It's Like Writing On Paper. It's Not Paper

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
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    The reMarkable tablet features an e-ink display similar to an e-reader (Amazon Kindle etc.). reMarkable is fine for reading but where it really shines is as a digital notepad.
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  • Kim Goetzinger
    Kim Goetzinger Day ago

    does it have colour ?

  • Bhavana H
    Bhavana H 4 days ago

    As he was clicking the pen my thumb felt lonely and I felt like clicking a pen 😂
    Is that weird?

  • It'sa me Gabriel
    It'sa me Gabriel 4 days ago

    Boy I was like, yeah I would buy it for University, sounds nice, should be way cheaper than a tablet or convertable. But bruh for 600$ US i am getting a entry level convertable or freakin good tablet

  • Kanvi-Sama
    Kanvi-Sama 5 days ago

    It's a really interesting piece of tech but it's just not worth the price tag. If it was around $100, I'd get it but you can get the basic ipad and apple pen together for about 400.... which you can use as an entertainment hub and using apps like good notes to make it your virtual paper.

  • Barbara T
    Barbara T 6 days ago

    Not awesome enough to justify the price... Geez. Might as well buy a laptop.

  • Jigar Jain
    Jigar Jain 7 days ago

    Everything a student wants except the price :p

  • Sandy 1
    Sandy 1 9 days ago


  • InChrist
    InChrist 12 days ago

    So you want to pay all that money for something that kind of feels like paper?

  • Ka0
    Ka0 13 days ago

    Why are people complaining about the price? Your phone/tablet most likely costs more than this. Save trees, buy one!

  • I am love
    I am love 13 days ago

    what os?

  • theshadowthie1
    theshadowthie1 14 days ago

    200$? Ideal.
    300$? Pricey, but still barely agreeable.
    *500$?* Fuck off lol

  • rsuninv
    rsuninv 17 days ago

    It works really well. Very happy I grabbed one. If you do a ton of reading and marking up, it is well worth it. For me at least.

  • GnosisTek
    GnosisTek 19 days ago

    Just get a cheap kindle for e-books and use plain ol' paper and pen. Use a phone scanner to digitize the paper stuff.

  • Lauryn-Hill Carrilho
    Lauryn-Hill Carrilho 19 days ago +1

    Do you remember those things, where the pen was attached to it with a string and you could draw on it (only in black). And when you put your pen on the thing it looked like black dust coming together? Yeah that’s this thing but for 500 dollars

  • Dewantoroo A
    Dewantoroo A 20 days ago +1

    You know there's screen protector for ipad which give the paperlike feeling like this thing basically fuzzing about. It's less than 30 bucks.

  • Amrutraj Gore
    Amrutraj Gore 21 day ago +1

    Do you hear that? Yep. Super loud background music.

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 21 day ago +1

    Ya could just get an erasable pen and a pad of paper

    DJKOOLKAT 27 days ago

    orr you could save money and just buy paper and draw..

  • Notte Nouun
    Notte Nouun 28 days ago

    How is the palm rejection on this thing? I rest my palm on the paper I write on, so this thing would be useless to write on if palm rejection isn't smart enough.

  • DruMeister
    DruMeister Month ago

    Lol 600? No thanks I’ll stick with dollar notebook and pens

  • Elev Master209
    Elev Master209 Month ago +1

    you ever heard of a etch a sketch

  • Homam Akkad
    Homam Akkad Month ago

    "Do u hear that" background music playing tho

  • Destructed students


  • Nurman Noes
    Nurman Noes Month ago

    only black n white

  • Seth Nielsen
    Seth Nielsen Month ago

    For those dissing the high-priced paper tablet, it appears that you don't know what life is like as an engineering graduate student with ADHD.
    For me, this tablet is a godsend. I can carry textbooks as PDFs and highlight/draw/write notes on them, and I have a tool for taking notes or working out an engineering/math/software problem with me wherever I go. I have all my notes with me wherever I go, and they are all neatly organized in whatever folder structure I want. I used to lose my notes, notebooks, and forget to take my textbooks to campus or from campus to my apartment all the time. I needed a way to have a creative thinking/note-taking space with me at all times, and one that had ZERO distractions; as opposed to an iPad/Android tablet. Smart phones and tablets with all their fancy apps, internets, and disrupting notifications are the death of my productivity...but the reMarkable tablet just might be the solution. I'll find out when it arrives in a few days.

  • cwuzii
    cwuzii Month ago +1

    $500/600??!! For that much you can buy a load of high quality pens and a million pieces of paper!!

    • cwuzii
      cwuzii Month ago

      Seth Nielsen yeah an not once have I, or anyone else, needed to. When there are other tablets they do the exact same thing as this on for $50, then this on at $500 is a massive waste of money. Fact.

    • Seth Nielsen
      Seth Nielsen Month ago

      Yeah but you can't carry all your textbooks and millions of pages of notes that are nearly impossible to lose inside of a 350 gram, 6.7 mm thick space unless you get this tablet.

