victim
    c q v2k victim Month ago

    it's real, they forces echoes, Mimics so are brain can force repeat back and sound as us, also damaging us by force implant training our brain to remember the lies they force in us by low frequency voices, through electric devices and electric, phone's they also implant against our will, they us us as a punching bag in the middle while they play warfare, sports game to them how they take over or brain, unseen control, not to been know the power of voices other don't hear but make us sound crazy..

  • juliana Diana
    juliana Diana Month ago

    I live in Tunisia and I Know my followers what shall I do ?

  • M W
    M W Month ago

    I don't know about the neighbors and family members harassing thing. I think that could very well be a mental disorder. My father was Schizophrenic and he thought certain people were against him. HOWEVER, I have witnessed that there does seem to be a highly organized group of UNPROFESSIONAL people (including some law enforcement) who enjoy harassing and intimidating certain individuals. I think the individuals they harass range from suspected criminals, activists, people illegally residing in the US and whistleblowers. There may be other catagories of people out there, I believe. What I witnessed was being obviously followed and having people do odd things. For example, the 1st time I really noticed something was happening was when a younger man was circling the same spot in front of a restaurant I was eating at. He kept going around this group of cars. Then another younger man got in the same car and they kept circling. I was laughing and pointing it out to my teenage daughter. Then when we left the restaurant one of the same guys who was rolling around in the car with the other guy was eating at the end of a different car. I approached him and asked "weren't you just in the car rolling around over there?" He said no (of course) and I told him he looked REALLY familiar. He kept pretending like he didnt know what I was talking about. About 3 minutes later, while I was walking down a main street with my 2 younger kids some coked out looking chick with pink hair goes by and angrily gives me the middle finger. NEVER seen this crazy bitch in my life. And from there...(as I've seen others call it) little street theater and other harassments. I've witnessed people giving me weird looks, and it was obvious...not something you could confuse. Witnessed at least 3 cars, on different ocassions, but within the same week purposely stopped in the middle of the street that runs perpendicular to the end of the street I live on. These incidents happened when I happened to be pulling off my street. No emergency nothing. Just cars sitting in the lane. Had a car pull up to the end of my street when I was walking to the store with my kids and someone crawled in the back and I could see the little red light from their recorder. Had people flash their headlights at me. One guy pulled up to a 7-11 I was at and parked his car. He went into the 7-11 then came out and walked away; never got back in "his" car. Had a man and woman talking about my boobs when I was walking into the library. I reported them and they got thrown out by the manager. This isn't everything. It is a bunch of subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) intimidation and harassment by people all around you. And it's all at once. A TI will notice it. And you will question your sanity. Make sure to live stream or videotape these incidents. And even better if you have other witnesses. These people that do this are sick and unprofessional.

  • Amy Mondragon
    Amy Mondragon 2 months ago

    Alright I was shot at with Direct Energy by two of their most famous people Nicholas CAGE, and OZZY OSBOURNE down in DENVER CO. They are totally into S&M and encagement, enslavement and Mind control- boy they totally ATTACK PEOPLE if you TELL ON THEM TOO. Like POSSIBLE KNIFINGS by one of their CONTROLLED AND OPERATED HUMANS. All these rich people from these massive mind control cults tried to take over all of these small towns with other people from Denver and they are heinous!! Like practically killing people, calling them insane didn't matter either, to cover it up. They use some heinous notorious people too, aside form inconspicuous civillians to get what they want. Whoever does it to me IS trying to kill me. People are CRAZY and stupid to do this to people. One woman wouldn't stop attacking me with DIRECT ENERGY in the uterus, like a forced abortion in my sleep, when I woke up, they USED THE IMPLANT TO TAKE ME UNDER. I KEEP Hearing that they went to far with ME in particular, because they aren't supposed to be doing this shit to people, and they just started to get RID of the people they were doing it to, but its too mean to "torture" people and get rid of them, sadly part of my family was in on it, helping them take over but they are just like thugs, from mafia acting taking over, just dumb rich people.

