Supreme Court to hear 3 cases for Trump's financial records

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Reaction and analysis from former deputy assistant attorney general Harry Litman and former independent counsel Robert Ray.
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Comments • 2 648

  • kvncr9
    kvncr9 Month ago

    It’s going to cost a lot of Suits jobs huh, boys?

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name Month ago

    President Trump knows the IRS is bogus and I hope with all my heart that during his second term he will abolish the IRS, Federal Reserve and UN from off USA soil.

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name Month ago

    The IRS is illegitimate and there is no law for wage earners to owe income taxes. Whereas Al Capone owed an income tax on the alcohol he was running. Alcohol, tobacco and fire arms (A.T.F.) are legitimately taxed under income tax but wage earners are exempt. But this is where the IRS has falsified this truth and law incrementally over the decades. And the unratified16 amendment doesn't levy income taxes on wage earners either.

  • Jp fp
    Jp fp Month ago

    Stop this circus that's the right thing to do.

  • President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020

    impeach!, remove!, and prosecute!!!!

  • Bleach Bit
    Bleach Bit Month ago

    The veritable "Fountain of Disinformation"!🤣

  • Donald J. Tяump
    Donald J. Tяump Month ago


  • Maryann Weldin
    Maryann Weldin Month ago

    we need the Congresss records tax phone and everything they've done since they were born.

  • Fergie Fergus
    Fergie Fergus Month ago


  • Eli Hignojoz
    Eli Hignojoz Month ago

    Jerry Nadler = Peter Griffin?????

  • Rita Briggs
    Rita Briggs Month ago

    I see part of the biggest problem with our congress and senate....?!?!? NO TERM LIMITS!!! People don’t pay attention to all the different seats they vote for and the incumbent keeps getting re-elected!! Jerry Nadler 20 YEARS AGO!!!! Diane Feinstein 30 years!!!! 8 years should be the limit. Just like the president!!!! Is anyone with me??? How do we limit these people from being in power for their entire adult lives. Never accomplishing anything positive for the AMERICAN People!!!. Just keep lining their pockets. How else is Nancy Pelosi a millionaire on her public servant salary?????

  • Gary
    Gary Month ago

    The House needs a 3rd party Independent of the Republican and Democratic parties to be able to stop the kind of one sided partisan power play. If the House had 3 party's then the vote would have to obtain 2 of the 3 parties vote in order to impeach. It needs to be changed.

  • Fake Propagandist
    Fake Propagandist Month ago

    Meanwhile Trump is still violating federal law I.R.C. 6103 (f)...

  • Stogie Smoker
    Stogie Smoker Month ago

    Trump needs to hide his Russian money laundering...

  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf Month ago

    Really surprised they chose to take the case ( certiorari ).

  • far out Freddy fast
    far out Freddy fast Month ago +1

    Can't Wait, for Additional Supreme Court Nominated judge's by Trump 2020

  • Timeless
    Timeless Month ago

    Another witch hunt and we are SICK of it LOSERS!!!! Trump 2020 and beyond!

  • elvina m. becenti
    elvina m. becenti Month ago

    The dems dont need to get there hands on Trump financial records...we need to investigate the top dems that are robbing American people blind. All the financial support to the deep state by Russia, China, Saudi Arabia ( enemies of America). How is it that the dems leave office rich millionaire??

  • Richard Misorski
    Richard Misorski Month ago

    It now is so important to really b careful who we vote in 4 congress... Bever let them do this again. Wake up America.

  • sfj sfj
    sfj sfj Month ago

    Hipocrits Schiff & GerryBoy Nadler, Dual Citizens who should have Zero Influence in us politics.

    • sfj sfj
      sfj sfj Month ago

      @Gordon Muhm Nah ..I'm Delighted to have a Real President Doing Real work for the people & Not scamming for himself - Nice new Pad Obama . WoW u saved up 7.5Mill to buy it From ur 8 years in office ..

    • Gordon Muhm
      Gordon Muhm Month ago

      sfj sfj: Sounds like you would prefer a king.

  • Holly Hocks
    Holly Hocks Month ago +1

    Let’s see the taxes if there is nothing to hide stop hiding it !

  • TBone MC
    TBone MC Month ago

    I don't want to see Trump's financial records as if they haven't already been audited. I want to see the records of all the people who amassed fortunes while they were in office. Many people have defied the old adage of not entering politics for the money. How did they get rich?

  • Zed Dead
    Zed Dead Month ago

    Fox News wants to remove the American Constitution and replace it with The Russian Flag.

