Why People Are Freaking Out On Bella Hadid, Bella Thorne vs Whoopi, & Alaska's Horrifying "Catfish"

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  2 months ago +1103

    Here are those timecodes:
    Bella Hadid Controversy (0:06), Bella Thorne Vs Whoopi Goldberg (2:45), TIA (7:14), Alaska Teens Charged (9:40)

    • Ara Renee
      Ara Renee 29 days ago

      Wait. I thought you don't show the faces of murders?

    • justin _
      justin _ Month ago

      The bad neighborhood analogy is apt. Whoopi wasn't saying the whole internet is a bad neighborhood, just the cloud. Also Bella is a horrible human being for not facing that truth and then spreading lies about what Whoopi said. You can safeguard your house with an alarm system, a dog, guns, cameras, etc but there's not quite the same layers of protection for the cloud. This is isn't the slut shaming argument. As a celebrity it's like leaving your super expensive car full of diamonds parked on a street known for break ins. It's just stupid. I fully understand the long distance relationship thing but there are other ways other than the cloud or keeping them on your phone. It's not that hard to be a little cautious.

    • Jynxedlove
      Jynxedlove Month ago

      I was made more afraid of rape and being raped and the reaction I would get claiming a real rape looking at things the way people like Bella Thorne did than how Whoopie does. You need to be aware of the risks around you so you can protect yourself. She only said 'famous people' because they get targeted specifically for their nudes to be leaked. It's not like saying don't go dance and get drunk or it's your fault you get raped, it's more like saying, "WHY ARE YOU CARRYING AROUND A PRIMED GRENADE? I mean, if you want it to go off, sure, but if your arm is blown off don't look at me, you really should throw that away. Quickly, maybe."

    • Jynxedlove
      Jynxedlove Month ago

      What's wrong with being upset with Saudia Arabia and their national airliner with all the human rights violations they do. Are those okay now because a different culture is violating them? Didn't we determine those rights as required for any class of people to live and enjoy rights?

    • TheDragonNinjaLord
      TheDragonNinjaLord 2 months ago

      @Cassie Banks Right?

  • Kinza N
    Kinza N 18 hours ago

    The Bella v. Whoopi issue should be approached first by recognizing that young men and women (and older folks too) DO take nude photos of themselves for their partners, or even just for themselves. It is not something brand new, nudes have been a thing for centuries they were just painted or sketched and now since everyone has a camera in their back pocket, they've become more common. The discussion ought to revolve around security and privacy, not around stopping a behaviour that is completely normal.

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 14 days ago

    Really confused for a bit cuz of two different Bellas in this vid

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 14 days ago

    Will the cereal threaten to throat punch me tho?

  • stecky87
    stecky87 16 days ago

    I don't know who Bella Thorne is - I hadn't heard of her until this "controversy" happened. But It's gotten me to dislike her more & more. It's bad enough that the leak looks like a publicity stunt, but to come out w/ this crying video, twisting Whoopi's words just makes it worse. Hacking is a common enough occurrence nowadays, even if you AREN'T famous & it's worse if you are. Pictures saved on the cloud aren't really private & that should be taken in to account. THAT was what Whoopi's point was.

    Also, you can take a sexy photo that *isn't* a nude.
    Also, what happens to those photos when you break up? You can't trust that that'll remain private then either

    • stecky87
      stecky87 16 days ago


  • bpsoup1
    bpsoup1 17 days ago

    If you leave your car unlocked, it's not cool that you got things stolen out of your car, but you are partially culpable. If you upload pictures of yourself, it's very stupid to think they can't end up in the wild.

