My ex-girlfriend CAUGHT ME WITH MY CRUSH...

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
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  • Faze Ramzie
    Faze Ramzie 2 days ago

    10:30 bro Jackie you are so funny you are the best

  • Tyrus
    Tyrus 6 days ago +1

    Brandon said "is that my Jackie" 😏

  • Francisco Figueroa
    Francisco Figueroa 7 days ago

    Jackie got skiny

  • Yash Patel
    Yash Patel 7 days ago

    When he told her he gave his glasses to summer I was like "there on a better face now" lol
    Btw no disrespect to Jackie though just a joke

  • MK Chanel
    MK Chanel 7 days ago

    What is the difference between girlfreind and ex girlfreind ;))))

  • Kelly Smallz Roybal
    Kelly Smallz Roybal 7 days ago

    This ex girlfriend shit is old already

  • Diego Hossain Aguilar


  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 8 days ago

    That's very interesting

  • Samuel Meyer
    Samuel Meyer 9 days ago

    "SO stupid"-- LMAO "YOU too"- jackie to anthony "WHATTTTT" - anthony be like wtf u saying stank puss

  • Samuel Meyer
    Samuel Meyer 9 days ago

    Jackie AKA Jacqueline definitely has a PHAT PHAT FATTTTTTTTTTTTT pussy. When she wears something tight it legit stands out how phat the puss is. Your mad lucky Brawadis brother, legit cant imagine what that visual looks like when its naked and pure.. Only thing that scares me/ makes me hesitant about the accuracy of this statement is that: judging from Jackies face, her personal hygiene seems to be sub-par. That said, people with hygiene issues tend to let there private areas become to most unhealthy because those areas of the body are never disclosed publicly. So, anyways, my point is if she has bad hygiene although her puss-puss is very fat which leads you to believe its attractive if it has an odor or stench from not being properly tended to, then obviously that stench is going to smell horrendous and result in nobody wanting to go down on Jackie and eating that pussy reeeeaaaalllll good, or finger blasting that pussss-puss and even hallowing her out with the hammer D. Jus simply aint gonna happen with a hairy bush n stank puss.. Only person that might hit it like that is Shannon Briggs aka " LETS GO CHAMP" , Devon Booker or Jake Paul. They all like dirty sex and Shannon & Jake both have Gonorrhea and i've heard Jake on record saying that after he accepted the fact of having Gonorrhea he is so much more open to having sex with more raunchy chicks and he even went on to say the result has been so amazing and frankly quite shocking to him, but who woulda guessed the raunchy chicks who have nasty pussys cause they dont wash the clit or puss-puss and have sex multiple times a day are better at pleasing the guy then innocent chicks!! hahah HELLO HOW ARE YAAA -- clearly Riley Reid can make Brandon bust a load on Bookes face quicker than Jackie can. Id be surprised if jackie could even make Brandon nut with a stank pussy cause then she has no choice but to hone in on her skills and unfortunately she doesn't have any skills besides spreading the legs (prolly why she is Brandons Ex-gf {LMAO}). I guess she can let him fuck her asshole to get him to nut but still, the point is that its utterly pathetic if you can't make any mans nut with your mouth, sucking the white ish out the dick, real good + real quick.. Figure it out ladies -- aka JACKiE, baby buttercup biscuit!

  • ashiilah maharani
    ashiilah maharani 11 days ago


  • giovanni gomez
    giovanni gomez 11 days ago

    click bate

  • LaithPvP PvP
    LaithPvP PvP 11 days ago

    Yow ur ex is so annoying and uglybasf and how do u ask her to have a kiss if u have a crush lol

  • #1hero
    #1hero 11 days ago +1

    Summer: *Wants to take a pic with rug*
    Brandon: She came to us and asked for a picture and posted it!!

