How To Replace a Honda Element Hood Cable

  • Published on Apr 15, 2016
  • If you need to replace the hood cable on your Honda Element, this video will walk you through the steps. It's not that difficult, and it doesn't require a lot of tools. I'd say it would take the average person about a half hour to do.
    Some of you may be familiar with the controversy surrounding this hood cable. For those of you that aren't, here's some video links for you.
    ETCG Rants About His Trip To The Dealer:
    Re: ETCG Rants About His Trip To The Dealer:
    Either way, I hope this video is helpful if you have a broken hood cable in your Honda Element.
    Here's where you can find the cable and the clips.
    Clip tool set:
    Other clip tool set:
    Zep Silicone Spray:
    Thanks for watching!
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Comments • 234

  • Matt Augenstein
    Matt Augenstein 5 days ago

    Thank you 🏋️‍♂️❤️🙏

  • davekintz
    davekintz 7 months ago

    Looks to be very similar to my "02 Honda Odyssey. Thanks, good video.

  • Joe C.
    Joe C. 8 months ago

    Thanks for the video, my issue was the spring(small one) broke inside the hood latch , was able to replace the spring , after many Auto parts stores had nothing comparable..had to get one from a hardware store.

  • chefalex77
    chefalex77 8 months ago

    I have been opening my hood with pliers for 8 years because the dealership quoted me $250 to fix it. And the part is $17 with 20 minutes worth of labor. i wish I had seen this sooner. Bastards.

  • sons.of.the.sun
    sons.of.the.sun Year ago


  • Misty Currier
    Misty Currier 2 years ago

    Eric is a big big help on both my accord Lx and my civic they are a 95 and 92 but still have life in them. So I don't need a man to work on my cars thank god Eric is on you tube for everything I need
    A big thank you to Eric the car guy. I tell everyone I did the work to my cars due to Eric (you have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars that a car shop would have wanted to work and look at my cars)

  • James Scheuerle
    James Scheuerle 2 years ago +1

    Thanks Eric. This helped a lot with my daughter's 2003 Element, particularly with the hidden nylon clip up in the fenderwell. I spend about $15 for a new cable at O'Reilly, then $5.20 at the dealer for four new nylon clips. Hate to think what the dealer would have nicked me for the job.

  • Vince James
    Vince James 2 years ago

    Of course the 2005 element has the fender liner tucked under the lip of the fender. I can't seem to be able to pull it down.

    • James Scheuerle
      James Scheuerle 2 years ago +1

      Oddly, the liner is tucked under the lip on the driver's side on mine, but the passenger side is screwed to the bottom of the lip.

  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen 2 years ago

    FLASH!!!!!!! Resourceful entrepreneurs have engineered a latch pull from billet aluminum for Civics and Elements. There are currently 3 different designs for purchase on Amazon for less than $15. OEM plastic pulls from Honda are a poor design and problematic.

  • Jon Barker
    Jon Barker 3 years ago

    Broke my tab on my 02 civic the second day I bought it 7.5 years ago. Finally going to go pick up the part and fix it

  • Christine Nadon
    Christine Nadon 3 years ago

    this happened to me a few weeks ago....such a bitch...haha

  • Ed Foster
    Ed Foster 3 years ago

    My daughter's 2004 Civic had the same problem. Your solution is great if you want to go to all the work and expense. However there are several videos on the web offering other solutions. I chose to use the one that uses a drill stop to replace the handle. I got a set of them from Home Depot for about $7.00. I round off the remaining plastic handle on the cable end in the passenger compartment. I then shoes to closest drill stop to the end of the cable and tightened the set screw to secure the drill stop. While it's not as pretty as a new cable, it is a permanent fix that will not break off. It has been 2 years now and all continues to work well. Bonus, a lot less disassembly and no worry about braking expensive plastic clips available only from Honda. To each his own - Form follows function.