  • Amy Mondragon
    Amy Mondragon 2 months ago

    How do you get the V2K IMPLANT OUT, Without getting KILLED???? These perps have gotten away with so much its hard to believe!! They are soo abusive its hard to believe!!! They are practically killing people. Once word gets out they are over with they said, but all our cops are either controlled too, or they are just the sons and daughters of some of these PERPS. Just getting RICH off of pushing people around!!! Well, they can get all of your INFORMATION, JOBS, MONEY and YOURSELF. Total ORIFICE CONTROL MAN.

  • Mara Rey
    Mara Rey 2 months ago

    Tell this asshole I have proof Lots of Real Proof this Dr is a smurf

    SLEEPING BEAUTY 2 months ago +1

    It's satellite terrorism... illegal surveillance, remote neural monitoring, satellite weapons systems, psychotronic weapons.

  • Matthew Logan
    Matthew Logan 2 months ago

    Look dude I want to tell you the truth about who the gangstalkers are people need to understand this is not the government this is a bunch of f****** pussies scumbag drug addict f****** f***** ass lying creeps from the neighborhood

  • Funny Video
    Funny Video 2 months ago +1

    if ure struggling to prove ure hearing electronic harrasment then u can record it on audacity with microphone maximum sensitivy on or get another witness girlfriend, friend to confirm they are hearing the same harrassment you are hearing to prove on court with lawyer that ure being harrassed and stalked.

  • Adriano Silva Chagas
    Adriano Silva Chagas 2 months ago

    Jesus Christ saves

  • Joseph Blow
    Joseph Blow 2 months ago

    What these drs need to look into is NEUROMORPHIC NETWORKING and the FACT our governments have invested BILLIONS into understanding the brain.
    They can now use nanodiamonds and quantum dots in the brain to supplant the electrodes once used

  • essie craft
    essie craft 2 months ago

    Pysch major memorized entire dsm.. I have targeted since I was 3 years old. My aunt's uncles ( all Korean vets) where targeted. The entire family is now dead and I believe some where burried alive or killed after being pronounced dead. I l am black. So the serves a larger purpose first to Islam both moderates and extremest, to impose religious ideas, to communicate with soldiers( initial purpose), and to marginalize groups. I am being watched as type this at this very moment thoughts are being implanted to control my life. All people targeted with exterme scrutiny are at this point have very literate and have enough brain neurological paths ways to control there own bodies. My implantation chip is in my anus. In fact today I have been punched by adults little kids men women white black Asian Hispanic in one day while under electronic anasethia.

  • Jack Heltzel
    Jack Heltzel 3 months ago

    Its with out a doubt officials mentally feamibg , people framing others electronically. Thats why its not to do with the victim. A mental case of agent after mental agent. Ithink this country is under assault from all empires.

  • Kim Jones
    Kim Jones 3 months ago

    Who can help?

  • numb
    numb 3 months ago

    Ignorant psychologist:
    Reality check:
    Its not about what you think it is or is not. Look at the f-ing evidence.

  • rosegoldbb
    rosegoldbb 3 months ago +3

    I can’t put my finger on why!

    • K- Dust
      K- Dust 15 days ago

      Why would someone gangstalk a cutie-pie like you?

  • rosegoldbb
    rosegoldbb 3 months ago +2

    I got gang stalked by a police officer
    He came out of nowhere! Fingerprinted me in the spot with a huge old phone looking device

  • rosegoldbb
    rosegoldbb 3 months ago +1


  • Diamond Girl
    Diamond Girl 3 months ago

    Confessions of a CIA Drug Runner via @TVclip And ‪CIA Organized Stalking via @TVclip And United States Targeted Individual gets Stalked for 5 mins by Military He... via @TVclip and 5 15 16 DHT 8038 Malicious Cowards Gang Stalking via @TVclip‬ These stalkers R getting paid by the Government and given Free Housing⚠️

  • Sam Stallings
    Sam Stallings 4 months ago

    CONTINUED-- I am currently in a public Apple store being electrocuted for typing this comment and being popped through the spine and skull.
    My name is Katheriine (Katie) Kat Pieterse Andy have been pretty much hidden online for my photos and farmer to the Mystic Krewe off Nyx. Please get to any news station that help get my story out band not be coined as Bitch Fest and Murder of a Socialite on Millionaire’s Row. My face is being burned right now.
    The name Sain Stallings is a fake from my gangstalkerrs they have hacked into this system trying to hide me and who I am.

