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  • Published on Jan 20, 2017
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  • DikPix
    DikPix Year ago +3196

    This video is terrible. My content is way better.

    • Letisha Garcia
      Letisha Garcia 8 days ago

      Really criticizeing others and your name is DikPix

    • Dre lude
      Dre lude 18 days ago

      +Caleb Dearing r/wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh

    • Merrhnh 2002
      Merrhnh 2002 20 days ago


    • Mr. Yeeter
      Mr. Yeeter 22 days ago

      Caleb Dearing oh you naive little bastard

    • Samantha Corallo
      Samantha Corallo 25 days ago

      No your just being rude your jealous because your videos are crappy

  • Anime lover #1
    Anime lover #1 16 hours ago +1

    Neil Patrick Harris is a better count Olaf I do say so myself, my reason being is because her just seems to Fit into the part better and seems more comfortable with his character/role in the show

  • strngrjack
    strngrjack Day ago

    where can i watch the movie?

  • Vishen Sivparsad


  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 2 days ago

    My roommate and I were both big fans of the book series when we were younger, and I really loved the movie too in spite of its short runtime. We were excited when the Netflix show came out, but only ended up watching the first three books (six episodes).
    It just...wasn't funny. It TRIED to be funny, but wasn't. The performances in the Netflix series weren't as good as the movie's, and the pacing was so strange. I wasn't a fan of the weird colour direction, either, and a lot of the humour was just rammed in there with no regard for the tone.
    As funny as the books could be at times, to me, as a kid, they were grim mysteries first and foremost. Seeing them played as a joke with fourth wall breaks and silly asides just pulled me out of it. It really wasn't for me.
    I like the musical numbers and I appreciate their sort-of-loyalty to the books, but watching the Netflix series just makes me long for what might have been if the 2004 crew had reprised their roles.

  • Tortilla
    Tortilla 2 days ago

    i personally like the tv show more (I haven't actually watched the movie but I dont really need to the video sums it up) while the first season is a bit more comedic the last 2 are pretty dark besides the bullshit fucking ending on the island- and I would suggest making a new comparison but having 3 seasons vs 1 movie that only has content from the 1st season doesn't seem fair enough

  • Jeff Cote
    Jeff Cote 2 days ago +1

    The movie was an unfinished story. Having existed any sequel and it would have been a better match for a comparison with the show.

  • Sosroseno
    Sosroseno 3 days ago +1

    I like both, but I like the movie a bit more. Jim Carrey made the movie for me.

  • Derreck D
    Derreck D 3 days ago +1

    The series was so faithful to the books and they did not skip a beat on a single detail. I must say though, the tone of the movie is what I needed more of in the show. Don't get me wrong - the book had a lot of campy humor which I feel the show had captured. But the movie really captured the emotional depth and the darkness of what was really going on. Jim C terrified me as Olaf. For some reason even apart from his comedic approach, the way he portrayed Olaf made him seem like he could snap at any moment. It was great. And visually, let us be honest - the movie's atmosphere was superior. If the movie was able to extend out into multiple films and they were given more time, I really feel the overall feel of the movie would have been better fitting. I appreciate both for what they are and we were lucky to have even gotten two interpretations.

    • munchkin blue
      munchkin blue 2 days ago +1

      I agree so much! I love the show and I'm happy the books are adapted so well, but movie Olaf was terrifying.

  • Milena Letic
    Milena Letic 3 days ago

    I love the series I think that Neil Patrick Harris actually plays Count Olaf better. In some parts of the series the kids hint that they are a little jealous of one in other like in the submarine with Fiona where Violet tells Klaus that she doesn’t trust her after they start flirting
    I also just finished watching the whole entire tv series and the whole concept is darker than the movie. The one absolute thing that bothered me was Mr.Poe’s coughing. How utterly annoying. I actually liked the whole concept of the tv show more than the movie and that the children went other places and the triplets they met and the trouble they had gotten into and.....I’m writing to much. But the “Lemony Sniket” was a funny guy even though I had a tough time wondering was era the whole thing was in. I’m genuinely surprised that I have written this deeply about a tv show. This is BY FAR the best Netflix series and I don’t care what people say it’s my opinion. I haven’t seen anything this good in a while.
    -Milena Letic 3-18-19 4:14am

    • Milena Letic
      Milena Letic 3 days ago

      Once again so sorry I wrote this much but if you read it kudos

  • Taking Leave
    Taking Leave 3 days ago

    Does the movie ever even touch on the VFD and how it pulls everything full circle? I've never seen it.

