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  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • Sean Evans has spent nearly 100 episodes choking down hot sauce. But does he have what it takes to make his own concoction? Anxious to turn the tables, Sean teams up with Hot Ones legend Erica Diehl-better known as Queen Majesty-for a crash-course in the hot sauce-making commandments. From a mild pineapple and jalapeño sauce to a fiery "Sicilian" scorpion blend, Sean learns how to slice, chop, and churn his way to new hot-sauce heights.
    A special thank you to Homesweet Homegrown for supplying the scorpion peppers. The pineapple and jalapeño recipe will appear in a forthcoming cookbook from High River Sauce's Steve Seabury.
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  • Patrick Giddings
    Patrick Giddings Hour ago

    Damn Erika hotter than the sauce

  • gaming with Poor Cash

    Calling a jalapeño not hot? my mouth was dying after I drank a cup of milk after eating one. I even ate some ice cream and then I just couldn’t even feel my mouth

  • Niel de Wet
    Niel de Wet Day ago

    I just realized her earrings are not part of her hair

  • Cyanide Mapping
    Cyanide Mapping 2 days ago

    are Erica's lips natural they look soo sexy

  • jamie spoon
    jamie spoon 3 days ago

    Lol Sean high as fuck

  • ereseminole
    ereseminole 4 days ago

    why was fiery chipotle discontinued?

  • HesH And MAC Time
    HesH And MAC Time 4 days ago

    Bet he banged her after

  • Rob
    Rob 4 days ago

    4:33 exactly why i wanna make hot sauce

  • Hermann Göring
    Hermann Göring 5 days ago

    1. make hot sauce. 2. anal orgy.

  • Delta 6 Music
    Delta 6 Music 5 days ago

    Yo that beat at 3:16 is fucking nuts. I completely lost track of what the fuck they were talking about and just vibed. WHO PRODUCED THIS MASTERPIECE?!?

  • Will Engle
    Will Engle 6 days ago

    I'm making the first recipe tonight. Only I substituted jalapeno for canned chipotle peppers and the lemon for lime. So I'll have a nice chipotle lime version with fried chicken wings for dinner!

  • Daily Dose Of Vitamin M

    "I love bending" (repeated a couple of times) and y'all thought your life was boring😂

  • Markus Morrowick
    Markus Morrowick 6 days ago

    "I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!" - Will Ferrel in Elf
    "I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!" - Me in watching this beautiful, spicy creature

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 7 days ago


  • ZeidGho
    ZeidGho 7 days ago

    1:04 "I'm gonna wife that"

  • KillswitchForLife
    KillswitchForLife 8 days ago

    You left a scorpion pepper out, I am disappointed in you Sean.

  • Jack Poontaint
    Jack Poontaint 8 days ago

    Both of these people are idiots, end of story. Cut Pineapple into cubes and then explain how to grill them on "both sides" when there are obviously 6 sides, and then grill them on all sides instead of 2. Both people seem so disinterested and btw, this hotsauce sucks asshole. What would you put pineapple jalapeno sauce on that starts to turn sour after an hour or so after serving? Maybe dry pork sandwiches? No idea, I don't cook shitty food to need that garbage.
    Uses white vinegar because it is the cheapest to get a hold of for her "premium hotsauce." What a joke. White vinegar is so racist. I tried to get black vinegar and it doesn't exist because of white males flooding the market with their white blood cells. Only white men have white blood cells, so racist of them. (Fake news Fake recipe). Shit covered in shit, excreted through a cunt plugging it with a shitty dick. Worms of cunt shit, hosted by a man scared of a fucking blender, holding the top like he has a ginger by curly fire dragon hair with the flu at a public park he is afraid to punch in the face because his nails were just done by his grandmother who was eating his asshole 5 minutes ago and spit into his mouth after her dentures lost a tooth. That is the entire face and posture this cuck makes.
    Stupid fucking video. Go inject hot sauce into your aorta like a real man in order to take the real hot sauce challenge. Might as well sell this recipe as a cellulite burner, rub it on your fat fucking legs to rid the pain of ever having a man caress them, your cellulite wont disappear, but men will never have to see them for you to care.

  • eagles562
    eagles562 9 days ago

    She could get it

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood 9 days ago

    That look at 6:29 hahaha

  • Rod M
    Rod M 9 days ago

    Sean is a virgin.

  • Xjohneh
    Xjohneh 9 days ago

    I’ve been wanting to make my own hot sauce but I’m afraid I will fuck it up and make myself sick

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz 10 days ago

    Where can I buy the Queen Majesty sauce?

  • Tyler Newman
    Tyler Newman 10 days ago

    Ask her out or no balls!

  • Yoo Hoo
    Yoo Hoo 11 days ago

    She needs to be on hot ones for the interview and wings

  • hurtighansen1
    hurtighansen1 11 days ago

    I`m in love!