  • Above Life
    Above Life 19 days ago

    Am I the only one amazed at the prices of the games? $20 on sale for a game to build a hospital and it usually costs $35? Does anyone here ever buy these games haha

  • sorucha
    sorucha 20 days ago

    Lol bella thorne fake AF

  • Thunder Aracnide
    Thunder Aracnide 21 day ago

    Perhaps the way Whoopie set up was the wrong way ... And being hacked doesn't just happen to famous people ... (it happens to everyone, even with all the security questions, the double way of verifying the access etc ... they hacked me originally long ago!). But I don't even defend Bella ... in the sense, do you want to take a naked photo? do it with the camera, print it, erase it from the camera, take it in person to the person you want to give it to, and all this drama didn't happen ...

  • I M A QYN
    I M A QYN 21 day ago

    First of all, Bella shows off her body - objectifies herself as a sex object and then when another nude pic leaks - cries. WTF??? Grow up. He has mental issues, stop using weed and act responsibly - you're 21 - not 9!!!

  • ChaosTherum
    ChaosTherum 22 days ago

    Jesus fucking christ. Just because people say that you can avoid the issue by not doing it does not mean that they are fine with it or saying you deserve it.

  • Meta Shambles
    Meta Shambles 29 days ago

    I think Whoopi's argument is that you are in denial if you think that you can take pictures and not expect it to be on an internet network that is accessible. I think this is the wrong way to think think about the issue because the issue is not that she uploaded things knowing this but that someone would break into an online space which is identified as being ostensibly hers and took information from there. Whoopi is completely missing the point. It's like she's blaming someone for having valuables in a house that then got robbed. It should be criminal and prosecutable (even if the person is a minor) when such breaches are made in the same way you can hold someone who robs someone else accountable.

  • EmilyEquine
    EmilyEquine Month ago

    Why anyone would brag about their product being keto-friendly is beyond me..

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough Month ago

    May everyone involved in that Alaska murder spend the rest of their lives behind bars (I'd personally prefer a work camp). To even CONSIDER such an act for merely money warrants a complete and permanent removal from society.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough Month ago

    Pragmatically, I understand where Whoopi was coming from. It is objectively true that in this day and age, as a famous individual, you should be wary of what content you put out there. However, IDEALLY, NO one should have to worry about that. And I believe that Whoopi's rhetoric would have benefited from including that latter concept. The way she went about her point was of someone who was all vindication and no empathy. No matter how right you are, that is not the way to go about explaining it, in most circumstances at least. Having said that, Bella's answer was clearly over the top, which makes it much more difficult to sympathize with her as well. She had the opposite issue, in that, although she was right to be irate with Whoopi, choosing not to recognize the validity of her point, and instead focusing solely on the callousness of it, does her response no favors in my eyes.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough Month ago

    Phil you put the Bella Hadid situation better than I ever could. What a load of tripe. I hope she doesn't suffer much more for this...

    THE BOSS Month ago +1

    Saudi media is so big it will harm her 😂💞🇸🇦

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago

    i think bella should be able to do what she want but still be aware that hackers are a thing

  • Garrett Murdock
    Garrett Murdock Month ago

    Id say it is more just don't put yourself in a situation where you can be victimised.

  • Wendy Oxley
    Wendy Oxley Month ago

    OMG @Bella seeking attention.... learn from older women they have been in the industry for long...just learn from it...dher!!!

  • Sublimek
    Sublimek Month ago

    People need to grow a spine and stop getting to offended. She said it could get hacked she didn't say you shouldn't take it. This is pretty much a reach on Bella part.

