Different DNA Results for Triplets Using At-Home Tests?

  • Published on Mar 3, 2017
  • ‘Inside Edition’ investigative journalist Lisa Guerrero conducted an in-depth investigation into at-home DNA testing using identical triplets Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn. Check out the interesting results of the DNA makeup.
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Comments • 657

  • miranda baker
    miranda baker 3 days ago

    Its not that surprising seeing how siblings have similar but different dna. They have the same just on a micro scale. Yes they got all the same base dna but as cells grow their are Mico changes from cell to cell. You could actually test quads all from the same egg and there would still be some tiny differences. For example if you take a piece of bread and cut it in exactly the same size to the human eye but if you zoom in your going to find microscopic differences even though their all from the same piece of bread from the same batter. So yes their 99.99 the same dna but that .01 is their genetic diversity. I would say that is both done by nature for natural survival and it's probably were their the base of personalities are different

  • Joyce Jackson
    Joyce Jackson 3 days ago

    pretty girls but wayyyyy too much makeup. It's unnecessary

  • Bill7Godet
    Bill7Godet 5 days ago

    These DNA tests are all just Commercial nonsense. These women are alive so their DNA goes back millions of years, all the way back to Africa. They are talking about their mom and dad, but who were the people in their DNA 1-2-3000 years ago, before Europe!
    If you are alive today, your ancestors go all the way back to the beginning of humanity or you would not be here. There are no Aliens from elsewhere on earth, there would then have to have been a culture who had the knowledge to carry a human body with the speed of light from another star to our sun and find it our Earth. The USA rockets from 1977 and 1994 are still in earth/sun gravity after 25+ - 40+ years and according to science it would take millions of years to get to the closest Star Alpha Centauri!!!

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 7 days ago

    I don't trust DNA test..they don't have my family chain of dead past relatives..hell, they don't even got mine

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 7 days ago

    I dont trust these dna test..one major DNA lab was busted for blacks working there were distorting the outcomes..crazy yes but true

  • Victoria Andersson
    Victoria Andersson 8 days ago

    So many jealous people here lol.

  • Anna Bska
    Anna Bska 8 days ago

    2:28 cant stop laugh :D

  • P J
    P J 8 days ago

    The one on far right is prettiest, looks kinda like a young Bo Derek

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 9 days ago

    DR TRAVIS's face said it all before he answered with his 'well im not a..." cop out comment. His expression said to me; HOW THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW? ALL I WANNA DO IS COP A FRENCHY (HEAD JOB) from the french bitch, fuck the scandinavian between her ALPS and back door the BALKAN. Yeah, i know your laughing Travis jajajajaja. Its true right, i saw you looking at them. Maybe you and i can doppellgangbang 'em. That would absolutely improve your shit ratings, as well as racial and cultural relacions etc etc

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 9 days ago

    Well that certainly explains why ERICA is so good at giving FRENCH (giving HEAD). Look at her DNA

  • Wonder Wish Woman
    Wonder Wish Woman 10 days ago

    2 Look similar but the one at the end has a lighter blonde hair and the unidentical one has really dark hair

  • aLovelyDay4Love
    aLovelyDay4Love 11 days ago

    I don't understand this... If they have the same parents that means they all have to have the same DNA when it comes to their history, right? That has to do with who slept with whom in history in order for their two parents to come to life, and that fact can't differ between these three. But, if the test instead is showing how many of the traits from different geographic parts that they have in their specific genes, then maybe that's a possibility? Like, if one of them have more blonde hair (a scandinavian trait) than the others (just an example I made up). I don't know if this is how it works but I would happily find out!

  • Alanna Fox Starks
    Alanna Fox Starks 16 days ago

    This is really wild!!! WOW!!! Apparently, they are NOT IDENTICAL Twins!

  • God Yato
    God Yato 17 days ago

    Omg!!! My little cousin would be so happy to find out that there are 3 living barbie dolls

  • gottabighit1
    gottabighit1 17 days ago

    Sick...and that's not the "good" adjective meaning of sick... so sad.

  • Tay No last name
    Tay No last name 18 days ago

    Oh. My. God. So hot

  • Sameya 25906
    Sameya 25906 18 days ago

    That women works in inside edition at 0:5

  • Ember M
    Ember M 18 days ago

    Waist of my time...

  • Samui Style
    Samui Style 19 days ago

    just proves what a scam this home dna-scams are..

