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  • DikPix
    DikPix Year ago +2877

    This video is terrible. My content is way better.

  • Savage Banana
    Savage Banana Hour ago

    who is watching in 2019

  • Sunil Permaul
    Sunil Permaul Hour ago

    I don't really agree with some of your points. Also, the video started out fine, but then your bias comes out very hard. It goes from being a comparison video to you just slamming the Netflix version in favour of the motion picture.

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 3 hours ago

    I don't agree with the views, but this was a good vid

  • 이지후
    이지후 3 hours ago

    I personally enjoyed the movie but I do feel the show was much better at capturing the unique style in which the books are written. It comes off as really weird and strange when translated to the screen but once you get used to it I feel like it did the book justice while not being a carbon copy of it. The exaggerated features about the adults- mainly their ignorance, their selfishness, their stupidity- are all wonderfully portrayed and really gets the whole theme of the story so well. I do feel that the 'abilities' of the children, mainly Klaus, could have been as exaggerated as in the film but they're still written wonderfully. The thing about the movie is that because it's so short and only based on the first three books of the series, the major plot points of VFD and that entire mystery is not included. Everything about the eyes, the telescope, the fires all remain a mystery to the audience.

  • Maximum P
    Maximum P 3 hours ago

    I prefer the show

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis 3 hours ago

    Movie is better 1000%

  • Dmitri Hubbard
    Dmitri Hubbard 8 hours ago

    In my opinion I prefer the series

  • Juice Goose
    Juice Goose 9 hours ago

    I think everyone who has watched the show first thinks it’s better than the movie, and everyone who saw the movie first thinks is better than the show.

  • sage pressley
    sage pressley 10 hours ago

    I liked the movie a lot more

  • Laura Guerro
    Laura Guerro 11 hours ago

    The TV show is exciting, and I remember enjoying the movie as a kid.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 12 hours ago +1

    What do you mean Neil patric Harris can’t change from being nice to a threat, HES LITERALLY SAYING THAT HE IS GOING TO CUT OFF SUNNYS TOE! While the movie version is doing a weird dinosaur movement. The books are dark, so should the movie and show and I think the show has portrayed that very clearly

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker 12 hours ago +1

      4:41 is the time I’m talking about

  • Stacy Yamashita
    Stacy Yamashita 12 hours ago

    2:47 he must feel like a fucking idiot now

  • Dustin White
    Dustin White 13 hours ago

    So, over all I agree. But I do feel like you may have overlooked Neil Patrick Harris's serious moments, which I believe were delivered very well. The Netflix acting always seemed a little off, but it seemed intentional. I'm sure there's a reason for it, probably to make a series of arson, murder, and multiple plots to kill small children to get money a little less dark. While I see what you mean about the 2 snickets, I personally really enjoyed Warburtons part especially considering how well it portrays Snicket as he was in the books. Final note, less important, the rock with an x was a rock violet marked so she knew she was retrieving the right rock. It was a machine to retrieve skipped stones. But, that's irrelevant. I did really miss the book thing that the movie had for klaus. Overall, I think you brought to attention things that I hadn't thought of

    • Dustin White
      Dustin White 13 hours ago

      And in would also like to say one of the reasons I'm so biased is because I loved the books. The Netflix series does, of course, embellish and have it's own spin on it. However, the way the books were written, most of the embellishments were acceptable because some of the parts in the book were left intentionally vague

  • Rachelle Del Vecchio
    Rachelle Del Vecchio 15 hours ago

    Definitely like the film better. Thank you for this!

