Would She Still Date Him After He Says This....?? | Tell My Story, Blind Date

  • Published on Feb 15, 2017
  • It’s certainly easier to make assumptions about people than it is to spend time getting to know someone. We wanted to put assumptions to the test to see what we're missing out on because we're so busy assuming we already "know" a person. Join us as we discover why you should never judge a book by it’s cover in our series 'Tell My Story, Blind Date.'
    We are all conditioned with certain biases. In this experiment, we challenged these biases by asking people to guess their partner's interests and past experiences based only on their partner's appearance. When they learned their partner's real answers, they were shocked by how wrong they were.
    Now tell YOUR story. What do people assume about you?
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Comments • 11 482

  • sid vlogs
    sid vlogs Hour ago

    I love to watch couples but i didn't want to love someone....

  • Joy Damabel
    Joy Damabel 14 hours ago

    I feel like people are give her too much hate in the comments...

  • Rana Azad
    Rana Azad 16 hours ago

    drama queen

  • paradise heaven
    paradise heaven Day ago

    She looks crazy

  • Yasmin Hussein
    Yasmin Hussein 2 days ago

    I don't know why but I really don't like that woman?? I really love wedding don't judge😂

  • frankie jay ponds
    frankie jay ponds 2 days ago

    nah. he made that girl giddy lmao. i don't know what these comments are talking about. she thought he was cute lmao

  • KeAndre
    KeAndre 2 days ago

    she would definitely cheat on you. lol

  • b19-brumcity
    b19-brumcity 3 days ago

    she seems mentally off

  • jinsouler ً
    jinsouler ً 4 days ago +1

    all these comments being pick me's for the guy... lmao

    CALICOTV301 4 days ago

    She liked him until he talked about "roles". Not too many like that. Especially if Abe's independent so I get it

  • Olivia Wolf Hye
    Olivia Wolf Hye 6 days ago

    Y I K E S

  • Lathan Cram
    Lathan Cram 6 days ago +1

    She will definitely be ruining some mans life in her future.

  • Melanie Lee
    Melanie Lee 8 days ago +3

    she didn't deserve him cz she was so narrow-minded like not interesting at all

  • CA2591
    CA2591 10 days ago

    She has good teeth lol

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 11 days ago

    mans dodged a bullet

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 11 days ago

    they didn’t have any chemistry....

  • Ed Sharp
    Ed Sharp 11 days ago

    Bartender - Actor same thing

  • Droidz Designs
    Droidz Designs 12 days ago

    This hurt

  • Raphael
    Raphael 12 days ago

    He doesn't know what Nordic is...she doesn't know white and caucasian are the same thing...

    CJAY LOCO 13 days ago

    everybody comment phil should get back. #givephilanotherchance

  • MrScopes
    MrScopes 13 days ago

    She's weird af, complete bash and dash material

  • Guns N Glory
    Guns N Glory 13 days ago +1

    she is a divorce waiting to happen

  • Mackensie Cotten
    Mackensie Cotten 13 days ago

    MAJOR Pam Beasley vibes (not personality, just looks)

  • noolives99
    noolives99 13 days ago +6

    role of a man in marriage: provide
    Role of a woman in marriage: provide

  • Yashaswini Dev
    Yashaswini Dev 14 days ago +1

    What the hell is this people, the comments are so stupid and irrational. It was a potential date, not a marriage proposal of two people who have been dating for years. The girl did not like the guy, that is the end of the story, does she have to say Yes, just because he is ‘handsome’ (FYI beauty is subjective and not everyone cares about it, and if someone cared and they rejected than you will be badmouthing that person also). He believes in traditional marriage roles, that was not written on his face and when she got to know him she rejected( Why is it the wrong thing to do and who are you to moral police her), why will someone get into a relationship in which their viewpoints don’t match. And you are no one to predict what her future will be like, whether she will live alone or not, WHO ARE YOU. There are many men who don’t want to settle down, people don’t have any problems with them and say that he is going go be the old man who dies with his cats. SHAME ON YOU. And the man dodged the bullet, WHAT. No one dodged any bullet, she didn’t like him. END OF STORY. Just because someone likes you and has a pretty face, doesn’t mean you have to like them back. Viewpoints on relationship matter and if they are not compatible the relationship will be a disaster. SO GROW UP AND GET OUT OF YOUR PUNY MINDSETS.

  • katnisseverdeen81
    katnisseverdeen81 14 days ago

    Run the hell away from this girl.

  • Brian Dunn
    Brian Dunn 14 days ago +1

    Hippies have no rules they just live and experience life. Interesting how her taste in music and things don’t match with her moral. She just wants sex and fun.

