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  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • Sean Evans has spent nearly 100 episodes choking down hot sauce. But does he have what it takes to make his own concoction? Anxious to turn the tables, Sean teams up with Hot Ones legend Erica Diehl-better known as Queen Majesty-for a crash-course in the hot sauce-making commandments. From a mild pineapple and jalapeño sauce to a fiery "Sicilian" scorpion blend, Sean learns how to slice, chop, and churn his way to new hot-sauce heights.
    A special thank you to Homesweet Homegrown for supplying the scorpion peppers. The pineapple and jalapeño recipe will appear in a forthcoming cookbook from High River Sauce's Steve Seabury.
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  • Geert Drieghe
    Geert Drieghe 10 hours ago

    Oh she is HOT. Like her sauce.

  • Justin McGuire
    Justin McGuire 13 hours ago

    Why does Sean look so stoned here?

  • guul66
    guul66 23 hours ago

    Why the fuck is Sean so cool

  • Raga
    Raga Day ago

    bruh, help a sister out, and tell me where you get your vegan wings

  • Francis Gerard Opeña

    1:00 "I eat hot sauce on every single thing I eat."
    Then proceeded Sean biting his lips like YEAH SEAN GO FOR IT CHAMP

  • kgkustomz97ser
    kgkustomz97ser Day ago

    You lost me at pineapple. They don't belong anywhere near hot sauce or pizza, regardless of popular belief that it's ok. Damn food commies.

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams 2 days ago

    When is hot sauce salsa?

  • darklemonz
    darklemonz 4 days ago

    329 people put 5 pieces of garlic instead of 6

  • 1 1
    1 1 4 days ago

    6:24 LOOOL
    THC detector is off the charts

  • Phillip Helgren
    Phillip Helgren 4 days ago

    now breed

  • quadpit
    quadpit 6 days ago

    Love your shows and have bought some sauces too. Thanks for taking some of the mystery out of sauces and maybe I will try one of my own someday? Until then I will need to try some of Erica's sauces. :-)

  • Thomas Burgess
    Thomas Burgess 7 days ago

    I love making hotsauce. Especially fermented hot sauce.

  • Tony Pohjolainen
    Tony Pohjolainen 7 days ago

    How long will the sauce last? After you bottle it.

  • Bamin Richo
    Bamin Richo 8 days ago

    5:45 this made me subscribe to ur channel

  • Ethan Fournier
    Ethan Fournier 9 days ago

    my bucket list... being on hot ones.. how can i make this happen

  • Mason TV
    Mason TV 11 days ago

    Dont make ghost pepper hot sauce indoors!

  • Michael Dunn
    Michael Dunn 12 days ago

    Damm she's so perfect.

  • Armando Rubi
    Armando Rubi 12 days ago

    Thank you Sean and Hot Ones for making this! Super dope video and very educational. I used this base to experiment and try different recipes. So good! Keep up the good work people!

  • A C
    A C 13 days ago

    That first sauce looks delicious! Yum! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Jr Wazowski
    Jr Wazowski 14 days ago

    “I love blending” I’m sure you’re tryna blend her guts too my boi Sean I see you.

  • Reform School Kid
    Reform School Kid 14 days ago

    so my mom tried making hot sauce for thanksgiving, me and brother pulled a prank on the family. we replaced vinegar with magnesium citrate and now we’re grounded forever.

  • MrsCallala
    MrsCallala 15 days ago +1

    sean ist high

  • Dylan Aiello
    Dylan Aiello 15 days ago

    can she have her own segment now?

  • Sean Hollander
    Sean Hollander 15 days ago

    Is this video, like, slowed-down? Or are they both high

  • Walkintall
    Walkintall 17 days ago

    I have to watch my sodium intake and I've been searching for years for a no - salt but bring the heat type hot sauce to no avail! I challenge you guys to create one & send me a bottle! Thanks! 👍😎

  • TheJohnOfJacks
    TheJohnOfJacks 17 days ago

    made both, a bit vinegar heavy, but very tasty! just a tip; a lot of your fans are not american, and use the metric system, cool to have measurements in ml/dl too^^;

  • shitpostistan tv
    shitpostistan tv 20 days ago

    No heat, no pot, no stove, no oven, just a blender. My favorite kind of cooking.

  • Mortality Rated
    Mortality Rated 21 day ago

    Come on man. You should know that the seeds do not offer the heat. That distinction goes to the placenta.

  • McFangsworth
    McFangsworth 21 day ago

    The seeds carry no heat, it's the placenta in which they grow that carry capsaicin. Seeds in sauce is but a texture preference. Know this!

  • RYKOWISKO polish hot sauces

    This is madness!

  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon 27 days ago

    She's actually really cool. I follow her instagram. She's brilliant

  • T Phoenix
    T Phoenix Month ago

    I won't make the full recipe, but I will do half and see how it turns out.