  • Bertha Alicia Medina

    Everyone in Congress should show their taxes if that’s a case . What about Obama taxes . I really don’t care about President Trump taxes , he’s not getting paid to be President and he’s doing a great job

  • Albert De M
    Albert De M Month ago

    Is Harry Litman a Republican masquerading as a corrupt idiot Democrat, or is he really as stupid and dishonest as he appears? Clinton was charged with multiple felonies under U.S. law, enumerated in the Starr report, which was written under the Independent Counsel statute. Mueller's sham report failed to charge Trump with a single crime and the fake whistleblower failed to identify a single crime either. Clinton committed crimes, but he was let off because they were not viewed by 2/3 of U.S. senators to be "high crimes." The Democrats can't identify a single crime, so are making things up, e.g. "obstruction of Congress." Where is that in the Constitution? Have these idiots ever heard of the Supreme Court? Congress isn't above the President or the Supreme Court. They are co-equal branches and disputes between the President and Congress are settled by the Supreme Court. Why are Democrats afraid of letting the Supreme Court do its job? The obvious answer is, they think they'll lose, so they're committing precisely the sort of unconstitutional abuse of power they falsely accuse Trump of committing.

  • Walter Tello
    Walter Tello Month ago

    They will get his tax returns and there won’t be anything on them. Another trap set by the POTUS.

  • Thomas Cassler
    Thomas Cassler Month ago +1

    i wish charlie kruthammer were here !

  • Ricky DJ Moore II
    Ricky DJ Moore II Month ago +1

    If there was no evidence of a crime, the 4th Amendment says the President has a right to privacy.

  • Tamara Heater
    Tamara Heater Month ago

    Pretty sure they will make the correct decision.... if not... ugly days ahead.

  • Tammy Adams
    Tammy Adams Month ago

    Its NO bodys business that President Trump's taxes are illegal or the Dems have to show there tax is an invasion of privacy.

  • do nothin
    do nothin Month ago

    BTW, I would vote for him just for the better trade deal he has already managed to get us despite the DEMORATS sabotaging everything he tries to do. DEMORATS ARE SCUMBAGS

  • Willy Grimm
    Willy Grimm Month ago

    The blatant Lying in our faces is what they do because it's what they have always done, AND IT WORKED! Naught any longer America, our collective desire for truth, even among our sheep wandering in the wilderness, is being rewarded....ergo, our desire for truth will be met with truth....simple.
    Captain Willy Grimm

  • Bruce Anderson
    Bruce Anderson Month ago

    We do not need the Tax filings of Billionaire's who become public servants. We need the tax records of public servants who become Wealthy in office!

  • Tim Kielisek
    Tim Kielisek Month ago

    OMG, is it possible we might find out what this orange con man is constantly hiding from everyone including you !

  • I_H8_Unknown_Callers

    Don't think for a second that this will apply to all presidents or politicians moving forward. This is yet another direct attack on Trump personally, period, and nothing else.

  • Crozbyguy
    Crozbyguy Month ago

    Mueller already looked at his taxes and said zero, because it makes him look good, and they can't have that.

  • robert hicks
    robert hicks Month ago

    In my opinion, what the supreme court should say is that congress can get them IF they can show there is some kind of crime involved. That means that they can not get them based on what they asked them for.

  • Dani Pfisterer
    Dani Pfisterer Month ago +1

    Didn’t he say he’d release them multiple times? Why hasn’t he yet?

    • Dani Pfisterer
      Dani Pfisterer Month ago

      @H Higgins agreed, but it was customary, because leaders wanted to show what their financial history was. And when asked, he didn't seem to care about privacy, he promised several times he'd release them, he never did.
      As for The ploy, why would it be a ploy if his taxes are fine? I’d say that would backfire hard for the democrats
      I'm not trying to propagate anything, I'm just a German interested in US politics, and I want to hear both sides of American politics to form an opinion.

    • H Higgins
      H Higgins Month ago

      @Gordon Muhm He has a right to privacy, like everyone else.

    • H Higgins
      H Higgins Month ago

      Simple. He changed his mind when he realized it was just another democratic party ploy.
      And besides that, there is no law that says that he has to .
      Did you vote for him,... based on his promise that he would ? No ? I thought not.

    • Gordon Muhm
      Gordon Muhm Month ago

      Those facts would seem to indicate he has something to hide.

  • Dani Pfisterer
    Dani Pfisterer Month ago +3

    Innocent people don’t go to the supreme court to avoid showing their taxes.

    Change my mind

  • Justin Jaworski
    Justin Jaworski Month ago +1

    I just wanna thank fox news for telling the truth. You are the last beacon of hope in the MSM

  • do nothin
    do nothin Month ago

    Just remember that everything the demoTurds are doing to President Trump can be done to the future DemoRat President if GOP grows some balls.