  • Sam Stallings
    Sam Stallings 4 months ago

    I am a victim of the worst hate out against women’s. My gang stalkers are using this technology and electrocuting 24/7 and humiliating me in piublic for being a pretty, white, educated women.... Someone please report this to KMIR6 news. I am in Bourne, Texas 78006. Everything from my phone, emails, social media is blocked and hacked. My cars have been vandalized, my health and work his has been falsified. I can’t get to anyone without being blocked. Mygsangstalkers, use emf, v2k, remote Nuevo monitoring and electrocution on me non-stop. I humihum smart, highly educated, worked in the publi and the radio and television. I am held hostage in plain sight, while being

  • Michael Abney
    Michael Abney 4 months ago +2

    I'm bieng screwed with by the government too, I want to sue for sleep deprivation and using riot Controll weapons on me non stop for the last 24 months

  • Steven Madara
    Steven Madara 4 months ago

    Do they know how to use email

  • joseph white
    joseph white 4 months ago

    The government can make you hear voices. Some crazy stuff

  • Matthew Logan
    Matthew Logan 4 months ago

    They are murderers they need to be stop


    This Dr Allen "DRUNK"ard!, is a Satanic peice of bought crap!!
    WAKE UP WORLD BEFORE YOU ARE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose Acuña
    Jose Acuña 4 months ago

    Why you gays do this to me? I love you gays i love usa i love you flag .why why ? Harassment to me .

  • Jose Acuña
    Jose Acuña 4 months ago

    I was a víctim in los Ángeles. ;(

  • Steve Jaramillo
    Steve Jaramillo 4 months ago

    it shows how BPL plasma center at 701 second st sw supports an illegal organization(gangstalking) and commits illegal privacy rites violations against there donors from the management and the employees
    Mary Dave

  • Lorna Kim
    Lorna Kim 5 months ago +1

    ditto on All counts

  • william clarkson
    william clarkson 5 months ago

    the voices are sex offenders and child molesters

  • A Sav
    A Sav 5 months ago

    It's happening in Florida. There's a female voice that people hear and she calls herself Lisa. There's both male and female voices that people are hearing but this "Lisa" is by far the most disgusting that is messing with people. I seriously doubt that's her real name... My family is US military. I went to Belgium twice. I learned that a few people that I stayed with in Belgium had visited the part of Florida that I am from. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not. Not long after my second trip to Belgium my life turned upside down.

  • Anthony La Manna
    Anthony La Manna 6 months ago

    ITS NOT ABOUT YOU. it's about God and Satan.

  • Loki Singularity
    Loki Singularity 6 months ago

    I have been targeted for 2 yrs in denver, co. Evil bes mind control genocide program need to stop!

  • vance lydecker
    vance lydecker 6 months ago

    It's not funny assess u should look up.. group mind studies

  • richard Goodman
    richard Goodman 6 months ago

    I was forced to take an rfid implant at 316 east chestnut st Louisville ky in July of 2012 at the ccc jail. I've been a test subject for the last 3 years. I have an x ray showing the chip in Louisville. I moved out of ky to avoid being set up. If your from Louisville you know what I'm talking about....fake cia training center. I know the name of the tech that updated the system in the basement(braingate system) help me put a stop to this inhumane testing and torture. I have the chip, I have an x ray. I eyewitnesseed the braingate system being used. My family and friends as well as councilors believe me and know when it started as well

  • Reese Spurlin
    Reese Spurlin 7 months ago

    Im in need of help being electronically harrassed for many years now please call they took my 6 kids n left me homeless now in modesto ca 209-486-1157

  • David Payton
    David Payton 7 months ago

    Organized gangs stalking is for real. Even some Veterans are being targeted and gang stalked.

