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  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
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  • KansasGirl
    KansasGirl 17 days ago

    You just reminded me that I want to watch this movie again. Loved it so much.

  • Keith Blomerley
    Keith Blomerley 7 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant review. So glad you did it straight after watching as the raw emotion really came through.As I was still in the closet, it's been a long, long wait to get the DVD. It changed my life!The line about holding his breath had me instantly thinking "Yeah - I've been holding my breath for 34 years". The exhale line completely destroyed me and turned me into an uncontrollable gibbering wreck.I first watched it on a Sunday night a few weeks ago, then again on Monday, and again on Tuesday, rang my parents Wednesday and posted a coming out speech to everyone I know on social media that evening. It was utterly impossible for me to stay in the closet for a second longer after watching this movie. It takes a very special movie to have that impact.The response from my family and friends was amazing, and I feel like I'm floating on clouds, all thanks to Love, Simon.

  • Fabricio Bacarini
    Fabricio Bacarini 7 months ago

    I do think that “this is a straight boy” is a bad thing to say... I personally related so much with Nick Robinson as Simon, I’ve never been this effeminate guy, and unfortunately this clearly has become the default for gay people, I think this movie breaks that pattern a little bit, as he says he’s just like most of us, who happens to be gay.
    But I agree with you in pretty much everything.

  • Anything. Lucy
    Anything. Lucy 8 months ago

    I’m straight, but I loved this movie

  • Shazana Mansoor
    Shazana Mansoor 9 months ago

    This video is so great! I was so happy at all the moments you were describing and was agreeing with everything you said! I thought the movie was amazing and I'm so glad it's out there as a mainstream kind of thing. The story was told in a creative but relatable way and the characters portrayed was just great. A really important story for everyone to see and help us understand each other better :D

  • Kevin McGivern
    Kevin McGivern 10 months ago

    Great review - I can't wait to see it now - also really like your presentation style, full of energy, keep it up ...Thanks

  • burgundy hamburger
    burgundy hamburger 10 months ago

    i think you mean Alexandra Shipp, not Amandla Stenberg 😊 I love how happy you are in this vid.

  • MRdaBakkle
    MRdaBakkle 10 months ago

    After seeing this movie again and reading another review. I think I agree a bit that how the ending slightly undercut Simon's talk to Martin. Martin took away Simon's chance to come out in his own way, and that is heartbreaking. But then Simon pushes Blue to come out in a very public place in front of the whole school.

  • Kateri Wynne
    Kateri Wynne 11 months ago

    My best friend and I danced in our seats when “I wanna Dance with someone” hahaha!!!!
    It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  • lestatmac way
    lestatmac way 11 months ago +1

    Bro no dislikes

  • Ben Medina
    Ben Medina Year ago +1

    There was a scene with Simon and Nick where they go to a bar. It was cut from the film.

  • Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey Year ago

    Does anyone think it’s gonna be on black panther level or nah?

  • FunTennisASMR
    FunTennisASMR Year ago

    I saw this with my dad.. he loved it and it's totally not his kind of film.

  • Christopher Jennings

    I don't think 'casual' was the wrong word. This film is so incredibly approachable it really sets it apart from most LGBT films.
    It takes than and THEN wow the incredibly touching personal emotional story. I can't get this film out my head. I don't think I've ever seen anyone take these feelings I have and put them on the screen before.
    I hope all the 14 year old mes of the world see it

  • Mya
    Mya Year ago

    Simon also had a Hamilton poster in his room behind his desk I died

  • jazzy marzullo
    jazzy marzullo Year ago

    I waited to watch this until I saw it and I just saw it and i am still crying now watching this review

  • bandgeekmike
    bandgeekmike Year ago

    I thought this movie is actually a really bad adaptation. I was not expecting it to be the same as the book, but I thought that they created inconsistencies in the story and wound up making some essential plot points from the book get forced into the movie in a very clunky way (e.g. the conversation with his dad, Leah's feelings for Nick THAT THEY MENTION DURING THE COMING OUT AS STRAIGHT MONTAGE and show during the meetup to go to the Halloween party that suddenly are for Simon, Marvin's apology, the fact that Marvin never actually saw Simon at the computer, and how in the hell did he get Blue's email address in the first place?!?!? In the book, he shares his secret email address with Blue). To me, if they would have focused more on retelling the story from the book, it could have been just as light and heartwarming while making essential details more organic and less forced, the plot would have been more consistent, we would have had a stronger emotional connection to the characters. (Nick and Leah both come to mind), and superfluous scenes and characters would have disappeared (Ethan--or whatever the other out guy's name was, the principal, and the dance scene were almost completely unnecessary to the story). I left the theater thinking it was good, but the more I think about the movie, the more these flaws and many others come to mind. I really wasn't expecting it to be a carbon copy of the book, but this movie definitely seemed to be an if it ain't broke don't fix it situation.

