The Best Southern Soul Corned Beef: St. Patrick's Day

  • Published on Mar 8, 2016
  • The Best Southern style Corned Beef in the world. find soul food where you didn't expect it!! Meso has taken this popular Irish meal and brought a whole lot of soul to it. Let St. Patrick's day find you in your kitchen bossin' it up with this delicious corned beef and cabbage meal. Get this in your life!
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  • Pia Johnson
    Pia Johnson 11 days ago

    I just saw your recipe and I fill in love 😍😍😍, I got to try it out!

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson 18 days ago

    ugh, drowning in my own drool...

  • Felicia Hawkins
    Felicia Hawkins Month ago

    Dishwashing liquid is a first for me. What's the difference between baking soda and dishwashing liquid?

  • Carmen Holland
    Carmen Holland Month ago

    What a great video your voice is so soothing...I can’t wait to try this recipe

  • Shortythepresident
    Shortythepresident 2 months ago

    I made this once. It tasted so damn good i hopped in my car, drove to the airport, Bought a plane ticket, took a flight to L.A, took a cab 7 miles, got to my mom's house, rang the bell, she opened the door........... And i slapped the living shit outta her.

  • Mosa Bands
    Mosa Bands 4 months ago

    Caramelized happens when you add water and oil tho

  • Sandra Fant
    Sandra Fant 4 months ago

    cooked too long !!

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  4 months ago

      Oh okay. Thanks for watching and taking the time to give your opinion so eloquently. Blessings

  • Ricardo Williams
    Ricardo Williams 5 months ago +1

    Lllaaawwwddddd !!! Blooms delicious

  • Georgia Fan
    Georgia Fan 6 months ago +2

    I like to cook mine with the dutch oven too. Your recipe is a nice change from boiling the meat. I love how you savor the taste! Was it salty at all? Very creative recipe - I'm gonna try this thank you! My GF hates any meat that is red inside. I have to burn her steak and we can't have prime rib because she won't eat the pink inner roast. I had to convince her to eat the corned beef and she liked mine. She's from the south so maybe she'll like this recipe!

  • OH Yeh!
    OH Yeh! 6 months ago +3

    You had me -when you said “ let’s pepper this girl”
    I don’t like boiled meat either - and don’t like cabbage- butttttt you make this like my mamma did cause she’s the only one that made this where I liked the cabbage 😀💕💕. I’m ready to give this a try since my momma passed away - my mom called it “ Better than SEX corned beef & cabbage “ lol
    Thank you for this- video 😀

  • Helen Grigsby
    Helen Grigsby 6 months ago

    That food

  • Matthew Riordan
    Matthew Riordan 7 months ago +1

    Them carrots look like my grandma Gertrude’s pinky fingers

  • Matthew Riordan
    Matthew Riordan 7 months ago

    Damn the corn beef already has enough salt, use the juices from that sparingly to season everything else, why add more to your cabbage, it looks amazing honestly, but are you looking for high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and possibly a heart attack?

    • Mason Kissel
      Mason Kissel 4 months ago

      Matthew Riordan Go away! You sound like the food police preaching about medical issues...this is a cooking channel not Dial-a-nurse!

  • steve brodie
    steve brodie 7 months ago

    looks delicious!

  • Steven Schiller
    Steven Schiller 7 months ago

    This is the most ridiculous recipe ever seen for corned beef.. why didn't you just buy a chuck roast?. It would have turned out the same

    • Mason Kissel
      Mason Kissel 4 months ago

      Steven Schiller It looks delicious! It’s HER recipe, not yours. If you don’t like it don’t make it!

  • Ethel Cabanlit
    Ethel Cabanlit 9 months ago

    Omgee.. mahsistuh!mahsistuh!!
    You have outdone yourself!! Definitely making this tonight!!
    Thank you..
    I like yours coz its practical and very recipe & kitchen friendly!!

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  6 months ago

      Awww Ethel, thank you for your kind words and please come again. Blessings.

  • Audrey R
    Audrey R 9 months ago

    Mama this made me hungry

  • Somona Mason
    Somona Mason 9 months ago

    Thank you for the help did your recipe with added my own twist that corned beef and cabbage had it going on

  • Lucky Star
    Lucky Star 9 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing this recipe...I can't wait to try! Yummy!

