How to prepare for the next global recession | The Economist

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
  • A decade after the global recession, the world’s economy is vulnerable again. Ryan Avent, our economics columnist, considers how the next recession might happen-and what governments can do about it
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Comments • 3 149

  • República de España

    capitalism is dead

  • Michele Simko
    Michele Simko 10 days ago

    Agree with Charles below

  • Ernie Rz
    Ernie Rz 29 days ago

    It’s all part of the game.🥴🤹🏻‍♂️🎭

  • Conspiracy in Amsterdam Nederland

    Thanks but no thanks "The economist' is not a trustworthy organisation.

  • Adnan Alam
    Adnan Alam Month ago

    Print more currency and pump it into market.. Everything will be fine

  • See Jasmine
    See Jasmine Month ago

    Im in 2008

  • blanco vida
    blanco vida Month ago

    I hate Money.we only live to work get Money and buy anything

  • Patrick Joy
    Patrick Joy Month ago +2

    I’m less prepared now than I was when the video started.

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver Month ago +1

    Here is the Federal Reserve Bank's favorite saying: "If you want to make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs." This monetary crisis is no "accident," it is carefully and meticulously designed, exactly like the "terrorist attacks" on all three buildings of the World Trade Center in 2001. This event has been planned, years in advance.
    When this global debt crisis bubble bursts, the banksters will immediately swoop in to buy all of the foreclosed homes, then pick up broken businesses and stock options for only pennies on the dollar. This "Boom, Bust" economy, created by the central bankers, happened during the Great Depression, and it's happening RIGHT NOW. Look to see skyrocketing inflation, new wars in the Middle East, more retail establishment closures, continuing real estate losses, mass homelessness, unpaid student loans, record numbers of auto loan defaults, equity and bond market collapses, unpaid pensions, ever growing credit card debt, major currency disruptions, catastrophic crop failures, then eventually, bank runs and "Too Big To Fail" commercial bank bail-ins.
    Welcome to the future. Welcome to the New World Order.

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago +2

    people should have learned from the 2008 downturn and saved, saved, saved, so that you will be able to buy, buy, buy.

  • George Singh
    George Singh 2 months ago

    If any one who is not prepared as yet, It might just be too late to start now ,just go with the flow!

  • Free.As.A.Beast
    Free.As.A.Beast 2 months ago

    Always flip everything around

  • Fc king Sg
    Fc king Sg 2 months ago


  • Mayza Laksmana
    Mayza Laksmana 2 months ago

    Stock and Bonds Market Abolishment
    There will be a time when the stocks’ and bonds’ market will collapse, and this will leds to all stocks and bonds to have no values where investors will suffer, but the companies will still exist but the worst scenario is declaring bankruptcies and mass layoffs.
    If the companies still exist with wealth outside the stocks’ and bonds’ markets and can rebound, then, the companies can pay back the shareholders 350% of the investment that will lose out, and for some lose out entirely.

  • Esoteric33
    Esoteric33 2 months ago

    What do you mean, "Central Banks will have to use "Less tested methods like money printing & QE will have to be used AGAIN"....... they NEVER STOPPED printing!

  • Todd Cott
    Todd Cott 2 months ago

    (preparedness), what sort of English is that,. must be a George W Bush word.

  • Sisilili E
    Sisilili E 2 months ago

    What causes a Recession? Is it because the over abundance of production lessening the value of products?

  • Joyce Koch
    Joyce Koch 2 months ago

    The 2008 recession lasted almost 3 years, the next recession will last closer to 5 years and will be less of a recession than a depression.
    The world recession is politically correct while depression is a term that will no be used even if that is the actual state.
    Look for the true crisis to occur in China.

  • wilyoustay
    wilyoustay 2 months ago +1

    Gold, Silver and Bitcoin.

    AKEWSD 2 months ago

    Power of leverage is the issue, wholesaling and flipper are the problem. Let the homebuyers do the reno themselves. Cap ownership and agent numbers

  • drew sykes
    drew sykes 2 months ago

    we’ve heard it all before

  • watergapman
    watergapman 2 months ago +1

    More spending is the answer? The solution is to destroy the debt based central banking system.

  • Bastiaan de Bruijn
    Bastiaan de Bruijn 2 months ago

    Good video.. oh wait NOT! i didnt learn shit from this

  • Conscious One
    Conscious One 2 months ago +1

    Recession Ahead: China Won’t Bail Us Out This Time - Rick Sanchez

    Nov. 4, 2019

    RT America

    Will China save the United States AGAIN?

    Rick Sanchez explains why the Federal Reserve’s recent behavior seems to indicate a looming recession.

    Beijing bought trillions of dollars in US debt in 2009. Would China again rescue the US from economic oblivion?

    Sourabh Gupta of the Institute for China-America Studies joins Rick Sanchez to share his expertise.

  • Conscious One
    Conscious One 2 months ago +2

    Drop Fiat Dollar - Keiser Report

    Nov. 7, 2019

    RT - Keiser Report

    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the honest words from Brad Sherman as he warns, yet again, that bitcoin threatens the fiat world controlled by the US dollar.