  • cheers2MR2018 Myk & Raffy


  • Erin Marie
    Erin Marie Year ago

    Mrs. Albright was MY FAVORITE, and the principal too! Loved the movie and the soundtrack.

  • Lauren Christine
    Lauren Christine Year ago +8

    I'm not a part of the LGBT community, I'm straight, but I loved your video and I 100% adored this film! I can't wait to buy it when it comes out on blu ray. I've seen it twice, and I'm taking my best friend to see it tonight with her mom.
    She's planning on coming out to her mom after the movie. As a big fan of movies, I'm glad that movies like Love, Simon & Black Panther are coming out. It's so beautiful to see more major studios bringing more diversity to the big screen.

    It's a good time to be alive!!

  • The_Aesthetic _Gay
    The_Aesthetic _Gay Year ago +1

    I think the book it better tho 😂😂

    Also I went to the pre showing as well...and of course I dragged my friends along as hour early 😅

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Year ago +18

    I went to see this by myself last weekend and I can’t stop thinking about it. I cried so much, but I had to stop myself from sobbing during the scene with Jenifer Garner where she tells him she’s felt like he’s been holding his breath for so long and that she could finally feel him exhale. I have a 3 year old and I really want him to know that being who you are and loving the person you love is totally fine. I’m really glad this movie is getting the support it should, because it’s important. If this movie were made when I was growing up, my life would probably have been a lot different than it is today because I grew up in a very sheltered Christian community in the bible belt and didn’t even know you could be transgender or bisexual or gay or anything outside of the binary or attracted to anyone of any gender until high school.
    I wish I’d been exposed to this kind of thing sooner so I could realize who I really was before I was in my late 20s.
    I Love this movie so so much, I hope you still do too :):):)

  • Ilsen Leon
    Ilsen Leon Year ago +4

    I absolutely loved the movie! I did catch some changes I didn’t like but I would watch the movie over and over again because it was so good. Also the other gay kid name is Ethan. I didn’t like the vice principal at all though. I just have so many things to discuss but I love this movie so much! Even though it wasn’t completely faithful, it still had the essence of Simon and that was the most important thing for me. I’m crying just thinking about it!

    • Paul Delgadillo
      Paul Delgadillo Year ago +1

      Look, I just saw Love, Simon for the fourth time yesterday afternoon. There are so many layers to this film that you have to just sit back and enjoy the nuance of it all. I'm going to focus on my take of the ending without trying to spoil anything....Well, Simon wakes up after the big reveal and he writes the number 17 for days left before graduation. This means that this final group of scenes happen several months after the reveal during the Winter Carnival and everybody knows who Simon and Blue are. What I find fascinating is that none of the other kids have their own cars and that Simon is in the driver's seat the whole time. This underlines a simple fact. Simon isn't just the leader of this group of five, he's also basically the caring mom and the heart. This speaks volumes of his relationship with his mom and his dad. If you read the story of Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, I believe that it's only Simon who comes from a family were divorce was never gonna happen. In the book, Simon outright states that he and his family are liberals and that his parents are Democrats. Simon adds that his family isn't religious and that all of them attended Nick's Bar Mitvah. This is quite a thing in a state like Georgia, which is a Bible belt state.
      Anyways, that final scene were Simon hops into the car, picks up each one of his friends starting with Nick, who was his first friend in the book, backing up across the street to pick up Leah and then picking up coffee before Abby and Blue makes a heck of a lot of sense as Simon is spiritual leaving childhood and turning into a man...What will happen with his relationship with his first love Blue? Well, that's an open question..Where is Leah or Abby headed? I would think that since, like Simon, Abby has the plans on doing something in the entertainment field, a move to LA might just give her the same grounding as Simon. We know Simon was headed to LA from the time the whole "really gay" Whitney Houston, "I Wanna Dance" sequence which Simon deems as "too gay." The only thing I wish Berlanti had included was the factor of the "Simon logic" that his father interjects at the beginning of the first book. How many of us as high school teenagers thought that we knew what life was all about before the reality of it all came crashing down? The final statement by Simon is that, unknown to his friends, he's decided that this particular day will be a "senior ditch day." This is so reminicent of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and an obvious nod to John Hughs and the teenage angst films the man directed during the nineteen eighties. I would love to see a sequel because, by the time Blue did decide to come out, I'm sure that the choice of colleges had already been made. Will Blue and Simon endure? I bet, on the side of Simon, at least, he will continue to text and skype as much as possible, mailing Blue as many Oreos as possible to insure the guy will come to him in the end....This is wishful thinking and the sequel to the book about Simon, finally dealing with Leah is coming out on April 24th.