  • Pixe Fairy Tale
    Pixe Fairy Tale 7 months ago

    the best way to deal with the voices is to read with ear plugs in or listen to music or watch tv with ear plugs in. It makes it seem like its quiet

  • Dream State
    Dream State 8 months ago

    RT reported on it today with diagrams we all know about DEW and V2K - psych's are part of the problem

  • Dream State
    Dream State 8 months ago

    inquisition 2.0

  • Kaan Kurt
    Kaan Kurt 8 months ago

    Just gain weight it won’t effect you if your a big boy/girl and don’t let those crooks lace your food/drinks.

  • Stop Targeting Individuals by Vanessa Support and evidence for targeted individuals of gang stalking and electronic harassment.

  • eric lawyer
    eric lawyer 8 months ago

    It's heavy on Tucson,Arizona

  • Harley Davidson
    Harley Davidson 8 months ago

    I am watching all of you. My organization is everywhere. Quit spreading lies. I do not use satellites or red hair children with green eyes. If you're not gay, but have dreams of same sex picnics or outings, beware! AM radio static every third Wednesday. Pace makers, knee-high socks. Receive my messages, aluminium foil in your mouth and divide 133.2 by the number 2.

  • Fynn Mc
    Fynn Mc 8 months ago

    Im a cashier at a grocery store in Canada, every day, a few customers who change every time (they look like your average person from an old person to a young adult, dressed normally) and they ALWAYS say “see you soon” and they always stare deeply into my eyes when they say it everytime and smirk. Its scary as fuck. I get goosebumps everytime it happens because theirs no way that shits my imagination.

  • Ryan Bonson
    Ryan Bonson 8 months ago

    Its the new smart meter they installed while back, cover it in foil and call a lawyer. They us rf signals throught the smart meters

  • Ryan Bonson
    Ryan Bonson 9 months ago +1

    I think I found out why appliances talk to these people and they hear voices, particles floating in the air gets in their houses and stuck to their skin, so keeping the house clean as possible and exfoliating the layers of skin seems to work well.

  • Pegi Zering
    Pegi Zering 9 months ago

    Why dont you play the original broadcast you had done first with the government released papers you had requested showed about ELF and interview with the doctor whos patient was being stalked by a former FBI agent which was proved before he sent her to a psychiatrist. I You disscussed the navy shooter who had complained of hearing voices who had etched on his rifle 'This my ELF rifle . This not what you went to school for remember your dreams dont let them do this to you, regurgitate what you are told to say then you have replaced it ommitting all the investigative work you had done on your own.

  • Amanda Phillips
    Amanda Phillips 9 months ago

    It's fine! I have done my studies and where the transmitter is they get more radiation then what you get. The only way they can protect themselves is wear a lead suit and gas mask with breathers to take make the radiation somewhat ok to breathe. If you know any of them they look older like they are staying up all night.

  • Iaman Empoweredone
    Iaman Empoweredone 10 months ago

    2003 "The Economist" article about active denial systems used in warfare. These use millimeter wavelength microwaves to be effective. Same wavelengths that are in 5G cell systems being deployed. Article says that they have civilian population control apllications. A little worrisome. Not much we can do about it except know the truth.

  • Jamie Toland
    Jamie Toland 10 months ago

    This doctor is a retard and han no clue on what is happening.... Disbar this so called doctor

  • Cortani Park
    Cortani Park 10 months ago +1

    You know what would be crazier if gang stalking and mental illness both existed. Crazy

    • Zersetzung
      Zersetzung 9 months ago

      What... wow... just wow... fucking impossible.

  • Blake Shroyer
    Blake Shroyer 10 months ago

    Listen to the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Antony Daniels
    Antony Daniels 10 months ago

    Targeted Individuals (Crucial Tips):

  • Jarold Turner
    Jarold Turner 11 months ago

    Also, these psychiatrists are criminals and are involved in this please understand this is what they do or did to people in asylums.