  • Scourge Star
    Scourge Star 16 hours ago

    You have obviously not read all the books. Not to brag (I totally am) but I read twelve of them in a tear. The series is better hands down. If you’d read the book you’d know Count Olaf was indeed not as smart and a bad actor. The series opened so many other possibilities that didn’t change the story completely but were nice touches. Lemony Snicket in the boom wasn’t a mysterious and badly dramatic as the movie, he was much more open, willing to explain, and humorous. He had that emotionless presence that he actor really grasped. Count Olaf was much better in the series because he was arrogant but had a cunning, in the second book Count Olaf knew nothing if snakes and such but you think it’s good that he should cause it makes it more believable...? The whole point was that the orphans were misunderstood and no one really saw through Count Olaf, not that he was a great actor and such. As a kinder note I’d like to suggest reading the books. They’re pretty good and you’d understand what the series is all about. And about Mr. Po. He actually is an idiot, the series portrayed him well

  • Space-cat Productions
    Space-cat Productions 20 hours ago


    am I bad for wishing that olaf didn't die......

    Kolaf for life!

  • WerewolfPeridot Productions

    I personally like the Netflix version better, I like the unbelievable humor.

  • Lol P
    Lol P 21 hour ago

    I much more like Jim carreys unfortunate events

  • JustAKHype11
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  • Bill lupin
    Bill lupin Day ago

    The casting in the movie was generally better, with a few exceptions. I know you like him, but I can't ever feel intimidated by Jim Carrey. I didn't get the impression that Carrey was trying to conceal his abuse of Klaus from his troop, but rather, establishing what alibi they should tell the authorities, and his motives were humorously transparent. That's the problem with Carrey's Olaf, he's consistently funny, if, at times, in a dark sort of way.
    NPH is just as odd a choice as Carrey, but he can have his intimidating moments. Case in point, when Olaf reveals his identity to Josephine in the diner, he steals her sandwich, and eats it sloppily in front of her, the whole time giving her a look that channels absolutely pure Malcolm McDowell. It isn't hard to imagine someone with that look in their eye next picking up a knife on the table, and slitting the other person's throat, with nary a change to their face.
    I agree that the visuals from the movie were better too, but I have to disagree with the pacing. There are things they could've trimmed down, but spending more time with the characters allows for greater development, and breaking the tension periodically allows them to bring it back up again.
    As far as the ending goes, I much prefer the way the series ended the first season. Ending with Jim Carrey arrested, and given karmic retribution, and the kids finding the letter, I'd say it ends on too hopeful a tone. This is ASOUE. It's supposed to end with a feeling of melancholic ambiguity. The show captures that perfectly, with a somber song played as the children are trapped in an unending cycle of being left with strangers, then uprooted by Olaf.
    I mean, to put this into perspective, you say the show is too cartoony, but on the one hand, you have Uncle Monty's dead corpse staring with wide eyes into the camera, and on the other, you have Jim Carrey pretending to be Olaf pretending to be a T-Rex.
    Anyway, as everyone said, this show only got darker AND better in later seasons. NPH is an odd choice for olaf as an evil figure, but as a misguided loner? He has plenty of experience in that role, see Dr. Horrible. The moral ambiguity throughout, and especially the themes of life and death at the end, they're anything but cartoony.

  • Little_Things
    Little_Things Day ago

    I like mr. Po from Netflix series

  • Bruce Stickney
    Bruce Stickney Day ago

    I like the Netflix shows for it better

  • Lily-Grace Coxall


  • Ben17ism
    Ben17ism Day ago

    I like both versions the same. They are both enjoyable.

  • theredheadedgeek

    I'll sum it up for you, acting was much better in the movie, but it lacked the depth of the story. The show was the opposite. Both lacked a bit on the delivery of the entire thing.
    This was only the comparison of the first season and the movie. As the show went on, we were able to see more character arcs grow, we could see darker themes and better acting, and the delivery of everything became much clearer and better seen. The movie was a good idea, and I'm glad we were able to try it with such amazing actors. But overall, they were on the same ground in the first season, but the show shot way farther up in the other seasons.


    But its not over

  • Colleen Leiter
    Colleen Leiter Day ago

    You should revisit this now that seasons 2 and 3 are out

  • Kittenmonster10
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  • Kittenmonster10
    Kittenmonster10 Day ago

    I t is impossible for me to think of count olaf looking any different, I can only imagine Neil prick harris

  • Kittenmonster10
    Kittenmonster10 Day ago

    Ok just saying I like the show wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the movie.................the books were good too...

