• Published on Aug 17, 2019
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Comments • 391

  • Grant Whebell
    Grant Whebell 2 days ago

    Arent they supposed to be speaking english??

  • Blood0cean
    Blood0cean 3 days ago

    Is the pilot a newbie?

    • John
      John 2 days ago

      his linkedin says he's a pilot since 2006

  • Don Hurley
    Don Hurley 6 days ago +2

    Having flown into Hong Kong on a 777 a couple of times, this was really fun to watch! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kev Louie
    Kev Louie 8 days ago

    Very nice. Where are the daily rioters ? 😀

  • عيسى الشمري

    09:30 pay attention to the reverse thrust

    • Aemann26
      Aemann26 4 days ago

      @azri_master Only one reverse being used I think.

    • azri_master
      azri_master 7 days ago


  • VimyScout
    VimyScout 8 days ago

    Amazing to get a pilots perspective flying through bad weather on approach to HK. Flew out of HK last summer in a electrical storm. Some scary moments but always good knowing your are in the hands of consumate professionals like these guys. Thanks for sharing !

  • Tony Tang
    Tony Tang 12 days ago

    Such a smooth landing, nice video.

  • Hosein Z
    Hosein Z 12 days ago +5

    Did anyone see the face appeared in the it starting from 26seconds

  • Scott Brennan
    Scott Brennan 14 days ago

    That was an ultra-smooth touchdown.

  • B 51 HTM
    B 51 HTM 18 days ago

    HKIA still exist? I thought it were destroyed by protesters.

  • Regivano Fiorindo
    Regivano Fiorindo 20 days ago

    Amazing landing, Mr. Laffon. Thank you to share with us!!!

  • Luis Portillo Reyes
    Luis Portillo Reyes 21 day ago +1

    Those seatbelts look very uncomfortable for a guy.

  • De quoi tu as besoin
    De quoi tu as besoin 27 days ago

    Magnifique! Merci!

  • jean-michel Minier
    jean-michel Minier 27 days ago

    j'espère que fight simulator 2020 sera aussi beau

  • Biyolojist yutupcu
    Biyolojist yutupcu Month ago

    11:52 turkish air line

  • ProdsOnzeHeures11
    ProdsOnzeHeures11 Month ago

    En activant le reverse trust seulement à gauche, l'avion aurait dû tourner non ? J'ai vu la réponse plus bas mais je ne comprends pas le "minimum équipement list"... merci !

  • Let’s Hope Eh
    Let’s Hope Eh Month ago

    Luckily avoided all the rabid rioters!

  • ray seva
    ray seva Month ago +1

    I miss landing at the old Kai Tak Int'l Airport...where you could actually see people's laundry up-close...hanging from their apartment balconies!

  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee Month ago

    Thinking kaitak..

  • Hellbinder Next
    Hellbinder Next Month ago

    One thing you learn from all these videos. Autopilot is amazing. we need to get to a point where its all Autopilot.

  • Johan Eriksson
    Johan Eriksson Month ago

    Je voulais juste vous féliciter pour toutes vos vidéos. Elles sont juste superbes. Salutations de Suisse

  • halflife2000
    halflife2000 Month ago

    IS that a sheep fur on your seat?

  • cebucoder
    cebucoder Month ago

    That's beautiful

  • Baby Driver
    Baby Driver Month ago +3

    I wanted so much to ride in the jump seat. Never allowed.

  • WhisperJet America
    WhisperJet America 2 months ago

    WoW! That is a great video. The view was spectacular. You guys handle that enormous responsibility with superior professionalism.

  • James Banner
    James Banner 2 months ago


  • Mark Elliott
    Mark Elliott 2 months ago +6

    Passengers should be able to watch this too

  • brbtaty
    brbtaty 2 months ago

    How long have you stayed in HK before taking off again?

  • Wyn San
    Wyn San 2 months ago

    Why are you deploy only LH T/R?

  • David Resch
    David Resch 2 months ago

    A little low....but incredible landing!

  • John Botley
    John Botley 2 months ago

    Thank you

    MURRAY BROWN 2 months ago

    Air France should speak English in the cockpit. One of these days a real emergency is going to happen and in the heat of the moment somebody is not going to understand something or not acknowledge properly or translate incorrectly. Look and listen to Lufthansa, as but one example.