  • Yahsgrace &mercy
    Yahsgrace &mercy 10 months ago

    I am going to try your recipe in two week! I don't want to boil the meat first however that meat is crazy salty and I just cannot enjoy or eat very salty food.

  • Z ASMR Caveman
    Z ASMR Caveman 10 months ago

    My wifes made your recipe two years in a row. It’s the best anytime of the year!!!!

  • Reny Aben
    Reny Aben 11 months ago

    All the recipes seemed boring until i came across yours .Will be preparing it tmrw. Thanks

  • Kita
    Kita 11 months ago +1

    This was my first time cooking Corn beef and it turned out amazing ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Ryochii
    Ryochii 11 months ago

    My sister and I made this today....and it was soo good!

  • Rodney Fisk
    Rodney Fisk 11 months ago

    That was a proper braise. You seasoned it the same way we season a steamship round, like you'd eat at an expensive buffet or on a ship. Well done.

  • Wilson Bobcat service
    Wilson Bobcat service 11 months ago +1

    Dame that looks good.

  • Philip Bergt
    Philip Bergt 11 months ago

    I'm looking forward to doing this ...She is just outstanding and sweet - Great video!

  • M.N Wilkinson
    M.N Wilkinson 11 months ago

    Damn your good and I am jealous. The dish looks good. Good tutorial..

  • Angel Marandola
    Angel Marandola 11 months ago

    Looks so Delicious gonna try it like this love your voice so soothing

  • Andy Black
    Andy Black 11 months ago +1

    Organic is a scam. Dish soap will give you the runs.

  • jeweli coats
    jeweli coats 11 months ago +1

    ok I'm going to make it right now....

  • David Rivera
    David Rivera 11 months ago

    Will you marry me?

  • Tiffany Babbs
    Tiffany Babbs 11 months ago

    Ma’am, I just made this and it was sooo good! Nice job!!!

  • Becca
    Becca 11 months ago

    Wish I would have seen this video earlier today cause mine is already cooking. Will try this soon!!!!

  • Wynona Fudd
    Wynona Fudd 11 months ago

    Oh. My. Goodness. I have to try this!

  • Pablo Mendoza KI7DBV
    Pablo Mendoza KI7DBV 11 months ago

    I will make that cabbage/potato side dish at least once a week! Lovely!!

  • Dan Hulina
    Dan Hulina 11 months ago +4

    congrats... you turned corned beef into pastrami... looks good.

  • Donna Fitzgerald
    Donna Fitzgerald 11 months ago +2

    We dont even make corned beef and cabbage in Ireland ..
    But after seeing this recipe Im definetly gonna make this ..

  • Carol Lopez
    Carol Lopez 11 months ago

    I was just wondering if baked (or roasted) corned beef would be fork tender and lo and behold, there you are with this recipe and the answer to my wondering. It
    Looks so delicious and I'm so hungry looking at it I swear I could just give you a good smack on the cheek and steal it away from you. That's a kissy smack not a slap smack. Thanks.

  • Glennisha White
    Glennisha White 11 months ago

    That looks delicious..thank you for sharing. Simple ingredients and easy to follow steps and it was so moist lookinh. I will be trying your recipe for saint Patrick's day...i am a huge lover of corn beef after trying it as an adult...never would eat it as a

  • Jim Ward From NJ
    Jim Ward From NJ 11 months ago +1

    WOW...looks awesome great this lady!

  • SON of Apollo
    SON of Apollo 11 months ago +2

    I've never seen this method.Thanks!!
    How does it taste?Is it sweet?

  • frankelijah1
    frankelijah1 11 months ago +1

    OMG...........this is JUST how I'm gonna make mine this time!! Thanks!!!!

  • Karl Ruehs
    Karl Ruehs 11 months ago

    This year I’m breaking out of the stock pot and trying this method. My boiled corned beef has never been better than “fairly good”. Thank you!

  • Karl Ruehs
    Karl Ruehs 11 months ago +7

    Finally somebody who does not just boil the crap out of it! THANK YOU!!!!! A+++++++++ 👍

  • J Paulson
    J Paulson 11 months ago

    Finally! Found a recipe with a little love in it. So many other ones are basic.

