TOP 10 Funniest Comedians That Made SIMON COWELL Laugh on AGT & BGT | Got Talent Global

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • Watch the funniest and down right hilarious comedy auditions on America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent 2017-18. Simon Cowell can't stop laughing...
    Who do you think was the best comedian?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Comments • 20 457

  • Eyevanvlog
    Eyevanvlog 2 hours ago

    The only one laughing at the roaster's jokes is Simon. He is British.

  • Dean demartino
    Dean demartino 2 hours ago

    Sooooo funny 😄

  • Austin Harnett
    Austin Harnett 2 hours ago


  • Celeste Bivin
    Celeste Bivin 6 hours ago

    I see some of the comments about Americans not having a sense of humor when it comes to roasting...when it's clever and funny yes they do. For goodness sake we have specials where people get roasted. The first guy was neither clever or funny he was just mean. There is a fine line between being an insult comedian and being mean. Someone like Bianca Del Rio pulls it off splendidly because he is likeable. This guy was not likeable, he was not funny and the comment to Heidi crossed the line.

  • Alexia Simões
    Alexia Simões 6 hours ago +1

    When Amanda had to explain to Simon what a bag for life is 🤣😂

  • pastaboi396
    pastaboi396 Day ago

    You know your funny when Simon laughs at you

  • Sky Berry
    Sky Berry Day ago

    Mickey was my fav

    GIORNO GIOVANNA 2 days ago

    The first dude is amazing

    HUMUZZ 2 days ago

    whoever was Mel B's wardrobe and makeup di her DIRTYYYYY in the first clip

  • Audrey Rose
    Audrey Rose 2 days ago

    Awww Oliver

  • Audrey Rose
    Audrey Rose 2 days ago

    First guy was amazing lol We need to get a sense of humor

  • JP Rillera
    JP Rillera 2 days ago

    The 1st one is like a joker scene from the interview

  • Bruce Fouts
    Bruce Fouts 2 days ago

    bag for life

  • Griffin Peterson
    Griffin Peterson 2 days ago +2

    "Special" Forces

  • David K
    David K 2 days ago

    I like the last comic, such a funny voice, and good personality too

  • dratdratdrat
    dratdratdrat 2 days ago

    First Act: I want to inspire the world... THROUGH SAVAGENESS AND INSULTING PEOPLE

  • Craaazyboy
    Craaazyboy 2 days ago +1


  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 2 days ago

    They didn’t feature tape face

  • Christian Vega
    Christian Vega 3 days ago

    “That’s too FaRrRrR”

  • Simmons Catrell
    Simmons Catrell 3 days ago +1

    Noone else thought that guy was lil dicky at first

  • Musundi Comedy
    Musundi Comedy 3 days ago

    watch out this

  • Lolbit plush Productions ツ

    Alex definitely didn’t skip leg day


  • Taufik Hidayat
    Taufik Hidayat 4 days ago +1


  • GamerCat
    GamerCat 4 days ago

    That smile tho!

  • Kim Dollenkamp
    Kim Dollenkamp 4 days ago

    The first man had some pretty good and funny jokes though, why was everyone so butthurt? 🤣 Most of those American judges just can't handle a joke 🙄

  • The Burger Guy
    The Burger Guy 4 days ago

    Lord Farquaad is here

  • Zigor Campos McGregor

    Lil John 3:16 😂

  • Billy Bobby
    Billy Bobby 4 days ago

    Dude number 2 looked like a young bob ross😂

  • B r o k e n H e a r t

    Women 1: that’s too far ..
    Women 2: tHAT’S tOO fAiR!-

  • Samuel Fuller
    Samuel Fuller 4 days ago +1

    The first guy sucked

  • echechechechechechechech

    i relli want to go on amaerics got talinnt

  • theruby eye54
    theruby eye54 5 days ago

    Ohh my chest hurts help meeee😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Latest Clicks
    Latest Clicks 5 days ago

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  • Nitch Ass Bigga
    Nitch Ass Bigga 5 days ago

    The black dude just copy off Eddie Murphy smh. Embarrassing

  • Destin Hernandez
    Destin Hernandez 5 days ago

    Mel B looks like Cardi B in the first one

  • Tyler Lee
    Tyler Lee 6 days ago +1

    The second guy is just Irish bob ross

  • Daniel Medina
    Daniel Medina 6 days ago

    that guy said he was a vergo i thought he was american?

  • Matron
    Matron 6 days ago

    The 2nd guy looks like bob ross.

  • Slumber Party Bard
    Slumber Party Bard 6 days ago +1

    i love how the first guy had the guts to do that xD

  • Leo
    Leo 6 days ago

    Please explain why there where 5 judges but only 4 stars in the 3rd act.. I don't get it

  • ExerciseToBurnWeight
    ExerciseToBurnWeight 6 days ago +1

    I liked before even watching this

  • Andrea Camacho
    Andrea Camacho 6 days ago

    The first guy 😂😂😂

  • Xxun1 p1aysgachaxx
    Xxun1 p1aysgachaxx 6 days ago +1

    The first act all the judges were mad but Simon was laughing 😂

  • Angel_ Danger
    Angel_ Danger 6 days ago

    Where Gatis Kandis at?😂

  • Venetia Greenhalgh
    Venetia Greenhalgh 7 days ago

    oliver is pretty dang good mate

  • natacat campas
    natacat campas 7 days ago

    0:34 in and I have found lord fartquard

  • tehreporter
    tehreporter 7 days ago

    A Canadian judging America's Got Talent? How appropriate, since any Canadian with talent immediately moves to America.

  • Violet Williams
    Violet Williams 7 days ago

    first guy is literally karen

  • silly illuminatus
    silly illuminatus 7 days ago +2

    First guy had the balls though....

  • Luke Sirrell
    Luke Sirrell 7 days ago +1

    bro first guy was trolling at its finest. simon knew what he was doing lmfao, the other judges were so up themselves

  • Saber Cyan
    Saber Cyan 7 days ago

    that impressions girl was so wholesome omg

  • Steven Nurak
    Steven Nurak 7 days ago

    lol i lost it. im laughing at the first comedian and and none of the audience including the judge likes him hahaha

  • 14L scholar
    14L scholar 7 days ago +2

    First guy💯

  • Pr1nce X
    Pr1nce X 8 days ago

    That is so funny

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 8 days ago +1

    That first guy😂😂

  • Audrey Blankinship
    Audrey Blankinship 8 days ago


  • Citadel.
    Citadel. 8 days ago

    The second guy dead on sounds like he belonged in the Beatles.

  • Jazel Capunpue
    Jazel Capunpue 8 days ago

    I love Mel B's laugh! 😂😂

  • Haiqal Gamer -
    Haiqal Gamer - 8 days ago +1

    Who watch this video in 2020

  • Let's Daze
    Let's Daze 9 days ago

    First guy lookin like lord farquad