Airbus A340 EMERGENCY - Engine Failure

  • Published on Jun 6, 2012
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    Auf dem Weg von Zürich nach Shanghai wurde während des Fluges eine erhöhte Öl Temperatur in Triebwerk Nummer 3 festgestellt. Der Flug musste abgebrochen werden, eine Sicherheitslandung war nötig. Anschließend wurde der Flug mit einem anderen Flugzeug fortgesetzt. Das Video zeigt die vorgehensweise der Piloten in einer Ausnahmesituation, bis zur Landung.
    On the way from Zurich to Shanghai during the flight was an increased oil temperature found in engine 3. The flight had to be canceled, a landing was necessary. Then the flight was continued with a new plane. The video shows the entire approach to the landing, in an exceptional situation.
    special thanks to "kaktus018" for subtitles.

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  • Chromatic
    Chromatic 14 hours ago

    Turns on subtitles: "Give me a moment with the cynic lobster."

    • Chromatic
      Chromatic 12 hours ago

      +Colin Southern I know right!

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 12 hours ago

      Odd that nobody has ever mentioned this before?

  • Five o'clock somewhere
    Five o'clock somewhere 17 hours ago

    Have you ever been to a Turkish Prison???

  • Stacia _911
    Stacia _911 19 hours ago

    Am I the only one that felt the need to clear my throat every time they spoke?
    My ex-husband is German too but his mama never sounded like she had constant phlegm

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 18 hours ago

      It’s Swiss German which is - in essence - an accent so thick that most Germans have trouble understanding it. For all intents and purposes it’s a different language.

  • sandua51
    sandua51 Day ago

    Double likes for the auto-translation!

    L. ANSON SAMUEL Day ago

    I thought it was english.........and all of a sudden he goes shhfujenjdkkf djdikdhd dudndb dudnmjdjd udjdj djdjdudjksms zudkcjvdjd did ksvd. Over 😂

  • MUFC0161 MUFC0161

    They might as well speak English

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 18 hours ago

      There is no requirement to. It’s much safer for crews to converse in their native tongues as it reduces the chance of a misunderstanding - especially in an emergency.

  • sean w
    sean w 2 days ago

    Very cool crew 👍🏻

  • Unlucky Man666
    Unlucky Man666 2 days ago

    Put captions on lol

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Day ago

      Congrats on being the 3750th person to mention this!

  • purushottam pendsey
    purushottam pendsey 2 days ago

    All videos are simply great

  • roasterking
    roasterking 4 days ago

    Engine trüüüü... :)

  • juan Carlos Perez Sandoval


  • OldDrunkMusic
    OldDrunkMusic 5 days ago

    7:25 (turn on english auto generated subtitles) The woman sais "Max continues set clean semen" ROFL

  • Max
    Max 6 days ago

    9:23 "But you are map-dumping now, confirmed?" (?) what does this mean?

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 3 days ago

      Max I’ve seen the video hundreds of times, but only when subtitles were done via annotations - and even those varied between two different versions of the same clip. So short answer to your question is “probably”.
      We really need a good translation - presented properly - and linked to in the description.

    • Max
      Max 4 days ago

      Ah, so its not "map-dumping" but "not dumping" in the question?

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 4 days ago

      The area controller asked if they had started their fuel dump and the captain replied “Negative - we’re waiting on your clearance”.

  • Ultimate Games
    Ultimate Games 7 days ago

    Shut it all down and close ur eyes and hope for the best lol

  • Jamfan03
    Jamfan03 7 days ago

    As someone that has studied (high) German, the pilot has a very strong accent, I'm assuming Swiss but maybe influenced by another part of his heritage. The copilot speaks closer to high German and is much easier to understand. It's interesting to hear the mix of English and German/Swiss German. 🙂

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 7 days ago

      Swiss German - which probably isn't surprising considering they're Swiss pilots.

  • spex357
    spex357 8 days ago

    The subtitle translation is hilarious.

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 7 days ago

      Surprising that nobody has mentioned it in the comments before ...

  • alberto lombard
    alberto lombard 8 days ago

    Nice tv show but nothing of failure only show

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 8 days ago

      Negative. It was a real flight from Zurich to Shanghai that was being recorded by PilotsEye TV anyway, so a “lucky break” for them and a not so lucky break for passengers and crew. It was caused by a failed fuel/oil heat exchanger for the #3 engine.