  • Samantha Renee Isaacs
    Samantha Renee Isaacs 12 days ago

    So many people are commenting about sexual tension/ attraction between these two.
    Am I missing something? I see no chemistry between these two.

    • Ben Seifert
      Ben Seifert 6 days ago

      Samantha Renee Isaacs we just tryna hype our boy damn

  • I'm Brian
    I'm Brian 12 days ago +1

    >a heat everyone can enjoy
    sweating dj khaled.jpg

  • Bahamut Zero
    Bahamut Zero 14 days ago

    I just made the jalapeño pineapple sauce, amazing

  • Eddie Arocha
    Eddie Arocha 15 days ago

    Made the pineapple sauce. It was good he first time I made it, but I added about a tbsp of brown sugar to it and it took some of the strong vinegar flavor away and i think i nailed it. Just a suggestion!

  • Johnnie Han
    Johnnie Han 15 days ago

    Sean going with the flow at 6:57 natural born freestyle rapper

  • Dogebama
    Dogebama 16 days ago

    There's so much sexual tension in this one video it's crazy lol

  • eric fg
    eric fg 17 days ago

    Why would you not roast, grill, saute or smoke the onions, garlic, sweet peppers (or hot) before blending? Just seems to me that would yield a better product.

  • Fizzy_B
    Fizzy_B 19 days ago

    No wonder hot sauce stinks theres so much viniger 🤢

  • Frank Reynolds
    Frank Reynolds 19 days ago +1

    "Mild pepper like a jalapeno" lol

  • Schuffert Family Life

    Eric is slowly turning into Guy Fieri

  • Jessica George
    Jessica George 23 days ago

    sean is truly such a unique character, something of a rarity these days

  • Georgie Knoxville
    Georgie Knoxville 24 days ago

    I'm growing some Trinidads and Ghosts, can't wait to try your recipe!

  • kevin persad
    kevin persad 25 days ago

    😂😂 from Trinidad here the origin of the scorpion, we just eat that like normal

  • DonutsRYummy
    DonutsRYummy 25 days ago

    Bring her on the show, and other extreme hot sauce creators 😀

  • Michael Bolen
    Michael Bolen 26 days ago

    update. did you call her? i gotta know.

  • Eric Chan
    Eric Chan 26 days ago

    She's got a Rosario Dawson vibe

  • paulerxx
    paulerxx 27 days ago

    Awesome stuff

  • teddy
    teddy 27 days ago

    this honky is the worst

  • Brochacho Hot Sauce
    Brochacho Hot Sauce 28 days ago

    Very Cool!

  • JBeags
    JBeags 28 days ago

    6:28 "Is this guy serious?"

  • JBeags
    JBeags 28 days ago


  • KennyCleod
    KennyCleod 29 days ago

    i love you man. I love you!!!! and i love you for having mgk and most of my favorite in your show too!

  • jerik banzam
    jerik banzam 29 days ago

    6:29 she's like.. i'm gonna get naughty with this sauce tonight.

  • Stephen Lockwood
    Stephen Lockwood Month ago

    Great ideas for making your own sauces.

  • Lorenz Tongol
    Lorenz Tongol Month ago

    Why heat it to 185 before bottling?

  • Bulfwyne09
    Bulfwyne09 Month ago

    Seeds DONT add heat ... Seeds grow from the white Membrane inside the pepper ... HEAT COMES FROM THE WHITE MEMBRANE .....srry bout that ... I've been growing peppers for decades and its a pet-peeve when I hear people say heat COMES from the seeds >.> ... No they don't .... Oh and pro tip, that white membrane makes you gassy ... cut it out if you don't like to "Toot" your horn

  • John Cipriano
    John Cipriano Month ago

    I Enjoyed this particular episode, I for one like a HOT SAUCE with kick but it Has to Have TASTE to it for its flavor Base not just something that’s going to Blow Scoville level of the board , it must have Heat with Flavor!!!!’

  • j
    j Month ago

    lovely stuff

  • Rhodie Koshik
    Rhodie Koshik Month ago

    I love the scotch bonnet ginger

  • Samantha Montano
    Samantha Montano Month ago

    I thought her earrings were her hair lol

  • N Zidan
    N Zidan Month ago

    more of this type of videos plssssssss 😆 because in my country i can't have any of those good stuff on your show

  • Richard Flacid
    Richard Flacid Month ago

    you owe my toilet an apology

  • Keenan Almestica
    Keenan Almestica Month ago

    She can be my queen majesty anytime.

