LuxuryPranks: Protecting The Kids

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
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    Sometimes on TVclip, a trend that seemed to be dead and gone for years, resurfaces with a vengeance. Today, we examine a channel called LuxuryPranks and their not so luxurious content. Why is this a thing? How deep does this go? Why isn't my girlfriend texting me back? Two of these three questions will be answered in this video.
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    what happens when stars get their own show?
    what happens when jake paul and team 10 go on tour?
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Aaron Gil
    Aaron Gil 2 hours ago

    Why does the grunting guy sound like Minecraft illagers

  • Cory Greer
    Cory Greer Day ago

    The second half of this was so informative I fucking love it

  • Aimee Wilson
    Aimee Wilson 2 days ago

    I finally watched Parker’s diss track towards Drew and Léon and I just can’t help but think, “who is he to talk shit like that?”

  • Tylon Arendse
    Tylon Arendse 2 days ago


  • fre sha vaca do
    fre sha vaca do 4 days ago

    "it's free"
    "$7 shipping"
    "You can only ship 1 item at a time"

  • Grace Pettit
    Grace Pettit 4 days ago

    Hi I’m the guy who just talked to the moon

  • Grace Pettit
    Grace Pettit 4 days ago

    “*It’s past 2am and you’re sitting outside a little girls window eating eggs*”

  • Lindsey Kimball
    Lindsey Kimball 4 days ago

    Hi! I’m the moon.

    EL AND JAYY 6 days ago

    I...Ive been watching him for like...almost a year and I’m JUST finding out that vine was him?! ExCUSE ME?!

  • Anne Westhof
    Anne Westhof 7 days ago

    I was exually watching this when I was younger and 100% believed it was real.
    omg it is so weird to lookback at it and kinda realizing it was fake
    all along

  • Jill Cherry
    Jill Cherry 7 days ago +1

    23:33 ... oh so THIS is where the “two different people” meme came from

  • Mr Claw
    Mr Claw 8 days ago

    The ending was so simple yet funny

  • Reddit User
    Reddit User 8 days ago

    I should just go

  • collen cosse
    collen cosse 9 days ago

    How could Drew not talk about 6:11 when after the women said “You set this up”, the guy says “NO MY WIFE SET THIS UP”. Like what. Why does it matter if your wife set this up?????

  • Stone S
    Stone S 9 days ago

    Could have been improved by adding a cup-stacking bit to the chair in front of the door part. 0/10 Terrible! ;) BTW Thanks for inventing youtube! Without your invention I'd never have thought you and Danny were the same person!

  • DiamondCJ
    DiamondCJ 9 days ago

    They have their face on camera so the police can track them

  • 3n3my
    3n3my 9 days ago

    3:52 Scott the Woz?????

  • Isobel Macdonald
    Isobel Macdonald 10 days ago +1

    aren't they the guys from that really bad ghost channel, that Danny reacted to? They created Dolphin Man so that's something.

  • Natalie Hart
    Natalie Hart 10 days ago

    Im not sending hate here so plz ppl in comments be nice.
    These ppl are spreading a good cause and are putting the message out there to preotect your children from disgusting ppl in this world.
    Again plz be nice im not hating

  • Ella Garvens
    Ella Garvens 10 days ago

    I subscribe and turned on the bell

  • analissaandgracie
    analissaandgracie 12 days ago

    is his name cheester cheese puff

  • Sister Sarah
    Sister Sarah 12 days ago

    9:00 jojo siwa?!?

  • duping delight
    duping delight 13 days ago

    Why do people like h3h3? fuck him and his jew wife and baby. It gives me great satisfaction to know that Jews like them died in great numbers in the 40s.

  • CutieDemonz YT
    CutieDemonz YT 13 days ago

    Ooohh... FoneMonitor? Sounds nice... I mean illegal! Yeah, illegal...

