Game Theory: Minecraft's Ending, DECODED!

  • Published on Jan 16, 2016
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    When Minecraft first came out, players were confused about one thing...THE ENDING. Minecraft's ending is a 10-minute scroll of philosophical text that everyone either wrote off completely or LOVES to HATE. And I'll be honest, when I first saw it, I thought they were right. This weird, philosophical conversation/poem/mumbo-jumbo confused everyone and seemed all wrong for Minecraft, a game that technically is ENDLESS! But looking at it more closely, the ending of Minecraft hides an amazing story about the game, the universe, and how awesome WE are as gamers. After doing this episode, I'm a fan, and I think you will be, too.
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  • Master
    Master 21 minute ago

    What's your religion?

  • Portia Perry
    Portia Perry 2 hours ago

    Little 5 year old me as a kid before I ever found out about Minecraft always wondered to herself if life was just a dream or I was just in a story being told be someone else in a bigger world, chose to belive me or not, 5 year old me was weird.

  • Algonquin Studios
    Algonquin Studios 5 hours ago

    Thankyou for the existential crisis

  • Yer mum Gei
    Yer mum Gei 15 hours ago

    I think those people are Steve and Alex talking because the speech is blue(Steve) and green(Alex) and cant they become anything the want god, alien, etc.

  • Ronald Romero
    Ronald Romero Day ago


  • Pink Cherries
    Pink Cherries Day ago

    Anyone else find their perfect religion though this video?

  • Joshua Ledbetter
    Joshua Ledbetter Day ago +3

    Happy 2016? This video is so motivational that I cried, so no I'm not happy, I am powerful.

  • Phantom Solace
    Phantom Solace Day ago +2

    Watched this again
    *Brought a tear to my eye*

  • Noob
    Noob Day ago +1

    2016: no more mincraft folkes.
    2019: Hold my water bucket.

  • SwampRat117
    SwampRat117 Day ago

    2027 anyone?

  • Blue Vaquita
    Blue Vaquita 2 days ago

    well... he nearly got it right.. fortnite almost won

  • Marco Joselino Magtabog

    You can do anything

  • BeanMarioCow
    BeanMarioCow 2 days ago +1

    this is beautiful...

  • Megaabsolrocks359
    Megaabsolrocks359 2 days ago

    I’ve been watching Game theory and Film theory for a long time now and I just realized how (in my opinion) we all overlook how much effort MatPat puts into these videos. We all just think he’s a nerd or has nothing better to do in his spare time. So I just wanted to say...
    Thank you, MatPat
    For all the work you put into your videos to help us understand and show your unique point of view

  • hozzy erie
    hozzy erie 2 days ago

    I've spent very little time trying to read the end credits

  • gomes874
    gomes874 2 days ago

    Don’t do any thing else with private parts or I swear

  • acedent circle finger

    I just read the end credits and thought something like this and now I saw this I nearly cried because of how beautiful

  • Wesy Smith
    Wesy Smith 2 days ago

    It’s now 2019

  • TuberJay Gaming
    TuberJay Gaming 2 days ago +3

    “We are everything, you think isn’t you.”
    Me: So, beautiful, then...

  • Asuki Animations
    Asuki Animations 2 days ago

    Haha you are wrong! >:)

  • notananimegirl
    notananimegirl 2 days ago

    I used to watch TDM.
    He said a swear word once
    I wasn't allowed to watch him anymore

    Can we get an f in the chat for 6 year old me

  • super viggo bros
    super viggo bros 3 days ago

    It worked, with a million others, to sculpt a true world in a fold of the gravel, and created a gravel for gravel, in the gravel.

  • Pixelfall Studios
    Pixelfall Studios 3 days ago +1

    WRONG BUDDY BOI! It's 2019 and Minecraft is still breathing

  • Gaurav P
    Gaurav P 3 days ago

    5:23 Mumbo Jumbo matter. Looks like he knows mumbo

  • Silver Bobcat402
    Silver Bobcat402 3 days ago

    I am from 2019 and your calculations are false

  • XxMeower2008xX d:
    XxMeower2008xX d: 3 days ago

    The first time i saw it a long time ago i didnt know what it mean (i was like 5) but when i went back (im 10 now) i realized that its deep

    F.O.X. CLASSIFIED 3 days ago

    him: it was a theory waiting to happen
    me: you could say the video is inevitable feat. thanos

  • Boo Da Dog
    Boo Da Dog 3 days ago


  • supergirl _90
    supergirl _90 4 days ago


  • acvrosblueand Red
    acvrosblueand Red 4 days ago

    Slaps for my Drop-Top mini van

  • Aaron Araceli Abundez-Briones

    I randomly saw an old video in the backround by Aphmau i litrally freaked out since i love her channle i also read the ending it was really intresting mainly saying how MineCraft is a Dream

  • Random Creativity
    Random Creativity 4 days ago

    Heeeey, anyone here in 2019, yeah, now look at Minecraft

  • Super Fire 64 Gaming
    Super Fire 64 Gaming 4 days ago +3

    I don’t have Minecraft....
    I’ve never played Minecraft....