  • Emelia Hughes
    Emelia Hughes Day ago

    you must like the movie better sorry its clear

  • Enforcer !!!
    Enforcer !!! Day ago

    Your an idiot! You think that the show is colourful and is horrible, the movie was a shit

  • Annika Wiebers
    Annika Wiebers Day ago

    I personally like the show better because I think the characters are played better and look more like how I'd pictured them (in the movie Violet is goth/steampunk, Sunny is in a huge dress all the time and Klaus has no glasses??) Also they're more faithful to the books in the plot line and add so many more details and really weave the story together with the VFD agent side plots. Also, while I agree that the show is more cartoon-y, I noticed that pretty much everything but the clothes is very muted and often even gray-scale which really sets off the kids' trying to make the best of their horrible circumstances.

  • maryam shaheed
    maryam shaheed Day ago

    The show is sooo much better

  • Lolo Dow
    Lolo Dow Day ago

    The movie moves way too fast and show actually stops to explain things like Lemony does in the book

  • Lolo Dow
    Lolo Dow Day ago +2

    The show is actually better for showing what happened in the actual books, in the movie it cut out multiple scenes, the show did too but not nearly as much

  • tortellini fettachini

    Why is this so biased?

  • Ayesha Motiwala
    Ayesha Motiwala Day ago

    I honestly like the show and I do not like he movie at all. It doesn't have as much emotion and personaly I Love the series on NETFLIX . Every body who likes the movie. Please don't get offended by this. I mean everybody has there own opinion right?
    And have a good day! Byeee😄

  • Xenomaster Alien

    The series wins it for me

  • Jessica Ronald
    Jessica Ronald 2 days ago

    He sounds like someone who's never read the books or heard of satire

  • Amelia&herworldoffriends 26

    Movie better

  • Cobja C.Pickle
    Cobja C.Pickle 2 days ago

    Honestly the show is much darker and emotional and is just way more entertaining to watch

  • Noah Perot
    Noah Perot 2 days ago

    Can we just agree that the movie is 100000x better?!


  • STE7_15
    STE7_15 2 days ago +1

    I kinda hate Mr. Poe😂😂😂😅😅😅

  • Beatriz Miceli
    Beatriz Miceli 2 days ago

    I prefer the show

  • Mikayla Noble
    Mikayla Noble 2 days ago +1

    I always knew Carrey was the better Olaf. I'm partial to the movie.

  • Challenge Central
    Challenge Central 2 days ago

    I'm happy I'm not the only one the enjoyed the series and thought it was way better than hes making it out to be

  • That Kerby-Pinguet Nerd

    The anxious clown scene with captain sham is important as it introduces Larry your waiter as a volunteer...

  • Pikapile
    Pikapile 2 days ago

    The show just ended, you said the ending was the musical number, that was the first season. The show just ended this year, I won't spoil anything, but it ended on a far far happier note. The movie ended with Olaf having to endure everything the kids were put through, with the kids in Mr. Poe's car. I did hear that some of the info changed from the books into the show, but I liked the more in depth version. But Jim Carey was great as Olaf

  • Kassi Savage
    Kassi Savage 2 days ago

    Tv show was better for sure

  • Cyril Gigee
    Cyril Gigee 2 days ago +1

    I don't honestly remember the books very well but from what I do remember (and my personal opinion of the Netflix series) I think the books work better as a comic tragedy than as a true tragedy, or perhaps rather, a melodrama.

  • TheRealUnpopMeme !
    TheRealUnpopMeme ! 2 days ago

    Though the tv show has its flaws i loved it and would happily watch all three seasons again
    I love dark stories

  • Sebastian Yeung
    Sebastian Yeung 2 days ago

    the show is a billion times better

  • 케이팝나는 스탠 케이팝

    Guys let's just state facts, the Netflix series is much better :") (the movie is good too but I prefer the show because everything wasn't rushed into an hour and the Netflix film had 45 minutes in one episode and 2 episodes told one WHOLE book :) plus I don't think this guy read the books count Olaf is supposed to be dark and creepy and I think Neil nailed it, and I respect y'all's opinion on jim and all, but I think that Neil did a better job on actually playing count Olaf like how he was described in the books.