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie 13 days ago +1

    Great video Danny! Just like allways

  • joris van den hoek
    joris van den hoek 13 days ago

    I never got that vine

  • Julia Bennett
    Julia Bennett 13 days ago

    what the fuck? *bleeeep*

  • Nom du Clavier
    Nom du Clavier 13 days ago

    Ack it's Stefoknee

  • stranger tea
    stranger tea 13 days ago +1

    i hate those people but somebody give chester an award-

  • Whoreforcoffee Shops
    Whoreforcoffee Shops 13 days ago +4

    I’m sobbing only Drew would sell a literal road sign as merch, what an icon

  • whiteemotrash
    whiteemotrash 14 days ago

    Chester the Molester

  • Gazey 05
    Gazey 05 14 days ago +1

    Has he got a bald patch??

  • Eustachi Pustachi
    Eustachi Pustachi 15 days ago +1

    You can see the girl at 7:39 in the yellow shirt smiling when she asks for help.

  • Romão Soares
    Romão Soares 15 days ago +2

    I don't why I smiled when I saw that the video was about the most useless ghost hunters ever. How great would it be if they scared the predators by unleashing Dolphin Man on them?

  • Pastel Angie
    Pastel Angie 15 days ago

    Wait.... The sign is $199.99(or around £170.99-£180.99)

  • moe _
    moe _ 15 days ago +1

    What does it mean when the only ads you get are for better help ? I think TVclip is trying to tell me something

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    He sat outside your house while eating your food even though you didn't let him in and you don't care?

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Lol I rememeber that Egg Pedophile

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Who cares if it's the same transitioning

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Why not regular clothes
    Why a fucking sign

  • CE
    CE 16 days ago +1

    drew sometimes just does unnecessary math and even though i sometimes don't have a clue what is happening i appreciate it

  • UnluckyGaming
    UnluckyGaming 18 days ago +1

    im pretty sure the only legit child pred catcher is anxiety war.

  • Xanthus Suhtnax
    Xanthus Suhtnax 18 days ago


  • Ms. B
    Ms. B 19 days ago +1

    Uh..drew..I kinda lost u on the math part. U are SMART. Oh man gawd!

  • Vincent DiPietro
    Vincent DiPietro 19 days ago +1

    "You're standing outside a little girls window eating eggs"

  • Majestic Squid
    Majestic Squid 20 days ago

    But what about dolphin man

  • ooMARLINoo
    ooMARLINoo 20 days ago

    Love the meta intro
    Edit lol the midroll...nice

  • The Fangirls Guide
    The Fangirls Guide 20 days ago

    Why does Chester lowkey look like Theoddsout

  • Strawberry Gacha
    Strawberry Gacha 21 day ago


  • Alexis Ireland
    Alexis Ireland 21 day ago

    at 6:17 i spit out my milk lol

  • Rubix Cube
    Rubix Cube 21 day ago

    sUpPoRt oUr cAuSe
    Their cause is literally lying about sexual predators and assaulters to get views

  • s
    s 21 day ago're smart as hell. and ur attractive and the funniest person ever and also have a strong moral compass???? unheard of. love you so much, you deserve the world. ps i live for ur ads

  • Grace Pettit
    Grace Pettit 21 day ago

    Very convincing bio

  • XxMr. NobodyxX
    XxMr. NobodyxX 22 days ago

    If it was wednesday night at 2am and you were eating eggs outside a little girls window that would be totally normal

  • XxMr. NobodyxX
    XxMr. NobodyxX 22 days ago +8

    Normal merch: tshirts hoodies etc
    Danny’s merch: a roadwork sign

  • Sophia B
    Sophia B 22 days ago +3

    I seriously quote this vine everyday though

  • Sick Crowd47s
    Sick Crowd47s 23 days ago +4

    Can I add how smart you are? Like damn

  • Sick Crowd47s
    Sick Crowd47s 23 days ago +1

    Hey! Chester is mine! XOXO :)

  • Dogerz
    Dogerz 25 days ago +8

    *"I swear, she said she was some other age! Oh, that... actually worked..?"*

  • Fake Hoesfuneral
    Fake Hoesfuneral 25 days ago

    i left when he started doing math