Adam Savage Meets Barnaby Dixon's Puppets!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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    Adam Savage welcomes puppeteer and animator Barnaby Dixon to the cave! We're big fans of Barnaby's inventive puppet design and puppeteering style, and he shares a few of his creations and shows how he brings them to life!
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    Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan
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    Adam Savage
    Norman Chan
    Simone Giertz
    Joey Fameli
    Gunther Kirsch
    Ryan Kiser
    Kishore Hari
    Sean Charlesworth
    Jeremy Williams
    Kayte Sabicer
    Bill Doran
    Ariel Waldman
    Darrell Maloney
    Kristen Lomasney
    Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
    Set design by Danica Johnson
    Set build by Asa Hillis
    Thanks for watching!
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  • Adam Savage’s Tested
    Adam Savage’s Tested  2 months ago +139

    Watch more of Barnaby's videos here!

    • Rick
      Rick Month ago

      his puppetry and songs are so awesome!! should have some awards for his puppetry and a gold album by now.... but you know... society... priorities in all the wrong places...

    • RU1NS_ZubSub
      RU1NS_ZubSub 2 months ago

      Adam Savage’s Tested bet ya won’t heart dis

  • Ben Hallcro
    Ben Hallcro Day ago

    This man fingers puppets.....

  • Dharmesh Solanki
    Dharmesh Solanki Day ago +1

    those puppets are ALIVE 😀😀❤👏👏💯🔥😍

  • AprilandLuke
    AprilandLuke 2 days ago

    Whata bout the raptor

  • Sebastian Skuba
    Sebastian Skuba 2 days ago

    I love how when Barnaby talks, he has the puppets gesture.

  • Golde Mike
    Golde Mike 3 days ago


  • Sweet Rish
    Sweet Rish 4 days ago

    The blue one is so cute, I want to cuddle his hand

  • Zorro fox
    Zorro fox 4 days ago

    0:27 Adam is choking himself

  • Kasper Kalee
    Kasper Kalee 4 days ago

    That man is a genius!

  • Rey Skywalker
    Rey Skywalker 5 days ago

    Dab chick?
    Get up please.
    You are scaring me.

  • Lugia Gamer
    Lugia Gamer 5 days ago


  • andy g
    andy g 5 days ago

    Re evolution of this puppetry style, check out 'Fingerbobs' from 1972 (UK TV)

  • Mav Griffin
    Mav Griffin 6 days ago

    where can i buy one?

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 7 days ago

    I wish Barnaby’s puppet would be like a type of toy so it can be sold around the world, I would definitely buy 10 of those.

  • sooodie birb
    sooodie birb 7 days ago

    he must be good with his fingers

  • la la
    la la 8 days ago

    Can someone explain how he makes Dabchick look left, right, up, and down
    Pls I want to know

    SKULLFACE 8 days ago

    14:45 Dave is the man ....


  • Hanging_Ball Sack
    Hanging_Ball Sack 9 days ago

    He should make a bear

  • link199100
    link199100 10 days ago

    OMG this is so awesome

  • Ry dean
    Ry dean 10 days ago

    dude, I was so transfixed that when the puppet did a cartwheel i was impressed

  • NationOne44
    NationOne44 12 days ago

    Adam has to strangle his puppet self to remove it, awesome.

  • KevinSchantalle
    KevinSchantalle 12 days ago

    ⚠️⚠️⚠️Why he do a stop motion?!!! GET A GREENSCREEN DANM!!!👊🤣🤣🤣⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • Orville Petry
    Orville Petry 15 days ago

    That would be amazing to be welcome at Adam's shop to build anytime

  • Mojo Bojo
    Mojo Bojo 16 days ago

    I want one so bad

  • EJ Leon
    EJ Leon 16 days ago

    Poor puppet at the beginning it looked like he was choking him

  • Thomas Jewusiak
    Thomas Jewusiak 18 days ago


  • Patrick Henderson
    Patrick Henderson 19 days ago

    I love the joy in Adam's voice & face

  • Stacey Rashkin
    Stacey Rashkin 19 days ago

    Adam, it would be so great if you would add captioning to your videos. There's many deaf creators out there that would love to follow along.