  • charles vereschagin
    charles vereschagin 11 months ago

    I must you have a wonderful presentation .I am looking forward to see what you have to offer.

  • alice smith
    alice smith 11 months ago +2

    So, there is no need to soak the meat and change the water to get some of the salt out? I really want to make this dish for ST. Patrick's day for my family but I don't want it too salty to enjoy. No way am I going to boil it, never. It's either your way or no way at all, lol! TFS your wonderful dish and recipe.

    • Yahsgrace &mercy
      Yahsgrace &mercy 10 months ago

      alice smith I'm going to try it this way BUT I'M DEFINITELY BOILING IT A COUPLE OF TIME FIRST to remove a lot of that salt. THEN I'LL SEAR IT. I had corned beef brisket once and I was like whyyyyy is this meat so darn salty???😲😝😝

  • Lilith’sSylverMoon
    Lilith’sSylverMoon 11 months ago

    Wow! I really love this recipe. I’m using this year. Please! Please! Do more soul food. I love it soooo much!!

  • Barbara Coleman
    Barbara Coleman 11 months ago +3 phone. Your food looks so good. I can't wait to try this recipe!

  • Beatrice Hobson
    Beatrice Hobson 11 months ago +1

    yum yum yum!

  • Brenda Green
    Brenda Green 11 months ago +1


  • F-b Owen
    F-b Owen 11 months ago +6

    Tsp tsp and a half!? That’s like a damn 1/4 cup

  • Angelo Toy
    Angelo Toy 11 months ago

    is this not going to be salt I have seen some people boil there first. What do you think?

    • Udieng Tajang
      Udieng Tajang 11 months ago

      I usually soak my corned beef for a few hours first before I cook mine but I believe adding brown sugar and maybe vinegar too can temper the saltiness.

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  11 months ago

      No, mine was not salty at all but everybody's palate is different. Adjust to your taste. Thanks for watching.

  • Timothy Marcus
    Timothy Marcus 11 months ago

    Ass backwards......coat with the mustard all over then dry rub

  • Ryan Parrish
    Ryan Parrish 11 months ago +2

    I would add the Mustard before the spices to use it as a binder.

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  11 months ago

      So happy you are here. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment. Blessings

  • angela nadeau
    angela nadeau Year ago +3

    so grateful for this. I'm from the south but didn't know how to cook a flavorFUL brisket. THUMBS UP precious lady

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  11 months ago +1

      So happy you are here. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment. Blessings

  • Mike C Mike
    Mike C Mike Year ago

    I'm really going to try your recipe; Looks absolutely delicious..

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  11 months ago

      Let me know how it turns out. Thank you for watching and taking time to comment. Blessings.

  • john campo
    john campo Year ago

    Cant wait to try this! Looks sooo delicious!

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  11 months ago +1

      Thank you for watching and taking time to comment. Blessings.

  • Phoenix Rose
    Phoenix Rose Year ago

    That was so easy! I hope I get to try this recipe. I think I would omit the sugar cause I don't want sweet corned beef. But her technique is on point.

  • Jerry Kautz
    Jerry Kautz Year ago

    I am definitely going to try this

  • Ithila
    Ithila Year ago +10

    Gurlfriend, I'm a new sub and I love how you cook but I have to tell you that isn't "juice" it's blood from the meat. You wanna pour old blood that has drained from the meat over your food before you cook it, that's fine, but I won't. I rinse the meat before I begin to prepare it because bacteria thrive in the blood of dead animals and better safe than sorry. You don't lose taste by not using that blood unless you are feeding a crowd of Vampires. Btw, those are some FINE looking rings you have on.

    • Helen Grigsby
      Helen Grigsby 6 months ago

      Ithila Eel I agree blood over my food.

    • Heather Almasri
      Heather Almasri 8 months ago

      Ithila i said the same thing 😷 the rest looks amazing though

    • gojo197zero
      gojo197zero 11 months ago

      Please read the package the red liquid is a salt brine solution and should be rinsed although many people do not rinse it. It's supposed to aid in the pickling process.

    • Shamyra Boone
      Shamyra Boone 11 months ago

      It’s not blood , it’s a brine the market uses for the meat

    • britni hughes
      britni hughes 11 months ago

      It's not blood it's the brine they soak corned beef in...