    • Ilsen Leon
      Ilsen Leon Year ago

      Paul Delgadillo Wow that’s awful. That part was unrealistic but you would be surprised some people just don’t think it’s that important. In today’s society, it wouldn’t happen but before they wouldn’t have cared less. Also the drama teacher did it in the original book too but it was an after school thing. Yea also the Vice Principal wasn’t doing anything. He was just a useless character. I didn’t understand why he was there. But I’m so sorry about what happened to your son.

    • Paul Delgadillo
      Paul Delgadillo Year ago

      What I didn't like about the Vice Principal was that it took the Drama teacher to call out the two guys trying to mock and bully Simon for what happened to him. I can guarantee you, if the high school my son went to had instances where Martin Addison did what he did, the police would have been called in, Martin would have been suspended and possibly charged with a hate crime because of the tone of what he wrote. My son was cyberbullied because one girl at a party he attended chose to flirt with him. Her boyfriend was a gang member and the threats on my son's FB channel were reported and the only reason why this really wasn't pursued was because in the small mountain town we lived in, the local sheriff's department was filled with clueless racist deputies. Oh, and the party my son went to? Guess what? It was a birthday party for the girl who flirted with my son and since the parents weren't home, guess who got a huge fine because of it.

  • Don't Stop Readin'

    Yeeesass I loved this movie and the book and everything this movie means and how great it is

  • Tony Barnes
    Tony Barnes Year ago

    Great video. You are fun to watch so full of energy

  • Tony Barnes
    Tony Barnes Year ago +1

    Enjoyed your review. I love your energy

  • Kristian179
    Kristian179 Year ago +3

    I'm surprised Simon didn't out Martin for outing him on the whole Tumblr thing at the cafeteria when those bullies where making fun of him also their was a freaking Hamilton Poster on his wall, also I'm pretty sure they might make a second movie cause of that adventurist trip they were going on cliffhanger. Also fun fact The guy Simon kissed last(If you know Greg Berlanti's work, you might know who it is), came out as Bisexual during the wrap party for this movie with the whole cast !

  • Basic Billy
    Basic Billy Year ago +10

    I cried like a baby can't stop thinking about it

  • Jesse Bailey
    Jesse Bailey Year ago

    I just got back from seeing this movie and my tiny gay heart is exploding with joy!! It was everything I wanted it to be and I'm so happy that queer teenagers finally get to have a story like this :) Also I feel like I chose the soundtrack myself bc it was literally all of my faves. I can't wait to see it like 7 more times!

  • Fullmoon Phantom1412

    i loved the movie. it's been a while since i read the book, but i'm glad the movie is still hilarious. i loved all the jokes and i'm glad they changed things so it wasn't completely the same story all over again. i especially loved the bit about straight people coming out.

  • Cami Forrester
    Cami Forrester Year ago +3

    I was laughing when you said “the way he looked made you think “this is a straight boy” 🤦‍♀️

  • Leah Meyer
    Leah Meyer Year ago +6

    I saw love Simon on Friday. And it felt so natural none of the dialogue felt forced. And the set was awesome. I loved seeing how personal Simons room looked. With the Hamilton playbill and the adventure time figures and band posters. I would see this movie again in a heartbeat the dialogue is so funny and so real.