  • serialgriller4life
    serialgriller4life 20 days ago +1

    Ofc they look the same when they wear similar clothes, have identical haircut and coloring and are all pumped full of botox in the same places.... Show me someone that does not try to look the same but still do, genetically, without having any kind plasticoperations
    done to them....
    And then maybe, MAYBE!!....
    I'll raise my eyebrows 😐😑....

  • BlazinNSoul
    BlazinNSoul 20 days ago +1

    The thing people have to understand here is that DNA testing is not an exact science. A DNA test that matches you with a certain type of cancer.
    Doesn't mean you're going to get that cancer. A proper diet, exercise, nonsmoker, and environmental factors all play a role here.
    The whole 23andMe thing however I've never quite bought into. What 23andMe don't tell you here.
    Is that they can only match you up with other people. That are currently in their database. Which leaves large parts of the population unaccounted-for.
    I would be interested to hear how many triplets within 23andMe database have similar results? If you're going to do the 23 it should be with a grain of salt.
    What would be a more interesting test here I think is of an indigenous tribe. Which kind of would prove my point to the accuracy or lack thereof here.

  • José Vélez
    José Vélez 22 days ago

    The doctor is hot af

  • Nasjah Alsina
    Nasjah Alsina 23 days ago

    how do we get test like this?

  • Cat Strid
    Cat Strid 23 days ago

    Thats why they are so hot they have DNA from sweden

  • D Park
    D Park 24 days ago

    they are hideous without hair and all that makeup. even white peoples eyes lie to them!

  • Jean Rienzo
    Jean Rienzo 24 days ago

    This interviewer just doesnt understand how to interpret this data. Each has a margin of error and only shows a fraction of the makeup. These three have the exact same DNA.

  • Alexis Kraus
    Alexis Kraus 25 days ago

    I just found out my DNA through 23andme.com a couple days ago. It seemed pretty accurate from what I already knew about my heritage already.

  • Quodaax
    Quodaax 25 days ago

    Ah, the Dahm Triplets. Google 'Dahm Playboy' if you want to know who they are and why they dress alike and share the same plastic surgeon.

  • Quodaax
    Quodaax 25 days ago

    Yes, you share the same DNA at the time of the split in the womb. There is something called genetic drift and a myriad of environment influences that, over time, can make your DNA go haywire. There's also something called margin of error.
    Oh, and if you "do it with a doctor"... Doctors are not geneticists (as your "Doctor" pointed out). Unless you go directly to Genetech and spend thousands, you'll get the same results from anyone you go to.

  • Uni Palam
    Uni Palam 25 days ago

    Isn’t she the host of inside edition

  • Julian Rangel
    Julian Rangel 26 days ago

    If you dislike this and if you're a guy then you're gay

  • Tina Stardust
    Tina Stardust 26 days ago

    Dr. Travis doesn't look right. He looks dead in the eyes and ill. What's wrong with him?

  • Tina Stardust
    Tina Stardust 26 days ago

    Didn't these sluts date and have sex with Hugh Hefner?

  • François Morin
    François Morin 27 days ago +1

    Intriguing. I don't get why they did not get a geneticist on the panel to explain what may have happened. My guess is that some coding arrangement of the DNA still happens after the ovum has split in three or that those discrepancies can be explain by latent genes or even junk DNA. Those differences seem to be on genes that do not affect their appearance.

  • georgia bloxham
    georgia bloxham 27 days ago

    all still 100% milk

  • Gxanna
    Gxanna Month ago +1

    and 100% white girl

  • Natali Garcia
    Natali Garcia Month ago

    They look like Gigi gorgeous . Lol

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber Month ago

    They're fraternal, so it's no surprise here.

  • Miss.Phoenixx
    Miss.Phoenixx Month ago

    One of them is not like the other..that's all I'm gonna say🐸☕

  • Shanakae Mcknight
    Shanakae Mcknight Month ago

    lol wow so countries have a dna?

  • J Michael
    J Michael Month ago

    White Goddesses!!!

  • Salem Witch
    Salem Witch Month ago

    Guy: Sorry I couldn't tell

  • Matt Molenda
    Matt Molenda Month ago

    Former playboy pinups

  • Patrick Odonnell
    Patrick Odonnell Month ago


  • Carole B.
    Carole B. Month ago

    Woww americans got some kind of phenomens in their land smh.

  • Erica Stone
    Erica Stone Month ago

    did they have surgeries, botox etc? they look plumped up.

