• Published on Apr 14, 2019
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  • qiasomar
    qiasomar  6 months ago +1870

    Thank you Qrew fam for the love and support! I know its been 2 years since the last #SneakerHeadsBeLike but I promise you wont have to wait that long for past 8! Hit that thumbs up and lets get this video to 100,000 LIKESE!!!


  • 1killz YT
    1killz YT 3 hours ago

    He said he had one pair of size 11s but on the boxes you can see he only has to sizes--) 9 and 10.for the rest good video tho.

    I watched this like a 100 times

  • Mike Onuoha
    Mike Onuoha 4 hours ago

    What’s the song

  • Lil Khanz
    Lil Khanz 5 hours ago

    There hasn’t been a sneaker head video where they don’t say fam.
    Like if u agree👍🏽

  • Marcus Espinoza
    Marcus Espinoza Day ago

    Rather wear a low

  • Marcus Espinoza
    Marcus Espinoza Day ago

    Aye yo wtf fuck man 😂😂

  • Marcus Espinoza
    Marcus Espinoza Day ago

    Freaking scammer

  • Marcus Espinoza
    Marcus Espinoza Day ago

    You ain’t gotta disrespect the are of the shoe like that

  • CubeMania YT
    CubeMania YT Day ago

    Harris ain’t even tapping the screen!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • vibex link
    vibex link Day ago

    Those mids are *flame*

  • Flips4Life
    Flips4Life 2 days ago

    Anyone else notice the typo in the thumbnail???

  • XP4 Mist
    XP4 Mist 2 days ago

    The backdoor people

  • alexboss 4239
    alexboss 4239 3 days ago

    I have the jordan 1 "MID"

  • ItsMeXD L0LZ
    ItsMeXD L0LZ 5 days ago

    Where’s sneaker heads be like part 8

  • Giancarlo Castello
    Giancarlo Castello 5 days ago


  • L
    L 6 days ago +9

    Nobody gonna talk that he actually cut the off white tag?

  • TGIFGaming
    TGIFGaming 6 days ago

    Where part 8 b

  • I don’t have a rap name Please help

    Done over SHOES YOU GREEDY

  • WhisPer_kendrickman123

    When he said we’re off of adidas i struck out

  • vespine terror63
    vespine terror63 9 days ago +2

    In the video the guy that said he burned all his yeezys was wearing yeezys when he was taking the picture. EXPOSED

  • Lukas Carlson
    Lukas Carlson 9 days ago +2

    I thought in the thumbnail he cut his yezzys in half

  • Isaias Hernandez
    Isaias Hernandez 10 days ago

    Part 8???????

  • Call Me Elite
    Call Me Elite 10 days ago

    Wheres part u

  • Lv 57 bot
    Lv 57 bot 11 days ago

    Where’s sneaker heads part 8

  • Cayden Davis
    Cayden Davis 12 days ago

    Do sneaker heads be like part 8

  • Skinnymacmello
    Skinnymacmello 12 days ago +1

    Dream cool dream cool dream cool

  • Elias Rivera
    Elias Rivera 12 days ago

    You are cool

  • TA Colton 16
    TA Colton 16 12 days ago

    the sneaker game is dead😢

  • d1ablo
    d1ablo 12 days ago

    1:12 holy shit

  • Justin Otero
    Justin Otero 13 days ago

    That is my dad

  • Virus
    Virus 13 days ago

    If I get 1k likes I will buy the red Octobers

  • Masen Blanchfield
    Masen Blanchfield 13 days ago

    When he cut the tag 😫

  • The Hybird
    The Hybird 14 days ago

    When my dad buys me shoes

  • just a random kid
    just a random kid 14 days ago +1

    3:31 actually i did that lol

  • Dziki Dzik
    Dziki Dzik 14 days ago

    Nice Ha Ha

  • Lemar Bahador
    Lemar Bahador 14 days ago

    134k likes? 100k likes promised part 8

  • skrrt 1281
    skrrt 1281 14 days ago

    It pisses me off at 3:46 that he put soap on his hands and wiped it off with a paper towel and not washed it with water

  • Herbz
    Herbz 15 days ago

    qias cmon u said 100k likes for a part 8 and nothing has been in sight :P

  • Sherab Wangpo
    Sherab Wangpo 15 days ago

    Which is the song

  • II.Raven
    II.Raven 15 days ago +1

    I thought the shoes he was standing on were the in soles

  • Theo Tamlag Frøland
    Theo Tamlag Frøland 15 days ago

    What is the name of the backpack on time 2:10

  • Salvatore Lodato
    Salvatore Lodato 16 days ago


  • Mrfairchap
    Mrfairchap 16 days ago

    Surely some of the saddest people in the entire world... HOW much do they pay for some of these? And there are starving children everywhere. Guys, please take this on board: They. Are. Just. Shoes.

  • No Name
    No Name 16 days ago +2

    Why couldn’t you just let me have the frozen yellow yeezys 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • this boi.
    this boi. 16 days ago +21

    0:08 “I’ve been waiting here for 2 years for part 8, man”.

  • galaxymoh
    galaxymoh 16 days ago


  • yoyboydede33
    yoyboydede33 16 days ago +1

    2:08 he already got some its a 350 box in the background you liitle stealer

  • RIL_ Shøgün
    RIL_ Shøgün 18 days ago +3

    Me: buying a new pair of yeezys
    Me: recieves yeezys
    Qias: 4:38
    Me: throws yeezys in the trash

  • lilmarioE34 •
    lilmarioE34 • 18 days ago

    yeah if you wear yeezys you sus no cap

  • OG Eh
    OG Eh 18 days ago

    Go them new yezzys!!!!

  • Hidden Hype
    Hidden Hype 19 days ago +1

    Sneaker heads do the most but it’s what we do 💯

  • Mason McLemore
    Mason McLemore 19 days ago

    Man I really want sneaker heads be like part 8

  • Gabriel Castillo
    Gabriel Castillo 20 days ago

    F ur back the off white noooo

  • jujuite
    jujuite 20 days ago


  • Hadji Kaloyan
    Hadji Kaloyan 20 days ago +1

    0:23 he throw a case instead of phone🤣

  • Jossy Gonzalwez
    Jossy Gonzalwez 20 days ago +2

    When is sneakerheads be like part 8 coming

  • Jrau 594
    Jrau 594 20 days ago

    Dream crew Dream crew Dream crew

  • • slvmmednation •
    • slvmmednation • 20 days ago

    What song is this

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 20 days ago

    1:12 did you actually cut it off? Goddamn...

  • Alejandro Vazquez Degante

    Where is part 8?