    Today is my FIRST DAY......I hope

  • CoolGuy 101
    CoolGuy 101 4 days ago

    terraria is better everyone knows that

  • Crystal Knight
    Crystal Knight 5 days ago +1

    I read a litle bit of the text and it said that when i will be back in the overworld i will be something like a virus entering a human-being and becoming him/her.Like when you are back at your house after you beat the dragon.(sorry im late)

  • Criston Elis Lindres

    I wish the 2 guys are bosses....

  • TinyKemper 25
    TinyKemper 25 5 days ago

    Hmmm I wonder what if there's something like this at the end of "real" life. Wait I can just go see!

  • Goose
    Goose 5 days ago

    bra its 2020 and updates............

  • ashley zayas
    ashley zayas 5 days ago

    Is This The Real Life Is This Just Fantasy?

  • Puglynoobslayer
    Puglynoobslayer 5 days ago

    Met pat you can talk in their language with this symbol §k Maybe you can translate

  • Alpha
    Alpha 5 days ago

    After i understood the meaning of this poem, i started to tear up. It’s so beautiful!

  • lordmaxi 2002
    lordmaxi 2002 5 days ago


  • Deaa Mahmood
    Deaa Mahmood 5 days ago

    See adults videogames are not bad

  • Erin S.k
    Erin S.k 6 days ago

    This is just making me want to watch dantdm and stampy again

  • jlminecraft6133
    jlminecraft6133 6 days ago

    And the name said decoded.....but instead just avoiding it and not caring it and just skipping it.......woooooooooow.....CLICKBAIT

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter 6 days ago +4

    Row row row your boat gently down the stream
    Merrily merrily merrily merrily Life is but a dream.

  • Mini ons
    Mini ons 6 days ago

    7:14 the best part of the theory

  • Mini ons
    Mini ons 6 days ago

    So if this is a dream how did notch know? // Bill gates

  • FoolsGold
    FoolsGold 7 days ago +4

    When it says wake up at the end and finishes the text you spawn back from yoir bed, so that could also be connected in some way

  • Gelanored Villanueva

    I know What Reality is......


  • Clyde Yvan Daluz
    Clyde Yvan Daluz 7 days ago

    The jumble word I can't do that in minecraft try this in your name or text in minecraft §k and any word

  • Dean Buzchniss
    Dean Buzchniss 7 days ago

    Soooo goood!!!

  • Maria Cassel
    Maria Cassel 7 days ago

    This is deep

  • Anthony's Parodies
    Anthony's Parodies 7 days ago

    Mumbo jumbo

  • a random russian
    a random russian 7 days ago

    “MumboJumbo of Minecraft”
    That’s not a coincidence

  • 12345 6789
    12345 6789 7 days ago

    Holy moly pepperoni, it’s a dream! It’s not real! ITS DELTAR- I MEAN MINECRAFT!

    BBAY FROM EBAY 7 days ago +1

    so, basically, you're saying the answer to the end of Minecraft is the answer to life?

  • kk
    kk 7 days ago +1

    5:26 wow pun of the century
    btw can anyone understand that God and Allah are the same thing?
    Allah is just The word God in arabic

  • Brad Adult
    Brad Adult 8 days ago

    They said: I Will tell the player a story... (other being colored Blue) But not the truth.

  • Brad Adult
    Brad Adult 8 days ago

    Actually I think it is telling you to wake up from the dream that the message is transcribing to you. And a message that explains the things that you aren't, the things that your limited self being is not able to do except do it in a small, computer generated story/Reality. And the awful tortureous things that go on in the realities of Infinity..... One or two of the things I said may haved been over-exaggerated. In the Minecraft Universe of Course. ;)

  • MyNameIs?BLANK?
    MyNameIs?BLANK? 8 days ago +1

    "is there a way to kill the credit scroll?

  • Kristofer Hanson
    Kristofer Hanson 8 days ago

    Minecraft = ooooooooooooooh my. childhood aand creativity

  • Spencer Rusyniak
    Spencer Rusyniak 8 days ago

    I remember thinking that it was about outcasts of society. People with such raw, powerful intellects that their minds can create entire worlds accidentally inside their subconsciously while they sleep as dreams, Minecraft being one of these. It says that you are loved because you are an outcast, like an encouragement

  • Blue TV
    Blue TV 8 days ago

    I want to know what would happen if he did the disc 11 thing

  • Koolaid Boi
    Koolaid Boi 8 days ago

    Minecraft just made the most powerful, deep, and true meaning of life

  • Lard Lover
    Lard Lover 8 days ago +1

    Minecraft: Im one of the most popular and controversial games of all time.
    Hytale: hold by HD rendered beer...

