I Went To Japan To Make The Most Difficult Omelet

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • “I was hoping there was a secret I was missing for why I was doing it so badly.” Watch Andrew’s first attempt to make the omelet here: tvclip.biz/video/dFCpQ0I3SYk/video.html
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    Chef Motokichi Yukimura
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  • Ranga Jayashan
    Ranga Jayashan 41 minute ago


  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang Hour ago


  • Shidqiyyah Ashila

    Ada ngak orang indonesia?

  • Stan Maden
    Stan Maden Hour ago

    it's TRUE u cook your food with your soul...look at him like a kid in a toy store. next time I cook I'll be going "hai hai hai hai"."don don don don".

  • Brodin PAD
    Brodin PAD 2 hours ago

    The Hot Jazz In The Background. XD

  • Pandora Mario
    Pandora Mario 3 hours ago

    I want you to make a show where you like copy chefs dishes just in Japan wait no, I want you to move to Japan, then make those dishes

  • PisaCake9
    PisaCake9 7 hours ago

    4:43 Rie laughing in the back is so cute

  • Pfairy.
    Pfairy. 8 hours ago

    Now when I scramble the eggs the only thought in my mind is "scramblu scramblu scramblu scramblu"

  • Clint Cahulogan
    Clint Cahulogan 10 hours ago +1

    The last part is so awesome. That man is a legend!! ✌️👍👌😉

  • ein user
    ein user 11 hours ago

    You know what makes a chef a chef?
    The way he pronounces onyõ

  • Oof Is my name
    Oof Is my name 11 hours ago

    *Gordan Ramsay left the chat*

  • Emi M
    Emi M 12 hours ago +1

    So proud of Andrew killing it on his first attempt : ) (edit: i spoke too soon soz)

  • Kapa Olen
    Kapa Olen 13 hours ago

    I alredy want eat it

  • Deina Korompis
    Deina Korompis 19 hours ago

    Andrew: Rie said 'I did it wrong because I did not put salt on it..?'
    The chef: No....... You put salt on it..

  • Kars Adrichem
    Kars Adrichem 20 hours ago

    Are we just going to ignore that at the end he trew it ontop and it broke perfectly on impact?! That shit was amazing!

  • Ashraf uAsh
    Ashraf uAsh 21 hour ago

    Isnt 68/100 a c+ ????

  • Yuu
    Yuu 21 hour ago



  • Sam Tsai
    Sam Tsai 22 hours ago

    This is just like a pro version of a French omelet

  • justapotato
    justapotato 23 hours ago

    11:29 eggy, u left for a greater cause, rip

  • Lei Jiang
    Lei Jiang 23 hours ago

    RIE:he's a nice guys

  • Ree Hay
    Ree Hay 23 hours ago

    Now that’s a chef that loves his job!

  • John Ritter
    John Ritter Day ago +1


  • Tony Tang
    Tony Tang Day ago

    Good chef

  • Samual More
    Samual More Day ago

    Nice! :)

    LIGHT Day ago +1

    I watched this while eating the omelette I made ...

    I forgot to put salt . 😑

  • kenneth kwon
    kenneth kwon Day ago

    I wanna see his improvement now it’s been a year

    LIGHT Day ago

    That guy is so CooL 😎

  • Smexy_waffle94 2

    8 grams of butter
    Ahahahah don’t try to fool me mortal

  • Numb
    Numb Day ago

    What's the name of the dish?

  • Monkhzul Odonchuluun

    I definitely would like to try this

  • yuri
    yuri Day ago


  • yunielescaz
    yunielescaz Day ago

    they didnt teach the most important part. the demi glaze

  • Wolfman73
    Wolfman73 Day ago

    Wow, just wow! *speechless*

  • Bee Bomb
    Bee Bomb 2 days ago

    the chef is so eccentric but in like the best way possible he has such an upbeat personality and seemed like a fun time to be around and he was so nice and helpful! what a cool guy

  • Marku
    Marku 2 days ago

    Japanese people showed me how fun cooking can be!