  • Robert Shields Jr.
    Robert Shields Jr. Month ago

    "If you're famous I don't care how old you are, you don't take nude pictures of yourself. Listen, when they're hacking you, they're hacking all of your stuff. Whether its 1 picture or 1 million pictures, once you take it it goes into the cloud. If you don't know that in 2019, that this is an issue, I'm sorry you don't get to do that." Paraphrased from Whoopi.... Let's break this down.
    1. Shes basically saying what we all know, that people of fame are targets for hacking and nude leaks.
    2. The hacking is a problem.
    3. The outrage that people feel for being hacked, who are famous, is uncalled for. Because of the fame and spotlight they are targets.
    Bella equated that to telling young women they are nasty and deserve to be raped. That because you took the photo, you deserve to be hacked and leaked. This is entirely not true.
    This should have led to a bigger conversation about privacy and security, which isn't what is happening here. Whoopi has declared, that in 2019 you know the risks of taking nudes and that you know you are a target, you can't get mad when it happens to you. This is where I say, get mad; mad about the lack of privacy, mad about the poor cyber security of your account.
    This situation is basically about people of power (aka $$$) and how they should have a right to privacy. How cyber security is still lacking.
    It reminds me of my youth. Making false equivalencies just to fight or because I wasn't actually listening, only hearing to respond. Bella is making things worse by being reactionary and not listening to the truth.
    This should have been a rally call to protect PEOPLE from hackers, instead it was made about rape and youth. Why? attention and outrage. Whoopi said nothing about gender and broadened it every time someone tried to focus on the split hairs of the situation.

  • Beach Lasagna
    Beach Lasagna Month ago

    Denoli: murders an innocent, vulnerable girl
    Denoli: I don't want my daughter to grow up knowing her mom is a killer because I don't see myself as one

  • Heather Fortney
    Heather Fortney Month ago

    that is not what whoopi said, she said that when you take nudes it is a HUGE chance. Bella can take nudes, we can take nudes, you can take nudes, however; there is always this risk. so "BELLA" maybe tell your daughter to take caution. things will be worse in the future. and more people will be offended about everything... we are always mad for dumb shit. besides i think she did that shit... but i am no one and i don't really care but dont be all faking crying and being sad for more drama and book selling... so good luck. smh.. come on haters i have thick skin and a sense of humor.

  • Nicole Joyner
    Nicole Joyner Month ago

    Did I miss something in what Whoopi said O.o nowhere in the statement was it slut-shaming nor did she say don't take sexy pics. She said specifically don't take nudes more or less if as a public figure you don't want it leaked. Because you did then you take that risk. Also, she said nothing that hasn't been said about general internet safety since the internet was a thing.

  • khalid najjar
    khalid najjar Month ago

    Why is there an ad for Ben Shapiro running before your show???

  • HumanityIsDead
    HumanityIsDead Month ago

    *Let me get a the accessories before I cry on the camera*

  • Tails Clock
    Tails Clock Month ago

    Whoopi's not someone I've ever heard talk on issues before. I hope she isn't normally this wrong about things.
    The real message we need to be putting out is that the naked body is natural and not something to be ashamed of. Nude leakers need to be punsiehd severely, but nude leak victims need to understand that they are unharmed. Which they so rarely seem to feel in these cases. I hate that people put so much stock in the idea that keeping themself covered means keeping their self worth. And that being seen naked makes them trash. A very sick mindset prevalent in America.
    Telling victims they're just idiots is putting another layer of harm on a culture that needs fixing. "Cover up harder" is not a solution.
    Also Bella's story is obviously super fake.
    Also I hate that I started to wonder if Whoopi has any nudes. I did not mean to cross my thoughts like that. A grand mistake has been made.

  • Jennifer Mommy
    Jennifer Mommy Month ago

    Ppl r stupid. The trolls of the world are not happy until they are able to destroy someone else over nothing.

  • Gowri rao
    Gowri rao Month ago

    Bella Thorne is EXTRA

  • SystemzOverload
    SystemzOverload Month ago

    UAE and Saudi Arabia: women are beneath us.
    1 women pointint her foot at a plane: YOU ARE SCUM!!!
    its like they're trying to be a donald trump. snowlfakes abound...

  • MEMorales1236
    MEMorales1236 Month ago

    Bella needs to grow a back bone and have some damn sense! If you think what Whoopi said was wrong, you're seriously misinforming young women. If you send anything through the internet, it can be hacked and you know there's a marginal chance anything could be stolen. This is about having the common sense to live in a digital world. Period.

