Is This The Best Pizzeria In The World ? (Pepe In Grani)

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • Many Neapolitans claim that the best Pizzeria in the world isn't in Naples, but somewhere in the Italian countryside. Long story short : I found it and this is my experience. Let me know what you think...
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    The pizza chef Franco Pepe opened his pizzeria Pepe in Grani in 2012 in the centre of Caiazzo in the region of Caserta. The place is now a mecca for both Italian pizza lovers and international foodies.
    Pepe in grani : Vicolo S. Giovanni Battista, 3, 81013 Caiazzo CE, Italy.
    This episode is part of my new mozzarella series produced by Eva Zadeh from Next Originals ( ) in co-production with BonnePioche Télévision. ( )
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  • Guido Anselmi
    Guido Anselmi 5 months ago +2057

    I'm going to say it Alex. This is the best video you made yet. Not only a fascinating subject, but also truly masterful filmmaking; Top notch editing, music, angles, pace, flow. A+

    • Elvis Anselmi
      Elvis Anselmi 10 days ago

      Are we relatives? Im from Brazil, and i never find any other Anselmi.

    • KashmirPL
      KashmirPL 14 days ago

      anybody knows what kind of oven Pepe is using?

    • Cijo Jidan Riady
      Cijo Jidan Riady 5 months ago


    • Lúcio
      Lúcio 5 months ago

      Haven't watched it yet but I trust you already

    • Carl B
      Carl B 5 months ago

      I agree and I hope CNN catches on to your channel. Love it!!

  • iFiguranti
    iFiguranti 2 hours ago

    I live between Neaples and Caiazzo and i tried numerous times both Neaples' best pizzas and Pepe in grani's.
    First of all what does it mean best pizza? For people like me, grown up with basically full access to top tier pizzas, the "best" pizza is quite difficult to define becouse of all the different falvours and species. For example a classic argument would be that a certain pizzeria has the best margherita, or the best pizza fritta.
    Of course those kind of arguments are very dependent on personal taste and preferences about cooking process, in fact there are a lot of people in Campania that like a more crispy pizza instead of a soft one.
    Said that, lightness of the dough and quality of the ingredients are clearly an objective factor .
    Therefore is difficult to say that Pepe In Grani has the best Pizza. But considering the quality of the products he uses, considering the lightness of his pizza, considering the colorful and surprising menu, that easely is the most rich and brilliant of many other menus from other pizzerias, i can say that Pepe in Grani could easely be the best Pizzeria.

  • Victor Jacques
    Victor Jacques 2 days ago


  • roger anderson
    roger anderson 2 days ago

    wish list ......... Yes

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer 2 days ago

    That “Salut!Victor!” Was amazing!

  • Salvatore D'Anna
    Salvatore D'Anna 3 days ago

    Hi Alex! I just wanted to say that Franco Pepe said "deconstruction" of a margherita, meaning that he takes the same ingredients used for a regular margherita and builds it in a different creative way 😉

  • david mehta
    david mehta 4 days ago

    So a Frenchman and an Italian went to a pizzeria....

  • Kenjuta
    Kenjuta 4 days ago

    5:29 the sub is "The answer is probably in the tasting"

  • thrasos x
    thrasos x 5 days ago

    it is

  • Tommy Rohde
    Tommy Rohde 6 days ago

    Awsome journey towards the ultimate pizza. Well made, with passion. Best regards.

  • Cole vonderSitt
    Cole vonderSitt 6 days ago

    I thought he said "It feels like I just came out of a holocost."

  • JennyMia
    JennyMia 7 days ago

    Alex ta video est excellente!

  • Crystal.
    Crystal. 7 days ago

    sii... this and the white sauce and butter....mmmm... like make the base white sauce super flavorful with the ingredients...but I think to add more vegetables!
    ... so good and a wine

  • JP jay
    JP jay 8 days ago

    DISGUSTING !!! how you slurp that wine. ....(unsubscribed)
    the rest is awesome!!....(re subscribed)

  • Justinas !
    Justinas ! 8 days ago

    it was sure amazing and fun but I really expected you to give some praise for the guy, I mean you did got dizzed for like 2 days ?