    They also discuss the US budget deficit and the stocks vs bonds puzzle. In the second half, Max chats to Joshua Scigala of Vaultoro about how the collapse of the MtGox bitcoin exchange inspired, so he and his brother created an exchange for gold to bitcoin and vice versa in order to #DropFiat.

    In the case of MtGox, the large fiat holdings held by the failed exchange were confiscated by liquidators, whereas gold is allocated, and thus safer for individual exchange customers in case of bankruptcy.

  • Conscious One
    Conscious One 2 months ago +1

    No One Knows What Comes After the Dollar Exit, Only That It’s Inevitable

    Nov. 8, 2019

    The multipolar world that is already emerging has no choice but to discover the solution

    Irrespective of where you reside in the world, chances are you feel some sense of unease, a nagging concern for the future and a deep instinctual understanding that an era you knew and navigated your entire life is slipping away and won’t be coming back.

    We’ve been witnessing widespread protest and unrest across countries with distinct political and economic systems, such as Hong Kong, France, Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Lebanon and Venezuela just to name a few. Those with vested interests and an ideological solution to sell insist it’s all because of socialism, capitalism or some other ism, but the truth is this goes far deeper than that.

    What’s actually happening is the geopolitical and economic paradigm that’s dominated the planet for decades is failing, and rather than address the failure in any real sense, elites globally have decided to loot everything they possibly can until the house of cards comes crashing down.

    You can’t properly discuss the entrenched global paradigm without addressing the American empire, and you can’t have a conversation about empire without discussing the monetary and financial system that keeps it all in place. The last time I discussed this in any detail was last year in the post, The Road to 2025 (Part 3) - USD Dominated Financial System Will Fall Apart. Today’s post should be seen as an update to that piece, taking stock of where we stand a year and a half later.

    Several assumptions were made in last year’s article that must be recognized in order to understand how I see the situation. The first is a view that we’re already transitioning into a multi-polar world, in other words, the U.S. no longer holds a position of total planetary geopolitical dominance similar to what it enjoyed in the mid-to-late 1990s. Despite proclamations to the contrary, history did not in fact end.

  • Conscious One
    Conscious One 2 months ago +1

    Drop Fiat Dollar - Keiser Report

    Nov. 7, 2019

    RT - Keiser Report

    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the honest words from Brad Sherman as he warns, yet again, that bitcoin threatens the fiat world controlled by the US dollar.

    They also discuss the US budget deficit and the stocks vs bonds puzzle. In the second half, Max chats to Joshua Scigala of Vaultoro about how the collapse of the MtGox bitcoin exchange inspired, so he and his brother created an exchange for gold to bitcoin and vice versa in order to #DropFiat.

    In the case of MtGox, the large fiat holdings held by the failed exchange were confiscated by liquidators, whereas gold is allocated, and thus safer for individual exchange customers in case of bankruptcy.

  • Debbie Trexler
    Debbie Trexler 2 months ago

    The Fed has prevented any crisis or recession from ever happening again by lowering interest rates and printing & pumping cash liquidity into the financial system forever.

    • Logbia7k
      Logbia7k Month ago

      Not going to last forever, since the money doesn't flow into our hands but in the hands of the 1% rich.

  • Dianna Skare
    Dianna Skare 2 months ago


  • Godisknocking 777x7
    Godisknocking 777x7 2 months ago

    He talked!
    But he said Nothing!

  • Dutch Resistance
    Dutch Resistance 2 months ago

    Perfect globalist answers (propaganda) to convince the sheep the coming collapse caused by the globalist banking and globalist policy are to be blamed on nationalism.
    “Just Trust global bankers again, not independence and the democratic process.” To be expected from the Economist.

  • GG Allin
    GG Allin 2 months ago

    The status qou is not stable, we need to rip out from the roots, purge it with fire and salt and start a new.

  • AAA P
    AAA P 2 months ago

    2009 Economists predict Recession
    2010 Economists predict Recession
    2011 Economists predict Recession
    2012 Economists predict Recession
    2013 Economists predict Recession
    2014 Economists predict Recession
    2015 Economists predict Recession
    2016 Economists predict Recession
    2017 Economists predict Recession
    2018 Economists predict Recession
    2019 Economists predict Recession
    2020 Economists predict Recession

  • EmperorJ Gaming
    EmperorJ Gaming 3 months ago

    Step 1: Always have reserves or be ready to take a loan from the government(which is hard btw)
    Step 2: Wait for noobs and amateurs to sell stocks or real estate in a really low price
    Step 3: Make it great again or Wait for it to be great again(if it already has a magnificent value)
    Step 4: Sell it with a Yugeee!!! profitttt
    Step 5: Invest and wait for another recession.

    • Faragar
      Faragar 3 months ago

      What if the economy doesn't become "great again"?

  • AniishAu
    AniishAu 3 months ago +1

    1:46 "ordinarily", as if recessions are very predictable, ordinary events that require minimal fine-tuning. This guy has had his brain washed by the banksters: never mind the ballooning global debt, the eroding currency confidence, the fragility of the banking network sitting on a mountain of explosive derivatives, interest rates on a 30 year downward plunge to sub-zero. Everything is (mostly) fine, don't panic, it won't be so bad.

