TJ Hockenson Highlights - Welcome to Detroitᴴᴰ

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
  • TJ Hockenson is now a member of the Lions nation. Get ready!!
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Comments • 54

  • Mr. Hustle
    Mr. Hustle 4 months ago +1

    Dang bro, perfect pick the lions are doing whatever they can to make it to the super bowl!

  • brent. Harpazo lange. Rapture

    We need another solid RB to help out Kerryon. Then we can be a threat

  • brent. Harpazo lange. Rapture

    I was surprised. Very athletic he made a lot of the guys miss and out ran most of them impressive. But the NFL will be different

  • Googled
    Googled 5 months ago +1

    Still won’t matter, Lions will suck as long as Stafford is our qb.

  • James Willis
    James Willis 5 months ago

    I hope he can keep his jersey number #38 is a unique number for a TE

  • Low Tier Trash
    Low Tier Trash 5 months ago +1

    After cooling off after the heat I gave him,here's why I find this pick good:
    -We do lack in the TE department,even with the up and coming Jessie James.
    -Its becoming more apparent Iowa has some kind of special training to rev up their TEs seeing how well George Kittle became a PB calibur and the fact that 2 IOWA TEs were considered top prospects this year.
    -TJ is a good run blockers,though he did drop off after 17,likely out of trying to utlize him more in the pass attack,but we need that for KJ and a notable speedster of Maryland we picked up.
    -Unlike Ebron coming out of college,we know TJ has a solid catching track record as he was 7th among recievers for consistent catching only droping 2 passes.He also fights for yards pretty well.
    -Lastly,we can see that he has some agility and jump to help contest catches,and WE ALL KNOW that Stafford is a deep threat guy and he seems to favors more contest heavy recievers.
    Yes,this pick was a bit out of line,but IOWA provides the goods in terms of TEs and I actually love TEs,notably the speedy ones like E.Engram.Point is:
    We got someone reliable and useful to our offense,and that is what matters most.

  • Nathaniel Gordon
    Nathaniel Gordon 5 months ago +7

    I'm NEVER a fan of going TE in the top 10 but this kid is basically perfect, the Lions have ZERO excuse on offense.

    • Nathaniel Gordon
      Nathaniel Gordon 5 months ago

      @Googled no if he did then they'd have a large excuse on offense.

    • Googled
      Googled 5 months ago

      Nathaniel Gordon why, did Stafford get traded? Lol.

  • Dillon Abro
    Dillon Abro 5 months ago

    I hope he is great and that I am wrong, but this was a terrible pick given who was on the board. We should have, at the very least, done what Denver did and trade back. I am disappointed once again.

    • Dillon Abro
      Dillon Abro 5 months ago

      @James D'KAI If you are going by BPA, we should have gotten Ed Oliver. D line was not as much of a need at tight end, so yeah according to BPA, you go Oliver. Instead, we went for need and got Hock.
      When evaluating the BPA you must also take the importance of position into play. If both Oliver and Hock are both all-pros in the future, the more valuable option is the D lineman.

    • James D'KAI
      James D'KAI 5 months ago

      Explain to me the B.P.A mantra?

  • Cypress Wise
    Cypress Wise 5 months ago +2

    Was mad about this pick till I watched the highlights.Has all the skills to be a great TE. Would like to see Detroit add some Dline . Still need o line

    • Ryan Demboski
      Ryan Demboski 5 months ago

      Cypress Wise personally i believe a number 2 corner is a higher priority than a dlinemen right now considering we got trey flowers. but i do agree we need to get some OL soon too.

  • Truthtella2011
    Truthtella2011 5 months ago +12

    Let's go this kid only dropped 2 passes in 2 years and handles DE like children. Look at this lineup in the redzone. 6'4 Kenny Golladay, 6'3 Marvin Jones, 6'7 Jesse James, 6'5 TJ Hockerson with a 6'0 Kerryon Johnson who can catch out of the backfield too. Redzone won't be a problem anymore.

    • Mr. Hustle
      Mr. Hustle 4 months ago

      Actually only 1 pass

    • Sabor Tooth
      Sabor Tooth 5 months ago

      @Truthtella2011 sorry you're a delusional lions slappy

    • Sabor Tooth
      Sabor Tooth 5 months ago

      No it wont.

    • Truthtella2011
      Truthtella2011 5 months ago

      @Sabor Tooth This will be my last reply. I don't care what you think. You can talk all the trash you want. I'm sorry you so bitter and delusional. Go Lions. It's going to be a great season.

