Brightburn (2019) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
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  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  Month ago +2103

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  • BubblingxBoba
    BubblingxBoba 3 hours ago


  • GAN0R0
    GAN0R0 3 hours ago

    this movie had good kills but it was bad

  • Barnette Williams
    Barnette Williams 5 hours ago

    Get to the numbers Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Hyena Productions
    Hyena Productions 5 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about that laser eyes song at 9:32??

    GAME PLAY BEAST 5 hours ago

    Captions on intro

  • Xx prototype xX
    Xx prototype xX 7 hours ago

    7:47 Rip TellTale :(

  • Dylan Bundren
    Dylan Bundren 8 hours ago

    My grandmother buys literally any horror movie as soon as they come out for DVD.

  • Robo night fury
    Robo night fury 14 hours ago +1

    13:20 that's my same expression when my cat stares at me through my mirrors •w•

  • Zsolt
    Zsolt 17 hours ago

    A normal human child, with out anyone who have the power to controll him. Nothing special :D

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Day ago +1

    What's up with the elevator dings lol??

  • n. kelati
    n. kelati Day ago

    & ppl say Joker is an incel anthem

  • Cheesy Clouds OwO

    Watching the move right now

  • AOD_Dreadnought
    AOD_Dreadnought Day ago

    That may be my favorite "get to the numbers" transition so far, lol.

  • DeeCee Studios
    DeeCee Studios Day ago

    He’s a band kid that’s it

  • awa
    awa Day ago


  • Reese Grimsley
    Reese Grimsley Day ago

    When talking about Deputy Aryes' kill, James says "he slams her all to Kingdom Come" and I want to think that James is referring to the Superman comic, but who knows.

  • N E X
    N E X Day ago

    Brandon: kills everyone
    Tori: man i need some memory lost pills

  • Kristen Hope
    Kristen Hope 2 days ago

    Why the hell is Brandon drawing the brand of sacrifice from Berserk?

  • Noah Bornstedt
    Noah Bornstedt 2 days ago

    11:08 star wars reference dude keep the referenceses coming

  • Noah Bornstedt
    Noah Bornstedt 2 days ago

    7:48 fallout reference

  • BOT Winston
    BOT Winston 2 days ago

    Dad:*shows shirt with blood to mum*
    Mum:it's juice obviously

  • David Aguirre
    David Aguirre 2 days ago

    this is my first time on this channel and this guy is cringe as hell

  • BOT Winston
    BOT Winston 2 days ago

    If superman was a twisted kid

  • I'm tryna be cray
    I'm tryna be cray 2 days ago

    Wait since the kid thinks he is superior to everyone and also wants to take over the world... DOES THAT MEAN HE IS DIO

  • I'm tryna be cray
    I'm tryna be cray 2 days ago

    ZA WARUDO....

  • SAV4GE
    SAV4GE 2 days ago

    9:35 NANI?!

  • Paul Brice
    Paul Brice 2 days ago

    Another modern trash film no surprises there.

  • KalvynTheCat
    KalvynTheCat 2 days ago

    alternate timeline dragon ball

  • Bolt The Blur
    Bolt The Blur 2 days ago

    He keeps putting these little insults all over the video like OK MAN WE GET IT YOU DONT LIKE THE MOVIE SHUT UP ABOUT IT!!!

  • EH
    EH 2 days ago

    people are comparing this to if superman turned bad. But here I'm thinking this be like "what if Goku never banged his head on the side of that cliff?".

  • buttonmonkey01
    buttonmonkey01 2 days ago

    Gunn the alledged pedo

  • Toxic GamerZ
    Toxic GamerZ 3 days ago +2

    "Brandon Bryer will remember that"
    Telltale reference lol

  • Dee Hull
    Dee Hull 3 days ago

    Ramos cuckoo for Cocoa puffs

  • Zak Luck
    Zak Luck 3 days ago

    I mean it is superman whose speed is only surpassed by the flash

  • Jumbly Jumble
    Jumbly Jumble 3 days ago

    Speaking of low box office, I live near LA and don't remember much media/advertising coverage for this. I only heard about it after one of my friends mentioned an "Evil Superman" movie.
    Brightburn could have done well if it were properly marketed.