  • Elan Emilio
    Elan Emilio 20 days ago

    I absolute adore Barnaby. His puppets, voice, writing, and luminous personality make him a powerful force to be reckoned with, and I’d never disrespect him

    ....but come on, those hands have got to be fucking life changing in bed

  • demofactory
    demofactory 21 day ago

    We like Barnaby!!!!! You too Adam!!!!!

    DETROIT RED WING 22 days ago


  • Benjamin Korytkowski
    Benjamin Korytkowski 26 days ago

    This puppet style reminds me of old the japanese puppetry style that requires 3 people per puppet. It has the same sense of fluidity. I believe it's called Bunraku:

  • mark hatfield
    mark hatfield 28 days ago

    yukyuk, Adam`s puppet is better looking, huh ?

  • Joye Zhu
    Joye Zhu 28 days ago

    I got an idea, what if you make a cat or lepoard puppet!

  • DeathByFrenchFry
    DeathByFrenchFry Month ago

    I really hope he takes the offer to make something there. Great work!

  • Knay 08
    Knay 08 Month ago

    Adam do you miss Jamie

  • CrimsonSandBoa
    CrimsonSandBoa Month ago

    I love how much Adam loves this, because I absolutely feel the same way!

  • What'sUpWithLogan?
    What'sUpWithLogan? Month ago +3

    0:26 it looked like he is choking him and the puppet can't breath

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno Month ago

    Adam: I have a few puppetiers friends.
    Barnaby: Thats cute, hold my beer.
    Amazing work.

  • Nic s
    Nic s Month ago

    Adam isn’t looking to crash hot

  • CJS
    CJS Month ago +1

    The ardvark/armadillo/hedgehog is my favorite

  • CJS
    CJS Month ago

    I can't wait to watch him use a green screen one day for his wrist and stuff.

  • Mr. LIVE!
    Mr. LIVE! Month ago

    I wasnt fully convinced until i saw then under the black light, wow.

  • Maverick Versus Everything

    Made our own hand puppet episode. Would LOVE your opinion!

  • PapaBootleg
    PapaBootleg Month ago

    0:27 Goddamn Adam it's a custom puppet no need to choke Puppet Adam

  • alex rodriguez
    alex rodriguez Month ago

    all i can think of watching his puppets is how much jim henson would love this dude

  • Kathleen McCabe
    Kathleen McCabe Month ago

    his puppet is just stairing in to your sole

  • Maurcus Jose
    Maurcus Jose Month ago

    Dabchick isn't a puppet! He's a real boy

  • ivy x
    ivy x Month ago


  • The Shrine
    The Shrine Month ago

    Now it’s Adam who’s been hunting mastodons

  • snoop dogg dank kush

    Oh no. He’s starting to look old )-:

  • Rj Prevendido
    Rj Prevendido Month ago

    I was waiting for dabchick to spring to life and say tons of stuff XD

  • CSKEventing
    CSKEventing Month ago

    The fact that the puppets have their own personalities, and have their own quirks is amazing!

  • Forensic Dragon
    Forensic Dragon Month ago +1

    My goodness, I really want one.

  • Forensic Dragon
    Forensic Dragon Month ago +2

    He got magic hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Giga Valdez
    Giga Valdez Month ago

    I know him its dabchick

  • jello v-e
    jello v-e Month ago

    Naruto puppeteers irl

  • Ruined Sandwich
    Ruined Sandwich Month ago

    16:20 so satisfying

  • Vr_ Stew
    Vr_ Stew Month ago

    0:30 Adam chokes himself

  • Steve Caffrey
    Steve Caffrey Month ago

    Astonished at this guys talent.

  • Asylum Choir
    Asylum Choir Month ago

    Loved this interview! Looked like a lot of fun to do. So much science merging with so much talent and originality. Not just fun for little kids, but for big ones, too! Also, I have always loved Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. Jim Henson...what a magical soul. Keep the fun stuff coming! Praise Puppets!!!❤️😊❤️

  • Mr Demonetisation Man
    Mr Demonetisation Man Month ago +1

    “When did you realise your hands could do so much?” I think we all know when that was

  • Wheel333
    Wheel333 Month ago

    Fingerbobs ???