  • Infamous
    Infamous Month ago +10

    "if this youtube thing doesnt work out is there a spot in the kitchen?"

    thats right sean, get in there my boi

  • Rimza Rimza
    Rimza Rimza Month ago

    Quantity of jalapeno???

  • Eduardo Cerna
    Eduardo Cerna Month ago


  • Deadly Water
    Deadly Water Month ago

    Gal Gadot, you Can’t fool us - You a cook too?

  • Brian Naykki
    Brian Naykki Month ago

    You said that the grilled pineapple & jalapeno sauce is best fresh... can you bottle it for later use as well?

  • James Austen
    James Austen Month ago

    Owns one of the biggest TVclip channels around, with millions of views.
    Asked this: 5:30

  • Yunis Rajab
    Yunis Rajab Month ago

    Now I'm thinking of making a jalapeño Szechuan sauce

  • Gilbert Beaudry
    Gilbert Beaudry Month ago

    I think we all want to know how the first date went...

  • Tim Roll
    Tim Roll Month ago

    You don't need gloves handling peppers unless your a wimp. I never use gloves when handling ghost peppers, and I make Salsa and pickles with ghost peppers.

  • CsykKrit
    CsykKrit Month ago

    That unripe 🍍 makes my 💓 sad

  • Raptor Bacon
    Raptor Bacon Month ago

    She's cute. Like Gal Gadot with baby cheeks and fuller lips.

  • Brendan Froats
    Brendan Froats Month ago

    Sean did you get her number?

  • Cal QdeX
    Cal QdeX Month ago

    You said that grilling the pineapple adds more flavor depth, why don't you grill the onions for the same reason?

  • The BeardedFetus
    The BeardedFetus Month ago

    Leaving seeds in will only add a minute amount of heat, beyond popular belief, the seeds have nothing to do with the amount of capsaicin in the pepper.

  • Peter Villa
    Peter Villa Month ago

    at 6:56 the eminem of hotsauces

  • Dustin Fake
    Dustin Fake Month ago

    This is cool n all, but where's the hot ones chipotle?

  • Zach Zink
    Zach Zink Month ago

    Boom zoom, straight to the moon-- as soon as he said that, i was like, that sounds like some bill cosby shit hahaha

  • John37Fold
    John37Fold Month ago

    She's pretty, smart, and likes hot sauce... wifey material!

  • Philippine Ball
    Philippine Ball Month ago

    I Ship Them

  • Robert Rivera
    Robert Rivera Month ago

    There is a dating app to be considered after watching this. A hot sauce recipe making date. Both hookup and see if they can make a hot and tasty sauce together.

  • Fred Johnson
    Fred Johnson Month ago

    made the pineapple & jalapeno hot sauce. heat was good but way too much vinegar in that recipe...cut vinegar by at least half

  • Eduardo Navarro
    Eduardo Navarro Month ago

    They'd make a great couple

  • Tyler Mcgrew
    Tyler Mcgrew Month ago


    • snowren24
      snowren24 Month ago

      or at least give us the recipe!

  • Jesus Rosario
    Jesus Rosario Month ago

    She looks like she didnt want to be there lmao

  • Saiyanbob
    Saiyanbob Month ago

    She looks a little like Gal Gadot

  • anarchism
    anarchism Month ago

    she looks bored as fuck...

  • Cameron Bortz
    Cameron Bortz Month ago

    plot twist he created Hot Ones as a ploy to get closer to this girl

    TOP KEK Month ago

    the Queen is as hot as her sauces

  • Slinky Slinky
    Slinky Slinky Month ago

    How do you get “that grilled flavour” from a griddle pan?? That’s a big fat lie lol. You get “that grilled flavour” from charcoal or wood, not really gas and definitely not a griddle, all it gives you is grill/char marks. If you want more of a natural grill flavour but don’t have the luxury of a grill, try lightly smoking the pineapple in a pot or deep baking dish (hotel pan) by igniting wood chips in a pot or pan, and transferring the pineapple and woods chips to something where they can be separated and covered to allow the smoke to cover the pineapple. Otherwise, if you don’t want to go to that extent, then just use any normal pan to caramelize the pineapple sugars. A griddle just imitates the grill markings which is completely redundant here since you are blending the pineapple anyway.

  • Katie Marigold
    Katie Marigold Month ago

    Was that pineapple even ripe? It didn't change to yellow, except for on the bottom. I eat pineapples frequently and I know the telltale signs of a ripened pineapple. 🍍

  • Block Dude
    Block Dude Month ago

    Sweet I recently got a bunch of reapers ghosts and scorpions given to me time to use em

  • retarded shrek96
    retarded shrek96 Month ago


  • Nico Pillay
    Nico Pillay Month ago

    This is Netflix and chilli

  • lucas8265
    lucas8265 Month ago

    The white part of a bell pepper is bitter so why don’t you cut the top off stand it on the part you just cut then cut around the seeds like your taking the skin off an orange

  • Malik Phillips
    Malik Phillips Month ago

    Sean how stoned do you get before these videos?

