Is This The Best Pizzeria In The World ? (Pepe In Grani)

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • Many Neapolitans claim that the best Pizzeria in the world isn't in Naples, but somewhere in the Italian countryside. Long story short : I found it and this is my experience. Let me know what you think...
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    The pizza chef Franco Pepe opened his pizzeria Pepe in Grani in 2012 in the centre of Caiazzo in the region of Caserta. The place is now a mecca for both Italian pizza lovers and international foodies.
    Pepe in grani : Vicolo S. Giovanni Battista, 3, 81013 Caiazzo CE, Italy.
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  • Guido Anselmi
    Guido Anselmi 7 months ago +2272

    I'm going to say it Alex. This is the best video you made yet. Not only a fascinating subject, but also truly masterful filmmaking; Top notch editing, music, angles, pace, flow. A+

    • Elvis Anselmi
      Elvis Anselmi 2 months ago

      Are we relatives? Im from Brazil, and i never find any other Anselmi.

    • KashmirPL
      KashmirPL 2 months ago

      anybody knows what kind of oven Pepe is using?

    • Cijo Jidan Riady
      Cijo Jidan Riady 7 months ago


    • Lúcio
      Lúcio 7 months ago

      Haven't watched it yet but I trust you already

    • Carl B
      Carl B 7 months ago

      I agree and I hope CNN catches on to your channel. Love it!!

  • Hoerndog Hoerner

    Of course the best pizzaria is called *pepe*

  • Doc Hollowood
    Doc Hollowood Day ago

    I was going to claim my home made pizzas are the best in the world - then you had to go and do that ... so light and fluffy - very difficult ...
    I should not bring sawn wood and put in the broiler... ahhrghh .. upping the game in attempt to approach PIG - seems very expensive in many ways

  • Alys Williams
    Alys Williams 2 days ago

    My absolute favourite and the BEST food channel on TVclip. No competition, not even Green Bros and they're pretty good. Alex, you're a marvel.

  • Daniel Maylett
    Daniel Maylett 3 days ago

    Grani is the unofficial name of Kauniainen in Finland

  • DjLevisN1
    DjLevisN1 4 days ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 i miss my Italian Pizza so much now!

  • NotASuspiciousRussianSpy Blyat

    To make the perfect is not how you make it but the ingredients constructed to use it. The perfect mozzarella, the freshest tomatoes, the best wheat.

  • Victoria Myung
    Victoria Myung 6 days ago

    Talk about foodgasm. Oh my ;-)

  • Mathias Pape
    Mathias Pape 7 days ago

    Hello Alex, the more I watch you videos, the more I like your channel. You should consider a travel to Brazil. Take some time (a month is a short time to stay here, for example) but the food here would blow your mind. We have so many options, so many cultures and so many styles that you would need to live here for some time. Just consider. :D

  • 1030warren
    1030warren 10 days ago

    *I love anchovies so much*

    ALPHA ET OMEGA 11 days ago

    If you are interested in "broccoletto" here in Roccasecca Lazio you can find a very good D.O.P product!!!!! Actually I'm from Naples area and I can also say that for this pizza place you couldn't find better. The kind of research you use to make is wonderful and very interesting!!!!

  • Suck my nick
    Suck my nick 12 days ago

    Don't watch this if your hungry.

  • Boolink125
    Boolink125 13 days ago

    Lol that pizza looks like ass, I had better looking pizza just last week :/.

  • Yacine 28
    Yacine 28 13 days ago

    bonne video mais ça me donne trop faim 😍

    LUBERR DHRUV 13 days ago

    I still prefer dominos

  • Saturn
    Saturn 14 days ago


  • Bmo Bro
    Bmo Bro 14 days ago

    How is PIZZA?

  • Legend HD
    Legend HD 15 days ago +1

    8:21 for the boyz

  • Mantric Caravan
    Mantric Caravan 16 days ago

    Between the French and Italians no other countries food is closed to such balance of ingredients in dishes! Wonderful video full of culture, comedy and insight on this mouth watering Italian eatery! Thank you Alex!