  • AJ Bores
    AJ Bores 4 days ago

    The series because when a series is longer with more humor more sorrow and lasts so much longer, yes I hated to see that it ended very sad for me I loved that series, but it brings me to love it more for its length and detail and the other key components

  • Eyam Ratshilumela
    Eyam Ratshilumela 4 days ago

    I saw the show first soooo....
    I choose the show
    Who wouldn’t choose Netflix over Nic

    SKY SINK 4 days ago +1

    I prefer the series tbh

  • Kyle Towner
    Kyle Towner 4 days ago +2

    Honestly like them both I like the original movie for the darkness but I also kind of like the humor in the show but I really love the Patrick walburton scenes in the show soooo much

  • Super Saiyan
    Super Saiyan 4 days ago

    I think the film is better

  • SwearingOakTree
    SwearingOakTree 4 days ago

    The movie was what made me watch the series.I remember the movie had all those great things like being dark and the book thing with Claus.But the series series was funny and the narration was epic.I believe that it is not quite the movie and the series you should be looking but for the story which is illustrated differently in both the TvShow and movie.

  • Annette Ramos
    Annette Ramos 5 days ago


  • Canis Major ##
    Canis Major ## 5 days ago +1

    I haven't read the books but what I heared, the series make a way better job of showing the theme of the books. Still, I prefer the movie because of the way they dealed with it. Everybody shits on it because it is not the same as the books, which is just unfair.
    They had three storylines and tried to press it into a movie. Where is the problem that they made their own theme to it? I think it fits.
    A series of Unfortunate Events works as originals and it also works with the movie's adaption.

    • berfuzia
      berfuzia 5 days ago +1

      Canis Major ## i completely agree!
      just because the movie didnt replicate or try to match the books perfectly doesnt mean it’s worse than the netflix series. i personally enjoyed the movie because of the realistic human quality, and the interesting cinematography

  • Word Maker
    Word Maker 6 days ago

    I've thought about this when comparing Hannibal the movie verse the TV show, and a friend pointed out the fact that with the TV show that there can be more nuance. After watching Hannibal the TV show, Anthony Hopkins looked cartoonish... but the first time I saw Anthony Hopkins I thought he hit the nail on the head. You do point out some great differences, but there is also the fact that the tv show has... well, time. I liked the musical number. I read the books and thought the series was more in keeping with the tone of the books but that the movie... yeah, it was good too. Movies have less time, they have to be punchy-er.

  • Rad One
    Rad One 6 days ago

    You really tried to edit those faces in...

  • Mariam Hosam
    Mariam Hosam 6 days ago

    I like the series better.

  • nugget
    nugget 6 days ago +1

    Netflix is the better one idk why

  • Ayra Afdzal
    Ayra Afdzal 6 days ago

    What you say about the netflix poe is true

  • Feet Yeet
    Feet Yeet 6 days ago

    Better Netflix

  • Charles Warren
    Charles Warren 7 days ago

    Netflix one

  • Muroto-Kun :3
    Muroto-Kun :3 8 days ago +1

    Like if you prefer the Netflix series, comment if you like the movie better *i personally prefer the series more

    MASON CRIPE 8 days ago

    Dude I love the show

  • Satoshi Oda
    Satoshi Oda 8 days ago

    The show is a lot better compared to the movie, because at least in the show they didn't have Beatrice and Bertrand be the leaders of VFD, rushed adaptations (except for The End), have Olaf be a non-threatening villain, the characters' outfits being so de-saturated that you focus more on the background than the characters, and the entirety of the train scene.