  • Mark Servis Jr
    Mark Servis Jr Month ago

    The chef was absolutely beautiful hard to concentrate on the video

  • Alberto Gamboa
    Alberto Gamboa Month ago

    Please create a tournament both end salsa creator and eaters

  • Common Sense Supreme

    You two would make beautiful babies.

  • LostPride
    LostPride Month ago

    Using a dry measure for wet ingredients. Sean you should know better

  • Samir Dubois
    Samir Dubois Month ago

    I don't like hot sauce but I like the show, especially the part where they called jalapenos "mild" I was like NOPE

  • Peter Jarnes
    Peter Jarnes Month ago

    She's beautiful! And calm!

  • LoGiTiC
    LoGiTiC Month ago

    Wouldn't the Olive Oil destroy the heat?

  • james carney
    james carney Month ago

    I think I love her

  • Avenged 3
    Avenged 3 Month ago

    Can someone make a gif on 6:56 ?

  • monokoi
    monokoi Month ago

    Made the second recipe with 6 Habaneros - very tasty!

  • Austin Christensen
    Austin Christensen Month ago

    That look in her eye w you Sean, she’s swoonin, can’t blame her, of course it’s gonna get pretty hot in the kitchen w Sean Evans

  • John Meadow
    John Meadow 2 months ago

    is it a bad idea to boil your sauce?

  • Buddy Blair
    Buddy Blair 2 months ago

    I made the scorpion hot Sauce and is it GOOD

  • Wozza Kerns
    Wozza Kerns 2 months ago

    This guy has hot sauce lube in his top draw and definitely has s
    Dipped his dick in tabasco sauce

  • yogiyoda
    yogiyoda 2 months ago

    What do hot sauce snobs think of Crystal Hot Sauce? I love it.

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 2 months ago

    She likes to make the hot sauce, Sean likes to eat the hot sauce. Perfect match!

  • professorsideburn
    professorsideburn 2 months ago

    Caution: the Sicilian Scorpion hot sauce recipe makes about 5 cups and may be one of the best tasting hot sauces I've ever had. I took some liberties to sweeten it just a little but it is seriously amazing, and please use gloves my eyes are still watering

  • pquic
    pquic 2 months ago

    what can be used instead of vinegar ??

  • Brandon Szymczak
    Brandon Szymczak 2 months ago

    Anyone have a more exact recipe for the Pineapple Jalapeno sauce? How much onion? How much jalapeno? A Tbsp each of salt and black pepper?

  • R I
    R I 2 months ago

    2.. That's it? Should have used like 20 lol

  • Drizzyr Auvryar
    Drizzyr Auvryar 2 months ago

    She talks about adding too much vinegar then adds 2 and 3 cups to her sauce... this video sucks and you ruined your Moruga Scorpion flavor

  • pandakiller523
    pandakiller523 2 months ago

    I wouldn’t want to have sex with a chick that makes hot sauces for a living, we get in the mood and tries to give me a handy after work, she forgets that she has scorpion pepper juices on her hand and my dick is on fire.... fuck that, I’d still smash though 😂

  • Jrmcmlln
    Jrmcmlln 2 months ago

    She's got some dsl on her

  • eggzorsism
    eggzorsism 2 months ago

    she HOT

  • Yannick Thibodeau
    Yannick Thibodeau 2 months ago

    3 cups Olive Oil
    6 cups Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 cup Sweet Vermouth
    1 tbsp Italian Parsley
    1 cup Salt
    1 cup Pepper
    2 tbsp Sun Dried Tomato
    1 cups Red Bell Pepper
    1 cup french Onion
    12 cloves Garlic
    7 Scorpion Peppers
    Thanks me later

  • Andy Manson
    Andy Manson 2 months ago

    That Scorpion sauce gave Shawn 'Nam flashbacks.

  • Sami Logan
    Sami Logan 2 months ago +3

    I made the green hot sauce and that shits delicious!!!

  • kim evan munez
    kim evan munez 2 months ago

    So this is why Gal Gadot is really Hot!!

  • AJ Lynch
    AJ Lynch 2 months ago

    the thing about chopping the vegetables small is so you shouldn't have to blend as much to keep each and individual flavor present

  • Joey Patton
    Joey Patton 2 months ago

    Just bought a bottle of Los calientes. Then I bought three more. If you ever stop making this stuff I'll kill you.....with hotter hot sauce. Love you guys, I mean it.

  • NobleNumenorean
    NobleNumenorean 2 months ago

    Pro tip: crush that garlic and let it sit, so it can develop that Alison.

  • z.browning
    z.browning 2 months ago

    That grilled pinapple and jalapeño sauce sounds absolutely delicious.

  • Monte Lee My P.O.V
    Monte Lee My P.O.V 2 months ago

    Dang that last one is enough ingredients for a restaurant! I wonder how to do a smaller batch?? And i always just blend pour and serve. I need to _cook_ the sauce to bring out the flavors more i guess?> Great tips awesome show!