  • Robin Lillian
    Robin Lillian 16 days ago

    Most people think the local pizza they grew up with is the best in the world. I'm sure this place is very good, but so are other local, small pizzerias that use good, fresh ingredients with care.

  • Epicjack
    Epicjack 17 days ago

    I want to get stoned completely and go to this place .
    And yes that is hair on your screen .

  • Likliklik
    Likliklik 18 days ago

    Doesn’t look too incredible

  • Man Namanam
    Man Namanam 18 days ago

    That is the best looking pizza i have ever seen ... but may never taste 😂
    Never say never ... idk
    Will see 😄

  • Jasnoor Lubana
    Jasnoor Lubana 18 days ago

    honslty that water looked pretty good

  • Benni P
    Benni P 19 days ago

    subscribed because of this video!
    content and filmmaking just awesome!
    Thanks :)

  • Rahul Kapoor
    Rahul Kapoor 19 days ago

    Alex....Man these pizzas seem to be soulful.

  • May Lee
    May Lee 20 days ago

    Omg you are sooo addictive to watch, the humour , spontaneous, informative, genuine, hilariously intelligent. So positively light heartedly entertaining! Tq for being you .

  • day tripper
    day tripper 21 day ago

    You eat very well. I hope people get that.

  • Sth29Productions
    Sth29Productions 21 day ago

    Great, now i have to go to italy..

  • Vagabond Wastrel
    Vagabond Wastrel 22 days ago

    Italian pizza is a good start for the proof of concept.

  • Hannan Ali
    Hannan Ali 22 days ago

    My Pizza hut pizza seems so bland right now.

  • Thelionbearali Channel

    Please.... It's just a fucking pizza... Fucking hell

  • Casper Wang
    Casper Wang 24 days ago

    This video is just as gorgeous as your lovely assent

  • Ninjamortal 51
    Ninjamortal 51 25 days ago +4

    watching this while eatijng instant ramen 😭

  • Floris Fiedeldij Dop
    Floris Fiedeldij Dop 25 days ago

    That was like what, $250 worth of pizza in ya belly? :) haha Hope you didnt' get sick.

  • TwistedSouL
    TwistedSouL 26 days ago +1

    The best pizza is the one in the fridge when you’re starving at 2am. And drunk. And you’ve microwaved a couple slices. Some of those slices are scorching hot and a couple are freezing cold. And you think, “Yes! Best of both worlds!”

  • Captain L-Ron
    Captain L-Ron 29 days ago

    5:08 the moment you are served a food swastika and quietly remember that Italy was an Axis power.

  • randyroo2
    randyroo2 29 days ago

    So many pretentious pizza connoisseurs here who if you tell them this is the best pizza in the world most will take your word as gospel.

  • Shark. Jo
    Shark. Jo Month ago

    Best pizza i ate was in sardegna

  • a a
    a a Month ago

    That thumbnail tho...

  • Briel 000
    Briel 000 Month ago

    5:11 is this loss?

  • PumpedAaron
    PumpedAaron Month ago

    This is certainly an impressive pizza! The first one with the two red stripes is my favorite. It looks delicious and pleasant to the eyes!
    I did a TVclip search on “best pizza in the world” and got many different results though. So it seems a lot of people think differently on the matter.

  • David Cornell
    David Cornell Month ago

    Personally, the best chefs in the world do not work in regular restaurants. They constantly evolve and learn to do things better without a set recipe to hold them back.

  • Filip
    Filip Month ago

    This job seems pretty awsome :) love food love traveling, im jelous

  • Garrett Lees
    Garrett Lees Month ago

    I just had a pizzagasm watching this. I'm booking my flight now...

  • John Medved
    John Medved Month ago +1

    You've obviously never tried Papa Johns.

  • Red Laazizi
    Red Laazizi Month ago


  • Red Laazizi
    Red Laazizi Month ago

    You are very lucky men
    I hope next time will be my turn to experiment the town
    It looks very beautiful and promising

  • Foodpimpz
    Foodpimpz Month ago

    Gonna need a slice of each pizza to be sure, can you overnite it? Cheers.

