Seafood Boil with De'arra of DK4L

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • Join me and special guest De'arra of DK4L for a smackin' good time. On the menu King Crab Legs, Lobster, Mussels, Corn and Potatoes. Get to know De'arra and follow her on Instagram and TVclip here:
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    Artwork by Paris L. Wilson
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Comments • 4 680

  • Amia Johnson
    Amia Johnson 2 hours ago

    Lol she so rude calling her girl she older than her saying girl call her ms belove

  • Amia Johnson
    Amia Johnson 2 hours ago

    What Tyler Perry movie ?

  • Mia Stewart
    Mia Stewart 10 hours ago

    Who realised that De'arra didn't have her engagement ring on??😕😳!!

  • Komal Hasil
    Komal Hasil 17 hours ago

    Makeup for looking beautiful but they looks horrible

  • Izzy_chaos
    Izzy_chaos 17 hours ago

    When dearra said they been doing TVclip for like 3 years I was damn, I did not know I been watching for them for this long

  • keira darling
    keira darling 23 hours ago

    The real OG.....who you know eating with b. Luv ? I’ll wait!!!

  • The beautyJeneral

    OMGGGGG i knew she would be on

  • Mia’s Tv
    Mia’s Tv Day ago +1

    they would make perfect friends .

  • Gege Louizzy
    Gege Louizzy Day ago

    Yesss she finally got Dearra 😍

  • Alyshia Jackson
    Alyshia Jackson Day ago +1

    I’ve only watched some videos of De’Arra and I feel like she’s an Aries like because girlllllll 😂😂😂 we have A LOT in common when it comes to interests

  • Victoria Ingram
    Victoria Ingram 2 days ago

    Absolutely loved this video.

  • Zakiya Brown
    Zakiya Brown 2 days ago

    hi,i'm aaliyah can you do a iphone 11 give away but if you do can you give me one.

  • blxrryfxce 234
    blxrryfxce 234 3 days ago

    Now I'm About To Order Postmates😭

  • Allie Kile
    Allie Kile 3 days ago

    You guys are lucky I love seafood but we don’t get very often

  • Rachel McDuffie
    Rachel McDuffie 3 days ago

    This collab had more views than the one with the celebs, we love us some Dearra 😍🥰 they got along so good 💗💗 Yess Blove been killing these collaborations man

  • Nakya Walker
    Nakya Walker 3 days ago

    Yall eating good lemme get some

  • Elizabeth T
    Elizabeth T 3 days ago

    Dearra & Ken are true relationship goals 💯❤️😩

  • Eshh Santiago
    Eshh Santiago 3 days ago

    Can I do a calab with u

  • نجلاء فتحى
    نجلاء فتحى 4 days ago

    قناة نجلاء فتحى ف بيت الذكريات ارجو الاشتراك ف القناة

  • adamjber
    adamjber 4 days ago

    yall so cute i love this duo!!!!!!

  • Ebony Bloom
    Ebony Bloom 5 days ago

    I love De'Arra

  • C. Jones
    C. Jones 5 days ago +2

    De’arra reminds me of Porsha from RHOA.

  • Leah Devereaux
    Leah Devereaux 5 days ago +1

    i'm a 1000% shook. y'all look the same age.

  • Crissieforya
    Crissieforya 5 days ago +1

    I love dearra. She seems so genuine & down the earth 💛

  • Patricia Jones
    Patricia Jones 5 days ago


  • Ina Neculcea
    Ina Neculcea 6 days ago

    I've been waiting for this collaboration for the LONGEST time!

