attempting the 2000 LEVEL DEATHRUN (bad idea)

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • The longest deathrun map ever made. What could go wrong.
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  • Xxjman136
    Xxjman136 2 days ago

    To get to level 1000 it didn’t even take an hour just look at the timer by the map from when he started and when he got to level 1000

  • Tyreece South
    Tyreece South 5 days ago

    This map is sooooo easy ya noob

  • Last oof
    Last oof 5 days ago

    I thought the black hole was still there

  • duchboy
    duchboy 6 days ago


  • eez Emerton
    eez Emerton 6 days ago

    Whats going on guys

  • NocturnalWolfGaming
    NocturnalWolfGaming 7 days ago

    1:06 His eyes

  • RiskySaysGG
    RiskySaysGG 7 days ago

    everyone unsubscribe cause at the end he called us idiots for watching

  • Thinh Mints
    Thinh Mints 7 days ago

    Where is the video

  • Jackson Bowen
    Jackson Bowen 8 days ago

    Muselk has left the chat

  • Mac Anderson
    Mac Anderson 8 days ago +1

    On 7:31 muselks face looks like a 5 year old who did not get his Cheeto’s

  • Poké at Freddys
    Poké at Freddys 8 days ago

    2,000 level default deathrun a.k.a Muselk screaming compilation

  • Nhan Andy
    Nhan Andy 9 days ago

    imagine all of those lvl were hard

  • moniks Dovile
    moniks Dovile 10 days ago

    I feel the pein

  • bob bob
    bob bob 10 days ago

    Elliot: most death run have maybe 10 15 levels
    Me: most death runs have maybe 100 150 levels

  • Bryce ALMIGHTY 16
    Bryce ALMIGHTY 16 10 days ago

    It ptolbe took 69 years

  • Rain_ Exoticツ
    Rain_ Exoticツ 10 days ago

    Island code?

  • yom0msfat
    yom0msfat 11 days ago

    Muselk says who made this
    It’s right up at the game code!?!?

  • Physics YT
    Physics YT 11 days ago

    im actually generally impressed

  • Candice O'Rourke
    Candice O'Rourke 11 days ago

    When he said he lost 30 IQ points I said you only have 30 IQ

  • Blu0rb Gamer
    Blu0rb Gamer 12 days ago

    uh oh.

  • Bry Devine
    Bry Devine 12 days ago

    Why just why the f*** man

  • The withered Plushy
    The withered Plushy 12 days ago

    How do u not have eye ligma

  • 2525 VL
    2525 VL 13 days ago

    Your amazing

  • Epic Bangers
    Epic Bangers 13 days ago


  • LaggerFrags
    LaggerFrags 13 days ago

    We got 200k so do the frickin 4000 deathrun if there is any

    DEWAE YEET 14 days ago


  • James Molenda
    James Molenda 14 days ago

    226,000 likes that means you need to do the next one

  • Joey Armenta
    Joey Armenta 15 days ago


  • Bloom Rambro
    Bloom Rambro 15 days ago

    I don’t get the 69 joke

  • Sungam10002
    Sungam10002 16 days ago

    Congrats! ;)

  • PrestigeGaming
    PrestigeGaming 16 days ago

    Ummm, you hot 200K likes, you owe us

  • Jayce Lattuca
    Jayce Lattuca 16 days ago

    Level 1999 is me at the end of last period on a Friday

  • Raizz
    Raizz 17 days ago


  • Fletcher Smith
    Fletcher Smith 17 days ago

    Anyone know what the code is?

  • IrateManatee 103
    IrateManatee 103 17 days ago +4

    who else loved the cars with his sanity leaving him forever


  • Ngaru XD
    Ngaru XD 18 days ago

    Muelk fuck u

  • Ngaru XD
    Ngaru XD 18 days ago


  • Tamaterangi Campbell
    Tamaterangi Campbell 18 days ago +1

    Died on level 1 bruh noob

  • Leon Thomas
    Leon Thomas 18 days ago

    Muselk is the god at dethrun

  • Michael Kakouri
    Michael Kakouri 18 days ago

    I did it in 3:24 hours

  • heatherlacosta13
    heatherlacosta13 18 days ago +1

    I beat it with my friends

  • Yung Borchyy
    Yung Borchyy 19 days ago

    My brain would die doing that

  • Your trash Idiot
    Your trash Idiot 19 days ago

    Musulk play with me

  • oween75
    oween75 19 days ago +10

    Imagine the bang energy adds he coulda put on this one

  • Bacon Gamer
    Bacon Gamer 20 days ago


  • Video game machine
    Video game machine 20 days ago +1

    To all deathrun makers :DO NOT EVER put 2000 levels in your map.
    LIKE if u agree
    If you dislike the comment, GO F*** YOURSELF

  • Tarkin Rodgers
    Tarkin Rodgers 21 day ago

    i feel you muselk wait no i dont lol

  • phillip ruiz
    phillip ruiz 21 day ago

    Time for the 5000 level run

    JOSHUA STERN 21 day ago

    wtf kind of normal torture is hitting someone on the head with a hammer lol

  • abbey doyle
    abbey doyle 22 days ago

    I feel your pain,I cant even bet a 100 level eathrun

  • Phoenix Kim
    Phoenix Kim 22 days ago

    I beat this map by using impulse grenades and going on the walls

  • Isaiah Ko
    Isaiah Ko 22 days ago

    I beat the run in under an hour

  • cassandra pramm
    cassandra pramm 22 days ago


  • Charity Adkins
    Charity Adkins 22 days ago


  • Delany Celocia
    Delany Celocia 22 days ago

    Now do it without checkpoints

  • Joshy boi
    Joshy boi 22 days ago

    I make 1 million level death run
    When u get ten mill subs

  • Chrissy Vanderbilt
    Chrissy Vanderbilt 23 days ago

    Mwahahahaha look at the likes

  • Rothbe
    Rothbe 23 days ago

    Whell 225K likes Muselk get your coffe and start playing

  • SusStreams Fortnite
    SusStreams Fortnite 23 days ago

    I watched this right before I went to sleep and I dreamt that I was doing it and I quit lol.

  • Kade Tyryn
    Kade Tyryn 24 days ago

    Muselk this run was amazing and I have been watching your videos and had you posted as my followed creator for over a year now! You're fucking hilarious and I always look forward to watching your videos because you're awesome!