  • Jarold Turner
    Jarold Turner 11 months ago

    This is a crime that is widespread in New York City with microwave weapons and energy weapons supplied from the NYPD. I’m HIV positive and my neighbors and I are enduring daily pains, nauseousness, and my hair was burned out over a period of 2 months while everyone on the block listens and watch me go through this. It’s over for this country. We are officially 3rd world. These voices are hypnotized into your brain giving the illusion that you hear voices but it’s actually prerecorded in your mind with hypnosis set to go off when the aggressor suggest. I.e, the aggressor will say, when you go into Walmart, you will hear a voice say ... And just like that, as soon as you go into Walmart, you’ll hear it and think it’s real time but it’s just hypnosis. I think I can fix it personally being a public victim in Brooklyn by the NYPD and black community who has taken this technology and uses it for sex trafficking.

  • JenSpen JENside Edition
    JenSpen JENside Edition 11 months ago

    I wish they would ask that doctor to read Dr. Duncan's book or just do a damn Google search for Dr. Robert Duncan. Or TVclip search for him. He needs to wake up

  • JenSpen JENside Edition
    JenSpen JENside Edition 11 months ago

    That doctor is a fraud. Part of the problem. This is terrible

  • JenSpen JENside Edition
    JenSpen JENside Edition 11 months ago

    Those news anchors are creepy. Smiling about this topic. I understand that they are supposed to smile a lot as people on the news. But aren't they aware that they can also take a topic seriously. I'm only 45 seconds in and I'm annoyed already because I know somehow the media is going to turn this into a circus. I hope I'm wrong.

  • mannie Buds
    mannie Buds 11 months ago


  • anticul 23
    anticul 23 11 months ago

    It s just criminal poeple they don t have so much power ..they are just people ..

  • Samantha Aqua
    Samantha Aqua 11 months ago +2

    Whoever stalks a person is a LOSER.
    Total nutjobs of the earth.

    • Matthew Logan
      Matthew Logan 11 days ago

      Yeah you're right the problem with these people they're unhappy with there own lives

  • Christian Hernández
    Christian Hernández 11 months ago

    I believe all this is happening . no doubt I live in Dallas Tx and being followed and harras ain't no joke can't even work without these individuals making up lies and messing my jobs even as i write this now an airplane flew by my house . like is this where all of our tax paying money is going to ? no privacy to ones own personal life is unjust and unlawful when this perpetrators conspire against us

  • C D
    C D 11 months ago +1

    Gang stalking is not what you think. I SUED MASCO 3 years ago I became a target soon after. It's the devil making a pact with organized crime. They use construction to nest spiritual demonic posessions in peoples subconscious minds. They don't know they are doing the stalking every day civilians. Understand Targets you crossed someone they. The stalking is actually the devil trying to communicate with you to buy your soul. What is needed is an team of exorcist a high, authority figure, a HACKER a tremendously good. one. These guys use Brian Marcus the D.O.D cyber communications specialist. The exorcist must cleanse city streets..the construction crews around your neighborhoods create witch craft nest the demonic activity increases they strong hold full communities because most people don't pray regularly and don't believe in Jesus Christ. So that's why all targets get no help or support from even their families because they possess even the local police. Ive been threatened with my life all week they know I know..and if we don't hurry the world should be taken very quickly here soon if we don't wake up. It's not your government that's doing this..its the organized crime making pacts with the devil.. Solution a team of excorsist a high authority military figure or agent..a cyber specialist forensics , a lean manufacturing six sigma specialist. Never separate the excorsist from the team or team is compromised.. They use invisible spirits to control sinners..Fema camps are gonna be for people who don't comply and sell their souls..good luck listen that is the real issue..try it pray deliverance prayers don't Sin watch them scatter...thats why everything falls apart an a target all are controlled..i suspect the are using special technology with the aircraft and cyber attack to brains through frequencies are their favorite..they stopped all my videos world watch out turn to Jesus Pray people Virgin Mary exist study excorsims GANG STALKING and cyber crimes

  • Dogs Sing
    Dogs Sing 11 months ago +1

    I've actually seen those billboards but I never understood what they were. Really spooky. These people deserve to be tortured in hell for eternity. Why are we stuck on this planet with these subhumans? Absolute monsters.

