UFC Full fight : Daniel Cormier VS Stipe Miocic 2| Full Fight HD

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
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Comments • 54

  • Bala Korawa
    Bala Korawa 2 days ago +1

    Stipe miocic full stamina
    Strong man

  • phucker tan
    phucker tan 7 days ago +2

    Stipe got dominated most of the match but man he sure can take a hit

  • Enforce RidEr
    Enforce RidEr 10 days ago


    SELVAM G 13 days ago +7

    I wud have loved one more round of body shots on the right as well. DC = Dirty Cheat , eyepoker

  • Muantea Chhakchhuak
    Muantea Chhakchhuak 15 days ago

    DC, poker eye

  • rahma bellatin
    rahma bellatin 19 days ago +1

    2 best fighter... 💪💪💪

  • Andrew Are
    Andrew Are 21 day ago +1

    That take down in the first round was worth more then the belt period!

  • Wolly James
    Wolly James 24 days ago

    fuck dc

  • johnny garcia
    johnny garcia 24 days ago

    Coming in light hurt DC

  • johnny garcia
    johnny garcia 24 days ago

    Coming in light just DC

  • johnny garcia
    johnny garcia 24 days ago

    No secret D.C

  • Villa Mara
    Villa Mara 26 days ago +6

    DC Pokemon. 👉👀

  • Rupson Tokbi
    Rupson Tokbi 27 days ago +1

    You look like a Lilliput in front of your Challenger give up you cant
    win and get retired

  • Rupson Tokbi
    Rupson Tokbi 27 days ago

    Hey DC you are no more strike better you get it have a look
    40 years old retired from this sport no place for you

  • Rupson Tokbi
    Rupson Tokbi 27 days ago

    DC win lose this match and Challenger will win

  • Vergel Atioan
    Vergel Atioan 28 days ago

    Jones versus Cormier rematch

  • Rafael Monsalve
    Rafael Monsalve 28 days ago +5

    Mejor peso pesado de la historia de la UFC STIPE MIOCIC

  • Ja La
    Ja La Month ago +1

    Stipe is small for heavyweight

  • Red Ness
    Red Ness Month ago

    He straight river danced on datass

  • Leo Garcia
    Leo Garcia Month ago +1

    Dc ddnt rely on the gameplan he was supposed to , use his wrestling to take down stipe but dc fought with his hands down. I was so glad stipe got it back

  • tea smith
    tea smith Month ago +5

    dear haters of DC, bet you can't knock out dudes that is at the top of their game and younger at40!

  • đuro đurić
    đuro đurić Month ago +1

    Fedor is to much better on both..!!

  • Scott Kain
    Scott Kain Month ago

    Ya know, DC is one of the best ever. However it's about time someone calls him out on his fucking blatant eye pokes. Pretty grimey shit. And he paid for it this time by getting his soft little liver ruptured. Stipe is the HW GOAT. So glad he won.

  • Daniel Pacheco
    Daniel Pacheco Month ago

    Dc... karma

  • Debajyoti Nath
    Debajyoti Nath Month ago +10

    ultimately, DC's fat belly went against him. Miocic probably gassed him out and slowed him down with repeated punches to his soft fat belly. Wonder why nobody thought of targetting this weakness of DC earlier.

  • brother mike
    brother mike Month ago

    finally fat ass daniel put in his place what a joke he was!

  • LouieAldrin Sta Ines
    LouieAldrin Sta Ines Month ago +7

    Dc are still champion
    DC vS Miocic 3

    • Spartan Nemesis01
      Spartan Nemesis01 Month ago +1

      @Sobat Ytube Hahahahahahahahajahha. he isnt in top 10 of top fighters.

    • Mark Wassouf
      Mark Wassouf Month ago +3

      @Sobat Ytube you're the best until the BEST comes in

    • Sobat Ytube
      Sobat Ytube  Month ago +1

      DC is best fighter ever he just getting old dude

  • Ante
    Ante Month ago +15

    everyone favors DC...only commenting DC's punches and kicks...and when Stipe turns it around, they lover they voice, like they are sad that DC's loosing...commentators should be biased...but this is too much...that's why i love when Stipe shuts their mouths!!!

  • Justin Howard
    Justin Howard Month ago +1

    Zooom out!

  • JumpyNebula JN
    JumpyNebula JN Month ago

    Khabib next bitches

  • Travis Mette
    Travis Mette Month ago +25

    I love when dc got knocked out hell yea

  • Yogi Bear
    Yogi Bear Month ago

    I've been a Daniel Cormier fan ever since Jon Jones was a dick cheating to beat him. But I can't lie, the best man won this fight.

    • Sobat Ytube
      Sobat Ytube  Month ago +1

      He will comeback and strongee

    • Laughing World
      Laughing World Month ago

      Hope he can comeback

    • Clever Spot
      Clever Spot Month ago

      He lost his power and strength

    • Sobat Ytube
      Sobat Ytube  Month ago

      He just can,t fight his age..
      he is the best until he get,s older.
      DC is the best..!!!

  • cv alta
    cv alta Month ago +2

    Dc still my champion

  • Clever Spot
    Clever Spot Month ago +7

    In age of 40 he still got this super DC

  • Abang Bambang
    Abang Bambang Month ago +4

    its daniel time to rest..& quit he just too old