    • Sabor Tooth
      Sabor Tooth 5 months ago

      @Truthtella2011Keep buying tickets maybe they will win a superbowl in the next 20 years. Bob quinn is a joke.

  • Brett Davis
    Brett Davis 5 months ago +1

    Oh no, we suck again

    • Mr. Hustle
      Mr. Hustle 4 months ago

      shut up kid @brett davis your like 5 you don't know about football he's the G.O.A.T

  • Kyle Morrison
    Kyle Morrison 5 months ago

    half these highlights is good route running/ poor defense...him catching wide open passes.

    • SimplyAS10
      SimplyAS10  5 months ago

      I understand. He gets open and gets lost in between defenders. He knows the soft spots.

    • SnoilOG
      SnoilOG 5 months ago

      :55, 1:17, 2:10 not wide open did you even watch besides it is highlights.

    • SnoilOG
      SnoilOG 5 months ago +1

      Why is he wide open? hello?

  • jett sasser
    jett sasser 5 months ago +20

    This is a great pick. Give Stafford some help by giving him a big body to throw to and a legitimate redzone threat, outside of that one of the most complete blocking TE's coming out of the draft in the past few years to give a second year Kerryon Johnson some blocking on the edge. For that second reason, this pick is already way better than the Ebron pick. More compete TE, and a future star at the position

    • joe smith
      joe smith 5 months ago

      Youre a fuckin idiot

    • SimplyAS10
      SimplyAS10  5 months ago

      I completely agree. I love this pick.

  • A_BruhMan
    A_BruhMan 5 months ago +1

    Im expecting Gonzalez type career since he’s a top 8 pick and all. 😩 I hate the lions soooo much bruh.

    • Sabor Tooth
      Sabor Tooth 5 months ago +1

      Terrible pick. You dont take a te in the top 10.

    • SimplyAS10
      SimplyAS10  5 months ago +1

      @Ryan Demboski That is a really good point. The Lions off season has been hectic so you never know. I think they could def be a sleeper team.

    • Ben Chase
      Ben Chase 5 months ago

      Ryan Demboski that’s what I’ve been saying all offseason

    • jett sasser
      jett sasser 5 months ago

      @Ryan Demboski u right

    • Ryan Demboski
      Ryan Demboski 5 months ago +8

      A_BruhMan honestly who do you really think we could have taken to improve us more than TJ will. this one guy can make stafford better and kerryon better, which i might add are 2 of the most important players on the team.....i like the pick, but i’m skeptic that we won’t use him properly. hopefully darrel bevell will put him in the position to succeed

  • Dennis T
    Dennis T 5 months ago

    Gonna look fine in Honolulu Blue Bitches.... no more hurdles PLEASE...

    DIGITAL PIGEON 5 months ago +13

    Hockerson and Jesse James are going to love playing for Stafford

      EDWARD VIRGILIO 4 months ago

      @Eric Brunett Agreed. We had zero playmakers at the TE position. With the addition of James, I think that changes. He'll be a great mentor to Hock and Nauta. By next season I expect Hockinson or Nauta to take over the starting role. What they lack in height in comparison to James, they more than make up for in athleticism.

    • Eric Brunett
      Eric Brunett 4 months ago +1

      @EDWARD VIRGILIO thats why you never know at first and not until years later but I would prefer Hockenson , James , Nauta , and Roberts all complement each other and all play great for Detroit so the Lions can go 4 or 5 deep at that position and turn there offense into a top 10 unit cuz they weren't 1 deep at te last year.

      EDWARD VIRGILIO 4 months ago

      @Eric Brunett I could be WAYYYY off,but I can see Nauta out-playing Hock. Like when the LA Kings drafted goaltenders Martin Jones in the 1st round & Jonathan Quick in the 5th of the same draft. Martin Jones is a great goaltender, but Jonathan Quick has two Stanley Cups.

    • Eric Brunett
      Eric Brunett 4 months ago +1

      ​@EDWARD VIRGILIO Oh I'm paying attention of Isaac Nauta and will be watching this training camp and pre season closely cuz I think he could be a good player and the Lions new oc wants to run 2 te sets more, so he will get his chances. They invested in the run game last year and it would appear it payed off so hopefully this years investments at te will pay off too because they were sooo bad at that position last year.

      EDWARD VIRGILIO 5 months ago +1

      No one is paying attention to Nauta. #1 high school TE prospect entering college. Basically flopped. 7th round pick with HUGE upside.

  • Arturo Lopez
    Arturo Lopez 5 months ago +3

    He just powers through people and shedding them off.

    DETROIT VS EVERYBODY 5 months ago +8