  • Dont Blow It Keep It Simple Count Your Money

    the purple army can make any restaurant the "best" with google reviews

  • Kawaii Desu
    Kawaii Desu 9 days ago

    5:49 what are those strings near the pizza

  • Peter Cho
    Peter Cho 9 days ago

    how can we answer this question when we haven't even tasted the pizza? haha\

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 9 days ago

    Such an amazing video!!!

  • Federico Zuffranieri
    Federico Zuffranieri 10 days ago

    Mi sta venendo fame.

  • kevin Customs
    kevin Customs 11 days ago +2

    Super video Alex..
    I think that's my next place to visit when going to Italy for sure..

  • Forrest Gagnon
    Forrest Gagnon 11 days ago

    Is there any connection between Pepe in Grani (Franco Pepe) and Frank Pepe's in New Haven CT?

  • Anupurba Roy
    Anupurba Roy 11 days ago

    Have you tried pizzeria popolare in Paris?

  • Party Partisan
    Party Partisan 12 days ago

    the pizza has a twin swastika on it

  • my name is nobody
    my name is nobody 12 days ago

    That pizza looks like shit. Maybe it's very good. But dammit it looks stupid

  • Kaian凯安
    Kaian凯安 12 days ago

    "Sprède ite laque beuteur" ❤

  • Maxwell Bergen
    Maxwell Bergen 12 days ago

    The best pizza is in Tokyo

  • Chris Rambarran
    Chris Rambarran 12 days ago

    No lie, and I'm sure it tastes wonderful, but the looks of that pizza margarita reminds of a lunchables pizza 😂

  • W N
    W N 14 days ago

    The look in your eyes....says it all. Upon that first bite and revelation.
    So delicate, like kisses from a virgin.
    I've not seen a calzone made to such a caliber of perfection. I can only imagine the tastes you experienced from all these creations.

  • JustGame
    JustGame 14 days ago

    I wonder if Uber Eats will pick up from there and drop off to me in the UK🤔

  • KashmirPL
    KashmirPL 14 days ago

    what kind of oven Pepe is using?

  • HeadShotPR
    HeadShotPR 14 days ago

    The best pizza is the pizza at the time of me eating one

  • batjargal tuguldur
    batjargal tuguldur 15 days ago

    Alex abuse pas sur l’accent quand même

  • x x
    x x 15 days ago

    Not worth the hype.

  • rajeshree patel
    rajeshree patel 15 days ago

    Loved your reaction when you took a jealous as I wanted to be there experiencing with you...
    Just at the thought of the combinations my mouth watering.
    I need a trip to Italy...soon. x

  • Joe Ees
    Joe Ees 15 days ago

    I haven't been there, so I'll need you to send me. That being said that looked like an amazing time (and a proper meal should take all night - like it appeared to in the video).

  • Eric Kleinwolterink
    Eric Kleinwolterink 16 days ago

    Bring me:
    Light and crisp crust.
    Fresh and full-bodied sauce.
    Rich and creamy mozzarella.
    Herbacious and intriguing accents.
    Ignite my taste buds. Surprise me with mouth-feel.
    Pizza is art, in all of its forms.

  • CHEF Zeta24
    CHEF Zeta24 17 days ago

    Il mio stile di fare la pizza . Anche valorizzando ogni prodotto

  • Djanzz Djanzz
    Djanzz Djanzz 18 days ago

    I could listen to this all day 2:00 hahaha

  • Spiritual Master, Sage Omid Mankoo

    yes great job , the film making and the topic and where you visited and the whole thing was just fantastic

  • Something is happening here but you don't know what

    My lord look at that. What is this, where am i? What's happening? I need this pizza now. This is too much for me to look at. I'm dying. Help.

  • TrojanCommander
    TrojanCommander 19 days ago +1

    Waluigi is in Italy @00:40

  • Mithush Thiruparanchelvan

    i see that infinity war reference at 8:19

  • Inefable Theo
    Inefable Theo 20 days ago

    Very interesting. I wish I could taste through the screen. Fluffy pizza, , hard pizza, potatoes, pineapple, banana, why not? I like all.

  • Jared Knapp
    Jared Knapp 20 days ago

    What luck to see Father Pepe in the street!

  • Domenico Morbidini
    Domenico Morbidini 21 day ago

    I will do there just to try those pizzas. That’s sex on a plate!