  • Mr West
    Mr West Year ago

    Looks mouth watering I will try this recipe this week. ☺☺

  • Arthur Panaligan
    Arthur Panaligan Year ago

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will definitely try cooking corned beef this way.

  • fem diablo
    fem diablo Year ago

    excellent recipe I cooked it for my family an they absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing. 😄

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  Year ago +1

      hey there Ace, glad you tried it and that it worked out wonderfully for you. Thanks for letting me know about your success. Thanks for watching and be blessed.

    KAREN MONET Year ago +18

    Hello: I tried your recipe last night and the dish came out FANTASTIC!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Mz Kimmy
      Mz Kimmy 11 months ago

      Meso Making It Hey Sweetie, this looks DELICIOUS...I would love to try this recipe tonight & was wondering if I don't have brown sugar, can I use regular sugar? Or should I hold off & wait until I have the brown sugar? Please advise. Thank you & Happy St Patrick's day 😘!! Thanks for sharing❣️

      KAREN MONET Year ago +1

      Yes ma'am it was amazing!

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  Year ago +3

      Hey Karen, ....... nothing makes me more happy. I am popping my shirt collar with you and so proud of you. Blessings

  • linda ward
    linda ward Year ago +3


    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  Year ago +1

      Linda, let me know how yours turns out. Blessings

  • lupita lares
    lupita lares Year ago


  • mcleod55
    mcleod55 Year ago +12

    Precious lady...You sure made me hungry. Thanks for sharing

    • Lilith’sSylverMoon
      Lilith’sSylverMoon 11 months ago

      Meso Making It ill be waiting for some more soul food videos

    • Ratrice Bowden
      Ratrice Bowden Year ago +1

      mcleod55 awwwwwwwwww that was so sweet....

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  Year ago +2

      Thank you Mcleod .... many more videos to come. Thanks for watching.

  • chesh kat
    chesh kat Year ago

    Gathering my recipes for St. Patrick's Day - next week already. Decided on your fried cabbage with bacon. Making corned beef Meso style looks so delicious. You are right, boiling corned beef is not very good. My husband and I ate corned beef and cabbage several times a year. For the holiday, we made two roasts in our 18 quart slow cooker as he loved corned beef sandwiches.
    I'm up for something new as I no longer have the big slow cooker.Your method looks very similar to how I'd cook corned beef. But I'm salivating over how you seasoned it. My stomach even gave an "I want!" rumble. I'll cook the fried cabbage in my dutch oven so I can cook an entire large head. However, think I will try cooking the corned beef in my new Instant Pot, after searing it in my cast iron dutch oven on the stovetop.
    And I'll make a double batch of your hot water cornbread that I enjoyed last week. Haven't decided the dessert yet. Might be a complete Meso meal here - considering your icebox pie recipe.

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  Year ago

      Wow ..... all this sounds so good. Wish I had a little catch out plate from your kitchen it all sounds so yummy and made with love. That's the best.

  • Tiana K.
    Tiana K. 2 years ago

    can't wait to try your recipe. mine didn't turn out so well the last time. cooked it in pressure cooker. Not sure if it was good cut of meat. it didn't come with a flavor packet. was very disappointing! 2👍👍 on your recipe! thanks

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  2 years ago

      Yes cut of meat can really make a difference in cooking and taste. I think you will enjoy my recipe. let me know when you do try it. Blessings

  • Sherika Hunter
    Sherika Hunter 2 years ago +2

    I subscribed! Love your videos, I love to cook ,food is my passion. Thanks for sharing your kitchen. And you also have a kind spirit about you. Keep cooking from Tennessee!

    • Lilith’sSylverMoon
      Lilith’sSylverMoon 11 months ago

      Sherika Hunter
      mine too! I grew up
      In the south. My first taste of soul food and I was hooked.
      My best friends mother would always invite me to Sunday dinner. I was the only
      Little white blonde haired girl at the table, but I was always made to feel like I was family.
      Mabel, ( mama ) taught me how to cook a few dishes/ like her homemade Mac and cheese. It’s totally amazing! I sure do miss her ☹️ I was six years old at the time, and she died when I was eleven years old. I mourned for months. But I know she’s somewhere out there giving me inspiration to cook some mean meals! Food is my passion too. Blessed Be 🌛😁🌜

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  2 years ago +1

      Thanks for subscribing, Sherika we are going to be making some awesome dishes here. Blessings to you my dear.