  • Stephen Strange
    Stephen Strange 8 days ago +1

    I've always loved the movie, since I was a wee tot

  • iShadowCat
    iShadowCat 9 days ago

    2:49 hmmm, so your telling me that when Olaf dies that’s not emotional. That was literally the saddest death BRUH, they 100% concentrate on the flipping emotion! No hate, but wtf xD

  • Lyra Silvertongue
    Lyra Silvertongue 10 days ago

    The tv show is better and YOU didn’t do it justice

  • Bummeryyy
    Bummeryyy 10 days ago +1

    the way each character acted, like Mr. Po and Olaf, really annoyed me throughout all of the seasons in the tv show, but something about it made me always want to watch another episode and see what happened next. In the end, I feel like something is missing in my day to day life, and I sometimes think back and wonder if I should go back and rewatch the tv show again. For the movie, I was very young when I saw it and I never really understood it. Did anyone else have this same experience?

  • Jordan Samuels
    Jordan Samuels 10 days ago

    You still need to watch the last season

  • winston ooi
    winston ooi 11 days ago

    Vote netflix better

  • FiringPlays
    FiringPlays 11 days ago

    definitely the show because of Neil Patrick Harris

  • mlg gamerboy
    mlg gamerboy 11 days ago

    Like if you remember to "look away,look away, look away look away" for Beatrice:when we first met I was lonely now, I am pritty lonley.

  • Tik Toker
    Tik Toker 12 days ago

    *I SWEAR I WAS SO DISSAPOINTED WITH THE MOVIE! I LOVED THE SHOW SO MUCH MORE THAN THE MOVIE!* s just because I was so confused in the movie! And I thought they would have at least 15 minutes for each book? I also prefer Neil Patrick Harris's Count Olaf because he was a better fit for him. And I think Uncle Morty didn't die in the movie? Which I was very confused on. Like wHuT and I was very disappointed when they ended with the first three books. I wanted to see Esme and Carmelita!

  • stronzo JJ
    stronzo JJ 12 days ago +1

    I prefer the film

  • TheDoodleDiva
    TheDoodleDiva 13 days ago

    In series 2 and 3 it progresses so much further and the emotions and talent are far better than the movie!!

  • Jonerico
    Jonerico 13 days ago

    The movie doesn't even give you any answers about vfd... infact it doesn't even set up the vfd..?

  • Oliver Norton
    Oliver Norton 13 days ago

    I love the series and the next 2 seasons are much better

  • Robert Montalvo
    Robert Montalvo 13 days ago

    The movie is miles ahead and does a well job and compressing the story. The series feels cheap and as if it’s trying to be satirical and absurd but misses the mark of comedy with that. The tone also feels lost and pointless there’s no subtlety no beauty and is more enjoyable to children as oppose to the mix audience that could enjoy the film

  • John Calacanis
    John Calacanis 14 days ago +1

    I would suggest watching the last season of the Netflix show. Once you completely finish it then I assume you would have a better review considering there is so much more to compare. For example the show doesn’t end with the musical number, it ends with Lemony Sni -e̶n̶d̶i̶d̶i̶s̶u̶e̶g̶e̶b̶j̶d̶i̶i̶x̶u̶d̶v̶-

  • Infinitebytez
    Infinitebytez 14 days ago

    The season 3 ending is out

  • Just JaR
    Just JaR 14 days ago

    I thought Jim Carreys Olaf was much goofier and less indimidating. NPH's Olaf was down right creepy later in the show, you just resented him

    • berfuzia
      berfuzia 5 days ago

      you should remember that only the first season was out when nitpix made this vid, he probably would have mentioned it otherwise

  • Dane Cairns
    Dane Cairns 14 days ago +3

    The film. For one, That's what I grew up with. For another, the acting is better. And for a third, its (not IT'S) ending is more emotionally touching.