  • Kyoiskami
    Kyoiskami Month ago

    I had a religious experience watching this.

  • luis solis
    luis solis Month ago

    ALEX! 1. Best pizzeria, great ingredients, great chef, great experience 2.Not best pizza because everyone's best pizza is different

  • unikracoon
    unikracoon Month ago

    5:30 is this lost

  • Armastat
    Armastat Month ago

    Spicy Sauce, Beef and onion covered with 2:1 Mozz/Cheddar. cooked, cut and then covered with lettuce, tomato and sprinkled with taco sauce....MMmm taco Pizza., -- if its not made there then no its not the best pizza place on the planet.

  • phil
    phil Month ago

    .... and I thought binge eating and continuing to cram pizza in your mouth even though you are full was just an American thing.

  • Advait Deshmukh
    Advait Deshmukh Month ago

    Editing... On.... Point!

  • paddington the bear
    paddington the bear Month ago +1

    Assolutamente no,The Best Pizza Makes My Husband Biagio❤️A Real Napuletan❤️

  • A EPEE
    A EPEE Month ago

    ahaha i love anchovy so muchh

  • Thomas Leaf
    Thomas Leaf Month ago

    the best apizza in the world is in New Haven, Connecticut. Get you some.

    KACHUKHA Month ago

    To answer your question, I'd say it's irrelevant to try to figure out whether they are the best pizzas in the world or not. It would mean that universal taste criteria exist, and we know it's not the case. So it looks like this is your best experience of a pizza, but wait a minute, this one pizza you shared with this girl you had a massive crush on (and who hopefully became your girlfriend later on) was also the best pizza in the world at this very moment!
    Let's remember cuisine is about tastes, people and experience. Let's try not to rank everything!
    Excellent video by the way

  • PatrickAllenNL
    PatrickAllenNL Month ago

    Why is the title and description translated for me in Dutch?

  • cee2 sea
    cee2 sea Month ago

    So...there goes another local favorite, ruined by TVclip bloggers as they promote their videos and merchandise! Can't you guys tell a story without revealing the names of the place or area? Buon appetito!

  • Wacu Mureithi
    Wacu Mureithi 2 months ago

    You missed one. Who is pizza?

  • Lizbeth Elias
    Lizbeth Elias 2 months ago

    Is this the best pizza in the world? I think that when food is created in a way that gives you Joy and also troubles you because the beauty of it is so overwhelming, the answer is very simple. I've never tasted that pizza, but of it makes you FEEL like that, it must be the best pizza in the world.
    Following you and cooking.

  • Melbnolan
    Melbnolan 2 months ago +1

    I’m weeping tears of joy for my next trip to Italy

  • red flag
    red flag 2 months ago

    Buen video! me gusta bastante!!

  • j.c man
    j.c man 2 months ago

    I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much, I love anchovies so much.

    thanks alot Alex -_- you really like to repeat your sentences alot...

  • Sarah medouni
    Sarah medouni 2 months ago the fuck would we know

  • iFiguranti
    iFiguranti 2 months ago

    I live between Neaples and Caiazzo and i tried numerous times both Neaples' best pizzas and Pepe in grani's.
    First of all what does it mean best pizza? For people like me, grown up with basically full access to top tier pizzas, the "best" pizza is quite difficult to define becouse of all the different falvours and species. For example a classic argument would be that a certain pizzeria has the best margherita, or the best pizza fritta.
    Of course those kind of arguments are very dependent on personal taste and preferences about cooking process, in fact there are a lot of people in Campania that like a more crispy pizza instead of a soft one.
    Said that, lightness of the dough and quality of the ingredients are clearly an objective factor .
    Therefore is difficult to say that Pepe In Grani has the best Pizza. But considering the quality of the products he uses, considering the lightness of his pizza, considering the colorful and surprising menu, that easely is the most rich and brilliant of many other menus from other pizzerias, i can say that Pepe in Grani could easely be the best Pizzeria.

  • Victor Jacques
    Victor Jacques 2 months ago


  • roger anderson
    roger anderson 2 months ago

    wish list ......... Yes

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer 2 months ago

    That “Salut!Victor!” Was amazing!