      MURRAY BROWN 2 months ago

      @Guillaume Laffon Not on the videos I've seen. Always English.

    • Guillaume Laffon
      Guillaume Laffon  2 months ago

      MURRAY BROWN for information, they speak German in the cockpit and English when it’s related to checklist like us. So before talking, just check.

  • Hicham Baidi
    Hicham Baidi 3 months ago +3

    Am I the only one to see the “white dust” going from the ground to the sky at 6’20?

    • Logan Carlyle
      Logan Carlyle 3 months ago

      I see them too. It looks to be water vapor in the air, and the plane is going so fast, the water disperses quicker than normal.

  • mr ksa
    mr ksa 3 months ago

    Why no reverser on right engine at landing?

    ARP ARP 3 months ago

    Welcome to immigration. You are deported without reason. Try again next time.. 😂😂

  • Alaa shinnawi
    Alaa shinnawi 3 months ago

    Very nice.

  • Year Of The Dragon龍年
    Year Of The Dragon龍年 3 months ago +1

    Excellent Presentation ❗️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🥃

  • pawyly
    pawyly 3 months ago

    Is it GoPro?

  • S. N.N
    S. N.N 3 months ago


  • Rodrigo Alves Damasceno

    Muito bom!!!

  • MoBiLkA_TV
    MoBiLkA_TV 3 months ago

    А как он после посадки сам рулит по взлётной полосе???? Видно же что за штурвал никто не держится???

    • Сергей Дятлов
      Сергей Дятлов 3 months ago

      на 10:15 видно как правой рукой подруливает,походу там джойстик)

    SSS SSS 3 months ago +1

    Free hongkong

  • NatureLilac Gold
    NatureLilac Gold 3 months ago

    They make it looks easy !

  • SH wong wong
    SH wong wong 3 months ago

    Awesome landing.

  • PlayCoco
    PlayCoco 3 months ago

    Salut je suis très intéressé par ce métier sans mentir ! Et j’aimerais savoir si on doit être bon dans un truc par ex (le bac)

    • PlayCoco
      PlayCoco 3 months ago

      ano nyme Super je suis nul en maths 🙁

    • ano nyme
      ano nyme 3 months ago

      La vue aussi doit être très bonne. Enfin ça ce sont les bases, les sujets dans lesquels il faut être meilleur que 95% des autres français mais n'oublie pas les maths.

    • ano nyme
      ano nyme 3 months ago

      Les maths. Voilà tout, la prise de conscience rapide, les maths, gérer son stress, les maths et garder son calme. Mais surtout les maths.

  • Martin R.
    Martin R. 3 months ago

    Miss Kai Tak, especially the IGS Rwy 13 approach 😎

  • lionbear SHI
    lionbear SHI 3 months ago +2

    HKG SAR 加油呀 回復理性,大家齊心努力愛護好香港!

  • Tolas Tolas
    Tolas Tolas 3 months ago

    my dream its was job FLy but dont have money :) for teaching pilote its for rich people

  • Nagase Lin
    Nagase Lin 3 months ago

    taxiway in HKG is complicated

  • ma Ju
    ma Ju 3 months ago +3

    I didn’t even realise that the plane landed, it was so soft

  • Charles Kuo
    Charles Kuo 3 months ago

    excuse me did you have take off video thank you

  • 笑黃鴨
    笑黃鴨 3 months ago +6

    I can see my home!Nice😉

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo 3 months ago

    Awesome videos!

  • 小凜little cool的交通頻道

    on the sky ,i can saw the castel peak road tuen mun road and tuen mun interchange,the hong kong is so beauty,thank for your viodeo

  • tongiceman
    tongiceman 3 months ago +1

    I can see my home at 4 minutes

  • ザーゴートテリー

    Hong Kong Subscriber right here

  • MrHan
    MrHan 4 months ago +1

    Fts for altitude, knots for speed, Nm for thrust. Interesting mix of units in the airline industry.

  • sadri mathari
    sadri mathari 4 months ago

    Chez Air France, un pilote peut il avoir plusieurs QT ? Être apte à voler sur plusieurs Boeing ? Ou passer de Boeing à Airbus ?

  • Real Estate Unplugged
    Real Estate Unplugged 4 months ago +1

    Nothing compares to the new Boeing 777 X series. The best fuel efficiency per capita in world history.