  • gotohellaaron
    gotohellaaron 11 months ago

    People should show this video to their doctors. The doctors would probably still put you on medication though. I think it's all just to make money. These guys just said they heard voices and were put on medication and were still hearing voices so obviously medication doesn't work.

  • blairbushproject
    blairbushproject 11 months ago

    Until you can prove that someone is not mental ill there’s an auto industry to assign mental illness to all. Except no one can prove mental well. That is more than entrapment it’s Exploitation of science. This program exploits harassment to the point of charges with the loopholes that no one can do anything until a crime is committed. And when it is there’s significant tampering with the courts to produce only charges to targets defending themselves. Cross charging and baiting. This doctor should be confronted in forums because the TI community is challenging this medical fraud with clear conversations and peaceful but thoughtful redirect.
    Show me one physical evidence that proves any human being is mental perfect. One.

  • Dennis Staser
    Dennis Staser 11 months ago +2

    Their handlers are using a multi tiered attack : psychology ,electronic means ,microwave definitely, (transmission and reception), gangstalking, covert stalking, mobbing ,set ups, vehicular harassment and intimation.. And they are a cult. I'm a targeted individual in New Albany,Indiana. An intense 24/7 stalking 'covert stalking and harassment campaign was initiated by the covert harassers here against me in New Albany in March of 2017. I have been keeping notes in the many notebooks rhat I have. I feel that all targeted individuals should keep documentation of the covert harassment, do not allow for them to isolate you . Try to stay in contact with as many acquaintances as you can. Professor Eric Karlstrom's videos are a good summation of what is exactly occuring in regard to the gangstalking and covert harassment. Stay safe targeted individuals Dennis Staser ,308 West Market Street, New Albany ,Indiana. 47150 (812) 557 0332

  • 여준
    여준 Year ago +1

    Crime against humanity.

  • Roderick Molasar
    Roderick Molasar Year ago

    I'm invisible.

  • Stephen Crum
    Stephen Crum Year ago

    If your being gang stalked the chances are really good that your living a life aof complete inequity.
    The only escape is repentance and picking up the cross and following your Christ within period.
    I should know as I were gang stalked for 7 years and after I died to myself Manny times in an undercover operation to show my stalkers there own works of inequity,god came to me and freed me from my bondage and when this happened they fled because the battle for my soul was won by the almighty.
    Martyr and be blessed

  • Charles Mosley
    Charles Mosley Year ago

    *This sh^t is real and scary. This was five and half years ago, 2012, when this group of gay guys were targeted. The technology for this silent torture has improved much since then, especially with the big D'Wave Quantum Computers. Gloria Naylor wrote "1996" to chronicle her being targeted by her next door neighbor from the NSA. She is a very credible person, and is one of the first people to put into words what it feels like to experience this touchless torture. Many commit suicide or murder. But I'm a tough one. And will see it through.*

  • Life Encrypted
    Life Encrypted Year ago

    The shrink is establishment, they have been brainwashed into their shrink books. They don't want you to move around so they could target you. Travel if you can, expect that they would hand you over to another group including the satellite mind games. Lay off the foods that causes anxiety, coffee, chocolate, colas, and others. If you get the urinary torture, it's from CHLORAMINE in the water, they are using it to cause pain, take vitamin C to neutralize chloramine/pain. Stop drinking tap water.

  • Hammer Hammey
    Hammer Hammey Year ago

    Yes this is a discreditation attempt. Organized harassment stalking by proxy is very real. It has nothing to do with electronic harassment or voice to skull. The video attempts to totalize the two.

