Alright, you can stop nerfing the 725 now (MODERN WARFARE)

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
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  • Matt Issertell
    Matt Issertell Month ago

    Cod- super OP ar.... Nah leave it for months it's fine
    Super OP smg.... Nah leave that too
    Shotguns that actually do what they're supposed to do and obliterate you... Day 1 Nerf and nerf it out of existence
    Sniping made super easy and cheesy... Nah being able to one shot across map super easy is fine

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Month ago

    You should try to make an ASMR with your P90 shots/hit marker sounds, that would be sick

  • Sayan Kalii
    Sayan Kalii Month ago

    I never really was playing MW I did pay for the game but the game is trash no really why did I pay money for this game I was never thinking about something for so long I don't like your F trash game 🤨
    What I'm saying is MW3 is better then the MW how that is the future going backwards or treyarch really need money the hole world payed to get the game and now they left us thinking that they need money
    I already payed the money for the other games I was happy with black ops1, 2,3 and 4 what I say

    Why is treyarch bullying us with MW😭😭😭😥

  • Z J
    Z J Month ago

    No. We should give people incentive to not over use shotguns and to not camp.

  • fake shdws
    fake shdws Month ago +2

    i forgot what a capital Y was once and once i forgot how to spell there. we’re in the same boat Jason 😂

  • Aidan Na
    Aidan Na Month ago

    No keep it going

  • Bungis Gumbis
    Bungis Gumbis Month ago

    I remember a match on shoot house where I and 2 of my teammates all died and the guy who killed us had a 725. He hip fired twice and killed all 3 of us. 2 hip fire shots, 3 kills.

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago

    Mp7 took me one good night of grinding to gold on shoothouse 24/7

  • iDivinities
    iDivinities Month ago

    Lmao I remember one time I forgot how to spell “of” , that was such a frustrating and most stupidest moment I’ve ever had that I still remember it until this day and probably will forever remember that moment

  • nabil chowdhury
    nabil chowdhury Month ago +1

    No, the 725 needs to go to hell

  • Austin Lethbridge
    Austin Lethbridge Month ago

    Tbh the 725 was the closest to how real shotguns work cus at like 30 feet theyll still kill

    • mrg zlkm
      mrg zlkm Month ago

      Its cod not a simulator

    TIMO THEE Month ago

    This is one of the problems when it comes to nerfing things. They will nerf it once (and lets be honest the first nerf was one joke of a nerf) and everybody will tell them to nerf again and that’s where they are like “alright they really want us to do it to them”

  • Howie Duzzit
    Howie Duzzit Month ago

    What's the song from 0:31? It's on the tip of my tongue!

  • Nateveli DaDon
    Nateveli DaDon Month ago

    Uh no, keep going

  • Chance Hunt
    Chance Hunt Month ago

    How does he not get copyright for the mortal kombat music

  • Dive Zenn
    Dive Zenn Month ago

    i love you

  • codysmithchips
    codysmithchips Month ago

    When I was 7 I forgot what the letter M looked like

  • The cool Chadturion

    Just today I was getting my ass cross mapped by the 680 with max attachments

  • Ronin Okami
    Ronin Okami Month ago

    Reads the title...

    checks the game...

    eh.. hit it again.

  • Fanatik
    Fanatik Month ago

    Wow reverse boosting account much skill really

  • TheKryptix Wick
    TheKryptix Wick Month ago

    I don't know if I just haven't been paying attention Jev but I haven't seen you drink Gfuel in a long time😂

  • Pass the cart Gaming

    Sorry but they could nerf the gun out of existence and nobody would care

  • ргш пыры
    ргш пыры Month ago +1

    I wonder what his sensitivity settings are

  • Whitty
    Whitty Month ago

    What gun did he have at the start?

  • Devin Warren
    Devin Warren Month ago +1

    this guy is an idiot

  • Davato
    Davato Month ago +1

    I think it needs more nerfing

  • GG Good Game
    GG Good Game Month ago

    Why is there mortal Kombat x music in the beginning?