  • alberto lombard
    alberto lombard 8 days ago

    What dumps by the wing waste toilet😂😂

  • T A
    T A 9 days ago

    Pilot Says are the three parachutes ready

  • Jerry Anderson
    Jerry Anderson 9 days ago


  • Bassmanfallon
    Bassmanfallon 9 days ago


  • Shane Sawyer
    Shane Sawyer 10 days ago +2

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    The title is English,
    Would be nice if it was spoken too

  • elcano9
    elcano9 11 days ago +1

    You gotta watch this with the English-auto-generated captions LOL

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 11 days ago +2

      Odd that nobody has ever mentioned that in the comments before ...

  • Andreas Mair
    Andreas Mair 12 days ago

    Ein Strömungsabriss ist in ausreichender Höhe kein Problem! ... So wie es bei den "Max" gewesen ist!
    Leistung raus, Nase runter, Klappen rein, Vollgas und hochziehen! ... Standardprozedur!
    ....Alles Safe!

  • Andreas Mair
    Andreas Mair 12 days ago

    Ehrlich gesagt, bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob die Piloten (Busfahrer) wussten was sie tun sollen....
    ...haben sich ans Handbuch gehalten... Ich sage nur ; Boing 737 Max!!!
    ....Während des totalen Strömungsabrisses, haben sich die Piloten das Handbuch durchgeblättert!!! Skandal!!
    .....Strömungsabriss... OK!... Kann passieren!... aber dann nicht in einem Heftchen rumblättern, sondern mal das erlernte heraus lassen!!!
    Autopilot, Flight-Director und Schub Kontrolle OFF! Steuer in die Hand und selber fliegen!
    Sie alle könnten heute noch leben, wären die Piloten nicht so Betriebs-Blind gewesen!!!! FAKT!!!!!!!!!

  • MrRover30
    MrRover30 12 days ago

    Looks like a practice Exercise

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 11 days ago +1

      No - it looks nothing like a practice exercise.

  • MS_ B
    MS_ B 13 days ago

    The luxury of having 4 engines, even at emergency they can still grin and taking selfie...and eat chocolate..

  • shari swiss
    shari swiss 14 days ago

    schwiizer dutsch

  • M Pro
    M Pro 15 days ago

    Köstlich.. ich liebe den Kaptain :) ... Wichtig... strom auf der cafe box und ne schoki.... läuft.. alles gut :D ich hab trähnen in den augen.. omg

  • Tony Kavla
    Tony Kavla 16 days ago +2

    I don’t understand why certain useless professions get paid more than these amazing pilots. True professionals . Thank you 🙏 for everything you do I have been to so many places and it’s all thanks to you guys.

  • alberto lombard
    alberto lombard 21 day ago

    Maybe are in simulator

    • alberto lombard
      alberto lombard 10 days ago

      Ok but I don't know to calm for emergency engine failure ....l

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 20 days ago

      No - not a simulator. You'll never see sunlight in a sim - or chocolates for that matter. It was a real flight from Zurich to Shanghai that was being filmed by PilotsEye TV anyway. The fault was a failed fuel/oil heat exchanger for the #3 engine. No reason not to be calm; the A340-300 can stay aloft on 2 engines at full fuel and only 1 engine at max landing weight. Hope this helps.

  • alberto lombard
    alberto lombard 21 day ago

    To calm for engine failure

  • John Leo Reoma
    John Leo Reoma 22 days ago

    Are you gonna spit 🤑

  • Mark Little
    Mark Little 22 days ago

    Yea, professional except the Captain ran the wrong checklist. IDG overtemp is not the same as Engine Oil Overtemp. The FO saved a huge mistake.

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 21 day ago +1

      IDG was also over-temp, but yes, it was the wrong checklist. You saw a good example of excellent CRM right there; in many cultures people have died because a first officer was afraid to challenge a captain. Here he simply admitted his mistake - apologised - and told her "she was right". Wherever humans are involved mistakes will be made. Conversely, she also made a mistake by not fully retarding the #3 engine thrust lever - and in another example of excellent CRM the captain pointed it out for her to correct since she was pilot flying (rather than confuse who had control of the aircraft by simply doing it for her). This is real-world CRM at it's best - through all phases of the incident.

  • Pierre Svenson
    Pierre Svenson 23 days ago

    solide 👍🇨🇭

  • Stones
    Stones 23 days ago +2

    Why tf is the title English but the video in like German or something

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 22 days ago

      Because it's a Swiss airline filmed by a German company - but the video was reposted by Aviation TV. The language is Swiss German.

  • Angel Michael
    Angel Michael 24 days ago

    All i hear is krehchrkkkkkchrkchkkk

  • Daniel long
    Daniel long 24 days ago

    They don't act like pilots. Co-pilot seems like a ditz.