  • S Malachit
    S Malachit Month ago

    With all due respect for woopie, i can only say this to her: Woopie, remember the 70s? The free love movement? The sole thing that made free sexuality and expression of self without having to fear being cast out of one's family or worse as punishment possible? Well, you are the modern equivalent of someone who was fighting against this freedom. Like an old stuck up person that can't take the fact that their outdated views have been proven to be damaging to society. It's sad. Shame on you Woopie.

  • Hector Rosado
    Hector Rosado Month ago

    Bella is full of it. Whoopi was right.

  • Chris Moeller
    Chris Moeller Month ago +7

    Denali Brehmer: *Kills someone*
    Also Denali Brehmer: "I don't view myself as a killer."
    That takes a serious amount of cognitive dissonance.

  • Mohamed Arreh
    Mohamed Arreh Month ago

    Two stories back to back about people in 2k19 overreacting and being too soft. What a surprise.

  • Neuro Weaver
    Neuro Weaver Month ago

    The truth is, if you do not know better and still trust the cloud in 2019, you are an idiot and deserve to be hacked.
    Because most hackers do not hack your phone - they have access to Apple, Microsoft and Google servers. A these Silicone Valley bozos keep making grand statements of "customer respect" and "increased security", yet they keep getting hacked because their system is inherently unsecure in order for them to sell your life to corporations.

  • Alex Daez
    Alex Daez Month ago

    My thinking is that leaked celebrity nudes are a real problem so if you do it, it’s a risk your taking. You may not think something like that could happen to you but just not taking any is extra security. It’s kind of like putting a lock on your door. If you didn’t have one, it’s possible that no one would break into your house anyway but you get one to make sure something like that doesn’t happen.

  • Haley Lee
    Haley Lee Month ago

    Bella literally posted a picture on her snapchat of her getting a bikini wax with only a squiggly line covering her vagina. With that being said, I dont see her being the type of person to be that conservative when it comes to nudes. What happened was fucked up, dont get me wrong. If you're sending a nude it should be to that person and that person only. Should dosen't necessarily mean it will though. That's the risk nowadays of sending nudes. It goes for both sexes too. This case in general is very sketchy to me though. Why would the FBI be involved in a hacking case that only involves adult nudes? Even if they did, the kid has claimed to have other celebrity nudes too. If he does, wont those celebrities also be able to prosecute him? How can you determine someone's age by phone? So many questions like this leave me incredibly skeptical of the case. It's a good and relevant topic to discuss about though.

  • TheJumpingJake
    TheJumpingJake Month ago

    Hahahaha, I'm laughing so much at a story

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer Month ago

    If the rate of getting some horrible disease by doing something you enjoy was publicized and the same as these nude-leaks that have been publicized, how do you convey the risk of being famous & beautiful and taking nudes?

  • Alexisasheep
    Alexisasheep Month ago

    I do agree that as someone famous if you take nudes it's only a matter of time before they're leaked. It's sad that someones privacy can so easily be invaded like that but on the other hand the best solution if you want something to be hidden is for it to not exist in the first place. I don't know of any other fool proof solution.

  • jean maillard
    jean maillard Month ago

    woopy got a point but she's wrong being a celebrity does not mean that you cannot have a private life

  • Diana Of Themyscira

    The Bella is so ridiculous is like "oh in a picture on 2015 she was standing on top of a bucket, that types of buckets are made on Latin America so that must mean she hates Latin people and she stumps on them" wtf?

  • Sylvain Robitaille
    Sylvain Robitaille Month ago

    You do not take nude pictures of yourself for the same reason you lock your doors. Their are bad people on earth, protect yourself. It's not about buying nice things, but protecting the nice things you have. It's not about body shaming, it's about protecting your image.

