My Life is Over. I'm Pregnant

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • "The alcohol made me forget everything. All I could think about was all the new sensations that were happening to me."
    While growing up, we make tons of mistakes. Some we regret, but we pick ourselves up and learn from them. Perhaps the most regrettable decision any young girl can make is being pregnant. It's not the end of the world, but the judgments that come with it, the plans we have or the dreams we always dreamt are now put on hold. The most important question isn't "Why did I do this to myself" or "Should I keep the baby", but how can I prevent this if I am not ready to have a baby.
    For this individual, she had just gotten into her dream college and her dreams of becoming a social worker are coming together. While at a party, she decided to celebrate a little more than usual by drinking a few drinks. But what turned into a few got her drunk and she had sex with her boyfriend. A few months pass and she starts getting morning sickness and her worse fear of being pregnant is now true with the results of her pregnancy test. Her boyfriend didn't wear a condom that night because it "felt better".
    What will she do now? How will she tell her mom? What about her college acceptance? What will her friends think of her?
    We want to remind everyone, young or old, to always use the proper protection when having any sexual activity. It may "feel good" for one night, but is it worth putting everything on hold if you are not ready?
    Thank you for watching our video! Some of you will notice that we've posted an earlier version of this a few months ago, but because we agree with what many of you pointed out in the comments (that even if Patty had been pregnant it wouldn't have meant that her life is "over") we decided to change the ending to reflect that. We always try to improve, so please feel free to comment as usual and let us know what you thought of this video.
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  • christina marshall
    christina marshall 6 hours ago

    Don’t worry it’s not yet over just think and stay clam

  • Tony Taby
    Tony Taby 21 hour ago +1

    My life is over

    My mom won’t let me got to this party

  • Calvin Carter
    Calvin Carter 2 days ago

    Any regular mom: honey im pregnant
    This girl: my lives over im pregnant

  • blackfriendiya
    blackfriendiya 2 days ago

    my life is over....
    my mens can't be taken off the bed

  • CherryBloomie
    CherryBloomie 2 days ago

    My life is over

    I'm pregananant

  • Adunola Ajayi
    Adunola Ajayi 3 days ago

    My life is over I am 1 month pregnant at the age of 14

  • Jan-Ida Ripton
    Jan-Ida Ripton 4 days ago

    "What's the harm?" Was he serious?! It doesn't matter if they did it just one time or multiple times! Once is all it takes! Thank God it was all only a dream

  • Mrs. Cat
    Mrs. Cat 4 days ago

    No one:
    Random comments:
    *”mY LiFe iS oVeR....”*

  • Weronika Zawadzka
    Weronika Zawadzka 6 days ago +1

    I was so confused

  • katie goodhew
    katie goodhew 7 days ago +2

    me: my life is over
    friend: why?
    *steps on Lego*
    me: REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myah love
    Myah love 8 days ago +2

    *Wow!* Polly is the kinda friend we all need

  • Emma Tom Fangirl
    Emma Tom Fangirl 9 days ago +1

    My life is over

    Please help me

  • Skyler Cloudust Pony
    Skyler Cloudust Pony 10 days ago

    My life is over.


  • Katherine Parker
    Katherine Parker 10 days ago

    so it was a dream

  • Colleen Hunter
    Colleen Hunter 11 days ago

    Don't wanna get pregnant? Don't have sex. There ya go.

  • KindaKenzie
    KindaKenzie 11 days ago

    Idk why I love this vid the drawings are so good idk how they do it

  • Rwbyanimations 2005
    Rwbyanimations 2005 11 days ago

    My life is over...


  • Mary Yeh-Shen Herrera
    Mary Yeh-Shen Herrera 12 days ago

    My life is over im pregnant.., 😭😭

    Oh🙄🙄😕😮😮is just a dream
    Its just a warning that dont go with that boy

  • Elichi
    Elichi 12 days ago +2

    My life is over..

    *I made a huge fart in class*

  • Cookie 🍪 cat
    Cookie 🍪 cat 12 days ago

    My life is over

    This thing said she ACTUALLY got pregnant 🤰

  • Cherry Hamilton
    Cherry Hamilton 12 days ago

    Friends like Polly are worth keeping. Hearing that story shows that she cares.

  • MemeyZCool2007
    MemeyZCool2007 12 days ago


  • 1к ѕυвѕ ωιтнσυт cσитєитツ

    This is why kids, you use protection.


  • randomYtber
    randomYtber 13 days ago

    My life is over...


  • fatimah anwaar
    fatimah anwaar 13 days ago

    Parents should teach their daughters to protect themselves or give them "the Talk" instead of shaming them for getting attention from boys at school even if they wanted to or if they have crushes or even blaming their love lives for causing unwanted pregnancies this can only lead their teenage daughters to become crazy cat ladies or even marry a stuffed animal or become Misandrists with this kind of unnecessary over-protection Girls shouldn't be afraid to stand up for themselves

  • Natalia Hailey
    Natalia Hailey 14 days ago

    *n o. h u g g i n g. b e f o r e. m a r r i a g e.*

    • fatimah anwaar
      fatimah anwaar 13 days ago

      these rules are just bullshit it's normal for teenage girls to have crushes at school or get attention from boys

  • im a man duh👌
    im a man duh👌 15 days ago

    This is why I'm lesbian- and I'm not gonna get raped either soo teehee- I still feel bad for her tho-

  • just Abby
    just Abby 15 days ago +1

    Polly is such a good friend :3

  • MinMin
    MinMin 15 days ago

    Me when I got my period without even knowing what it was because

    I'm naive~


  • nearhannah666
    nearhannah666 16 days ago

    My life is over...

    i died in minecraft 😭

  • neika colon
    neika colon 16 days ago

    Me life is over

    I accidentally hit my dog🥺

  • akm. ldy
    akm. ldy 18 days ago

    Tertypu gua sialan

  • Sana
    Sana 18 days ago

    So, it was a dream?