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 23 days ago +1

      OK - so we've established that Daniel Long knows nothing about commercial aviation. This is one of the finest examples of real-world aviating and CRM to be found anywhere on the net. Absolute textbook stuff.

  • Arvils Zeipins
    Arvils Zeipins 25 days ago

    The most boring emergency ever

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 22 days ago

      The absolutely best way to have any emergency.

  • orlando serra
    orlando serra 25 days ago

    When a nuclear attack detonation is detected; the pilots of a civilian Boeing aircraft only have 35 seconds for correcting the navigation to a shelter with the passengers. In the Bible, Jesus, in Mark, chapter 13, suggested to run to the mountains. Anyway, only 35 seconds.

  • Mat KL
    Mat KL 26 days ago

    Very cool in very dangerous situation

  • Ahmad S Balouch
    Ahmad S Balouch 26 days ago

    Good job guys ,
    Being staying Com , it is always give you the best results .

  • curtis shaw
    curtis shaw 26 days ago

    Pilots get paid for situations like these not when everything is going fine

  • Don Vito Corleone
    Don Vito Corleone 27 days ago

    Well trained

  • Mutrino
    Mutrino 27 days ago

    My German is fluent but this I can't understand at all.

    Mr. Hahn COMMENTATOR 28 days ago +1

    Text book. (SOP)
    Thumbs up 👍

  • avy vyzel
    avy vyzel 28 days ago

    choclate is the main help in this situation

  • grumpy oldman
    grumpy oldman 28 days ago

    Well done on the captions. Totally makes sense, full of sh*t.

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 27 days ago +1

      The English captions were done as annotations - and Google turned off annotations. So all that are left are the auto-generated ones.

  • sunny zags
    sunny zags 29 days ago

    Something got stuck in the engine. Chehszkahakerhchecheaskscha!

  • jamesblunt006
    jamesblunt006 29 days ago +3

    If the Apollo 13 Crew were Swiss:
    - "Huston, we've got a problem"
    - "Would you like to declare an emergency?"
    - "One moment, please. Guys, can you check how much chocolate we have on board?"
    - "Enough for the next 3 days"
    - "Huston, negative, no emergency, we still have chocolate. I repeat, no emergency."

  • Beyond Eyes
    Beyond Eyes 29 days ago

    How can we survive in such a distances? Just say "come on come on...can't imagine..

  • Jujujuahku juah
    Jujujuahku juah Month ago

    Dukahati lu

  • you tube
    you tube Month ago

    If a UFO parked along-side your plane and asked, do you need help with your engine problem, what would you say. W Percival.

  • xxSourWingxx
    xxSourWingxx Month ago +3

    I would have panicked and thought of writing my last will as soon as the captain announced one of the engines failed XDDDD

  • Kandours
    Kandours Month ago

    Losing one engine is not that big of a deal right?

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern 28 days ago

      In terms of safety, not a big deal at all. But the failure at that stage of the flight means that they have to turn back for many reasons (eg insufficient fuel for one).

  • Syed Mohiuddin
    Syed Mohiuddin Month ago +1

    Pilot - "Ah, there's a message from the ATC"
    ATC -" The airline company just informed us that you have been fired for having too many chocolates"
    Pilot to the co pilot - "Coffee" ?

    • acerii
      acerii Month ago

      Newsinfo: Pilot can get message direct from company via acars.

  • J Chors
    J Chors Month ago +7

    A post flight engine analysis revealed too many chocolate wrappers clogged the turbine fan.

  • Sudoorpaschim Media

    Aeroplane crash in Nepal. Dingerous situation. Plz click this vedio.

  • Cana Dude
    Cana Dude Month ago

    *AIRBUS has left the chat*

  • acerii
    acerii Month ago +1

    Perfect cooperations. Captain asks opinion from FO but he make own decision. Always asks confirm , before press anything button. Note when eng3 throttle controls isn't in idle and captain shows that by finger. And captain is in wrong page in the manual, FO says that. Humans doing mistakes, but when cooperations is perfect, they can avoid mistakes.

  • Obxsnowcat
    Obxsnowcat Month ago +1

    1:00 the German language sounds. Bit od

  • mar stephen stephen

    sort of reminds me when all 3 in the cockpit working on replacing a burnt out light bulb.And no one was paying attention/flying the plane.And when one looked out the window realized the auto pilot was off and into the ground they went.