  • Synsious
    Synsious 6 days ago

    Bloveslife is that Blackmon everybody loves

  • cocolina bug
    cocolina bug 6 days ago

    Dearra over there dancing 😂

  • samantha smith
    samantha smith 6 days ago

    I love them 🥺❤️

  • Shanya _
    Shanya _ 6 days ago

    neighbours probably thought they were fighting.😂

  • Lo Anderson
    Lo Anderson 6 days ago +6

    “I’m 23, we started TVclip 3 years ago when I was 18” mims

  • Ramando Bootchee
    Ramando Bootchee 7 days ago

    Y'all look alot

    LINLIN LIN 7 days ago

    im sittin hea like ummmm wen is yahhhh gone get da lobsta

    LINLIN LIN 7 days ago

    i love deaira cuz even wen asked and wen she talked about her channel ,even though they have one of da biggest channels and prolly hella money ,she stilll b da most humble person eva her and ken .dat wahh make me love watchin them and errthang

    LINLIN LIN 7 days ago

    ong i b watchin mukbangs wen im hungry

    LINLIN LIN 7 days ago

    wen deaira said hold up lemme take my watch offf i said exactlyyyyyy get downnn

  • Chlobug
    Chlobug 8 days ago

    Why does she pop like that is so annoying.😡

  • Mimis Mukbangz
    Mimis Mukbangz 8 days ago

    Why she look so much taller than you then! Her head is cut off, she looks like shes a good 5'10

    • Dasia Green
      Dasia Green 5 days ago

      Mimis Mukbangz could be the way they sitting. Looks like Dearra is a lot closer to the table.

  • Silvia Nyambeki
    Silvia Nyambeki 9 days ago

    Which Tyler Perry movie is that? I wanna see it

  • Silvia Nyambeki
    Silvia Nyambeki 9 days ago

    I love Dearra

  • Aniyah McDaniel
    Aniyah McDaniel 9 days ago

    I love y’all happy weight definitely glowing

  • Itsthe0nlyParys _
    Itsthe0nlyParys _ 9 days ago

    Dearra might have a baby coming

  • Cutieannabell watcher
    Cutieannabell watcher 10 days ago

    I love this collaboration ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nadia wo
    Nadia wo 10 days ago

    I love de'arra and Ken's yt Channel ❤

  • Brooke X Yaya
    Brooke X Yaya 10 days ago

    My name "Dearra Shay Tayla"

  • Micky Marshall
    Micky Marshall 10 days ago

    De'arra is really good conversation.

  • Kaleb Hall
    Kaleb Hall 10 days ago

    This was really bothering me because it's a zucchini not a cucumber. I love De'Arra so much!

    • T T
      T T 7 days ago

      You must have never had the mini cucumbers, they look just like a zucchini.

  • Miayla Scott
    Miayla Scott 10 days ago

    I’m hungry

  • Monica Lee
    Monica Lee 11 days ago

    Both of my favorite ladies are together 🙌🙌🙌

  • Jada's World
    Jada's World 11 days ago

    enjoyed watching Dearra as a "girlfriend" 😍

  • Xavier Martin
    Xavier Martin 11 days ago +1

    I love 2 black women getting to know each other more instead of talking about drama! Love y’all 🧡

  • AmealonRBX
    AmealonRBX 11 days ago

    my dad a mortician up here in florida

  • Nerisah_xo
    Nerisah_xo 11 days ago

    This collaboration was a must! ❤🔥

  • Destine' Johnson
    Destine' Johnson 11 days ago

    You should do Chris brown

  • veronica sanders
    veronica sanders 11 days ago

    Mortician D!!! Jack of all trades!! 😂😍

  • Jocelyn Bryant
    Jocelyn Bryant 11 days ago +2

    i love how De'arra associates herself w/ certain people...she not anti she just don't like to be associated w/ drama and its amazing!

  • Derickakash
    Derickakash 11 days ago +1

    Real fans know that dearra been knew about bloves😂.

  • acaramel2006
    acaramel2006 11 days ago

    It look so so good

  • XXentron
    XXentron 11 days ago

    U made me feel hungry😂😂😭

  • Lalaforreal Forrealforreal

    Y'all remember she use to belch and do all that crazy stuff lol.