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans 15 days ago

    I like the TV series better than the movie

  • Weird But Wonderful Things

    Who are the BULDALARES?

  • Mariana Fernandez
    Mariana Fernandez 16 days ago +1

    personal opinion: movie was better, honestly yeah the movie went a bit bit fast but for whatever reason I like it more
    one thing I will say, the show went slow, but got the plot points and left me wanting more; I personally cried when Count Olaf died

  • Super Mario Blake SMB
    Super Mario Blake SMB 16 days ago +1

    The actors in the show are better, especially Klaus because in the movie he doesn’t even wear glasses. But the movie was more like what Lemony Snicket probably wanted, it’s more dark and unfortunate, but what’s the title called! A series of UNFORTUNATE events. They are not supposed to be lucky, the kids are always unlucky thanks to Olaf.

  • Abbey Lehmann
    Abbey Lehmann 17 days ago

    In the series it’s extremely depressing I cried 3 times

  • Abbey Lehmann
    Abbey Lehmann 17 days ago

    You’re saying the movie is better the series is 100% better for me

  • HappyPills
    HappyPills 17 days ago

    I personally think Olaf is better in the show, he has the sad satyrical vibe like ice king from adventure time, making him feel like an emotional flip switch that makes the audience feel uneasy while easily being able to feel sad at the end of the show. The show covers almost every problem you’ve encountered with reason and interesting plot direction. Over all, the show is very aesthetically pleasing, well shot, with good characters and a satyrical but melancholic plot the leaves the viewer anticipating every episode on the edge of their seats.

  • Universe's Youtube
    Universe's Youtube 18 days ago

    The show is more like the books and in the books the resteraunt was in the books but I do agree the forth wall breaking is bad and lemony in the show is wayyyyyyyy to introducing but I like jim curry in the movie but I hate neil patrick because he is more evil. And the monty killing explanation is pointless. Also the henchmen in the books are mire evil

  • Charlotte M
    Charlotte M 18 days ago

    The tv serise

  • Precious Lake
    Precious Lake 18 days ago +1

    I prefer Neil Patrick Harris over Jim carrey

  • Azka Kusumantio
    Azka Kusumantio 18 days ago

    Yeah the sereis is much better cause season 3 is out olaf is dead And yeah its just better

  • Griezmann Brown
    Griezmann Brown 18 days ago

    definitly the series

  • Riq Havok
    Riq Havok 19 days ago

    you didn't like it? you were warned countless times to look away. this review is way too bias and therefore sucks!

  • Kathrine  Novalight
    Kathrine Novalight 19 days ago

    In my honest opinion, i think both are great HOWEVER, the show nailed it for keeping every detail of each book in each episode, which is why they are longer and more lengthy than the movie. The movie could've added more depth and time into the movie but they only took three book and mashed them together. The movie had the feel down as the tone and the right kind of attitude towarsa it, however their setup for each scene is what made me most irritated, considering that they set it up as first book, second, third then back to first. Then they decided that they were just gonna stop the movie there, which is fine but it wouldve been better to have the detail like the show does. The show goes through all the books instead of just three and it sets up each plot in the way it was suppose to be, sets up each character to how they are (except mr. Poe's wife, elenor was suppose to be mr. Poe's sister, not the wife.) And stuck tk each book accordingly. But as far as where my likes are, i wouldnt be able to decide either or, i loved the movie first and i love the show now, so i love them both equally. That's just my look on things.

  • imaweirdkid
    imaweirdkid 19 days ago

    The scene in the restaurant isn't pointless. It was in the book.