  • yasser aboamoud
    yasser aboamoud 3 years ago

    I have everything in place but the wire is just loose .should I replace it or there is a way to tighten it up > (2008 hyundai sonata)

    VOLKSMAN28T 3 years ago

    12 people are butholes

  • aserta
    aserta 3 years ago

    I'd replace that with a similar cable but with better design. Heck, i'd take the old one and make my own handle with blackjack and...well better. That design is the product of decades of stupid design all packed in a tiny object.
    And no matter what anyone says, that's an "engineered to fail" item. There's absolutely no reason why they couldn't have a knob end or why they wouldn't put a lever style one that hinges on the support.
    Incoming Honda experts telling me that the design was critical to fitting a hyper drive unit right above the door latch handle so they had to offset it down for extra KW... SMH

  • Michał Bachórz
    Michał Bachórz 3 years ago

    Hi Eric!
    Just wanted to thank you for the motivation you provide to people watching your videos. I've certainly been motivated. Looking at you getting things done with couple of sockets, a screwdriver and good old penetrating oil made me take care of my car.
    Maintaining a US spec vehicle (Mazda 6 3.0l V6) is not easy in Poland, believe me. Aftermarket parts are pretty much not existent so anything needs replacing means a trip to the dealer.
    Remember when you worked on "the Pirate" Nissan SE-arrrrrrrrrrrrrr car you mentioned pirate air being the term for unmeasured air sucked into the engine. This got me thinking about problems I had with performance which mechanics couldn't diagnose. There was a huge crack in the pipe connecting air box and throttle (how they didn't spot this is beyond my comprehension).
    All in all, I took some spanners, screwdriver and some cleaning fluids, taped up the cracked pipe and the car runs beautifully. I'm amazed how such a simple fix transformed the engine response.
    You've certainly lived up to your motto of helping people fix their cars on a budget.
    Stay Dirty!

  • Garrett Hildreth
    Garrett Hildreth 3 years ago

    Broke mine off too, stupid design. looks like it pulls up, not pulls out

  • Shoplifeshow
    Shoplifeshow 3 years ago

    This has probably been asked before, butt what camera do you use to shoot your vids and how are you micing yourself up?

  • Mike Maes
    Mike Maes 3 years ago

    Please do some repairs on 1999 monte carlo

  • Sayuj Raphael
    Sayuj Raphael 3 years ago

    Did you forget about the blown heads channel?

    • Sayuj Raphael
      Sayuj Raphael 3 years ago

      @EricTheCarGuy take your time guys , you all work hard to give the viewers quality content.

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago +1

      Nope. We're all pretty busy with our own stuff right now. We still talk often about doing something again in the future.

    NO_EYES_ON_ME 3 years ago

    deja vu? Didn't you already have a video of this last year?

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      No, that was the Ford in the Fixing it Forward series.

  • XSeVeNX7
    XSeVeNX7 3 years ago

    funny I was wondering how to changed mine. been broken since I got it. thx :)

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago +1

      Glad I could help. Thanks for the comment.

  • lightningsmokerXx
    lightningsmokerXx 3 years ago

    Eric there is an excellent product you may want to look into for the winter salt.
    Krown Salt Eliminator MR35

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      If the Element wasn't already so rusted I would take better care of it. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into it.

  • Silver Cloud
    Silver Cloud 3 years ago

    Thank you for entertainment, learned so much from your videos.Good Job!

  • RomanAutomotive
    RomanAutomotive 3 years ago +2

    Eric, how you doing brother from another mother?

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      Not bad. Busy, but that keeps me out of trouble. Hope you are well also.

  • Mike C
    Mike C 3 years ago

    Great video Eric. As for Honda; too many plastic clips!

  • mrsemifixit
    mrsemifixit 3 years ago

    Never understood why some of the fender cover clips use screws and the rest don't?

  • KuuKulgur
    KuuKulgur 3 years ago +1

    Now that is one hideous car!

  • Al Ward
    Al Ward 3 years ago

    Maxwelhse, your right on it's a bad design , I had the the same break on my Honda civic , I improvised put on a new handle taken from the pull cord off a loan mower , and crimped on the cable with coper works fine , also put on a secondary cable from the latch down to the front cross member for emergencies . This may seem like over kill but it's. A bitch when it breaks at hood latch.

  • Mitch Jessen
    Mitch Jessen 3 years ago

    what tyres do you have on the car??

  • weaton25
    weaton25 3 years ago

    One thing that I do not understand about Japanese cars/trucks is the way that they go rusty so quickly ok it may be just in odd places but I just sold my 2000 XJ jeep and that thing was still rust free I only sold it as I had problems getting parts for it that would fit here in the UK. I have now got a 2004 Nissan X-trail and that thing has much more rust in it than my Jeep but at least I can get parts that fit it over here.



    • Iremos
      Iremos 3 years ago

      Not sure why cos i had two toyotas (1991 and 1997) both were rust free and never in garage until i sold them a couple years ago.

  • Dest Droid
    Dest Droid 3 years ago +8

    That really is an awful design.

