I Went To Japan To Make The Most Difficult Omelet


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  • diana abdullah
    diana abdullah 2 hours ago

    Wow this chef is awesome is like he ate soo much candy before he cooks so he’ll get hyped up .. makes it more fun and interesting but above all he’s got a great personality

    RICHMOND 4 hours ago

    chef motokichi talks like my science teacher from highschool. the way he moves his hand and everything,literally just like him

  • Big Panda Pal
    Big Panda Pal 9 hours ago

    You know he's the master of his craft when he can *cut open the omelet in mid air*

  • Ili Rong
    Ili Rong 10 hours ago

    Most adorable

  • Shineji Mizuko
    Shineji Mizuko 12 hours ago

    The chef is so CUTEEE

  • jbot91
    jbot91 15 hours ago +1

    Has this dude ever fucked a girl it does he just sit there doubting that he'll be any good?

  • Movie Master
    Movie Master 17 hours ago

    4:36 LOOK AT RIE.....SOOOO CUTE🤣🤣😊

  • God King GG
    God King GG 18 hours ago

    Why do i feel cringe

  • Dary Satyanegara
    Dary Satyanegara 19 hours ago


  • HenschelBarnitzke
    HenschelBarnitzke 21 hour ago +1

    *oh yeah yeah.*

  • Alvira Sarker
    Alvira Sarker 22 hours ago

    This is aesthetically pleasing to watch

  • Cracker
    Cracker 23 hours ago +2

    I love eating food!

  • Batman
    Batman Day ago

    he’s so cute oml

  • Dag The Kaiser
    Dag The Kaiser Day ago

    Sounds like a red haired man I know...

  • FlayvorOfEvil
    FlayvorOfEvil Day ago

    Andrew acts surprised, but wasn't he there before?

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  • Leiyah Ong
    Leiyah Ong Day ago

    The cook looks so old and adorable

  • Sébastien Nduwumwami

    Great video....That chef is nice too

  • adharsh vishnu
    adharsh vishnu Day ago

    Not just his attitude, cool pants and soft but stern commands, he didn't waste those eggs.
    Japan never fails to amaze us❤️

  • kayla mochi
    kayla mochi Day ago +1

    The last part where he makes the bonus omurice made me feel tense like it was a hot movie scene that my parents would tell me to close my eyes😂

  • Senaida Gonzalez
    Senaida Gonzalez 2 days ago

    This was more stressful to watch than doing the SAT 😂😂

  • The PooH
    The PooH 2 days ago

    Aye! 🔥 Such a passionate chef!

  • Oh M Gee
    Oh M Gee 2 days ago


  • Sarah Liao
    Sarah Liao 2 days ago

    I wanna see another omurice video with Andrew so that he can have a "do over"

  • Salma Essam
    Salma Essam 2 days ago

    "Don't be afraid of making a mistake" ♡♡

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez
    Rodrigo Gonzalez 2 days ago

    If Rie is in the vídeo, u know the vídeo will be amazing

  • Mocha Illustrate
    Mocha Illustrate 2 days ago +1

    8:28 It sounds so much more dramatic in Japanese and with the music in the back😂😂😂

  • DelTaco 1738
    DelTaco 1738 2 days ago

    Adam always challenges people to do things. Why doesn't someone challenge Adam to make something for once that little bitch

  • david olsonfeld
    david olsonfeld 2 days ago

    thats a french omlette for christ sake, nothing hard about that w t h

  • The High Ground
    The High Ground 2 days ago +1

    This man made me buy a ticket to Japan

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 2 days ago

    Ganji san baka daeisu

  • Kitsune Haru
    Kitsune Haru 2 days ago

    Reminds me if Cooking Mama

  • Nanami Momozono
    Nanami Momozono 2 days ago

    This is the most amazing video i ever watched

  • Lauren O
    Lauren O 2 days ago

    It’s lovely to see a chef so passionate about his work, but who also seems happy and not stressed at all.

  • Roy Burnaiz
    Roy Burnaiz 3 days ago

    Are you vat 19

  • LoveKookie4ever
    LoveKookie4ever 3 days ago +1


  • CT2507
    CT2507 3 days ago

    he looks like Jackie Chans older brother. :)
    great chef. funny and cool. and a good teacher also!
    very sweet man.
    i greatly enjoyed this video! :))

  • Andy Quach
    Andy Quach 3 days ago

    My mum used to work there

  • Pridality
    Pridality 3 days ago

    The chef mind of reminds me of Burgh from Pokemon with the hair and funky pants

  • M
    M 3 days ago

    The chef did such a good job teaching even with a language barrier

  • Kinorter
    Kinorter 3 days ago +1

    *stoopid plate drops*
    *takes plate*
    *points at it*


  • Enocia
    Enocia 3 days ago

    I think this is one of my favorite videos I have watched. This was so fun! Yoku dekimashita!! :D

  • MarvilaMusic
    MarvilaMusic 3 days ago

    1:09 😂😂😂😂

  • Kwatro Pogi
    Kwatro Pogi 3 days ago

    Im a left handed now im perfect to this

  • Daniel Holmberg
    Daniel Holmberg 3 days ago

    This guy is the coolest chef ever

  • strange horse
    strange horse 3 days ago +1

    He wears good pants.

  • Suzy White
    Suzy White 3 days ago

    Motokichi san is what the universe need, a good chef and a good soul :’) I wish him all the best

  • Yolanda Bacon
    Yolanda Bacon 3 days ago

    A real teacher is patient...

  • Yolanda Bacon
    Yolanda Bacon 3 days ago

    The way he threw the egg on there...Wow!