  • George Arnold
    George Arnold Year ago


  • Dystopia Jones
    Dystopia Jones Year ago +1

    Gang stalking is getting so out of hand that soon everyone will know. When this happened in Palm springs it was an oddity but they are gay, so who would care? Get some more mainstream types and you get some murmur in the crowd. Donald Trump is actually aware that this is happening but is busy putting out some major fires now. It may take a while but this will end.

  • Janette
    Janette Year ago

    they All Evil

  • Chris Cornerstone
    Chris Cornerstone Year ago +1

    Damage control. The pedophiles behind this program are Luciferian. They can take life insurance out on targets without their knowledge or consent. They have made this bullying profitable.

  • Justin Rice
    Justin Rice Year ago

    They found Magnatite in the human brain in 1992. Our phones are also equipped with NFC technology. A small electromagnetic device that can send and receive information. I dont usually belive this stuff but something is up with it. To many weird occurrences.

  • Beverly Cuellar
    Beverly Cuellar Year ago +3

    Where can I find a support group in my area?

  • mike _TI
    mike _TI Year ago +2

    It is all real, I posted a few recordings on my channel, these people are fucking criminals, there is a special place hell for these fucking perps.

  • Pitt Burg
    Pitt Burg Year ago

    What is it when an asian roommate named Jon goes into your room and puts murine in your water? He lives at 2126 jetty st in Santa Ana California.

  • James Bruley
    James Bruley Year ago +1

    Its real.imagine just going about your day and some ass likes something on your finger next thing your simply taken just going about your day your life never the same just walking your dog on Saturday morning. Scary just think you send your kid off to school in the morning and what returns will never be the same or how about your wife you wish a good day and give a kiss as she leaves for work and because some sick fuck liked her breast she'll. Never be the same and your lives Will change into the horror show hope it passes you by but it real


    I have evidence it's the government and have been harrassed for my evidence I saw law enforcement officers with a device looking ĺike a radar gun pointed above me at my apartment and it was pointed to a fishing pool right above my apartment I recorded them doin this on weekly basis plus I have there informants on audio talking to my step father about lies they made up to get me in thus situation they told him I was a sexual predator and that he should throw me on the streets and he did cuz he believed these fake ass people

  • Mariana B
    Mariana B Year ago

    Trying to prove im a victim,, i almost killed myself in beginning, i know who they are, they purposely told me there names,, i have been told by 2 people who told me half just took awhile to figure out. How do i prove i have it and turn them in? I have got many symptoms, and its people i know who have hate towards me, and sad to say someone who I thought i could love an trust has done this to me, been over a year,, and still going on.. taking me awhile to know what it is without people thinking im crazy, whickh im not, slow torture that’s left me to never trust anyone, and havw hate for them

  • Christ Michael
    Christ Michael Year ago

    I also never saw Immanuel again after allyson.the fake 3 church lane hybrid. God pities you. Love is love. You lot doing this are not love, jealous and vile and evil.

  • Christ Michael
    Christ Michael Year ago

    The new earth.

  • Christ Michael
    Christ Michael Year ago

    Tell her I love her, but can't be with her. Because of evil vile thumb tack. Immanuelis going to kill you Mr drunk. The new earth chronicles...without jealous jeff who blew up the krishna camp. So jealous aren't you. A terrorist and a bully. Immanuel.

  • Christ Michael
    Christ Michael Year ago

    666. Thumb tack. Enough

  • Christ Michael
    Christ Michael Year ago

    Targeted by trouble makers, e3 black, fridge chess player. Then shoe zone, which dear n shadow she said I only care about mama, so the nasty ones doing this enlisting others are the guilty ones. She knows and so do I. The evil eye. Lord sananda and trutwin, but you thumb tack ...666.

  • Christ Michael
    Christ Michael Year ago

    Targeted car crash. Compensation.

  • Christ Michael
    Christ Michael Year ago

    Please leave me alone. Thumb tack. Enough of your outdated out worn evil vile paradigm

  • Christ Michael
    Christ Michael Year ago

    I am not consent.