Anime War: Episode 12 - The Hands of God

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • After Whis died protecting Beerus, Zeno the Omni King arrived with his guards to put an end to Archon!
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    Divine Intervention
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  • MaSTAR Media
    MaSTAR Media  27 days ago +4211

    What was your favorite part of the episode? If you guys enjoyed this work, donations go a long way to finishing the series. Also BUY A T-SHIRT!
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    • Antonio Valdivieso
      Antonio Valdivieso 11 hours ago

      @Jame Lechowski 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lla pareces á vegeta con esos modales

    • Matthew Jones
      Matthew Jones 25 days ago

      EPIC... Just absolutely Effin EPIC. LOVE IT. Always more than worth the wait. Keep up the amazing work MaSTAR. 👍🏻

    • sammie young
      sammie young 26 days ago

      MaSTAR Media I watched a few more times, chillaxed a minute, and remembered my manners! It was FANTASTIC! Didn’t like the almost 2 minute recap but I do vaguely remember it was only gonna be so long cause you’re doing a 2 parter so YOU DID GREAT! I enjoyed it! Thanks again for the entertainment and I will be supporting you come next pay period. I’m a disabled vet on a fixed income but whatever I can do for you I will!!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • aaron jacob
    aaron jacob 18 minutes ago

    i cried when whis died

  • Maxmiller BR
    Maxmiller BR 49 minutes ago


  • LidenRack
    LidenRack 2 hours ago

    I Need the neext episode

  • Appu gamer
    Appu gamer 2 hours ago

    Why didn't archon died when saitama punched him

  • Nahuel Lo greco
    Nahuel Lo greco 2 hours ago

    Why in english

  • Ruth Less389
    Ruth Less389 2 hours ago

    Not gonna lie the bad guy voice is more badass than the other ones

  • عاشقه باسم كربلاءي


  • Ka Phúc
    Ka Phúc 3 hours ago

    Không có tập tiếp à

    THE FALLEN 3 hours ago

    Saitama will be the strongest of them,
    There will be no challenge for saitama

    SABREWULF 4 hours ago

    so the guards distroyed half of the planet but when the God attack the evil guy the planet Earth was just like nothing happend before

  • Justin Brink
    Justin Brink 5 hours ago

    So I'm calling it now. Gogeta and Zeno defeat Archon by ripping him apart (pulling in opposite directions) and Gogeta will resurrect the fallen hero's with his new power since this story follows the Bible here and there (Goketa=Jesus) in concept and context. Booyaa! Sorry Mastar!

  • la parte oscura
    la parte oscura 5 hours ago

    Wow this is epic!!!!!! But why Saitama failed?

  • SebDrawarts
    SebDrawarts 5 hours ago

    WHOUAAAAA!!, vivement la suite!!!, Archon en Ultra Instinc, mais quand arretera son pouvoir????

  • ePOPee YT
    ePOPee YT 6 hours ago


  • Hoba Gaming
    Hoba Gaming 7 hours ago


  • محمد ادريس
    محمد ادريس 7 hours ago

    يا الحلوف

  • XRonaldo Fernandex
    XRonaldo Fernandex 7 hours ago


  • Sonia Pathak
    Sonia Pathak 8 hours ago +1

    Goku should go for Mafuba !!!

  • Go Gueta
    Go Gueta 8 hours ago

    What is it?¡Goku alcanza su TRANSFORMACIÓN MAS PODEROSA! (Guerra de Anime Episodio 12) 07/13/2019 wtf!

  • Jaipermil
    Jaipermil 9 hours ago

    Put kirito from Sword Art Online (SAO) please

  • Agilax YT
    Agilax YT 10 hours ago

    MaSTAR Media cuando un nuevo Capitulo!!

  • EliTe Revolution
    EliTe Revolution 10 hours ago +1

    12:07 When you realize the hero’s don’t actually win in the end

  • Na Pwint
    Na Pwint 11 hours ago +1


    LIMITLESS SHARING 12 hours ago

    Ben 10 - Alien X...

  • quoc lien
    quoc lien 12 hours ago

    the firts hands of god that wingchun hahahah

  • Azeet Maharjan
    Azeet Maharjan 12 hours ago

    Whats that planet after Jupiter

  • so errei uma vez, quando pensei estar errado

    Quando sai o episódio 13?

  • Sr.Nesquik
    Sr.Nesquik 13 hours ago

    wing chun

  • Larry Wilson
    Larry Wilson 13 hours ago

    i love there should be more than 13 episodes

  • Fahad all0 All
    Fahad all0 All 13 hours ago

    لعنك الله تصف انمي بيد الله الله يلعنكم

  • Tyrek Cheeseman
    Tyrek Cheeseman 14 hours ago

    I love this but am I the only one that thinks this is dragging on way to long 😒 like God dam does this man ever die..

  • diego puny
    diego puny 14 hours ago

    like si esk fui el primer conmentario en español encontrado =)

  • Miguel Giner
    Miguel Giner 14 hours ago

    5:48 song???

  • Daniel Geraldo
    Daniel Geraldo 16 hours ago

    Pô colocar a continuação, MT lgl

  • Teresa Palacios
    Teresa Palacios 16 hours ago +1


  • Sameer Shaikh
    Sameer Shaikh 17 hours ago

    Sir plz upload next episode I waiting from lots of days

  • Kiason Marsette
    Kiason Marsette 17 hours ago

    I would love to hear this in English dub do crazy I'm gonna miss your work

  • Camilo Ibañez
    Camilo Ibañez 18 hours ago +1

    La fusion tiene el nepe fortus

  • Natia Mkervalidze
    Natia Mkervalidze 19 hours ago

    nòooooooooooooooooo ichigo!!!!!!

  • Ивелин Филев

    when is the next episode

  • Charles Kusterbeck
    Charles Kusterbeck 20 hours ago

    13 is worth the wait!!!

  • nishant chaudhary
    nishant chaudhary 20 hours ago

    Please please please please please release next episode because I can't wait more
    I have seen this episode many times

  • Reggie Aguas
    Reggie Aguas 20 hours ago

    When will you upload episode 13? Thanks.

  • Dokkan Plays
    Dokkan Plays 21 hour ago

    🤔😬 ok...

    AMIT SINGH 21 hour ago

    Best move almighty pulse

    AMIT SINGH 21 hour ago

    Include shinchan 😂

    SWOOSHz 22 hours ago

    Atleast they know who Lord shiva is thats why the guards took his name😇

  • trần sinh nhật
    trần sinh nhật 22 hours ago

    Zeno true form vs zarama fusion evils

  • trần sinh nhật
    trần sinh nhật 22 hours ago

    Đấng zeno true form

  • And LP
    And LP 23 hours ago

    Quando sai o próximo epsódio ?

  • deyaa
    deyaa Day ago

    Well done

  • Icaro Guilherme
    Icaro Guilherme Day ago

    Sugestion : dragon gold zarama

  • Luciana Lopes
    Luciana Lopes Day ago

    Falta ep 13 Brasil ligado aqui

  • NASHEEL Hariparsad
    NASHEEL Hariparsad Day ago +1

    Awesome job on AMIME WAR episode 12
    Loved it
    Can't wait for episode 13

  • Vano Mtvarelishvili


  • 风中飞蛋
    风中飞蛋 Day ago

    Earth has been recovered at 13:49

  • SilentBut Deadly

    Wheres the ep 13