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago

      It shouldn't do. Many lessons were learned from that disaster and you can see many of them in-play here. This crew wasn't on the approach to land - if they were then it would have been prioritised differently. The autopilot now makes a hell of a racket if it disconnects itself - and the first thing they did was clarify who had responsibility for flying the aircraft and handling the radios. They're flying IFR (on instruments) - some 8000' above the highest point on the planet - in transponder mandatory airspace (so altitude is reported via SSR) (Secondary Surveillance Radar) - equipped with TCAS (Traffic Collision & Avoidance System) - in airspace where other traffic is also required to have TCAS - they're equipped with GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) - flying in airspace that's monitored by ATC who has conflict detect systems monitoring all aircraft - flying a SID (Standard Instrument Departure) (which inherently keeps them clear of other traffic and terrain) - and the FCS (Flight Control System) monitors their position approx 100 times per second. There's no more point "looking out the window" than there would be if they were flying in cloud. The chances of them hitting another aircraft or flying into the ground per the event you mention are exactly zero point zero. There are however advantages to the two pilots cross-checking each other (both make mistakes in this video that were picked up by the other pilot). Hope this helps.

  • Model Railway Noob
    Model Railway Noob Month ago

    Very good job. They are cool under pressure

  • Priyank Deshmukh
    Priyank Deshmukh Month ago

    I don't see annotations options in my TVclip app for Android

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago

      Google have permanently disable annotations now, unfortunately.

  • Matthew Kuffert
    Matthew Kuffert Month ago


  • Kenneth Tombs
    Kenneth Tombs Month ago +1

    It's such a shame that most Americans only speak English fluently, and some not very well. We have such a long way to go in improving our educational system here in the USA. Public schools should be year round, not based on some outdated agricultural calendar. Teachers need to be paid an amount worthy of their task, and schools should be funded accordingly as well. If Trump gets elected to four more years in office I don't know if I can hold on to hope long enough to stay in this country. Too bad Canada is so cold much of the year. I'm thinking of Germany or maybe Southern France. I can understand people being stupid and believing Trump lies, but I can't understand why they would want to. The latter is much more ominous when one considers Evangelical White Supremacism on the rise here. Fascism, plain and simple, and I want none of it for my family. I know I should stay and fight it, but I can also fight it from a safe distance across the pond. Life is too short! Time to get my passport renewed!

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago +1

      There are many things that many countries would like to invest more in; education is one. Health is another. Housing is another. Poverty is another. Roading and infrastructure is another. Unfortunately there just isn't the money available to fund all of these things to the level desired. With regards to Trump; the media are hugely off-side with him and thus most of what they write is negative. Forming an opinion on Trump based on media reports is like a jury retiring to deliberate their verdict after having only heard from the prosecution; you get an unsafe verdict every time. My belief is that he often doesn't do himself any favours - but I also appreciate that a lot of what he tweets comes from frustration; I'm sure most alpha-males would lash out if they were constantly accused of things that weren't a fair and balanced account. He has his strengths - and his weaknesses. Not particularly fond of him myself (as a New Zealander) but having said that, I can't think of anyone better either. Obama is one hell of a nice guy and a genuinely great human being ... but ultimately what did he accomplish that moved the country forward? Anyway - we're digressing from the A340 Engine-Out video.

  • Enrique Chávez Terrones

    I didn't understand what the fuck they said.

  • Kayak Uprising
    Kayak Uprising Month ago +2

    The english captions are hilarious :D

  • Siddhesh Thorat
    Siddhesh Thorat Month ago +1

    Should've added English subtitles

  • Jurjan Meskišvili
    Jurjan Meskišvili Month ago

    I need german subtitles

  • Benjamin Gaiety
    Benjamin Gaiety Month ago

    So much for the international language being spoken...rude!

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago

      There is no requirement for English to be spoken. It needs to be available as ONE of the languages so that crews of one nationality can speak with an air traffic controller of a different nationality (which they did here). The remainder of the radio traffic was between the captain and his operations base - they're free to use whatever language they want - and since they're both Swiss it makes perfect sense that they would speak Swiss German. Within the cockpit crews use their native language; it's safer - especially in an emergency - as it reduces that chances of a misunderstanding. So no "rudeness" here - just a misunderstanding on your part it seems.

  • 274727
    274727 Month ago +3

    I've seen Finnair pilots eat chocolate to get a sugar boost. And who can blame them. They have excellent chocolate in Finland.🤗

    • Via Dia
      Via Dia Month ago +1

      Fazer chocolates are a legend 😎

  • Rockslide
    Rockslide Month ago

    The subtitles are gibberish. What happened to the subtitles provided by PilotsEye?