  • Cody Clickbait
    Cody Clickbait 24 days ago

    I'm enjoying a homemade pizza with Italian mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, bacon and fresh basil while watching this :)

  • Jamie FM
    Jamie FM 27 days ago

    thank you for sharing the best pizza in the world.

  • Zulbeo
    Zulbeo 27 days ago

    C'est sympa d'être français mais de pas mettre de sous-titre en français

  • kam kaider
    kam kaider 28 days ago

    sorry am out of breath... bref... XD

  • Dario Mazzoni
    Dario Mazzoni 28 days ago

    The best pizza in the world is in Napoli

  • Ice Xiao
    Ice Xiao 28 days ago

    Pizza is when. It's a shared experience. So the quality of pizza naturally goes with under what circumstance you've had it, whom you've had it with. It is love.

  • George Costarica
    George Costarica 28 days ago

    You have north African ugliness in your face

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson Month ago

    The best pizza I've ever had was from Venzia, I think the restaurant was called Antico Forno.

  • joeyvesh13
    joeyvesh13 Month ago

    Best pizza is at my mom’s house. Come over.

  • Vor Tex
    Vor Tex Month ago +56

    im glad i stumbled upon your video, im italian from napoli and yes we all know the great Franco Pepe, his pizzeria is in fact the michelin star of all pizzerias, but there is better news for people living in the UK, there is a pizzaiolo who worked and trained under the masterful eye of Franco creating pizzas in a small seaside coastal town city called folkestone, the pizzeria is called Roka Pizza and the chef pizzaiolos name is giorgio cristafaro who was with franco pepe for 4 years , the pizzas there are magnificent, it truly is an experience to see and taste such beatiful food created by these masters.

  • Mark Saul
    Mark Saul Month ago

    What have you done to me Alex? how can I live without experiencing this place? Mama Mia! 🤤

  • Philipp Grunwald
    Philipp Grunwald Month ago

    But can he do a chicken BBQ Pizza?

  • poki tatane
    poki tatane Month ago

    No es chef sino está enojado en la cocina

  • Recep Erdobot
    Recep Erdobot Month ago

    well...the best pizza restaurant is still around my corner.

  • MTV Cribs
    MTV Cribs Month ago

    lol "i love anchovies so much". awesome video editing

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM Month ago

    Great video but its a bit hard to judge these pizzas without actually eating them ourselves. They certainly looked interesting and WOW you must have been full lol, great experience though.

  • TheWicklunds25
    TheWicklunds25 Month ago

    Your channel is excellent. Can I tell you why? I think it is because you place your camera right by the food you are about to eat. It shows the texture, char, cheese, highs, lows, bugs, hair, whatever comes into its focus... It's like you are right there eating with you. And since I've never been to Europe, and love great food, that is key for me. I haven't seen this in other foodie shows or youtube channel content. Congratulations. Thank you infinitely for the effort and creativity you have unfolded in the flow of your travels and experimentation.

  • wuugie
    wuugie Month ago

    as a lifelong sceptic of your character, you won my heart with this vid.

  • F.M Accarino in arte Cikku Noiracca

    And then there is me, who live 10 minutes from Caiazzo and I never went to Pepe ... 😂

  • Doc Pedersen
    Doc Pedersen Month ago

    The place that makes the best pizza in the world... is the one that satisfies your taste desires when you want it. But that place looked fully qualified for the task.

  • Virtuart
    Virtuart Month ago

    Jeez man how much was the bill 😂

  • Amina Alimetova
    Amina Alimetova Month ago

    If only it was possible to give 100 likes, i would no hesitate even a moment👍

  • Ludovic FERRER
    Ludovic FERRER Month ago


  • Bri Saunters
    Bri Saunters Month ago

    Love the editing! 😄

  • john a. gorman
    john a. gorman Month ago

    I don't have a very long list of places to visit. None of those places include food. But this, this place is so inspired. It def makes the list. Thank you for introducing it to me.
    Now - tell us how to make them!

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia Month ago

    Star is Born

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia Month ago

    You are Fantastic.

  • Nontouchable
    Nontouchable Month ago

    love your videos, this one especially bc. I'm a pizza fanatic as well and am planning a trip to grani now!