  • Dravenousone1
    Dravenousone1 Month ago

    Your "ancestry" comes from your parents.
    So, you and all your sibling have the same tha ancestry.
    The take away from these test should be that they are NOT ACCURATE LOL

  • Ezrah Faye
    Ezrah Faye Month ago

    So basically long story short they are all 100% white

    • Martina B
      Martina B 5 days ago

      Ezrah Faye And 100 % gorgeous

  • The Good Americans
    The Good Americans Month ago +2

    It’s because God made each one of them special!

    • Emi Lia
      Emi Lia Month ago

      Aw this made me smile haha idk why

  • nightshade1621
    nightshade1621 Month ago

    Explains why "identical twins" have slight differences in facial features

  • nutella fluff
    nutella fluff Month ago

    Damm triplets right? Playboy models, pmotm forgot the year

  • Lisia123MSP
    Lisia123MSP Month ago +1

    Stupid hoes

  • Legal Man
    Legal Man Month ago

    Les triplets de Bellevue have a bizarre face cute and the same time Scarry bitchy

  • Tunabaskets
    Tunabaskets Month ago

    i know what your thinking it ;)

  • jelena miljkovic
    jelena miljkovic Month ago

    They are gooooooorgeous

  • Háłłïē B
    Háłłïē B Month ago

    Creepy as fuck when three grown women try to look exactly alike

  • Allison Berrian
    Allison Berrian Month ago

    Lol, I'm a triplet

  • Katherine Pirkle
    Katherine Pirkle Month ago

    It is important to understand how reference groups work. They are assigning probabilty based on where the DNA is assumed to come from. Someone who is 100% Irish may show Scandinavian and Iberian DNA. This due to migration in the past (Vikings and Celts, for example). This means that a part of the DNA they coded is found in that region. Depending on the reference database and the coding used. Individual sectors could fall under one or both. They are not telling you you are FROM Sweden. They are saying that that bit of your DNA is very frequently found in Sweden, even though it is also very frequently found in Ireland. And due to migration, in England, Australia, US, etc. If you use one of the larger coding companies, your percentages may even change as the database grows it reference data.

  • Kirissapierce 1
    Kirissapierce 1 Month ago

    On 1:56-1:59 the all tired there heads at the same time 😂

    25BEDFORD Month ago

    Got one DNA all three of them can equally be part of!!

  • Karynna Hills
    Karynna Hills Month ago +5

    Whats up with all the racist and ignorant comments? Why did you click on this video? Everyones mad that theyre white.

    That wasnt the point of the DNA testing. It was to show that although they are triplets, they have different percentages within the european ethnicities.
    I feel like all the minorities in the comments are mAd because they clicked on the video expecting the women to be mixed with different races.

    The overused racial hate towards white people is excessive and a nuisance. 2017, man......the year white people are getting shit simply for being white. What is this?

    Thought the world has moved on from that barbaric mindset.

    • Karynna Hills
      Karynna Hills Day ago

      francis z “where”??? You either didnt read the comments or you are blind to racism against whites

    • francis z
      francis z Day ago

      Racist comments? where? you are the one making this about race. And if a white person says the've had some plastic surgery, is that a racist comment? or are they just hating?

    • Karynna Hills
      Karynna Hills Month ago

      supernova743 Yes, and? You explained the video. Whats your point?

    • supernova743
      supernova743 Month ago

      Because they're identical they should have very similar profiles. The problem here is that while it did put their ancestry in Europe it gave very different results within Europe.

  • yupmonk3yzrul3
    yupmonk3yzrul3 Month ago

    This was the biggest waste of time

  • Joni Taylor dawson
    Joni Taylor dawson Month ago

    Dr wants to plow them hard

  • Kim M.
    Kim M. Month ago +3

    At the end, she said they were also Vulcan. Vulcan? Sounds like something off of star trek.

    • Valentina
      Valentina 22 hours ago +1

      Balkan aka southeast Europe

    • ask your girl
      ask your girl Month ago +2

      Kim M. She said Balkan, countries like Bulgaria and Croatia

  • M&M Overaverage
    M&M Overaverage Month ago

    They do the same movements

  • Clayton Liew
    Clayton Liew Month ago

    I wanna make love with all of them

  • myforever13
    myforever13 Month ago

    are they really identical? they don't look that similar

  • Hefty Tortilla
    Hefty Tortilla Month ago

    According to my knowledge you get 50% of your DNA from each parent, you don't always get every single thing the same from both parents.
    It could be a bit different for siblings.
    It's similar to the fact the middle one looked a lot different than the other two, she just got some different genes.
    That's just what I thought though.