  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan 18 days ago +2

    He not wear protecc
    But he attacc
    But most importantly
    He got a girl pregnant

  • Hilda Nursafira
    Hilda Nursafira 19 days ago

    Subbitel Indonesian nya ada in dund

  • Game Proof
    Game Proof 19 days ago

    Wow lucky you that was just a dream😓😩😩

  • Devi Carlotta
    Devi Carlotta 21 day ago

    Indonesia subtitle pliss

  • Poo diaper
    Poo diaper 21 day ago

    Lol. Good ending!!!

  • meow meow woffy
    meow meow woffy 21 day ago


  • Noor Hafizah Salehuddin

    My life is over....

    i killed a shiny pokemon ;-;

  • ・Poland ・
    ・Poland ・ 22 days ago

    my life is over...

    My parents won't let me go to the area 51 raid

  • Kelly Gail Aquino
    Kelly Gail Aquino 23 days ago

    Y'know girl, you're life is not over. Start over again and don't do the same mistakes!
    Child is a blessing, children are blessings.

  • Anh Phương
    Anh Phương 23 days ago

    In the end , everything will be fine , if not fine , its not the end

  • Gabrielle Wright
    Gabrielle Wright 24 days ago

    My life is over....

    I ate to many Doritos and I have a 5 hour drive in front of me 😂😂

    do the right way to use Doritos

  • MaKenzie Pena
    MaKenzie Pena 25 days ago

    Oh thank goodness! You aren't pregnant!!!

  • Dontkillmefor Makingsomuchmistakes

    Woah its a good thing i wasnt looking at the comments what a great plot twist This could be a movie 😂

  • Carlene Ayton
    Carlene Ayton 25 days ago

    No sex before marriage kids. It just makes life much easier.

  • GamingC00KI3
    GamingC00KI3 26 days ago

    plot twist

    it was a lucid dream, and in lucid dreams you can get anything you want and she wanted to have sex with matt.

  • james zehna
    james zehna 26 days ago +1

    My life is over

    *I stubbed my pinky toe*

  • Stella Lala
    Stella Lala 26 days ago

    moral: chicks before dicks, nothing is as important than a caring girl friend who's got ur back

  • delphox 69
    delphox 69 27 days ago

    That's why abortion is an option

  • Yara Dzaey
    Yara Dzaey 27 days ago

    Wait was your pregnancy a dream

  • mëgåñ ß
    mëgåñ ß 28 days ago

    my life is over

    i accidentally sent my nudes to my ex-boyfriend

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer Month ago

    my life is over...

    my life is over

  • dabomb1331
    dabomb1331 Month ago

    nice bait clik s

  • Mega Tea
    Mega Tea Month ago

    I need to get myself a friend like Polly

  • User Ri
    User Ri Month ago

    My life is over

    Someone ate my food :-(

  • Scarlet wWitch Fan
    Scarlet wWitch Fan Month ago

    My life is over

    Cause there is only one marvel movie left for doctor strange

  • little dreamers
    little dreamers Month ago

    The description is in Greek, the video in English...
    Me:Wtf ?!

  • Sameer Khokhar
    Sameer Khokhar Month ago

    My Life Is Over


  • Alexandra Ibanez
    Alexandra Ibanez Month ago

    I literally cried, then it was only a dream. What a click bait HAHAHAHA

  • Flowerly Infinity
    Flowerly Infinity Month ago

    My life is over....

    My socks were on water😭

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus Month ago

    Um... I was born when my mom was 18... Tf... Life OVER?

  • Murat Yildiz
    Murat Yildiz Month ago

    my life is over

    i breathed in healeum and my teacher thought i was a girl

  • April Basuroy Biswas

    Matt was a f____head. Polly an angel. Be like Polly.

  • Red Miners
    Red Miners Month ago

    It was all a dream

  • Untrustful Potato
    Untrustful Potato Month ago +1

    my life is over

    My crush is straight

  • Nia Nation
    Nia Nation Month ago

    My life is over

    My crush has a girlfriend

  • sasha_love _undertale

    My life is over...

    My friend eat my cookie

  • Bri4ever
    Bri4ever Month ago +1


    I stubbed my toe...

  • raleen vailt/ robloxgames and roplays funny

    That mom is so kind and understand

  • Celiyah Hilson
    Celiyah Hilson Month ago +2

    My life is over

    I threw up on my crush 😭

  • Real Le_gend
    Real Le_gend Month ago

    This is why u don’t party kid 😎

  • Oof_itzriya Riya
    Oof_itzriya Riya Month ago +1

    My life is over

    I stepped on a penny

  • Giselle Majano
    Giselle Majano Month ago

    Where can I find a Polly?