  • BootlegEL
    BootlegEL Month ago

    I thought Whoopi was talking slow and clear enough for Bella to understand all devices could be hacked or lost! Come on people do not be suprised

  • ToBeAVampire101
    ToBeAVampire101 Month ago

    Regarding the Bella/Whoopi situation, I agree with Whoopi in that in 2019 you should know that being hacked and having personal pictures exposed is absolutely a possibility, and as a celebrity you should be extra careful. If you make that choice, be aware that there could be consequences. I don't mean Bella should be ashamed she took the photos. Personal info or pics being leaked is wrong and we should never be okay with that. No one deserves that. But if it exists, it can be used against you. Be righteously upset that it happened, but don't be surprised.

  • crys
    crys Month ago

    Bella shouldn’t have responded. While I get what she was trying to say in the response video, she really fucking twisted Whoopi’s words. You can’t compare being hacked and having your nudes leaked to being intoxicated and raped, both are horrible and I’d be terrified if they’d ever happen to me, both would emotionally scar you etc. but our cancel culture and the media twisting shit don’t take kindly to anything having to do with rape, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started a Bella Thorne is over party. She was clearly frustrated in the video, actually the first video wasn’t that bad, I wouldn’t be making this comment if she had just posted the first but the rape thing man..

  • Darkone1984
    Darkone1984 Month ago

    This bitch is dumb, if I'm dancing I should be rapeded, wow just wow.

  • Pope
    Pope Month ago

    Whoopis point sounds a lot like the "Well if a bank leaves their doors unlocked, then whos at fault when a robber comes and steals all the money?" (important thing to note, a womans body is NOT a bank- Its a fucking human being) but at the end of the day..... its the fucking hackers fault, its the fucking thieves fault. you are NOT SUPPOSED TO HACK PEOPLES SHIT AND STEAL AND LEAK THEIR NUDES. its deplorable and illegal and disgusting. Bella has every right to take pictures of her body and send them to a consenting adult.

  • Dorkdum Productions

    I’m sorry, but Bella Thorne sounds kinda like a dumbass. Yeah, maybe Whoopi was throwing a little undeserved shame her way, but what she said wasn’t wrong. If you send someone nudes, you are risking them getting leaked. Yes, it sucks. Yes, it should still be considered a crime. No, it is not the same as getting raped because you were “out dancing”. Take some responsibility, and weigh the consequences of any action you do, even if it’s not something wrong. It’s not wrong to send nudes, but you’re still taking a risk. It’s more akin to having unprotected sex. It’s unfair if your partner doesn’t warn you, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a risk to begin with.

  • Kristen Cyr
    Kristen Cyr Month ago

    With my children I would say, don't be ashamed of what you may want to post BUT be aware that on the internet, nothing really goes away and anything is accessible given the right perpetrators looking to access it. So my warning to my own kids would be, "Don't post anything you are not willing to OWN. Don't let any boyfriend or girlfriend take a pic of you that you are not willing to OWN. Don't say anything on Facebook or otherwise that you are not willing to OWN." I have an old boyfriend who has sexy suggestive Polaroids of me (yes, I'm old AF) that if he scanned and leaked - sure, they'd be a bit embarrassing but they are nothing that I would not be comfortable owning. And to me, that is just being smart. I don't agree with Whoopie in that it is ALL the victim's fault but I would arm my own kids with the knowledge and wisdom to be smart. There are people out there who do not have your best interests at heart, there are jilted lovers, there are hackers, there are just asshole "friends"...best to keep one step ahead of them by knowing what you would and wouldn't feel okay with them putting out in the public space.

  • KatieKoo- KooHead
    KatieKoo- KooHead Month ago

    I'm in a long distance relationship and if my nudes got leaked I would be horrified. I truly am trying to understand whoopie's point of view. This is a old point of view. There are plenty of people in long distance relationships and it literally HURTS to be away from someone you love so much. So forgive me if from time to time I send sexy photos to my bf.