  • Stefen Echols
    Stefen Echols 19 days ago

    Jim > Neil

  • Gabriela Lopes
    Gabriela Lopes 19 days ago +1

    VFD wasn’t even mentioned not once in the film, which really killed it for me and why I prefer the series better, because the whole book series revolves around the schism in VFD, which is the whole reason why the entire Series Of Unfourtunate Events happens at all. If you don’t mention it, what’s the whole point of the movie? The movie shows the plot as some random fire that just so happens to ruin like everything else, however the Netflix series actually elaborates and gives reason to all plot scenarios and explains why things that happened happened. And personally, I think Netflix Olaf was a better adaptation completely, nothing against Jim Carrey of course, I simply think Carrey is too lighthearted and funny for such an evil solemn character such as Olaf. The Baudelaire’s in the Netflix series are represented much better, not only that but Klaus actually has glasses in the series, which I think was a big part of his character, and I believe that the movie completely killed the vibe that’s supposed to be ‘dreary and solemn’ and the Netflix series is just way more similar to the books. I respect your opinion, but I have to agree to disagree.
    tHaNks fOr cOmIng tO mY tEd tAlK
    (and yes I have read the books and watched both the movie and the series, so don’t go ham on me for being ‘bias’)

  • Mark Demidov
    Mark Demidov 20 days ago

    To be very honest I kind of enjoy Mr Poe in the series, yeah he's an idiot, yeah he never listens, but he can be so hilarious or so stupid that it'll make you laugh

  • Little 94
    Little 94 20 days ago

    Definitely the film

  • allonsy.alonso
    allonsy.alonso 20 days ago

    I'll admit that while I don't hate the movie, it was a disappointment to me. It stayed pretty true to the source material but there is a very distinct feeling, an emotional experience I still don't really have a name for, I remember having when i read the books for the first time as a child. Honestly at the time I just figured that it was the result of the maturing I had done in the years separating when I first read the books and the movie coming out or maybe I had just romanticized the feeling I had when reading books, there were a lot of really complicated really fucked up things going on in my life at the time and those books were my escape. Regardless of the why I just saw it as one of those things and I enjoyed the movie even if it wasn't what I desperately wanted it to be. And then the show came premiered and it elicited that not quite definable emotional response the movie lacked, everything about it brought me joy and entertainment and a healthy dose of nostalgia. For that reason the movie could never hope to compare to the show, but that's for a deeply personal reason and I realize anybody who didn't have the exact relationship with the books that I did may feel quite differently and that's ok

  • Poké Dudes
    Poké Dudes 20 days ago

    The Netflix show is at a rate that could be real while the nick movie just skips everything

  • E T-Y
    E T-Y 20 days ago

    I honestly prefer the show, the movie had so little content and I prefer the show, its jokey but it made me cry 5 times and I didnt really like the actors who played anyone in the movie, just my opinion

  • SUPERNOVA 1357
    SUPERNOVA 1357 21 day ago

    That movie was GARBAGR

  • Amoi Gordon
    Amoi Gordon 23 days ago

    I like the realete

  • Blackout Studios
    Blackout Studios 24 days ago

    Is it just me or is this show the best show eeeeeevvveeerrrr

  • Kracken
    Kracken 24 days ago

    The movie portrayed the books terribly. It was as if someone got a brief review of the first three books than waited a couple years. And with that foggy memory of a summary tried to create a movie.

  • DeltaRune Boy
    DeltaRune Boy 24 days ago

    I vote movie 🎥 :D

  • Sass Hole
    Sass Hole 24 days ago

    I think Jim Carrey method acted Count Olaf and hasn't stopped until this day.

  • Anna Lorenz
    Anna Lorenz 25 days ago

    Great comparison

  • Kat Remy
    Kat Remy 25 days ago

    I have to say I have watched the nefix series many times because it my fav

  • Lucy Kinnear
    Lucy Kinnear 25 days ago

    Like this comment if you prefer the series
    Dislike if you prefer the film

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 25 days ago

    I will rate the series and movie based on how badly they made me cry, as that's what happened in the books. The series clearly wins in this one.

  • bronlokis
    bronlokis 25 days ago

    just finished the entire series on Netflix: def better than the movie.