  • Kelvin Chan
    Kelvin Chan 2 days ago

    Junskitchen also do that

  • Shadowidk
    Shadowidk 2 days ago

    What is cc? When measuring food or whatever?

    • Christopher Lam
      Christopher Lam 7 hours ago

      cc abbreviates "cubic centimetre", which is the same as a millilitre (1 cc = 1 mL)

  • h
    h 2 days ago

    goddamn THAT egg looks so FUCKING delicious!

  • DR Girls
    DR Girls 2 days ago

    Did u saw Uchisaki Ona in japan? She is the famous ghost in japan

  • M Standenberg
    M Standenberg 2 days ago

    Hehe, the look on the chef’s face when the guest put his hands through his hair, rubbing his scalp whilst in the kitchen.
    Dirty foreigner!

  • Jacob Simmonds
    Jacob Simmonds 2 days ago

    This guy has such an annoying monotone voice

  • Islam Tawfeeq
    Islam Tawfeeq 2 days ago

    Do u feel like the chef is so glad of him self like if u agree

  • Akshay Gowrishankar
    Akshay Gowrishankar 2 days ago

    The charisma of Chef Motokichi is so beautifully funny and serious AT the SAME TIME, and that perfect balance magnetizes him and anyone who watches. Sheer poetry. In another Tasty video, he actually said, "The theater of it improves the taste of the food."

  • Yuvir
    Yuvir 2 days ago

    ain't it spelled omelette?

  • Oto Kage
    Oto Kage 2 days ago


  • MelonanTV
    MelonanTV 2 days ago


  • ol1ver 0727
    ol1ver 0727 2 days ago

    So glad I’m going to japan. Hope he is still around when I’m there

  • HypnoDoge 88
    HypnoDoge 88 2 days ago

    "Buttah, abut a blub

  • Wang Ay Kuo
    Wang Ay Kuo 3 days ago

    great chef and teacher. .

  • xAngeloツ
    xAngeloツ 3 days ago

    Like si pensaste que el de la miniatura era luisito comunica

  • ExplodingJet
    ExplodingJet 3 days ago

    Rie: Mada means wait
    Andrew: Mada
    Chef: Mada
    Me irl: MADA MADA

  • Mr.DooDoo 69
    Mr.DooDoo 69 3 days ago

    Why does the cook look so happy when he flips the rice😂 it just blesses my soul

  • Gaurav Gurung
    Gaurav Gurung 3 days ago

    They are really perfecto in every thing

  • Happi Ness
    Happi Ness 3 days ago

    *That salt sprinkle was everything tho*

  • CalamityGlows
    CalamityGlows 3 days ago

    This Japanese guy seems pretty funny

  • I got that fire Boss

    So many retarded people in the comments sucking dis guys dick, he just a man chill everyone is on it like thst u caught him that wave with the cam recorder

  • ThatAsianGuy
    ThatAsianGuy 3 days ago

    I would absolutely love to eat the ones that were "failed"....I'm just extremely hungry

  • Isaac Rizard
    Isaac Rizard 3 days ago

    I went to cook myself an omelet right after I watch this.

  • HeartOn OldBench
    HeartOn OldBench 3 days ago

    But can he still do it a year later?

  • Született Gamer
    Született Gamer 3 days ago

    Chef speaking japanese:

  • Kai So far
    Kai So far 4 days ago

    It looks like brain

  • wan izzar
    wan izzar 4 days ago

    these old man is superman ..trust me I Love Him 💕🎉❤💖

  • CelticShadow
    CelticShadow 4 days ago +1

    this guy is one of my favorite chefs. hes soooo full of happiness and excited energy.

  • tablesANDchairs
    tablesANDchairs 4 days ago

    Isn't that a french omelet?