  • Albert Stevens
    Albert Stevens Month ago

    Spankie pulling the plug on the upcoming electoral debates Chickenshit spankie.Bad spankie

  • thirdeyezoodotcom enjoypeacelovelightdotcom

    Tax returns are not public record; they are private. Tax returns contain confidential information that is not readily available to the public. With the increasing number of online tax filing services, some information is being used and sold publicly, but that is not advocated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
    WAKE THE PHUCK UP PEOPLE. If they can so this to OUR PRESIDENT they can so do it to YOU.
    To that IDIOT on the left who is clueless:
    WE HAVE THE TRANSCRIPT YOU TOOL, no he did nothing impeachable. investigatebidens

  • RassBrass
    RassBrass Month ago

    Dilly! Dilly! To the pit of misery! I’ll drink to that. Lock him up!

  • Pat Mckeever
    Pat Mckeever Month ago

    i think your NUTS if the american people will stand for shot ideas

  • david quintana
    david quintana Month ago

    lol idiots

  • Luntau Sintan
    Luntau Sintan Month ago +1

    The INFAMY DEMonicRATORS are dragging themselves across the REDline of TREASON of COUP against a dully elected POTUS cos of personal HATRED ?👹👹

  • Timothy K
    Timothy K Month ago +1

    We are witnessing Democrat’s idea of democracy

  • aboveknee
    aboveknee Month ago

    Who are these 3 yahoo's working for Fox? Clearly have a bia's towards Trump..

  • Joyce Thomas
    Joyce Thomas Month ago +1

    keep in mind that nixon tried to shut down an investigation... he wasn't part of the break in but he wanted to pay folks to shut it all down... and clinton perjured himself.... big difference herw

  • Chris Millar
    Chris Millar Month ago

    Perfect. Let’s move ahead and Inpeach him :-)

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson Month ago

    If he has nothing to hide then what’s the problem. Show your taxes trump. We know you did nothing wrong or did you ?

    • Michael Robinson
      Michael Robinson Month ago

      Linda Bumpass well that happens all the time for the citizens, and there is probable cause. Trump has admitted to inflating his assessors for loans and then deflating then for tax reasons.

    • Linda Bumpass
      Linda Bumpass Month ago

      People will never have the right to rifle through private records unless there is probable cause that a crime has been committed and the records are material to the crime.

    • Michael Robinson
      Michael Robinson Month ago

      P Wi good one

    • P Wi
      P Wi Month ago +1

      mom says go eat your tidepod

  • Paul Olotu
    Paul Olotu Month ago +1

    The prosecution of them, for this reason, will seldom fail to agitate the passions of the whole community, and to divide it into parties more or less friendly or inimical to the accused. In many cases it will connect itself with the pre-existing factions, and will enlist all their animosities, partialities, influence, and interest on one side or on the other; and in such cases there will always be the greatest danger that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties, than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.

  • ArlanKels
    ArlanKels Month ago

    Can't wait to see how the 2 Judges Trump personally put on the court recuse themselves or not, due to the obvious conflict of interest.

    • ArlanKels
      ArlanKels Month ago

      @Linda Bumpass
      Yeah, I know.
      I can dream that there'd be some degree of integrity in this day and age though, can't I? :(

    • Linda Bumpass
      Linda Bumpass Month ago

      that isn't how it works, babe

  • Patricia Whitman
    Patricia Whitman Month ago

    This is NOT about oversight! It is about CONGRESS'S abuse of power and OUR privacy!

  • God Loving American

    Trump2Q2Q and Beyond

  • ray hess
    ray hess Month ago

    I agree,if the IRS finds nothing,I suspect the demorats will find "something"

  • Bob S
    Bob S Month ago

    The DempnRat is pushing the idea that one party is not cooperating but the fact is that both parties are not playing well together. The DemonRats did not allow the RepubliCons to have witness's or ask any question that they wished and now the RepubliCons are going to give short shift to the trial. Personally I would have the RepublicONS just read into the trial the evidence that the witness's in the House had no crime they could show and on the first day also start with enforceable documents requesting the presence of the Bidens on day two and when they do not show charge them with contempt and end the trial. No crime ,No conviction, End of Trial. Two days! Get back to business and let the Barr go after the criminals and hopefully in July Charges come down and the trials happen right during election time. Have the Biden, Hillary and hopefully Obummer in Court during the election time.

  • acacia816 squared
    acacia816 squared Month ago

    Trump 2020... Iraq destroyed bush Afghanistan destroyed Bush Syria destroyed bama Libya destroyed Clinton who has trump destroyed??? Lets be fair

  • Roseanna Martin
    Roseanna Martin Month ago +1

    Show your records nasty demonicRats !! Trump was already rich when he became President !! The people demand to see your records for the last 10 yrs !! How did you become multi millionaires ??