  • Perfect Cell
    Perfect Cell 14 days ago

    Girl: oh black, I mean blind date (clears throat)

  • Scott M
    Scott M 15 days ago

    When are we going to make it Rainn?? Bring back the Rainn!!! I miss Rainn.... :'(

  • podrouzk
    podrouzk 15 days ago

    I bet she's one of those independent women who don't need a man and always have it their way. That dude seems great and I'm sure he'll be ok. I'm not that sure about her though.

  • Priyanka Chellappan
    Priyanka Chellappan 17 days ago +1

    I think that she thought that he would reject her and she pretended like rejecting him...The guy was humble husband Material and she was obviously intimidated by his aura...she was comfortably laughing and over expressing face reactions...she over pretended and missed a chance.. a good chance ...dumb girl...

  • Ali Janbay
    Ali Janbay 17 days ago +1

    The guy deserved so much better. She seemed so awkward and ohio-lookin.

  • DaSh Clan
    DaSh Clan 17 days ago

    For work I’m a actor

  • Giselle c
    Giselle c 18 days ago +1

    Her simle is beautiful

  • Audrey Perret
    Audrey Perret 18 days ago

    sis couldn't even kind of brush her hair mmmm thats a no

  • ernest bediako jr
    ernest bediako jr 19 days ago

    What's phils ig???

  • Jock Marais ASMR
    Jock Marais ASMR 19 days ago

    Yea, she ain’t it.

  • Brenda Killon
    Brenda Killon 19 days ago

    How'd the girl get so many things right, during the start?? I wouldn't have guessed.

  • armedwatchman
    armedwatchman 20 days ago +2

    "I want a guy to just do his thing as long as that includes paying for me." Run, dude.

  • Shelby Smith
    Shelby Smith 21 day ago

    He’s adorable. Too adorable for her.

  • Nurse 7Love
    Nurse 7Love 21 day ago +2

    You shouldn’t date someone that has fears so strong it prevents them from getting to know you and having fun

  • Sharon Lys
    Sharon Lys 22 days ago

    Hi all of you guys you should really listen to William Branham's sermons they are so important, urgent

  • Millian Josh
    Millian Josh 22 days ago

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  • O. Wilder
    O. Wilder 24 days ago

    She has a great laugh

  • hadoukient
    hadoukient 24 days ago

    she called herself an actor. lol

  • Zienab AbdelKarim
    Zienab AbdelKarim 26 days ago


    StaniKONandGIRLGROUPS 26 days ago

    I don’t understand why everyone is hating on her. The guy is not even cute, 5/10 max

  • Tee Denise
    Tee Denise Month ago

    Im sorry, but she was way too lame for him anyway. He handsome and seems like a nice guy.

    • Its Summer
      Its Summer 16 days ago +1

      They had nothing in common just because he's cute and nice doesn't mean she has to date him she doesn't agree with something's she said she would date him if they actually had things in common

  • Ugh It’s Andres
    Ugh It’s Andres Month ago

    she a hoe

  • Lara F.
    Lara F. Month ago

    I honestly don’t think it was that bad, sure the nobody likes to be laughed at but it was clearly a nervous laugh. She should not have to say that she would date him when she’s not really into him.

  • Keke & Smooth
    Keke & Smooth Month ago

    He's not missing out on anything. Plus she's a weirdo just laughs at everything.

  • Melissa Reed
    Melissa Reed Month ago

    Emos not dead

  • KLJF
    KLJF Month ago

    she didn't like him because he has a face tic and of course his eyes didn't say I WANT TO BONE YOU REAL BAD .

  • Ombretta F
    Ombretta F Month ago

    i found her rude coz of the way she kept laughing at him . meh?

    • Its Summer
      Its Summer 16 days ago

      She wasn't laughing at him many people do that when they are nervous which she clearly was talking to a complete stranger with very different views form yours so obviously she going to feel weird

  • Amber Schippers
    Amber Schippers Month ago

    He looks like that guy from the ‘why did you cheat’ video

  • Jeremiah Velmonte
    Jeremiah Velmonte Month ago

    she's like the jolly version of Queen Cersei

  • 12 year old decoy
    12 year old decoy Month ago

    I found her face unattractive and her personality extremely awkward and annoying

  • Hayven Rogers
    Hayven Rogers Month ago

    She wants to be a hoe thats why

  • Alluring Trash
    Alluring Trash Month ago

    Don’t understand why everyone’s hating on the girl

  • Adam Harb
    Adam Harb Month ago

    I like him!! 😭😭 when he said his first concert was Janet Jackson!!