  • Cnsya_Bangtan
    Cnsya_Bangtan 3 days ago

    I just hope there is the other seasons and his Mom, Tory, is still alive. When i was getting the end of this movie i thought his Mom could take him down, you know, to control his angry. But i was wrong and it was disappointed me tho.
    I found this movie with most watched, but honestly it's kinda trash.

  • FEDEL89
    FEDEL89 3 days ago

    Brightburn should be an anime

  • FEDEL89
    FEDEL89 3 days ago

    It just shows what if super man did not become superman.

  • GrifGraf
    GrifGraf 4 days ago

    The biggest problem with this film is with it's misleading concept, I know after seeing advertising around this that myself and other people I know immediately assumed the plot was "What if Superman was a psychopath?", so I imagine plenty of other people jumped to that conclusion too. The plot ends up being "What if Superman was an evil alien who is evil regardless of a good upbringing?" which, I shouldn't need to say, is a FAR weaker idea. Would've been much more interesting to have Brandon's parents be very underprepared for raising a child when Brandon crash landed, so he ends up having a pretty shaky upbringing that leads him to developing some psychopathic tendencies, which become even more explosive upon his discovery that his parents had kept his origin from him. I just expected a lot more out of this film from a storytelling aspect than I should have I guess.

  • christmooney50
    christmooney50 4 days ago

    But it's not that scary and they could had done more to make it more scary and a better movie.

  • Jasmine Barrett
    Jasmine Barrett 5 days ago

    Look at his shirt! It's the same as Brandon's for the first kill! Am I the only one who noticed this

  • Sergeant Jäger
    Sergeant Jäger 5 days ago

    I always thought Brandon was a space demon

  • SEP E7S
    SEP E7S 5 days ago +1

    3:02 scary dream voices
    You mean a seizure

  • Arin C
    Arin C 5 days ago

    everyone shut up i have made several things out of the dinosaur fabric the girl at 2:42 is wearing

  • Garrett Hudson
    Garrett Hudson 5 days ago

    James Gunn hell yeah we just love to cheer for pedophiles 🧐😒

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez 5 days ago

    “He was just on team skins” that one got me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fluffy Pancake
    Fluffy Pancake 6 days ago

    Damn all the gunns are pretty talented

  • Unkai Leicrye
    Unkai Leicrye 6 days ago

    10:26 I remember seeing a drawing that Brandom did with a peice of...something on an eyeball. Brandon's kinda like a creepypasta made up called Death Sketch, or Zander Zence.
    Zander is a boy who was tortured by his mother when he was 16. Although, his parents were very fun and happy when he was a kid until his mom became a huge alcoholic when Zander's dad died by a car accident.
    And as Zander was 17, he met a boy named Six Years who was born with white hair like he had.
    Then as Zander and Six attempted to escape from Zander's mother, Zander looked back then found her dead on the ground. No wounds, no cuts, absolutely nothing. That's because Zander was given the strangest ability to draw people's deaths, and yes, kind of like Death Note.

  • Elijah Thomas
    Elijah Thomas 6 days ago

    Kyle got Shazam'd

  • Magmaplays
    Magmaplays 6 days ago

    Brandon Bryer will remember that*

  • Ethan KRYGGER
    Ethan KRYGGER 7 days ago +1

    You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this, great job.

  • TheReaperWolf
    TheReaperWolf 7 days ago

    7:24 Someone please say what he said because i did not understand that word.

  • Alex Whitaker
    Alex Whitaker 7 days ago

    This is just evil superman

  • Purple Rose
    Purple Rose 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed how much brandon's hair changes?

  • Itzpayday 123
    Itzpayday 123 7 days ago +1

    For some reason Brandon has a very John Kramer/Jigsaw-looking face

  • Aggressives Etwas
    Aggressives Etwas 7 days ago

    16:38 can we just talk about that those are some good drawings for an 11 year old?

    EVAN WILKERSON 7 days ago

    Love it when James said headshot

  • Nathalie B
    Nathalie B 7 days ago

    Ok but can we talk about how good those drawings look?! Like seriously