    • Bi, Bi
      Bi, Bi Month ago

      Oh well that could be true its just ive watched many in-date studies and they've all said that identical is identical

    • Hefty Tortilla
      Hefty Tortilla Month ago

      According to newyorktimes.com,
      "The Claim: Identical Twins Have Identical DNA. It is a basic tenet of human biology, taught in grade schools everywhere: Identical twins come from the same fertilized egg and, thus, share identical genetic profiles. But according to new research, though identical twins share very similar genes, identical they are not."

    • Bi, Bi
      Bi, Bi Month ago

      Actually identical sliblings would in fact have to have all the same genes b/c when they are in the womb what makes identicals is the splitting of an egg so technically they are all carbon copys of each other
      Also they probably got plastic surgery and that may be why they all look different from each other

  • monicka lynn
    monicka lynn Month ago

    You are NOT the sister!

  • Angry Blackman
    Angry Blackman Month ago

    3 white sluts from Porn hub-move on, nothing new here

  • Jennifer Jenson
    Jennifer Jenson Month ago

    Lool it weird how they both turned when the man said let me tell u this

  • Tabarruk alyeva. Hwıhw


  • Gabbie Fernandez
    Gabbie Fernandez Month ago

    Did anyone see one of their names is Nicole and one is jacklyn and you thought Nicole jackelyn the TVclipr

  • Walkercolours
    Walkercolours Month ago

    Just got my 'at home' DNA results and it says I'm 3 percent Finnish and 2 percent Inuit. GOT TO BE A MISTAKE 😡

  • Master Roshi
    Master Roshi Month ago +1

    20038199274% of make up

  • Kelly1999
    Kelly1999 Month ago

    This video was just trippy as fuck!!!

  • Kelly1999
    Kelly1999 Month ago

    This video was just trippy as fuck!!!

  • D J
    D J Month ago


  • Araceli Reynaga
    Araceli Reynaga Month ago

    mix of sausage history

  • du Bb
    du Bb Month ago

    imagine fucking all them at the same time...... pure milf heaven

  • barry Lindsay
    barry Lindsay Month ago

    and this is 100%...a waste of my time.dwl

  • Smokes
    Smokes Month ago


  • Aquarellina
    Aquarellina Month ago

    I'd love to see them without makeup, just to see how they really look similar. They are but makeup makes it look even more similar

  • liz marquez
    liz marquez Month ago

    Their faces dont look that much alike they just have that same basic look... like gigi gorgeous

  • Mika Mika
    Mika Mika Month ago

    They ar triplets but only 2 are identical

  • Irene Lin
    Irene Lin Month ago

    That host seems familiar... She’s from a TVclip channet?

  • Sanarya Ifen
    Sanarya Ifen Month ago +6

    They all share 100% the same plastic surgeon

  • Sanarya Ifen
    Sanarya Ifen Month ago +11

    As long as u r 100% humans we are all good lol

  • J Fulkerson
    J Fulkerson Month ago

    Wait you’re supposed to spit in a cup

  • smile tae
    smile tae Month ago +1

    the one at the left is so pretty

    • Martina B
      Martina B 5 days ago

      smile tae And she's also the one with the highest Scandinavian DNA....

  • Amber
    Amber Month ago

    What’s with the A, C, C necklaces? At first I thought oh A, B, C. The birth order, there is no B?! I’m confused

  • Huj Hygf
    Huj Hygf Month ago

    These bimbos look so FAKE, it is PATHETIC.

  • candace inman
    candace inman Month ago +1

    Fake same damn dna especially if they have the same parents bullshit!

  • SusannGER
    SusannGER Month ago

    Each looks different

  • Suri Miller
    Suri Miller Month ago

    I would love to triplet hot daughters lol.

  • Aiman Jaouni
    Aiman Jaouni Month ago

    When you learn the shadow clone jutsu

  • SoniaK Mk
    SoniaK Mk Month ago

    this seems all made up. Even the doctor seems like an actor... I think the only ones who didn't knew that this was all fake were the Triplets

  • Random Ranters
    Random Ranters Month ago


  • TheTriggering
    TheTriggering 2 months ago

    Each woman just got a little more or less of something. Makes sense. It’s ok.

    BTS FAN 2 months ago +13

    The tests be trippin