  • Freya Hansen
    Freya Hansen 2 days ago

    In the beginning, he says "a television series based on the books of the same name by Lemony Snicket" A Series of Unfortunate Events is written by Daniel Handler. Not Lemony Snicket, sorry to have to break this to you, man. Lemony Snicket is a fictional character.

  • Isaac Amaya
    Isaac Amaya 2 days ago

    It’s funny how people complained so much in my class about the film when it first came out as being so not like the book and now comparing to Netflix oh boy sunny can eat rocks that’s just dumb

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith 2 days ago

    The show could've been better than the movie, but it drags really badly. I have a hard time paying attention to it. They should have spent more time on each story than the movie did, but less time than the show did. Somewhere in the middle of those two would have been good. Maybe we could get a fan edit?

  • Mylla Lopes
    Mylla Lopes 2 days ago

    I think both are amazing. When you are talking, it looks like you did not like the Netflix version

  • Hikari Takamatsu
    Hikari Takamatsu 2 days ago

    I liked the series better. Personally I thought the movie was funnier and like you said, crammed the first three books into it. I actually found myself questioning whether Olaf was actually that evil in the series which I believe is the point the writers were trying to get across: nobody is truly noble and nobody is truly evil.

  • Valeria Castro
    Valeria Castro 2 days ago

    I like the movie better!

  • Whylovemoney ROBLOX
    Whylovemoney ROBLOX 3 days ago

    Free “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” from NETFLIX theme song lyrics right here 👇🏻 (this is season 1) same song tho
    Look away, look away
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    This show will wreck your evening , your whole life, and your day
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    Three children lose their home and go live with someone awful, He tries to steal their fortune with a plot that’s not quite lawful,
    It’s hard to fathom how the orphans manage to live through it,
    But how a decent person like yourself would even want to view it!
    Just look away,
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    There's nothing but horror and inconvenience on the way
    Ask any stable person, "Should I watch?" and they will say:
    Look away.
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  • Evonik
    Evonik 3 days ago

    Listen I'm the biggest NPH fan, but he ain't got shit on JC's Olaf. Trust.

  • Proxy Proxy
    Proxy Proxy 3 days ago

    I enjoy both for different things. Tone, aesthetic and cinematography wise I prefer the movie. Story-wise I prefer the series - though at times it did feel like the episodes dragged on for too long. Casting choice wise it differs with each character -like as a whole we have more time with Niel's Olaf but I agree with your point about him seeming less frightening. As a child, I was always I little miffed that the movie didn't get a continuation and I am at least content with this longer adaptation.

  • Thanos Besi
    Thanos Besi 3 days ago

    Poe in the Tv Series was as annoying as in the books..Which is awesome! I think he did a good job

  • DylanDaDoughnut
    DylanDaDoughnut 3 days ago

    The Netflix version is better.

  • Jasmine s.
    Jasmine s. 3 days ago

    I prefered the Series, The film ruined it for me tbh.

  • ruth Mchale lover
    ruth Mchale lover 3 days ago

    I like the series better

  • Frank Lahache
    Frank Lahache 3 days ago

    man. this show was fantastic.

  • LaurenElaine Metcalfe

    why do we have to decide? i don't think we need a favourite!

  • jesse jones
    jesse jones 3 days ago

    thats how season one ended... there were two more seasons

  • Sarah Goodwin
    Sarah Goodwin 3 days ago

    I like both. The show is more fleshed out and ridiculous (meaning humorous). Now when it comes to the movie, I am a little biased not only because I grew up with it, but I thoroughly enjoy dark movies. The actors and actresses really made the movie memorable. Also, you can't beat having Billy Connolly as Uncle Monty (sorry, Aasif Mandvi 😭).