  • netrioter
    netrioter 3 years ago

    try replacing a Jaguar X-type cable that's broke...2 stage cable for 2 hood latches. Just getting the hood open is a damn have to put the car on a lift and use a 3 foot metal rod...and you have a 1 inch hole to put it through and pray you can hit the release lever have to do it and right

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +netrioter No thanks. I'm not fond of working on Jaguars since my experiences with XJ6's in the past.

  • FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden

    It's about time you got around to doing that Eric. I was starting to think I was going to have to come over with my camera and do a video "Called Fixing if forward (IT Guy Edition) fixing cars for the busy mechanics that are too busy fixing everyone else's cars to fix their own" ;)

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +FrugalPrepper My favorite kind of comment. The one where someone talks about how my work has helped them. Thanks.

    • FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden
      FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden 3 years ago

      Are you still using a 486 with Windows 95? :) Seriously, thanks for all the effort and time you put into your channel. Watching your videos has really given me more knowledge and confidence to tackle jobs I wouldn't have dreamed of attempting a few years ago.

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +FrugalPrepper I actually shot this back in February. It can take that long to edit and sometimes to post a video for me. Most of what you see on this channel is 3-4 months behind what's happening today.

  • Trains, Bangs, and Automobiles

    I see your engine bay needs a cleaning. How do you clean your engine bay?

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +Chris Collins I've considered doing a video on that.

  • locsipocsi1
    locsipocsi1 3 years ago

    .... i wonder how long its been since the warranty fiasco

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +locsipocsi1 That was last October, I did this repair last February.

  • Jagkaran Clair
    Jagkaran Clair 3 years ago

    At 4:19 there is a little bit of rust/paint bubbling on the door sill(?). Is it common to have rust on the inside of a car?

    • Jagkaran Clair
      Jagkaran Clair 3 years ago

      +EricTheCarGuy Thanks for replying Eric.

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago +1

      +Jagkaran Clair Sometimes, it depends on the vehicle and the conditions it lives in.

  • Anthony Webber
    Anthony Webber 3 years ago

    I had to replace the hood cable on my 2005 gmc canyon, and when I pulled the cable thru the cable, the little rubber grommet came out with it

  • mikedrz
    mikedrz 3 years ago

    That's pretty typical rusting for a northern climate. It even more important to have it washed often during salt season.

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +mikedrz It's already rusted beyond repair. I'm just waiting it out.

  • Richard Atwood
    Richard Atwood 3 years ago

    lol, title made me laugh in light of the previous history of this story. It's like a reality show now Eric.

  • Rickyboy707
    Rickyboy707 3 years ago

    I hate those clips. We keep about two dozen in stock because they invariably seem to break at the worst time.

  • CR2504life
    CR2504life 3 years ago +7

    How many psi of vtec will this cable add ?

    • White Knuckle Garage
      White Knuckle Garage 3 years ago +1

      +Ricardo Vascotto
      That's a little high. Unless you're speaking of gains at the flywheel? Realistically it's about 17kw to the wheels after the 30% power loss in the drivetrain.

    • Ricardo Vascotto
      Ricardo Vascotto 3 years ago +5


  • CR2504life
    CR2504life 3 years ago +1

    *more vids pls , thank you *

  • frank james
    frank james 3 years ago

    Eric that Cincinnati salt is eating your Element alive dude :)

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago +1

      +frank james It was being eaten when I bought it. Still runs great though.

  • vetterfellow
    vetterfellow 3 years ago

    What a great disposition Erick, not one SWEAR word. Excellent channel.. Bravo.

    • davemaster001
      davemaster001 3 years ago

      +EricTheCarGuy I hope you make a video someday with the swear words in it. I think it would be very entertaining

    • vetterfellow
      vetterfellow 3 years ago

      +EricTheCarGuy COOL !!. That's good for the little buck a ruoos.

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +vetterfellow I edit those out. ;)

  • TheRepairMan
    TheRepairMan 3 years ago

    Sir what Ingersoll impact wrench do you use?

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +O'Neal Raymond The titanium one. Can't remember the model.

  • Super 64
    Super 64 3 years ago

    most anticipated video of 2016 after Honda gate video lol

  • chrised1115
    chrised1115 3 years ago

    Eric, we bought my girlfriend an element and she loves it as do I. recently, the gas door broke but I was able ton find your video on how to fix that. thanks for all the info on these cars!

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +chrised1115 They're good vehicles. By the time I'm done, I should have a complete library of fixes for them.

  • Shayne McFarland
    Shayne McFarland 3 years ago

    now to replace the honda...