  • Jane Kang
    Jane Kang Month ago

    I think the way bella took whoopis comments was along the line of "you should know better" which you know, isn't the best thing to say to someone who's privacy was invaded. Also I watched the whole segment of the view on this and the whole thing had a very belittling tone toward Bella about the situation so I get it. But also nudes getting hacked and leaked is a thing in this day and age so everyone be careful 🤷‍♀️

  • Olga Madura
    Olga Madura Month ago

    I feel like Whoopi had good intentions but didn't word it right. It did feel like she was shaming those who take nudes.
    But also yeah, you have to be cautious cause they can be leaked, celebrity or not.

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf Month ago

    I understand Whoopi’s point that as a celebrity you should caution yourself when taking nude photos because there’s a high possibility you would be hacked. Just the way she said it came off as she was putting all the blame on Bella Thorne.

  • Leikili Maile
    Leikili Maile Month ago

    Eh wise up it is 2019 and unfortunately there are people who choose to spend their time invading the privacy of others and publishing what they steal instead of helping the world they would rather be part of tearing it down, this older woman spoke out frustrated and mad that another female a young female at that was publicly humiliated and the young lady could have prevented it by not sending private photos over a non private ether, This hacking business has been harming people for years now and part of the frustration is that it is well known yet people continue to send private photos over this same Non private ether, understand Whoopi is coming from a place of Care not harm

  • Emily Geier
    Emily Geier Month ago

    “If someone breaks into your home and steals your tv, it’s your fault for having a tv” even if your door is open, someone still stole something. Maybe you should have made a different decision, but a thief is a thief, a rapist is a rapist, and a hacker is a hacker.
    Lmao I started writing this before Phil have basically the same example.

  • shayalon
    shayalon Month ago

    How on earth do you compare nude photos to stuff in your house. No one is going to spread your china cabinet on huge websites. Your silverware isn't going to be used to publicly shame you. For fuck sake, Phil, this comparison is just stupid. What Whoopi said is that if you don't want your nude photos out there, don't take them, or be more careful with them. Personal responsibility. It is your responsibility to safeguard your important and potentially embarrassing shit.

  • Remer714
    Remer714 Month ago

    If I take a nude picture of myself and put it out on the internet - or even the cloud - I will have to live with the consequences if it gets leaked.

    • Remer714
      Remer714 Month ago

      It's the same thing with the n-word story. If I say the word, it's my right to do so - just like with the nudes - but I have to live with the consequences. Simple as that.

  • Golden Crown
    Golden Crown Month ago

    I’m Palestinian like Bella Hadid and what the dumb Saudis and Emirates did and said is the stupidest thing ever .. love you Philip DeFranco ❤️

  • Evan Sweeney
    Evan Sweeney Month ago

    This world is a scary place, it's terrible and makes me think when I have kids I should just keep them in a tiny bubble and never let them experience the bad things that could happen. But obviously that's not something you can do, you can't always stop bad things that happen to people..you have to trust that people will be good to you but as time goes on it seems like people just get worse. And it only takes one bad person to ruin your life, or even take your life. My heart goes out to the family of that poor girl. How could they have known what would happen to their daughter who just wanted to make friends. That's what scares me the most..they couldn't have known at all..that's what scares me.

  • Siara Hughes
    Siara Hughes Month ago

    Goldberg's tone is pretty bad, but what she said is good advice. While I do have compassion for what Bella Thorne is feeling after what happened to her, I'm concerned at the content of Thorne's response. Thorne mentioned "girls" watch The View and I have to wonder if Thorne knows that underage girls who take and send nudes of themselves can get slapped with a sex offender label for "creating child p---". It's wrong that the system punishes sexting that way, but famous people like Thorne help popularize the idea of sexting as normal to teens. It scares me that it seems Thorne wouldn't discourage her own daughter from sending nudes. If you aren't honest with young girls about the risks of sexting, that's not responsible parenting.
    Revenge porn is horrible, but we don't advise women and girls to guard themselves against it because they're inherently bad for taking the nudes, but because there's bad people willing to prey on them because society sucks. Goldberg absolutely should have worded her remarks to be less harsh and compassionless, but not taking nudes really is the only way to fully protect yourself against those nudes getting leaked.
    We should, as adults aware of the dangers in the world, warn our kids away from doing things that have a known risk. Sending nudes is dangerous and children should be warned never to. If they get hurt because they sent nudes, it's not their fault for not knowing better, its our fault for not teaching them better and instead glamorizing behavior that leads to known danger.