  • Jesus Of Suburbia
    Jesus Of Suburbia 3 days ago

    He’s so nice and joyful

  • Hellen Putra
    Hellen Putra 3 days ago

    Amazing skill 😱😱😱

  • navi07 navisotneirrab
    navi07 navisotneirrab 3 days ago +1

    the sauce makes it TASTY

  • Vado Yuva
    Vado Yuva 4 days ago


  • OA914
    OA914 4 days ago

    Make it sing...mixing

  • GaLaXyOfficial Gaming

    This man isn’t allowed to die

  • [Person Placeholder]

    He should be in a Wes Anderson film.

  • abreaD
    abreaD 4 days ago

    Even tho
    I am right handed
    When I use the pan
    I always use left hand...
    Does this mean
    I was meant to be a chef?
    I mean I like cooking

  • Rafgnar The Great
    Rafgnar The Great 4 days ago

    1:38 1 of the few times a right-handed person had to conform to left-handed stuff

  • Acid Wolf
    Acid Wolf 4 days ago

    One, Two. Chachacha.😂

  • AM Edits
    AM Edits 4 days ago

    Andrew is so sexy in the kitchen

  • Lightning
    Lightning 4 days ago +1

    Im just that one dude in the corner who can barely cook scrambled eggs without burning them.

  • TrashyAnimal
    TrashyAnimal 4 days ago

    Now I crave omurice

  • Hella MeanGurl
    Hella MeanGurl 4 days ago

    i like this egg master chef he is very patient and very nice. andrew is nice too to admit he needs more practice he is so humble to learn.. good job btw!!

  • SuperThalberg
    SuperThalberg 4 days ago

    Thumbnail at 12:14

  • colin mendoza
    colin mendoza 4 days ago

    Hungry now. 😋😣😲

  • Avicenna
    Avicenna 4 days ago

    it is called 'nasi goreng pattaya' in Malaysia

  • Wrey Swiftie
    Wrey Swiftie 4 days ago +1

    That 'BONUS' part is jaw droppingly SUGOI!!!

  • Juliet Salve
    Juliet Salve 5 days ago

    it was so stressful to watch the last part. Omg he did well.

  • krit kueawong
    krit kueawong 5 days ago

    Look like easy but it so hard

  • Jeremias Cardona
    Jeremias Cardona 5 days ago +1

    One two cha cha cha one two cha cha cha

  • Ashley Doan
    Ashley Doan 5 days ago +1


  • TheStormcrow22
    TheStormcrow22 5 days ago

    Andrew is so beautiful.

  • jemihendri
    jemihendri 5 days ago +1

    dudeee this cheff is eeg god!!!!! 😂🤣

  • tengu190
    tengu190 5 days ago

    Prefer the simple version done in Tampopo.

  • Musta Magdi
    Musta Magdi 5 days ago

    guys 180cc is how many eggs? plz help

  • Darren Wong
    Darren Wong 5 days ago

    HA! I bet Gordon Ramsay can't even do that piece of sh*t and the egg is looking good.

  • 10,000 subscribers with No Videos?

    lol didn't he try to make this omelet before?

  • Tohfa Quraishi
    Tohfa Quraishi 5 days ago

    Other people think it looks gross when they are cutting it but to me it looks good

  • Anna Nguyen
    Anna Nguyen 5 days ago

    Hmmm that well seasoned pan

  • Eloisa Oliveros
    Eloisa Oliveros 5 days ago

    masterchef should put this up as a pressure test 🤣

  • Mystic Light
    Mystic Light 5 days ago

    The chef lets Andrew waste his eggs just for an omelette O_O

  • Samarth korde
    Samarth korde 5 days ago

    Who else imagined the taste of it

  • marcus uria
    marcus uria 6 days ago

    really enjoyed this video great job!i have got to try this now!

  • John Tuazon
    John Tuazon 6 days ago

    If I may ask, did you pay for the training? Or is it free?

  • Aubrey Chowdhury
    Aubrey Chowdhury 6 days ago

    The ending was PERFECT. I love him haha

  • memez censored
    memez censored 6 days ago

    Did he call the plate a b word

  • Gerry Sala
    Gerry Sala 6 days ago


  • Prajith Reddy
    Prajith Reddy 6 days ago +1

    14:03 jaw drop!!

  • erion Perez
    erion Perez 6 days ago

    He is a kind chef

  • John Smithee
    John Smithee 7 days ago +27

    *A wise person once said:*
    'The sign of a great chef is not one who constructs their dishes using the most expensive and fanciest ingredients, but instead is one who uses their skills to turn the cheapest and often ignored ingredients into something magical'

  • Rooster D
    Rooster D 7 days ago +2

    Yukimura diner i wanna go to dat place someday

  • Hurtig Brillen
    Hurtig Brillen 7 days ago

    He was so sweet to Andrew

  • TheDarkestSoul 6
    TheDarkestSoul 6 7 days ago

    Is it just me or does chef motokichi look like a Japanese nardwuar

  • Wubanj W
    Wubanj W 7 days ago

    I loved the way he would sprinkle the salt.😊

  • יאיר קקון
    יאיר קקון 7 days ago

    Boi this look TASTY

  • Bean's Butter Review Wagon

    THe Japanese are appropriating egg culture, you're appropriating Japanese culture, I'm appropriating english culture, world is a fuck

  • Rishabh Nagpal
    Rishabh Nagpal 7 days ago

    I loved how the chef just looked at the camera smiling while flipping the rice! What a lovely moment!