• Published on Jun 11, 2019
    You'll know how to cook tasty baked apple and cover fruits with caramel glaze. Never tried caramel glazed pear or sugar candy coating on candy apples? Than today's your lucky day! You'll learn how to cook homemade lollipops 🍭and candies, how to decorate delicious cupcakes and muffins with cute marshmallow flowers🌸:)
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    00:10 Yummy baked apple dessert 🍏
    00:46 Caramel glazed fruit dessert for your family
    02:43 Marshmallow lollipop candy for those who's in love with sweets 💘🍭
    02:52 Lollipop sweet cupcakes for dessert
    02:57 Melt candy to cook homemade lollipop for the best gift
    04:56 DIY lollipop you can make yourself 🍬
    07:38 How to decorate your dinner table for the special dinner
    10:34 Napkin fold for kitchen decor
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    What's your favorite recipe with apple? Maybe just fresh apple 🍎)? Share in the comments👇

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  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle Month ago +1

    1 no such thing as a cowberry
    2 toothpaste on a lolipop.... no
    3 crushed cough drops? Really?
    4 just take this thing no ones ever seen before and poke a hole in it! Easy!
    5 again with the cough drops
    6 melt eraser pieces and stick em on a lolipop
    7 toothpaste again
    8 lets add a second bag to the candy bag. And make it out of fabric so it gets gross! Genius... wait no there's no candy in the candy bag [expanding brain meme]
    9 just use this mould no ones ever seen before
    10 no selfies
    11 & 12 lets add more crap to the lolipops to throw away later
    13 through 25 cloth napkins should only be white or they just get stained
    Wait? Title says 29 hacks for food. Video has 12 hacks for food and 13 napkin hacks. Even counting napkins as food theres 4 hacks missing.

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    JESSICA THE ONE Month ago +1

    Did u know that consuming too much toothpaste causes alot of trouble because if it contains flouride it can be very poisonous and you'll have to contact the poison control center immediately because it can cause stomach pain heart attack and many other things and even if ur toothpaste does not contain floride dont swallow it cause it can still cause alot of stomach pain but you'll most likely survive it is ok if u intake as much as u would brush your teeth with (pea size) then your fine but if you or your child take or takes like alott of toothpaste than you have a good reason to worry about

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