  • magalí
    magalí Month ago +3

    The aardvark/porcupine has so much personality, i love it! It feels alive

  • Chris Cat
    Chris Cat Month ago +8

    Adam: strangles puppet
    Puppet: h-e-l-p m-e

  • Random Dogface
    Random Dogface Month ago +1

    When I was a child I always pretend my hands were some kind of creatures/animals. And now when I see that man making beautiful creatures and moves them like they‘re real makes me remember my childhood, I wish I could make those puppets :3

  • Shine Writer
    Shine Writer Month ago

    How wonderfully dexterous! If I did it with my hands, the puppets gonna have rigor.

  • Robin Huggins
    Robin Huggins Month ago

    Barnaby: **uses puppet**

  • Tom Castillo
    Tom Castillo Month ago

    I have a big problem with people who make something amazing. But then want to protect it so no one else can make them so they can have fun with him but he’s not producing them so anybody can buy them way to go you made some really cool but you’re pretty damn selfish with it

  • 【ノワール】【ノワール】

    *and i can't believe he doesn't have millions subscribers yet* go subscribe his channel yall

  • Thot
    Thot Month ago +2


  • TheLastPurple
    TheLastPurple Month ago

    It amazes me how deep barnaby's voice is

  • chasebh89
    chasebh89 Month ago

    i slightly freak out every time he pulls his hands apart

  • Skyfanhollie Bubby
    Skyfanhollie Bubby Month ago

    I want one!!!!djcjgjrjdjcncjfjjd


    Marvel- infinity war is the most ambitious crossover
    Me- this video

  • Helena Seed
    Helena Seed Month ago

    I love these characters there soooo cute thay give me memories or my old TV shows

  • Ghost539 [official]

    The raptor is my favorite puppet of his

  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon Month ago

    I've just discovered Barnaby Dixon's channel with Dabchick, damn good channel with great, funny content.

  • Oloblor Guitars
    Oloblor Guitars Month ago

    He looks like a nerdy idubbbz

  • Dara Wulan
    Dara Wulan Month ago +1

    Omg the “hedgehog” one is soo cuuuute when he flops down lol

  • Rocki Road
    Rocki Road Month ago

    He should get into prosthetics for amputees. That foot was amazing.

  • Mishika Animates with sans 2

    I love Mythbusters junior

  • Hector Beck
    Hector Beck Month ago

    Damn, being good enough to meet Adam has gotta be a badge of honour

  • duncan moffat
    duncan moffat Month ago

    Where as I only have a sock puppet

  • Jakegog
    Jakegog Month ago

    6:38 oh yeah yeah

  • NiD0 Ravensbeard
    NiD0 Ravensbeard Month ago

    Adams still such a kid it’s adorable!!! I hope I never truly grow up like him! 😊

  • Fredrik Lemmetty
    Fredrik Lemmetty Month ago

    That Ardwark reminds me of The Eater of Socks from Terry Pratchetts Hogfather. I know it's more elephant, but this could easily be it's kin, maybe The Poker of Holes in your favorite shirt kind of thing.

  • it's 6884
    it's 6884 Month ago

    I want to be as happy as Adam with puppets

  • hell.o.softie
    hell.o.softie Month ago

    the way adam buzzed and was so excited just makes my day i could see him brim w excitement and honestly i can relate, i get really chattery and ahead of myself when im excited

  • Tim Sarai
    Tim Sarai Month ago

    What about green paint on hands and green screening it? Could really transport them into amazing environments

  • rockettony101
    rockettony101 Month ago

    Adam you should build a functional space/pressure suit. Plus huge fan

  • Anon E. Mus
    Anon E. Mus Month ago

    Imagine this level of puppeteering applied to action figures.

  • Cheshire Wolf
    Cheshire Wolf Month ago +2

    "Who did you realize that your hands could do so much?"
    "It all started when i was left alone with a girl for the first time........."

  • Angel Rob
    Angel Rob Month ago +9

    Adams puppet kills chokes itself at 0:28 rip puppet 1 like = 1 prayer

  • Archael Diaz
    Archael Diaz Month ago +1


  • Mamodokod
    Mamodokod Month ago

    Aw man Adam Savage is getting old

  • Svix
    Svix Month ago

    RIP the raptor puppet didn't make an appearance

  • TheFrenchGKB
    TheFrenchGKB Month ago

    Adam’s fanboying over this lol

  • Yuke
    Yuke Month ago

    For a second I thought it read Adam Savage meets Barney.

    GRACE CALLAHAN Month ago +1

    Adams puppet looked like the puppet from “look ma I made it!”