  • Ammar hussain
    Ammar hussain 12 days ago

    Shes jealous😤

  • Jacob Station
    Jacob Station 12 days ago

    Sorry sommer is taken she’s for jarvis

  • Firm
    Firm 12 days ago

    Bruh you realize she can watch this video rn and you’re gonna be embarrassed 😂 I still love u

  • Yxung WierdXO - topic
    Yxung WierdXO - topic 13 days ago +1

    It’s so funny how me Anthony is in Brandons vids he’s so happy and when Anthony is in rugs vids he’s terrified asf

  • Elver’s_ßoi
    Elver’s_ßoi 13 days ago

    I bet he never washed his hand the whole month

  • Edwin Gonzalez
    Edwin Gonzalez 13 days ago

    Dude they like each other , why would you break up with someone but still have them around? They still be fucking each other


    wowee jarred 333

  • Music Posts
    Music Posts 14 days ago

    “eh she has sisters” 😂😂😂😂

  • Brad Alvarez
    Brad Alvarez 14 days ago

    Everything is cool lol

  • Cam Moore
    Cam Moore 14 days ago

    hope u know u couldnt pull sommer

  • Brandy Righthand
    Brandy Righthand 14 days ago

    Date her bro or someone elis will

  • Freddy D Martinez
    Freddy D Martinez 14 days ago

    I hate how jackie gets mad over glasses isn’t tha bih an ex ?

    HAWAIIANZ_LEGACY YT 14 days ago

    Thats jarvis girl

  • Maddi Sinclair
    Maddi Sinclair 14 days ago

    Jackie shadow boxing is something I never knew I needed in my life

  • sicarius 142
    sicarius 142 14 days ago

    Jackie and Brandon need to get back together this channel is boring now

  • ML-Vlogs and Gaming
    ML-Vlogs and Gaming 15 days ago

    I guess they are being sponsored by bang for trump

  • WhatAVlog
    WhatAVlog 15 days ago

    Mira Perro! Are you guys gonna get back together or not!?!

  • Steven Guzman
    Steven Guzman 15 days ago

    Yo bro

  • Lj Da Goat
    Lj Da Goat 15 days ago

    So as Jarvis

  • govind pattnaik
    govind pattnaik 15 days ago

    3 fucker

  • jonne videos
    jonne videos 15 days ago

    Jarvis has left the chat

  • Joe Albertsen
    Joe Albertsen 15 days ago

    Jarvis and summer

  • Siddhant Shrestha
    Siddhant Shrestha 15 days ago

    Mothefucker asshole

  • bloxss
    bloxss 15 days ago

    Jarvis is MAD

  • Maria Verduzco
    Maria Verduzco 15 days ago

    Is it me or did jackie loose her ass

  • Stix
    Stix 15 days ago

    @ me that girl in the thumbnail with the booty 😜

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 16 days ago +1

    Jackie low key wants brandon’s cock🍆 frfr

  • Andrew Trujillo
    Andrew Trujillo 16 days ago

    6:50 hot girls sommer
    Anthony does she have sister's

  • Andrew Trujillo
    Andrew Trujillo 16 days ago

    6:20 hot girls sommer
    Anthony does she have sisters

  • 2pac
    2pac 16 days ago +2

    is that lele pons in the thumbnail?

  • yazmin ayala
    yazmin ayala 17 days ago

    Jackie is MEEEEE wearing different color socks lol I love her

  • Jorge Edits
    Jorge Edits 17 days ago

    15:15 bro I can’t I’m crying 😂😂

  • Uriel Perez
    Uriel Perez 18 days ago

    0:36 quick flex but ok

  • Guadalupe Cedillo
    Guadalupe Cedillo 18 days ago +1

    O my Gosh

  • Ana's gaming channel
    Ana's gaming channel 18 days ago


  • marco lopez
    marco lopez 18 days ago

    Brawadis looks like a cop caller

  • sbopegang
    sbopegang 18 days ago

    jackie bad asl

  • Markus Blaylock
    Markus Blaylock 19 days ago +1

    2:02 I like how their casually watching David dobrik

  • calvin cairns
    calvin cairns 19 days ago +1

    Brandon has me dead when he kept saying let’s just talk everything’s coo☠️👻

  • G money Nation
    G money Nation 19 days ago +1

    You can tell that Brandon and jakie wanted to get back together and get married and have a kid like if you agree

  • John8Ten
    John8Ten 19 days ago

    1:50 💀

  • Syn
    Syn 20 days ago +1

    i hate girls named alexis thats a boys name on my opinion.

  • Wilian Trinidad
    Wilian Trinidad 20 days ago

    Sommer ray over Jackie 100%

  • Perla Q.
    Perla Q. 21 day ago

    Why cant she ever match her socks.

  • Steve Sagasta
    Steve Sagasta 21 day ago

    Okay I laughed my ass off when Brandon moved the signs from the drive thru 😂😂😂

  • Drew Warner
    Drew Warner 21 day ago

    0:00 wait that’s illegal