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago

      They were added as annotations ... and Google switched off annotations.

  • Ed Evans
    Ed Evans Month ago

    50 years ago there were in flight engineers to sort out these issues. Now pilots are burdened with these tasks also! ! All because of Corporate Greed.

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago

      Not because of greed; it's simply because flight engineers just aren't needed in a modern cockpit.

  • aquiariots72
    aquiariots72 Month ago

    Is this a staged training video ?

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago

      No. PilotsEye TV were recording the flight anyway. It was a failed #3 engine fuel/oil heat exchanger. They were able to record a successful flight about 6 months later.

  • mikeleke0
    mikeleke0 Month ago +1

    Too bad the Democratic side of the American congress wasn't on board. They could dump them instead.

    • Howard Fortyfive
      Howard Fortyfive Month ago

      Ja JA Put Fineswine Pelosi Hank Johnson Chucky Schumer and Killary *at the front!! BON VOYAGE*

  • Jim Lassen
    Jim Lassen Month ago +2

    What a great calm and professional job by the crew. The pilot certainly knew his stuff and the co-pilot looked concerned but she was calm as well.

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago

      I wouldn't say "concerned" - more "puzzled"; it was something that was unexpected, but absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

  • trey Stewart
    trey Stewart Month ago

    Guy comes in like,,,,wth yall talking about ?😁

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys Month ago +6

    A random swiss family got doused in 20 tons of gasoline that day

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago

      No. It's released as droplets and ripped to shreds in the wake turbulence a split-second later and evaporates almost instantly - so none of it ever reaches the ground when dumped from altitude like this.

  • CockpitView
    CockpitView Month ago

    Fantastic footage. love the CRM and handling. Maybe you are interested in other cockpit videos as well:

  • Mr. Dick
    Mr. Dick Month ago

    Salute. they speak local language. meanwhile in my country they eager to speak english. to look educated and rich

  • luigi kiwi
    luigi kiwi Month ago

    pilots with their xp can handle situation that are really hard, but they can take the right turns and still deliver the plane to a save place,,, what can u do when the software and the computer says "NO". thats it... game over.

  • Ghulam Khadar
    Ghulam Khadar Month ago

    Even small children also can fly airplanes ✈️ with this technology’s..

  • Bit Clear
    Bit Clear Month ago

    Sorry Do not trip women pilot... Excuseme!

  • Elvira Tramposch
    Elvira Tramposch Month ago

    Affirm you may start to dump now

    thank you starting DUMP

    ah man no toilet paper

  • Alex D
    Alex D Month ago

    why is the flight attendant in the cockpit?

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago

      No flight attendants were in the cockpit. The person you saw was relief pilot Stamm.

  • nallan chakravarthy

    No panic... That's the lesson i can never learn in this life...

  • chuckschilling
    chuckschilling Month ago

    How very convenient a camera crew happened to be filming at the time. I counted a minimum of five discrete camera angles and at least two different camera operators. I'm sure this whole thing wasn't planned or anything...

    • Colin Southern
      Colin Southern Month ago +1

      The flight was being recorded by PilotsEye TV anyway (who record a lot of flights and sell the edited footage to aviation enthusiasts). You can see more of them here: So yes - it was convenient for them. Not so convenient for passengers and crew though, but that's aviation for you.

  • Jani Poutanen
    Jani Poutanen Month ago

    Talk about CRM and professionalism!

  • Yeter Tops
    Yeter Tops Month ago

    hoa wachos como andan saludos de chistolita

  • underwaterbubbles
    underwaterbubbles Month ago

    Subtitles are making no sense.

  • Minster
    Minster Month ago +3

    "Our engine is off but there is no reason to be concerned...btw were all out of coffee"
    Passengers: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • apple pro
    apple pro Month ago

    Aircraft Airbus very good quality in safety

  • nick phillips
    nick phillips Month ago +1

    Please watch with closed captions. Hilarious lack of translation.

  • strew TM
    strew TM Month ago

    Should they talk english

  • ShadowKirito
    ShadowKirito Month ago +4

    9:55, " I always wanna date, we have to dump approximately 53 tons of you"

  • David Hall
    David Hall Month ago +2

    @13:24 "finished the dump" 💩💩

  • November Hotel
    November Hotel Month ago +1

    Do you want to declare emergency! Negativ mmm if was behind The stick i would shout maaaayyy dayaya waaaa waaaa mammmaa

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago

    Bravo everyone was safe.

  • Martijn Vv
    Martijn Vv Month ago +2

    Engine.exe has stoped working.