  • Jake Timbers
    Jake Timbers Month ago +3

    micro usb? really? .......... 2019? usb-c?

  • Eli Gildener
    Eli Gildener Month ago


  • Atharv Vare
    Atharv Vare Month ago

    I want that but I don't have money to buy it😂

  • tangbein
    tangbein Month ago

    All the people bitching about the price. Chill we know you want it.

  • WaffleMinion
    WaffleMinion Month ago

    Im super interested in getting one, but from what I see here, I dont see the justification in the $500 pricetag.
    It's a electronic note pad.

  • Johnson Pachuau
    Johnson Pachuau Month ago

    Lew also drew sun on the top corner

  • Mary K
    Mary K Month ago

    idk it does look really interesting. i prefer writing on paper over a laptop already, i wonder if this would feel enough like the former to get me to stop wasting paper and ink. at that price point it had fucking better lol

  • Study Studio
    Study Studio Month ago

    @4:20 rumour has it its still lagging to this day.

  • von jon
    von jon Month ago

    Id buy it if i could try it first

  • Liyah Orange
    Liyah Orange Month ago +1

    Okay so a $600 tablet that can basically only be used for drawing and feels like paper or the brand new iPad for $300 that can do so much more and a $5 sketch pad and get this... it feels like paper 😱 whew

  • Lena Hardisty
    Lena Hardisty Month ago

    or...... if you wanted the paper feel, you could get a matte screen protector.

  • forbidden pollo
    forbidden pollo Month ago

    Better paper
    Better thinking
    Papa John's

  • Joshua David
    Joshua David Month ago

    Can you hear that annoying shit music drowning out the noise 😂

  • Darrin Brunner
    Darrin Brunner Month ago

    They won't sell many at that price, they'll have to lower it to get them to move at all. I want one, but I'll wait for the price to drop--or I'll never get one. Not enough value for the money at $500+

  • KiraCura
    KiraCura Month ago

    The price hurts my soul.

  • Kim Bear bro bear
    Kim Bear bro bear Month ago

    how much is that ($)

  • Tshall0007
    Tshall0007 Month ago

    *writes "the quick brown fox"*

  • Leo Loner
    Leo Loner Month ago

    For $500, you can get an Ipad pro, it does the same thing and soooo much more.

  • Isaac Campos
    Isaac Campos Month ago +2

    Consumerism was intensifying on me until I heard the price.

  • The Golf Life
    The Golf Life Month ago +9

    I’ve always loved these type of displays for some reason haha. Imagine if they made e ink in color.

    • Kevin Bhasi
      Kevin Bhasi 17 days ago +3

      For someone like me who doesn't have space for real books, it'd be a dream to read comics that are in colour on such a display, especially if it's a 2:3 aspect ratio like a lot of graphic novels targeted at kids are published in.
      Edit 1 week later: by that, I meant books published in print in 6×9 inches

  • Harry 7805
    Harry 7805 Month ago

    Forget playbooks. Coaches should just use this.

  • The Milestone LP
    The Milestone LP Month ago +6

    Me: oooh whats this? maybe it is cheaper than an ipad for class.
    Amazon: 600 bucks please .

  • Rohan besra
    Rohan besra Month ago

    Sir please can I get a pad sir I am from india

  • MoneyIVI
    MoneyIVI Month ago +56

    Lew: “do you hear that?”
    Also Lew: *blasting background music*

  • Scoobarekt u
    Scoobarekt u Month ago +3

    Imagine if you could animate on that!

  • Roj22 fetals
    Roj22 fetals Month ago

    Wait can i print it?

  • Roj22 fetals
    Roj22 fetals Month ago +2

    600$ on that tablet paper!
    Me looking at my empty wallet

  • Roj22 fetals
    Roj22 fetals Month ago +1

    *When our teacher told us to draw a best cartoon yourself*
    Me when i don't have anymore paper so instead i just draw in paper tablet
    Classmate:dude why are you writing on that
    Me:its a paper
    Classmate:no its not its literally a tablet
    Me:its tablet paper..

  • _ kiiteng
    _ kiiteng Month ago +2

    fxckkkk I want this for uni so bad but MAN that price tag

  • Kyle Cooper
    Kyle Cooper Month ago

    How did I see this if everyone has this device who needs paper we will for sure save some trees?

  • Tom Langlois “Pix”

    This is amazing

  • Dylan Gruenloh
    Dylan Gruenloh Month ago

    Fuuucccckkkkkk that.
    You can buy "paper" screen covers for your tablets that do the same thing. Graphics drawing displays have done this for a long time

  • MassiveFuckingDong
    MassiveFuckingDong Month ago

    when he *SCHWOOP*ed the piece of paper out of the folio case, I legit thought that was the tablet and that made me jump lmao

  • Holly Game
    Holly Game Month ago

    Old product, the price is due to high price of the screens.