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 4 days ago +1

    Best crossover ever

  • draft menship
    draft menship 4 days ago +1

    0:51 Hii ! I hate you

  • OPG Technology
    OPG Technology 4 days ago

    VAT 19

  • Mehmet Boztuna
    Mehmet Boztuna 4 days ago

    cooking omurice pretending like Picasso.

  • Beatboxermania
    Beatboxermania 4 days ago

    I love when he says melon cup like he says “medon cup” I had no clue why I like it so much

  • Jayla LifeTime
    Jayla LifeTime 4 days ago

    I don’t think you should say that bad word

  • countryball animations

    He said shit

  • Parzival
    Parzival 4 days ago

    Says eating your feed.

    Uploads about once a week.

    Adam only gets fed once per video.

    1 like is another bite Adam gets in the rest of the videos they make.

  • az zahar
    az zahar 4 days ago +1

    13:53 "can we include a bonus" is the new "I'm about to end this man's career"

  • Dolorem
    Dolorem 4 days ago

    Came for Rie 😂

  • David Saul
    David Saul 5 days ago

    I've made this at home, not as good as these professional chefs but still ok

  • Nexus GT
    Nexus GT 5 days ago +1


  • Helen Maher
    Helen Maher 5 days ago

    Him being a show off
    Me 😱🤯

  • Joqt
    Joqt 5 days ago

    madafucker it means (not a motherfucker yet)

  • Iza Zalifah
    Iza Zalifah 5 days ago +3

    0:51 Open the caption and you'll see he say "I hate you".

    • Iza Zalifah
      Iza Zalifah 4 days ago +1

      @Peipei Teoh I know but it completely fail. Lol

    • Peipei Teoh
      Peipei Teoh 4 days ago +1

      The auto-generated captions are actually inaccurate at times. Especially in quiet voices.

  • Survivor21// 4Jejemon4

    Want to make at home?

    Buy a ticket to kyoto and go tjere easy

  • Naz
    Naz 5 days ago +16

    Who else also feels the anxiety when the chef is flipping the rice?
    Anyway, I wish the chef the best!

  • 君ZEN
    君ZEN 5 days ago



  • Ria Akim
    Ria Akim 5 days ago

    He invited him to show off secretly lol jk

  • ardhianayr kecebangskuy

    Last moment so epic!

  • Amartya Shri
    Amartya Shri 5 days ago +2

    That chef does not help paid enough for his service to the world

  • Natii Elsie
    Natii Elsie 5 days ago

    0:35 you're a nice guy, I'll think about it maybe xo baby. Oh oh. Here we go, you sent him kisses. I didn't know I would move in with his mrs. Get a life. You're living with his wife, like what was I meant to do?

  • I.Q.U.X Gaming
    I.Q.U.X Gaming 5 days ago

    Is this ur other channel

  • just for the lolz
    just for the lolz 5 days ago +1

    Ngl the rice tracking caught me off guard, lol

  • ashuma tak
    ashuma tak 5 days ago +2

    The Chef is such a lively person, love to see him cooking....great 👌

  • a a
    a a 5 days ago

    さすが もときちさん

  • Omni king Zeno
    Omni king Zeno 5 days ago

    I can’t even make an edible plate of scrambled eggs

  • Jeshma Venu
    Jeshma Venu 5 days ago

    I thought that he was Jackie Chan by the thumbnail

  • Spencer Edison
    Spencer Edison 6 days ago

    11:34 .awkward

  • 頭が完全に腐ってる奴


  • Hexagon Lights
    Hexagon Lights 6 days ago


  • Krim Derja
    Krim Derja 6 days ago

    Serious a omelet ...

  • Chicken_nugget
    Chicken_nugget 6 days ago

    Imagine how many eggs they use day...

  • Marlo Guevarra
    Marlo Guevarra 6 days ago

    And people say Asians are lousy at cooking

  • Gacha_ Rein
    Gacha_ Rein 7 days ago +1


  • Ømîä- Çhâñ
    Ømîä- Çhâñ 7 days ago

    I’m am left handed person😇