  • A person
    A person Month ago

    But... Italians eat pizza with a knife and fork

    KRUSHER99 2 months ago

    V for sejer

  • Rana tabu
    Rana tabu 2 months ago

    @ 7:28 Feel like I came out of a "Ghola Kosta ". He meant Roller coasters guys

  • Leonardo Tonin
    Leonardo Tonin 2 months ago

    Che personaggio ridicolo, meno male che non è italiano

  • Marco Marziani
    Marco Marziani 2 months ago

    Alex! Man this video is just amazing, thank you! Have you been to Iovine's in Paris? Behind the Louvre, very good Napolitano style pizza :-)

  • zarrar khan
    zarrar khan 2 months ago

    "The best pizza in the world lives in Nipples"

  • Lily Valentine
    Lily Valentine 2 months ago

    I like that Franco can tell that you're passionate about food and is excited to share his creations with you

  • Sean
    Sean 2 months ago

    Great video, but answer the question in the title of your video. Don’t ask us to make the decision, you are the one who ate it!!! Don’t be afraid to choose!

  • bigearedmouse17
    bigearedmouse17 2 months ago

    NO ! this is not even a Pizza ? Best Pizza In The World is GIZMO,s Pizza Morecambe Lancashire UK.

  • GivenPaladin809
    GivenPaladin809 2 months ago

    Et aussi, elle est la meilleur pizza dans tout le monde.

  • GivenPaladin809
    GivenPaladin809 2 months ago

    Alex si tu veut déguster la pizza, tu doit prendere de la bière. Parce que elle est meilleur avec la pizza. (J' aime ce pizzeria, je vais là régulièrement, je suis de Naples)

  • Broom
    Broom 2 months ago

    For a food expert the best thing to describe the taste, he comes up with: it's just the best pizza I've ever had.

  • TheUnorthodoxGears
    TheUnorthodoxGears 2 months ago

    Subbbbed :D

  • Mario Di Fiore
    Mario Di Fiore 2 months ago

    Best pizza in the world is at antica pizzeria da michele

  • Alessio T
    Alessio T 2 months ago

    dovresti provare anche la pizza fritta

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson 2 months ago +1

    That was such a cop out.
    How are we supposed to know what the pizza was like! I feel like that was clickbait, I rarely pass out dislikes but this deserves one, seriously disappointed.
    If you want my honest answer, no it's not the best pizza in the world, because you would have said so if it was, and best is subjective obviously so no there isn't a best.

    • Bitrey
      Bitrey 2 months ago

      What can he do? Ship a slice of that pizza to your home? He said a billion times it's the best pizza ever. Do you have mental problems?

    • 1 louis
      1 louis 2 months ago +1

      You're such a piece of shit... what's the clickbait about it, it's many called many times "the best pizzeria in the world" so he just went there and asked the question ! You're dumber than you're fucking president !

  • AshaBellanar
    AshaBellanar 2 months ago

    You rich fuck most of those aren't even pizzas stop being so pretentious you french white flag fuck

    • 1 louis
      1 louis 2 months ago +1

      The french fuck your mom's ass

  • Tobias Østergaard
    Tobias Østergaard 2 months ago

    The musicediting in this video is top notch mannnnn

  • Carlos Lamon Dakera
    Carlos Lamon Dakera 2 months ago

    Just arrived from a Dan Peña video and im laughing dont,know why

  • bagiggio 63
    bagiggio 63 2 months ago

    per me è la cipolla

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 2 months ago

    I thought french people were white?

    • 1 louis
      1 louis 2 months ago

      Yes , it's strange, this guy is kinda green...
      Shut the fuck up you piece of shit !

  • PIXL
    PIXL 2 months ago

    You should try mac and cheese pizza, it's so nice

    • Bitrey
      Bitrey 2 months ago

      Holy shit... Does a shit like that really exist in the US?

  • SomeOneElse10
    SomeOneElse10 2 months ago

    2:07 looks like Steve Jobs is not dead, illuminati tricked us and gave Steve Jobs a new name


  • Mrr KILO
    Mrr KILO 2 months ago

    Italy is the best for pizza .. pasta..caffe ... people

  • Javi C spain
    Javi C spain 2 months ago

    La mejor pizza es la de marca Carrefour