  • Sonja Homer
    Sonja Homer 2 years ago +7

    Never cooked fresh corn beef will now! I love traditional fried cabbage. This will make a great Sunday dinner. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Lilith’sSylverMoon
      Lilith’sSylverMoon 11 months ago

      Meso Making It I love you! I could watch you cook all day

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  2 years ago +2

      Hey Sonja, you are so right. Sometimes we just want something different, something outside of the box and our family's really appreciate it. Not to mention it gives our children great exposure to all food types not just chicken, hamburger and fish. Thanks for watching, let me know how yours turns out. Be blessed.

  • TwoChainzzanaWang
    TwoChainzzanaWang 2 years ago

    Yes u have done it again!! I have 1 dhat I bought & I will be cookin mine just like dis! u got it lookin scrumptious thanks 4 sharing.

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  2 years ago

      +TwoChainzzanaWang Thanks TwoChainz, if you do a video I would love to see it. Be blessed.

  • C Y B
    C Y B 2 years ago

    u give me life...👍

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  2 years ago

      +cyeeda44 haha ...... Cyeeda, thank you for your kind words. I love it and I continue to look for ways to make my recipes more delicious and my videos more interesting. Thanks for watching and many blessings.

  • PbjVintageCookingVidz1
    PbjVintageCookingVidz1 2 years ago +18

    Wow..... looks tooooooooooooooooooo good! I would love to make a sandwich with that corned beef with pickles onions lettuce and mayo. Looks amazing

    • wanda j
      wanda j 6 months ago

      PBJVintageCookingVidz1 hey!! Hope u have some new recipes coming soon!!

    • Tina Simpson
      Tina Simpson 9 months ago

      PBJVintageCookingVidz1 I been . Looking for your verison

    • Carol Lopez
      Carol Lopez 11 months ago

      PBJVintageCookingVidz1 ,: and pickled onions...... OMG that sounds good!!!

    • Troi T
      Troi T Year ago

      PhillyboyJayCooKiNgShow1 that's pretty cool 😎 even tho you have your own cooking show u took time to support another cooker ✊🏾lov ya phillyboyJay

    • PbjVintageCookingVidz1
      PbjVintageCookingVidz1 2 years ago +1

      +Meso Making It Yes it looks awesome but am finding it hard to find fresh corned beef in the grocery stores in Philly......thanks for the video... it looked mouth watering :)

  • indias_deelicious_dishes_

    Great vid Meso, you dish looks delish!!!!

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  2 years ago

      +India Bloom India, my friend .... thanks for your support. Many blessings.

  • FitAngie
    FitAngie 2 years ago

    Oh my goodness that corned beef and cabbage, and potatoes looks amazing Meso. I'm hating that I can't comment in all your videos, it's driving me insane I'm so sorry. I love this !

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  2 years ago

      +FitAnge S Hey FitAnge, I'm sorry to hear about your internet/posting issues. I was having trouble commenting back to people too but I thought mine had corrected itself. That is until I started trying to respond to you. This is my 3rd time replying (and I see the post up) but when I leave the page and come back it has disappeared. YT is definitely having some problems. Hang in there I'm sure it will work out soon. Thanks and be blessed, love.

    NYCCHOCOLATE7777 2 years ago +2

    Hey Sis,YOU Are The "Absolute BEST" I So LOVE When YOU Give A Recipe & History Lesson All ln One!!! It's Funny I Just Looked At A Corn Beef@ Wal-mart The Other Day. Now I've Only Had lt Boiled But I Am Definitely Going To Try YOUR Way Cause lt Looks "Delicious"

    • Meso Making It
      Meso Making It  2 years ago +1

      +NYCCHOCOLATE7777 Hey sissy ...... I'm glad you enjoyed it. I see great minds think alike. As I said in the video (out side of in a sandwich) I am not a big fan of corned beef but this has a different flavor. Thanks for watching and commenting. Blessings your way.