  • Flam Flamy
    Flam Flamy 3 days ago

    Tv show but to be honest i haven’t seen the film yet I just LOVE the show 😍

  • belzepooch
    belzepooch 3 days ago

    the tv series is automatically better because it has neil patrick harris

  • Imaginary Friend
    Imaginary Friend 3 days ago

    The content creator clearly failed to Look Away......

  • GuitarCuber
    GuitarCuber 3 days ago

    I like the TV show better as it includes the organisation VFD in it, which adds more mystery into it by the Baudelaires figuring out what it is.

  • ZoieBloxyGamer
    ZoieBloxyGamer 3 days ago

    The show is way better

  • Alana Griffin
    Alana Griffin 3 days ago

    The Show Is Way Better

  • Adrian Rios
    Adrian Rios 3 days ago

    This video is dumb the movie was so quick and didn't get do all books

  • onetouchofvenus
    onetouchofvenus 3 days ago

    The show does a much better job of capturing the dry, sophisticated humor of the books. The film felt juvenile in many ways and geared toward a younger audience. Lemony Snicket's wit was very much missing. I think Neil Patrick Harris's performance is much more specific and detailed than Jim Carey's..... he is so immersed in the role that you can really see Count Olaf underneath all of the disguises. Also, the boy who plays Klaus in the series is terrific

  • eeveeongirl
    eeveeongirl 4 days ago

    I know you said in the beginning that adaptation from the books is not the important thing, and yes this is true for how closely the story is followed. However, the tone and characterizations should be followed as laid out by the books. The show just nailed this a bit more in my opinion. The books were dark yes, but also comedic in their presentation because it was fantastical, none of what happened in the books would ever happen in real life. The children are bland in the books and we never are offered much in explaining of their abilities we are just told they can do it and then they do, olaf is a bit of a bafoon and he isn't supposed to be a great actor, and most of the adults are indeed dumb and never listen to a word the children say.

  • Random guy Browsing Youtube

    The netflix series is no doubt a lot better, especially now with all 3 seasons out

  • NothingsHereYT
    NothingsHereYT 4 days ago

    Netflix is better

  • Curranzz
    Curranzz 4 days ago

    One Bad scene does not define "bland acting"

  • Obed Valencia
    Obed Valencia 4 days ago

    I watched the final season in one day😂😂

  • Stantastical
    Stantastical 4 days ago

    I think he misinterpreted every aspect of the show and the movie. Glad to read the comments and see some sense.

  • EB
    EB 4 days ago

    The film was 13 years ago? WHAAT!?

  • Tm Ss
    Tm Ss 4 days ago

    I like the series

  • Amelia Keane
    Amelia Keane 4 days ago +1

    I’ve only watched the tv series and it’s great , the books are amazing too !

  • Arthur Kirkland
    Arthur Kirkland 4 days ago

    I really do enjoy more the movie, I always wanted to see what happen to them cuz back then it was very hard to get a hold of the books since they weren’t popular in my country

  • Giraffe Tube
    Giraffe Tube 4 days ago

    the show is soooooooooooo much better the movie is a ripof i woudnot wach it

  • Charla Schaubert-gerardi

    Tv show in my opinion is better

  • Kass D
    Kass D 4 days ago

    I do like Jim Carrey as count Olaf better for being more evil but I do think Neil Patrick Harris as count Olaf for being funnier and silly

  • JJboygamer
    JJboygamer 4 days ago

    The Netflix one ❤️

  • emma Williamson
    emma Williamson 5 days ago

    The video was terrible , you said it in a way so the movie sounds better but you didn't explain the TV show properly violet did try to save sunny from the cage with an invention of hers, it did explain all of the children's talents in the TV show and much more things happened in the TV show that you said didn't so maybe you should do your research properly next time.

  • {pastelspirits}
    {pastelspirits} 5 days ago

    I think the series is better :^

  • Alicia's Barbie World


  • Furry Person
    Furry Person 5 days ago

    I think the show is better tbh, it’s funnier and it’s stupid to me, and I like that

  • Habiba Yasser
    Habiba Yasser 5 days ago

    sorry, but i think the series is so much better than the movie :/