  • Firas Markus
    Firas Markus Month ago +1

    Keep nerfing the 725

  • Fluffy Unicorn390
    Fluffy Unicorn390 Month ago

    Where can I get these bot lobbies? All I ever get it dudes drop shotting and sliding all over the map

  • Grim Ghost
    Grim Ghost Month ago

    Bro what is this mans class setup?

  • Nick Squires
    Nick Squires Month ago

    Yo I was one of the kids getting fucked in that first clip. LOL 😂 😂😂

  • Brevin Pope
    Brevin Pope Month ago

    If pro players out here mercin' people like this cant wait to see the tournaments this year

  • Brandon harris
    Brandon harris Month ago

    How are you so good and you are on console

  • Stephan D
    Stephan D Month ago

    I swear sometimes my MP5 will just randomly stop auto-aiming too and randomly becomes shit out of nowhere

  • PrimEye77884
    PrimEye77884 Month ago

    Does Jev stream? I feel like he could make so much more money if he tried to do both.

  • Kyree White
    Kyree White Month ago

    Nerf it to the ground

  • Yuaua
    Yuaua Month ago

    Fuck the 725 and anyone using it tbh

  • Philly Ramos
    Philly Ramos Month ago

    you’re such a tryhard😭

  • Trump
    Trump Month ago +1

    “Bitch, I am in a building!”

  • Trump
    Trump Month ago +1

    That entire first part was epic! I wish I was actually good at the game like you are, you make it look so fun. I’m honestly going to play online half the time now, I’ll spend the other half against bots.

  • Jetbarron
    Jetbarron Month ago

    Jev is a god lmao

  • Mortal Scorp
    Mortal Scorp Month ago

    That's an MKX stage soundtrack.

    WOKE RACCON Month ago

    Nerf that dumb shotgun out of the game

  • Coreyy
    Coreyy Month ago

    5:40 LMAO

  • Aiden
    Aiden Month ago

    Homie shot down a UAV with an uzi

  • Kruller
    Kruller Month ago

    I kinda feel sorry for the gun it’s shit now tbh was kinda fun when it was broken

  • Gabriel Walker
    Gabriel Walker Month ago

    You are a MONSTER at this fucking game.

  • Chicken No Tomato
    Chicken No Tomato Month ago

    You don’t have to upload everyday jev. And anyone who puts pressure on you to upload everyday isn’t a real fan or friend. Upload when you want I’ll still be be happy to watch every time

  • CIA
    CIA Month ago +1

    Challenge accepted: get the final camo and then delete your account and go again

  • Cesar Jimenez
    Cesar Jimenez Month ago

    Almost Everyone who uses the shotgun accompanies it with the M4 and camp with claymores

  • El Marmaduke420
    El Marmaduke420 Month ago

    Haha fuck you all 725 users, nerf the 725 to hell!

  • Offinics 780
    Offinics 780 Month ago

    does he not wear pink Astros no more ?

  • AG-67
    AG-67 Month ago +1

    Game unbalanced needs to be automatic with no recoil and extended mags that grant nuclears in one shot and needs to have god mode and aimbot

  • Bryce Rochester
    Bryce Rochester Month ago

  • Thomas Stevens
    Thomas Stevens Month ago

    Haven’t watched you in a while Jev probably since UFC and your 99 OVR BEAST but your still funny as hell 💩😂😂

  • Jacob Bunker
    Jacob Bunker Month ago

    so they arent gonna fix the game crashing constantly lol. waste of money

  • TjayK
    TjayK Month ago

    725 nerf is perfectly deserved if you want to 1 shot from a mile away with a shotgun you should be forced to use slug instead of buckshot dropping you at 50 meters.

  • JTrillZ BooFed
    JTrillZ BooFed Month ago

    Those kills with the P90 on shoothouse was so satisfying to watch

  • Hervard Buond
    Hervard Buond Month ago

    Steak or stake

  • Mat Chadwick
    Mat Chadwick Month ago

    725 nerfed again. R90 will dominate