  • fattymom mitbbs
    fattymom mitbbs 8 days ago

    It's 2019and minecraft is still good

  • E-best agressive agressor

    Well, virtual reality is here, how bout minecraft makes a vr version in which you can make a world then edit it to not look 3d and kaboom, minecraft is the 3d version of ms office

  • Llama Kama
    Llama Kama 9 days ago

    I come from the future Minecraft is the most searched game

  • ur boi
    ur boi 9 days ago

    Kidnapped the pizza girl

  • Plusher Loser
    Plusher Loser 9 days ago


  • Rochelle Santos
    Rochelle Santos 9 days ago +4

    Its 2019 but after i watched this video i say to my family, Im A Celestial Being Now and also thanks notch...

  • V3 Playz
    V3 Playz 9 days ago +4

    I was low-key starting to cry and then he said ThAtS jUsT a ThEoRy

  • kylie katcarter
    kylie katcarter 10 days ago +1

    it's 2016

  • Gopnik Dragonborn
    Gopnik Dragonborn 10 days ago

    *minecraft explained the meaning of life better than any religion could*

  • Nerdy Squirtle
    Nerdy Squirtle 10 days ago

    minecraft has no ending that is simply the final pre programmed goal you still must do all the other goals made by you i'm quoting notch now "remember you create your own adventures not them always remember that they cant tell you the only thing allowed in minecraft is building cats build what you want" yeah ima minecraft person i love minecraft

    MARIO'S YOSHI 10 days ago

    Wait he just said a youtuber
    Mumbo jumbo

  • Landen Fischer
    Landen Fischer 10 days ago

    Well even if this is a virtual world we wouldn’t know we could all be extras that were given ais or maybe were just part of a script and if so is someone else playing as us or who is the mane caricature

  • Garrett Webb
    Garrett Webb 10 days ago

    Are tho green and blue texts at the end steve and alex

  • Directional Arrow
    Directional Arrow 10 days ago

    Ha he said mumbo jumbo.

  • Mike Segars
    Mike Segars 10 days ago +1

    14:51 you made me crh

  • Bricks&GamesYT
    Bricks&GamesYT 11 days ago

    the credits were actually really really deep

  • Root Playz
    Root Playz 11 days ago

    Hello everyone and welcome to 2019

  • Itz Jack
    Itz Jack 11 days ago +30

    When there is a picture of Dr Strange when we talk about the End of a Game
    “You’re about three years too early”

  • Astro
    Astro 11 days ago

    To this day I’m convinced the two godlike beings were Markus and Jens...

  • Shattered
    Shattered 11 days ago

    2016 sucked

  • Gabriel Snider
    Gabriel Snider 11 days ago


  • Weirdbug 2471
    Weirdbug 2471 11 days ago

    Minecraft still has more monthly players than Fortnite has in all

  • Theendinggy !
    Theendinggy ! 11 days ago

    This is why I love Minecraft
    I don’t play Minecraft but the story

  • Lucas Pospeshil
    Lucas Pospeshil 11 days ago

    Long story short, it means believe in yourself.

  • LittleSkyFox Gaming
    LittleSkyFox Gaming 11 days ago

    *sees the working phone*
    me:i wanna get that

  • _ Untrollable _
    _ Untrollable _ 12 days ago

    I feel that this needs to be taken more seriously by all ages and all people🤔

  • luis lau
    luis lau 12 days ago

    notch liked this

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon 12 days ago

    Am I the only person thats gonna hop into creative mode and read the hole thing?

  • Deadsuper 4
    Deadsuper 4 12 days ago

    Minecraft doesn’t really have an ending. The player decides when it’s time to end. If completing all the achievements is your goal well that’s the end for you. If killing the ender dragon is your goal that’s the ending for you

  • PinkPixel Productions
    PinkPixel Productions 12 days ago



  • Mason64 Gaming
    Mason64 Gaming 12 days ago

    Wow Matt's old mic sucks it lowers the volume a lot

  • EDSBeGaming
    EDSBeGaming 12 days ago

    I just prefer to believe that in Minecraft everything we did was a dream.

  • Black Sun
    Black Sun 12 days ago

    0:27 hmmm i am sure that i know that BOX from somewhere...

  • minescape0695 MC
    minescape0695 MC 13 days ago