  • Salvatore D'Anna
    Salvatore D'Anna 2 months ago

    Hi Alex! I just wanted to say that Franco Pepe said "deconstruction" of a margherita, meaning that he takes the same ingredients used for a regular margherita and builds it in a different creative way 😉

  • david mehta
    david mehta 2 months ago

    So a Frenchman and an Italian went to a pizzeria....

  • Kenjuta
    Kenjuta 2 months ago

    5:29 the sub is "The answer is probably in the tasting"

  • thrasos x
    thrasos x 2 months ago

    it is

  • robaire35
    robaire35 2 months ago

    #spreaditlikebutter oui, oui, yaasssss. Loved your review.

  • Tommy Rohde
    Tommy Rohde 2 months ago

    Awsome journey towards the ultimate pizza. Well made, with passion. Best regards.

  • Cole vonderSitt
    Cole vonderSitt 2 months ago

    I thought he said "It feels like I just came out of a holocost."

  • JennyMia
    JennyMia 2 months ago

    Alex ta video est excellente!

  • Crystal.
    Crystal. 2 months ago

    sii... this and the white sauce and butter....mmmm... like make the base white sauce super flavorful with the ingredients...but I think to add more vegetables!
    ... so good and a wine

  • JP jay
    JP jay 2 months ago

    DISGUSTING !!! how you slurp that wine. ....(unsubscribed)
    the rest is awesome!!....(re subscribed)

  • Justinas !
    Justinas ! 2 months ago

    it was sure amazing and fun but I really expected you to give some praise for the guy, I mean you did got dizzed for like 2 days ?

  • Dont Blow It Keep It Simple Count Your Money

    the purple army can make any restaurant the "best" with google reviews

  • Kawaii Desu
    Kawaii Desu 2 months ago

    5:49 what are those strings near the pizza

  • Peter Cho
    Peter Cho 2 months ago

    how can we answer this question when we haven't even tasted the pizza? haha\

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 2 months ago

    Such an amazing video!!!

  • Federico Zuffranieri
    Federico Zuffranieri 2 months ago

    Mi sta venendo fame.

  • kevin Customs
    kevin Customs 2 months ago +3

    Super video Alex..
    I think that's my next place to visit when going to Italy for sure..

  • Forrest Gagnon
    Forrest Gagnon 2 months ago

    Is there any connection between Pepe in Grani (Franco Pepe) and Frank Pepe's in New Haven CT?

  • Anupurba Roy
    Anupurba Roy 2 months ago

    Have you tried pizzeria popolare in Paris?

  • Awax
    Awax 2 months ago

    Lol, that pizza looked like a pita bread with peas, cheap fake cheese and ketchup

  • Party Partisan
    Party Partisan 2 months ago

    the pizza has a twin swastika on it

  • my name is nobody
    my name is nobody 2 months ago

    That pizza looks like shit. Maybe it's very good. But dammit it looks stupid

  • Kaian凯安
    Kaian凯安 2 months ago

    "Sprède ite laque beuteur" ❤

  • Maxwell Bergen
    Maxwell Bergen 2 months ago

    The best pizza is in Tokyo

  • Chris Rambarran
    Chris Rambarran 2 months ago

    No lie, and I'm sure it tastes wonderful, but the looks of that pizza margarita reminds of a lunchables pizza 😂

  • Bee Friendly Urban Permaculture Nursery

    In my humble opinion, I prefer the pizzas, and chips, and drinks at Pedavena's - Trentino Italy :) oh my! yummy! ♥️ 🙏

  • W N
    W N 2 months ago

    The look in your eyes....says it all. Upon that first bite and revelation.
    So delicate, like kisses from a virgin.
    I've not seen a calzone made to such a caliber of perfection. I can only imagine the tastes you experienced from all these creations.

  • JustGame
    JustGame 2 months ago

    I wonder if Uber Eats will pick up from there and drop off to me in the UK🤔

  • KashmirPL
    KashmirPL 2 months ago

    what kind of oven Pepe is using?