  • Terror Obama
    Terror Obama 3 months ago

    More inflation, more spending of money we don't have, more government debt, more of what got us into this mess! What a moron! XD

  • Vince B
    Vince B 3 months ago

    Are We Headed For A Recession? Depression? ...or somewhere else? Comment your thoughts under the video;

  • leebog31
    leebog31 3 months ago

    The economist is a globalist leftist combine used as a propaganda machine. What they dont tell you is that this isnt 2008. Infact 2008 was never fixed but kicked down the road to produce the biggest bubble we have ever seen.. There will be NO bailouts, or stimulus this time around. Bail-ins will be implemented which means they take your savings, safety deposits, retirements, or 401ks.. This law WAS passed in 2016. They will crash this economy before the 2020 elections why? Because no president has ever been re-elected in a economic downturn.. This is going to be the everyting bubble.. stockmarket, treasuries, commercial real estate, housing, auto loans, student debt and so on. 2008 and the great depression is a walk in the park in comparison.

    • Dirk Knight
      Dirk Knight 3 months ago

      Now, now, don't get ahead of yourself now. :-)

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 3 months ago +3

    The Economist? Rothschild tool.

  • jason Sopko
    jason Sopko 3 months ago +1

    Knew i was in the wrong place when fist face i saw was bernie sanders asking for support.

  • Fleetwood
    Fleetwood 3 months ago

    Click-bait. Had to give it a TD.

  • Sugito x
    Sugito x 3 months ago

    For Heaven's sake! Why do people who want to listen to what you say have to suffer that awful, repetitive, computer-generated noise interference you inject to mask the speech? You are sabotaging the clarity of your own communication, and inflicting suffering on the listeners! Why doesn't your idiot producer go all the way, and fog up the video as well?!

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 3 months ago

    Yep now USA will start ww3

  • Chris Cook
    Chris Cook 3 months ago

    It will be global.
    Banks will steel your money.
    Food prices will triple.
    Civil unrest.
    EBT cards not working.
    All brought to you by the Rothschild banking syndicate.

  • Sauro Freschi
    Sauro Freschi 3 months ago +1

    The comment about Italy not being able to repay its public debt considering it's got one of the biggest private saving basin in Europe is a sign of either ignorance or guilt.

  • terry Presna
    terry Presna 3 months ago

    Bogus title.... nothing about preparation at all. Really misleading.... for what purpose! Don’t bother with this.

  • Raby Pich
    Raby Pich 3 months ago

    Please crash

  • Rhonda Whyte
    Rhonda Whyte 3 months ago +2

    Seeing as nobody has any money and the elites r not really affected by a "recession"....who cares.....

  • Ariel Fiul
    Ariel Fiul 3 months ago

    The problems we have also have to do with a capitalistic system.

  • Aragorn90
    Aragorn90 3 months ago +28

    Ah 2008 what a great year to graduate high school into a world of nothing!

  • Kay Bass
    Kay Bass 3 months ago

    The enriched uranium nuclear assets of Iran are BOMBED; and the pilots refuel in Saudi Arabia. The anger and reprisal of Iran is found in Daniel 11: 44, 45 [1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3] This is the beginning of the 'meltdown' indicated in Psalms 46: 4-6. The way forward is to find out everything you possibly can about the Paradise Luke 23: 43 Kingdom of God Matthew 24: 14 because this is the rescue that the true God is introducing to save the faithful John 3: 16 and meek and righteous people Psalms 37:11, 29 who love God Jehovah. The meltdown of the financial system begins with the collapse and loss of the Euro. Ezekiel 7: 19. This system is over with these arriving 'desolations' Matthew 24: 15. Romans 9: 28.

  • Sde Rft
    Sde Rft 3 months ago

    The western governments have actually run out of leverage to bail out the banks....and with China and the Far East on the war path, and turmoil in the Middle East...

  • Jims J
    Jims J 3 months ago

    ... back to the farm.

  • books from Windblown
    books from Windblown 3 months ago +1

    Of this recession happens to the whole world then i am gonna commit suicide.

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black 3 months ago

    Click bite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BukaLapak,com
    BukaLapak,com 3 months ago

    Mulailah bercocok tanam,

  • Betty Reed
    Betty Reed 4 months ago

    Sad! I would have been interested in watching this however..... the fast pingy music is unsettling ......not able to focus

  • Thando Joka
    Thando Joka 4 months ago

    the comments of this video do to correlate with the likes.

  • Leo from Freo
    Leo from Freo 4 months ago

    I hope the US prints more money and becomes like Zimbabwe and their dollar becomes worthless.

  • John D
    John D 4 months ago

    The only way out of the next recession is giving money directly to citizens, but that leads to inflation, maybe hyper inflation. QE to banks did not work last time. Banks got richer, but growth did not occur. Now the reserves are gone, and banks are asking for more QE. Country is twice as deep in debt this time and the Left won't hand over money as easily this time. Unless they get large campaign donations from banks. Funny how a little money makes things easier. But it won't work and Country will be in a depression. Expect social upheaval.