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +Shayne McFarland I'm building the Fairmont. ;)

  • kymmbo
    kymmbo 3 years ago

    Eric , what's the tool you used for removing the clips? I NEED one of the 👍

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +kymmbo I believe they ship internationally.

    • kymmbo
      kymmbo 3 years ago

      +EricTheCarGuy thanks, that's excellent now to track some down in my part of the world 👍

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +kymmbo Linked in the description.

    • kymmbo
      kymmbo 3 years ago

      Not the clips holding the cable, the ones holding the trim panel around the catch

  • gene hensley
    gene hensley 3 years ago

    can't you come up with any more challenging things to work on that a Honda Element?

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +gene hensley Well, I also have videos on the ball joint replacements, thermostat, tensioner, and alternator. I just didn't want to flood the channel with Element videos. Also, this hood latch has a history on my ETCG1 channel. Check the description for links to those videos. Thanks for your input.

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Mister 3 years ago +1

    Typical Honda. All you need is 3 tools to do most jobs.

    • Mr.Mister
      Mr.Mister 3 years ago

      @DE Nichols Cool. Thanks for replying.

    • DE Nichols
      DE Nichols 3 years ago

      LOL. I figured that out after my comment, but I may have already ruined it by taking it seriously.
      Saw you in the comments again after another discussion so I had to have a reason to say hey, I remember you from the other day. :)

    • Mr.Mister
      Mr.Mister 3 years ago

      @DE Nichols It was just a joke. I have a 91 civic and I can do most jobs on it with only a handful of tools. Very enjoyable to work on compared to cars nowadays.

    • DE Nichols
      DE Nichols 3 years ago

      Sorry. Lol. I was thinking about how I use more tools than that on most jobs.

    • DE Nichols
      DE Nichols 3 years ago +1

      My brain, my hands, and my tool box.

  • Al Star
    Al Star 3 years ago

    Now go power wash your Element Eric..!! :-) Great video by the way.. Keep up the good work.. Al

  • Emils Kurpnieks
    Emils Kurpnieks 3 years ago

    Kinda rusty Honda you have there.

    • Emils Kurpnieks
      Emils Kurpnieks 3 years ago

      +EricTheCarGuy Same here, I drive 97' BMW, mechanically its perfect, only that some spots have some rust.

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago +1

      +Emils Kurpnieks I actually bought it that way. Still a good vehicle mechanically.

  • The Motorcycle Boss
    The Motorcycle Boss 3 years ago

    Eric. PLEASE make a discussion video about gaskets. gasket materials, when and how to properly dress and prep a gasket. gasket sealant when it should be used and when not to, RTV etc. Seems like a simple topic but I would love to hear your views on it. On my other channel, Dulema, I've been subscribed to you forever and love your vids. this is my first video request and would GREATLY appreciate it if you could discuss this topic. please lmk. thank you.

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      I'm not a fan of RTV. If I use it, I use it sparingly where the manufacturer recommends.

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +TheMotorcycleBoss I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • sotirisbo
    sotirisbo 3 years ago


  • pugman205
    pugman205 3 years ago

    Great video Eric, but I am horrified that you have that much road salt on the front of your Element! Almost every week my MY2000 European Accord is washed and dried and in summer polished and waxed every few months. When Britain gets all 2 days of summer a year.

    • pugman205
      pugman205 3 years ago

      @EricTheCarGuy So has my Accord, having to have several places patched underneath, namely the cills (rockers) Though not quite as bad as your Vigor arse end. I do like to baby my cars though, whether its mechanicaly with genuine parts if I can afford them to weekly washes/detailing and vacuum cleaning

    • EricTheCarGuy
      EricTheCarGuy  3 years ago

      +pugman205 I might wash my vehicles once a year. Keep in mind the Element has already succumbed to rust. It would be a loosing battle at this point. Thanks for your observation.

  • P Schmied
    P Schmied 3 years ago

    I forgot to mention that I marked the latch position using a burst of primer. wait 5 minutes, no fear of rusting scratches. (Whenever I see concealed surface rust like on Eric's E, I spot clean it and apply Rustoleum converting primer).

  • P Schmied
    P Schmied 3 years ago

    The clip tool is not needed, a flatblade screwdriver slid into with notch on the clip will pop the clip's plunger up without stressing it.
    I replaced the cable knob of my first Element with a black square drawer pull from Lowes, 3 years ago.. I loosened the latch end, potted the inside end of the cable into the knob with steel epoxy and let it cure.

  • daren s
    daren s 3 years ago

    Such a bad design, hope it never breaks again.