  • Joshua Ericson
    Joshua Ericson Year ago +3

    I cried in this movie so many time because I related so much to Simon and his difficulties coming out to family. Even though I knew that my parents would accept me, I was worried that I would become a different person to them. I am definitely the demographic that this movie is going for and I’m glad I saw it. I’m also happy that it generally was reviewed well, so that people are more likely to see it.

  • booksandcats
    booksandcats Year ago +9

    I loved this movie! It’s one of those movies where you can’t stop smiling after

    • Steph Piano
      Steph Piano Year ago

      booksandcats I couldn't stop crying oh my god

  • CarmyReads
    CarmyReads Year ago +9

    I LOVED IT !!! cried the whole time and I agree it is such a conversation starter. Also love the fact that for once the "attractive " girl in the movie that martin is in love with is black rather than the typical blonde and blue eyed cheer leader!

  • Heather Dowell
    Heather Dowell Year ago +1

    I'm going to see it today. I loved the book, so I'm slightly nervous about the changes, but everyone seems to be okay with them so that's good.

  • Joseph M.
    Joseph M. Year ago +9

    I went with a big group of friends last night. The only straight people in this group were my sister and my pansexual friend’s boyfriend.
    The entire theater laughed, cried, screamed, and cheered. My group was all dancing to Portugal. The Man.
    Also some other friends of mine showed up without knowing we were here.
    That was one of my favorite experiences ever.

  • Dawn Wolfe
    Dawn Wolfe Year ago

    It was an amazing movie! Even though I was a little late (well a lot late) coming out, I can still relate. The whole Christmas thing and my story being told before I was ready, I can totally relate to. It was totally a ferris wheel of emotions happening. Oh, one last thing, I thought of you throughout this entire movie. Thanks for the movie review (great reminders to how awesome it was) and especially for being you!!!!

  • mer
    mer Year ago +4

    "this is a straight dude" boi do i relate

  • 19Isa09
    19Isa09 Year ago +1

    I can’t believe I have to wait until June to watch this 😭

  • Jianfei
    Jianfei Year ago


  • Michael Funk
    Michael Funk Year ago +29

    i enjoyed the scene when simon googled how to dress as gay and was trying on more sophisticated t-shirts...

    • Joseph M.
      Joseph M. Year ago +12

      I just said in the theater, out loud, “WEAR FLANNEL”
      Some guy in front of me turned around and agreed.

  • Casey Markovich
    Casey Markovich Year ago

    I totally relate to every freaking moment expect the bullying part of the kid exposing his exchange emails. that wasn't cool at all. but other than that I can totally relate.

  • Ricardo Espinoza
    Ricardo Espinoza Year ago

    It was so good!

  • Evan Dicesare
    Evan Dicesare Year ago

    Yesss, I want to see this SO BAD

  • Maggie Fulmer
    Maggie Fulmer Year ago +22

    i wanted the "you look so hot in eyeliner" line so bad but other than that i'm so very pleased and i already can't wait to go see it again

    • Steph Piano
      Steph Piano Year ago

      Maggie Fulmer Same, I was waiting for it!

  • TheInBooks
    TheInBooks Year ago +12

    There is also a Hamilton playbill in the background on all the desk scenes!!

    • Kristian179
      Kristian179 Year ago +1

      yaaasss qween I spotted that too !

  • Faith Wangermann
    Faith Wangermann Year ago +49

    did you catch the moment where martin says to abby “what do you get when you mix black and jewish? BLUE-ish!”

    • Aldous Palaganas
      Aldous Palaganas 11 months ago +1

      Yesss !!! And I was thinking "oohhh martin dropping some clues" *though I know who blue is LOL*

    • Tony Barnes
      Tony Barnes Year ago +1

      Yes I heard that to awesome

    • Manjotkreads
      Manjotkreads Year ago +7

      Omg yes!!! I thought that was sooo clever and hilarious!

    • B Graziano
      B Graziano Year ago +12

      Faith Wangermann YES I️ HEARD THAT AND I️ FREAKED OUT

  • Gabriel Castaneda

    My sobs last night omg I went with my mom and she loved it

  • Celine Rojas
    Celine Rojas Year ago +2

    We stan!

  • HercMan G
    HercMan G Year ago

    I loved the book and I get to see the movie tomorrow! The movie looks amazing! Another great video Tiernan!