  • Jolie Mcgregor
    Jolie Mcgregor 26 days ago

    I would prefer the tv show

  • Eye Glitches
    Eye Glitches 26 days ago +1

    There is a lot of arguing opinions in the comment, but I think we can all agree that the guardians and the Mr Poe shown in the film are better executed then the equivalent in the show.

  • Batman123098 Catherine

    Series are way better

  • Esther Harms
    Esther Harms 26 days ago +1

    I like them both.

  • Girl of Many Vloggities
    Girl of Many Vloggities 26 days ago +3

    The first one. That’s my childhood.

  • Jarrod Smith
    Jarrod Smith 26 days ago

    I think the movie is better

  • Aqua World
    Aqua World 26 days ago

    The show is the best

  • Shianne Recchia
    Shianne Recchia 27 days ago

    The movie wasnt bad. But could've definitely been better. They greatly suffer the authors voice by trying to slam everything into one movie.
    The TV show may move way slower in comparison. But it definitely covers the authors voice better. Part of that is because the author had complete control over the scripts. If wanted something changed they did. Another thing is that even if it doesnt seem important it is. Most of the dialogue is taken verbatim from the books.
    As someone who read the books and watched both movie and tv. The TV is one of the best book to screen adaptations of anything I've seen. Went back to read the books after watching the show and realized how close they adheard to the authors vision.

  • Stephanie Ransom
    Stephanie Ransom 28 days ago

    The reason sunny plays poker with the hook handed man is to show how their friendship grows

  • Omuni torimidashi
    Omuni torimidashi 28 days ago

    I love both tremendously,but I agree the film had a sadder tone,id love to see sequels to the movie,finishing the actual story itself,the show earned it's credits but couldn't really pitch it like the film. Both are amazing though.

  • Zombeevee
    Zombeevee 28 days ago

    film 100%

  • Tom Pierce
    Tom Pierce 28 days ago

    i like them both both versions bring something to the table that the other one doesnt

  • Ally L.
    Ally L. 28 days ago

    A series of unfortunate events is better. Where’s my team ASOUE at?

  • Mr Gray
    Mr Gray 28 days ago

    I loved the movie

  • Chatot Maestro
    Chatot Maestro 28 days ago

    I love how so many of the problems you had with the show are things they changed from the movie to make it more faithful lol

  • Leco Reco
    Leco Reco 29 days ago

    everybody saying the series is better cause there is more things in it and it follows the book closer, as if that is a priority. The tone, characters , cinematography and color choice is far better in the movie, there is just less things crammed in . The series almost never had the feeling that olaf was a actual threat.

  • blue heart
    blue heart 29 days ago

    I do like this video, but I prefer the show. I just think there are better actresses in the show instead of the movie. But I do like your video. I have nothing against it

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 29 days ago

    The Netflix series wasn't trying to leech off the success of Harry Potter like the movie was trying to do.

    Being darker in nature doesn't guarantee quality much less superior content. Being darker in nature guarantees that you'll attract misguided fake gothic teenagers to make crappy AMVs that they post to TVclip with the trailer shots of your movie to sweet sounds either Linkin Park's In The End or Evanescence's bring me to life.

    The movie mashed 3 different stories together and messed up the wedding scene by placing it after the Wide Window, poorly executed and Streep seemed like she was phoning in most of her perfomance, possibly after she learned that this movie would be met with no award nominations, I don't blame her; this was an fine movie when there were no adaptations of the works of Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate events to speak of. However another movie mashed 3 different stories together and was publicly derided for it: Spider-Man 3 and rightfully so. These aren't HORRIBLE movies by any means, but they can fall back on much better stories from their own mythos, especially since Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events has a long form episodic TV show fall back on.

    Don't get me wrong, the movie was good, but the series was better.

  • i changed my name so old repliers get clapped

    @everyone who likes the tv series more

    🅱️ruh I liked the movie more because it was simple, less obnoxious, and it logically made sense. It’s that easy.

  • Osama Ahmad
    Osama Ahmad Month ago

    Netflix ♥