Chael Sonnen and Colby Covington relive their best trash talking moments | UFC 245 | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Chael Sonnen and Colby Covington go to the tape for their best trash talking moments, including Chael's onslaught of insults at Anderson Silva before UFC 148 and Covington going after the Brazilian crowd.
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Comments • 1 224

  • Jacob Saunders
    Jacob Saunders 9 days ago

    Colby got nothing on chael

  • mulkytool
    mulkytool 20 days ago

    Theres no comparison, Chael is much more clever and intelligent in the moment with his trash talking.

  • Vxporization
    Vxporization 26 days ago

    Who’s here after Colby got his jaw cracked 🤣😂

  • YamiSpirit
    YamiSpirit 29 days ago

    Compare how much Colby talks in this video to that Askren analyzing trash talk. The guy just sucks at trash talking. It's just not natural with him.

  • GameLIkeIts1988
    GameLIkeIts1988 29 days ago

    Oh boy am I glad neither one of you won the belt! Lol oooooh it feels so good 😁🤙

    THE ALIEN Month ago

    Two clowns

  • sonic slaughter
    sonic slaughter Month ago

    Chael just loves good roast comedy!

  • Statistik och SPSS-hjälpen

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that will suddenly hit you with an elbow while his head is by the ground. True story!

  • Adam Olds
    Adam Olds Month ago +1

    You can tell Chael really likes Colby and respects what he’s doing, he’s definitely a big fan

  • Luan D. Santos
    Luan D. Santos Month ago

    ....Sonnen got beat twice... and covington cant talk his lil jaw broken.... congrats to u guys...

  • Matt Kennedy
    Matt Kennedy Month ago

    This didn’t age well..

  • Saeed Ghakar
    Saeed Ghakar Month ago

    Colby's jaw is on trumps desk in the White House rite now 🤣😂..... Jaw wired SHUT👌👌👌

  • thyago matos
    thyago matos Month ago

    i´m here 4 days after he be beated by Usman.

  • George jasi Lozano
    George jasi Lozano Month ago

    Colby grew on alot of people. Good fighter good promos. Great job by Usman for doing his job.

  • Jeremy Stark
    Jeremy Stark Month ago

    So poetically ironic that Colby "cumstain" Covington has to eat all his meals for the next six months thru a straw..merry Christmas world.😀

  • Ig
    Ig Month ago

    This is when Colby thought the UFC is one way, But the reality is that the UFC is the other way, and with broken Jaw this noise maker will be quite for a long time.

  • tommaso Mark
    tommaso Mark Month ago

    2 Box office draws.

  • Arran Robeson
    Arran Robeson Month ago

    Am I the only one warming to Colby 😂👏

  • Onyi Udegbunam
    Onyi Udegbunam Month ago +4

    Fortunately, Colby won't be saying anything to anyone for 6 to 8 weeks as his jaw is wired shut 😂 poetic

  • Darrel Buckner
    Darrel Buckner Month ago +3

    Who is here after Colby got his jaw broken and two black eyes with blood gushing from his face. Lol. He got tko’ed.

  • Dmagz
    Dmagz Month ago

    Usman has his soul now

  • Mohamoud Goth
    Mohamoud Goth Month ago +1

    Couple of racist.

  • William Cowell
    William Cowell Month ago +1

    Colby can finally stop carrying around that fake belt

  • darren mulvaney
    darren mulvaney Month ago

    Anybody here now that Colby can no longer talk....

  • IAmGlacius
    IAmGlacius Month ago +1

    This video series with Chael is a new curse on fighters

  • Max Goof
    Max Goof Month ago

    neither of them could back up their words when it mattered most. Glad they both got smashed!

  • Roy James
    Roy James Month ago

    He talk trash and actually he is trash

  • hajihead
    hajihead Month ago

    Bad boys talk like winners while life made one leave the UFC and the other having his jaw wired

  • Manoel Melo
    Manoel Melo Month ago

    Dois imbecis, nunca chegaram longe em lugar nenhum.

  • Marcus Davidson
    Marcus Davidson Month ago

    Whatever he says may be entertaining but Colby should stop being Trump’s 🥜 sucker and concentrate on his career than getting involve in politics,it’s useless cause he has got talent

  • Jaime Gonzalez
    Jaime Gonzalez Month ago

    And then he received the award of the broken jaw courtesy of the Nigerian nigthmare 🤣🤣🤣

  • TeleSamGram
    TeleSamGram Month ago

    You have a great future in the WWE. Colby has a great chin but I looks like Kamaru fist is stronger.

  • MAroc_Specops
    MAroc_Specops Month ago

    chael is getting to old to entertain the people.

  • Don Magik
    Don Magik Month ago

    Trash talkers but you end up losing and Colby having to have his mouth wired shut and be a crying meme forever

  • sowdika
    sowdika Month ago

    One thing they both have in common is that they are always come best

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein Month ago

    Am here after the fight 😬👌🏼

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein Month ago

    Conor would react to them by: Who the F r these guys.

  • Faizol Azha
    Faizol Azha Month ago

    Usman retired Colby jaw..

  • Joe J
    Joe J Month ago +1

    Heels sell fights and they've really taken the UFC to the next level. Ric flair was one of the most hated men in America in the 80's & 90's and that's a scripted sport!

  • Mr Raheel
    Mr Raheel Month ago +1

    Mexico will pay colbys medical bill 😂😂😂😂

  • Mudasar MSR
    Mudasar MSR Month ago

    That signature fake smile of Colby.


    This guy embodies everything wrong with America. He belongs right in the basket

  • Sherbet_Bomb
    Sherbet_Bomb Month ago

    DC was trying so hard not the laugh.

  • oocarter22 Carter
    oocarter22 Carter Month ago

    Well lets ask him again 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sam Roque
    Sam Roque Month ago

    God I miss Sonnen. Colby tries his best

  • Shumekk K
    Shumekk K Month ago

    This guy finally learned

  • ivan sivic
    ivan sivic Month ago

    where does colby stack those 170 pounds?small head,small arms,small legs.small corpse.maybe just has HEAWY bones

  • C Vandy
    C Vandy Month ago

    Chael probably the GOAT of trash talking...Colby definitely the most cringey and one of the worst trash talkers we've ever seen. Stop trying to compare the 2 like Colby is funny at all he's just obnoxious.

  • ivan sivic
    ivan sivic Month ago

    we ain't translting tonight baby

  • ivan sivic
    ivan sivic Month ago

    cahel sonnen you da man,i see conor in few years talking about aldo same as you talked about anderson

  • Kat Oliver
    Kat Oliver Month ago


  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas Month ago

    Chael would flatten him

  • guest
    guest Month ago +1

    Mr. Usman, THANK YOU for breaking that maga douchebag’s jaw. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  • H G
    H G Month ago +1


  • Mernky 356
    Mernky 356 Month ago +2

    Who’s here after Kamaru best Colby

  • christopher king
    christopher king Month ago

    2 losers talking junk. Definition of trash.

  • Dilly Willy
    Dilly Willy Month ago +2

    Usman showed him though :):)

  • MileHighAC
    MileHighAC Month ago

    You end up getting knocked out after making a video like this with Chael.

  • mic 75
    mic 75 Month ago +1

    Love watching these clips again after the fight has happened.

  • Matt Zeccardi
    Matt Zeccardi Month ago +2

    Chael : HAHAHA That was the funniest thing I’ve heard!!