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins Month ago

    I love pizza with jalapeno and pineapple, so that one sounds wonderful

  • leozar69
    leozar69 Month ago

    I never really eat spicy food, but everytime i do, i enjoy it.
    I wanted to try a bottle, but you're sold out. :( (the Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle)

  • Chris Bruce
    Chris Bruce Month ago

    Let her try your last dab😉

  • zombiiexmassacre
    zombiiexmassacre Month ago

    WOAH! I have to try this! :O

  • xproDJx
    xproDJx Month ago

    He looks high as fuck

  • JaRCo de Rover
    JaRCo de Rover Month ago

    She is a hot one!

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz Month ago

    Which one is hotter? The scorpion pepper or habanero? I thought these were habaneros when I saw them.

  • najtrows
    najtrows Month ago

    do you use the vinegar instead of fermenting the peppers? I've seen people fermenting their peppers for weeks before and now you just seem to have blended it and made a sauce the same day you taste it.
    any advice for this?

  • zack LeTaco
    zack LeTaco Month ago

    2:40 this makes me hungry for grilled pineapple

  • Jim Lombardo
    Jim Lombardo Month ago

    Here is a link to Queen Majesty's website

  • Sockett Girl
    Sockett Girl Month ago


  • Ian Ford
    Ian Ford Month ago

    1:22 - 1:25 So....why is Sean doing a creepy finger walk with his right hand?? 🤣

  • Rei Shiki
    Rei Shiki Month ago

    She looks kinda like Wonder Woman

  • Mr.Neff16
    Mr.Neff16 Month ago

    he loves blending

  • Gern Blandsten
    Gern Blandsten Month ago

    Wow, she is beautiful....just wow.

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez Month ago

    Sean you should try my Tequila Hot Sauce.

  • wildwilie
    wildwilie Month ago

    Ive made my own hot sauces before. But I have the dilemma of the contents of the bottle separating after a fee days in the fridge. Am I probably doing something wrong for it to be kept for longer period of time. Anyone know what If thats a bad thing? Or its normal to have to shake it up good almost every time I use it?

  • Usedjubbyjuice
    Usedjubbyjuice Month ago

    Why's everyone shipping them, she looks so disinterested
    I would be if someone talked with their hands like that
    I love him but that's so irritating and you know it's gotta be worse than that irl because they probably edit a lot of it out

  • WR3ND
    WR3ND Month ago

    Sauces look aces. Cheers.

  • Zacharie McInnis
    Zacharie McInnis Month ago

    Pro tip: the seeds aren't where the heat comes from in a pepper. You would think to people who know hot sauce very well would know that, especially the girl that makes it every day.

  • James Holdsworth
    James Holdsworth Month ago

    I think God I Love Blending needs to be the next Protip.

  • EstebanEsq.
    EstebanEsq. Month ago

    Sean Evans looks like Toronto rapper Chuggo.

  • Rich Kenyon
    Rich Kenyon Month ago

    Its all about Femented hot sauce!

  • Josh Cherrett
    Josh Cherrett Month ago

    Made the first one. Very thin so i put more pineapple. tastes amazing! Yields about 3 mason jars

  • Tiberiu Minyo
    Tiberiu Minyo Month ago

    she's kinda cute

  • L B
    L B Month ago +2

    They are stoned.

  • Big sick Nigga
    Big sick Nigga Month ago

    Sean and her should FUCK .. your welcome Sean

  • Nathan Welch
    Nathan Welch Month ago

    Do they fall in love

  • JudgeDread 305
    JudgeDread 305 Month ago

    All Hail the Queen of spice

  • Dusty Korpse
    Dusty Korpse Month ago

    Cool vid, cute women and a brave Sean blending/eating hot sauce in a beige top. ☺🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

  • zact lee
    zact lee Month ago

    hows thai chilli compare to peppers you use in the state? is it hotter or milder? cuz thats the only chilli here thats hot.

  • Jefff Wiedenmann
    Jefff Wiedenmann Month ago

    Love your show.
    Love your sauce

  • dtrain3219
    dtrain3219 Month ago

    She’s hot like a Cheeto

  • Kal Adder
    Kal Adder Month ago

    she look like maggie in walking dead but more sexy :x

  • Zach Monsue
    Zach Monsue Month ago

    More episodes in the kitchen please

  • Jonas Zdanius
    Jonas Zdanius Month ago


  • Liraply
    Liraply Month ago

    who elses mouth waters watching these.

  • Liraply
    Liraply Month ago

    Jalapenos are always a wild card. I've eaten jalapenos that barely had a kick, and i've had jalapenos that hit me upside the head (with seeds of course).

  • Allan C
    Allan C Month ago

    Sean need you leave complex. he has enough fan base then make video titled "why I leave complex"

  • heru fadhilah
    heru fadhilah Month ago

    0:05 lol

  • Rain
    Rain Month ago

    damn she fine

  • Rich Weschitz
    Rich Weschitz Month ago

    I love hot sauce and spicy foods. And I enjoy a good interview. This channel has kept me off Xbox for a while now.