  • -WoF- DarkNewton
    -WoF- DarkNewton Month ago

    I completely agree with Whoopi, which is something I can't believe I'm saying. It's not about "your body" or "your sexuality" or women at all. Guys also have nudes, very commonly, and I think that's a terrible idea as well. For goodness sake, at least keep them on a machine which isn't connected to the internet -- don't just have them sitting on a public, verified account. If you want to send them to an SO, at least make a separate account no hacker will ever know about. Even then, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends can still leak it. And in court, you better hope they aren't on your phone. If I learned one thing in business law, it's that.
    Stop making this a "slut-shaming" issue -- it's not about your body or your sexuality, it's about your mind and whether or not you use it.

  • Hat _
    Hat _ Month ago

    Are you actually kidding me... like come on, its just someone who just took a picture with her shoes. Are people literally getting mad over that? Is that really worth your time?

  • xMheezy
    xMheezy Month ago

    I LOVE Two Point Hospital! It's fun and very funny. Definitely recommend.

  • alexander johnson
    alexander johnson Month ago

    i think woopie portrayed her point to aggressively but i also think she has a point that sending nudes or taking them can turn out badly. On the other hand in a perfect world people would think the human body is just that and nude photos wouldn't have a negative connotation, but sadly they do and you need to have more caution.

  • firefly4322
    firefly4322 Month ago +1

    Whoopi has a right to her opinion. I strongly disagree with Whoopi's opinion on this and side with Bella Thorne's stance.
    However, in today's technologically fueled world, we need to protect ourselves. Take just about whatever pictures you want within the confines of the law of course. Use a strong password, two-factor authentication, don't reuse passwords on different apps/websites/accounts. Protect yourself because you can't expect that these platforms are going to do it for you.

  • suzanne jaffrey
    suzanne jaffrey Month ago +1

    the great Middle East???!!! hahahaha speak to emerites staff, I promise you they will beg to differ, speak to woman who live in Saudi, if they are allowed to talk to you, they will beg to differ.

  • Amethyst Pixii
    Amethyst Pixii Month ago +3

    That Alaska story was incredibly heartbreaking

  • Ray Jacob
    Ray Jacob Month ago

    How does whoopi know more about the cloud then apparently you phil

  • Brighid Dannan
    Brighid Dannan Month ago

    So fed up with those ppl out there who are devastated and outraged by EVERY F-ING THING should not be enabled by us who don't see bigotry / racism etc..and every time we start by bowing down to their unnecessary overly personalized drama - persistently enabling these overly dramatic ppl ever again.
    Get a life FFS! Stop making everything about you and your biases!!!!

  • Miranda Anderson
    Miranda Anderson Month ago

    Woopie is right, you r a target if famous, and i thinkbshe should've charge the hacker, becsuse he thought he could do it. And now he will do it again. She was probably not the first he hacked either. If she had got raped and he was a yong person , i m sure she would not have said, i dlnt want to charfe hom because i dont want to ruin his life

  • Nina Celeste
    Nina Celeste Month ago

    Whoopi sucks for many many reasons

  • Seige Drakonera
    Seige Drakonera Month ago

    It's deppressing to hear Woopi Goldberg say sutch things in sutch a way intentional or not, but also not surprising. Over the years she has grown intellectually lazy and has surrounded herself with a bunch of "yes-women", comfy in her own personal echo chamber. Sad state of affairs indeed, I used to look up to her.