• Published on Oct 11, 2019
    Hey, girls! In this video, you will find a lot of trending lip art ideas. Did you know that you can create creative looks only with cool lip arts? Be inspired and watch this video full of amazing lip arts! Moreover, you can use these ideas to get prepared for themed parties. You will find a cool idea on how to create crystal effect on your lips using lip gloss, sugar, olive oil, and glitter. Red lipstick looks so stunning if it’s not on your teeth while you are eating. Check out a perfect trick on how to avoid this awkward situation. Keep lipstick off your teeth by sticking your clean index finger in your mouth, wrapping your lips around it, and pulling it out. Any lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth will be left on your finger. Voila!
    Let’s start with the easiest lip art idea - cover your lips with glitter. Your lips will look gorgeous! Also, you will find several tutorials on how to add volume to your lips. Watch the video till the end to find a cool tutorial that will help you to create a neon effect on your lips. I love gradient lip art because it looks really beautiful and all you need is concealer and any lipstick you like. Check out an easy tutorial!
    The next idea is crazy! Pop art-inspired lips to cool gorgeous and very creative. The main idea here is to use a dark outline to create a unique lip effect. The black contour and black details in the center give a stunning dimension.
    00:22 Crystal effect on your lips
    00:57 How to avoid lipstick on your teeth
    01:47 Sparkling lips
    02:30 Neon effect on your lips
    03:05 Snakeskin lip art
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  • #tagASMR
    #tagASMR 7 days ago +1

    0:13 oh sure add glass to make it look like it’s a hack...

  • Jyotsna Patil
    Jyotsna Patil 25 days ago

    Your lips are very cool please don't spoil them

  • Kanchanben Chavda
    Kanchanben Chavda 29 days ago

    pehali vali ladkhi ke hack ache ahe dhusri bohat bakvas hacks kar rahi heee

  • The Glitter Expert
    The Glitter Expert Month ago

    Dear 5 Minute Crafts People: You ave so many lip moisturizing hacks and scrubs and PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR LIPS!!! They're sUpEr ChApPeD

  • Helena deBang
    Helena deBang Month ago

    Nice vido tank u

  • Helena deBang
    Helena deBang Month ago


  • Helena deBang
    Helena deBang Month ago

    You even repeated hack in this!! I though it would be all new, but nop i was wrong :( sad

  • Helena deBang
    Helena deBang Month ago

    How is there a new way for lipstick? There was alread a way that looked good! Maybe do that? Thanks

  • Abigail Meyers
    Abigail Meyers Month ago

    I did not know that there where 5 ways to put on lipstick!! 😂
    And :52 is so fake!!!!

  • Mary-Jo Gill
    Mary-Jo Gill Month ago

    Her bad teeth really put me off.

  • Elina Ellinis
    Elina Ellinis Month ago

    Stop using old videos in new ones.some parts of them have seen them 100 times!

  • hanif ari
    hanif ari Month ago

    giginya ada yang warna kuning sama ada yang putih hhhhhh😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😝😝😝😝😝

  • K Burke
    K Burke Month ago +2

    This video is a “no” for me.

  • Davienia Paramananthan

    She Had A Nose Job?

  • La fofolle De la vie
    La fofolle De la vie Month ago +1

    La meuf a un poil de nez au début ... ou je sais c’est méchant 🙂

  • KatiV
    KatiV Month ago

    These are all horrendous

  • Shirly I
    Shirly I Month ago

    Your lips is so cute.. but your teeth looks yak 🤮. Make up needs every parts to be neat and clean.. sry to hurt you.. but when we look the lips teeth also getting watched...

  • Mur Yanti
    Mur Yanti Month ago


  • Elly Bradley
    Elly Bradley Month ago

    Like if their really good at putting lipstick and lipgloss on

  • Kokom Komariah
    Kokom Komariah Month ago

    I love the neon effect

  • K.I.L.E E
    K.I.L.E E Month ago

    actually a few cute ideas👏

  • Sunflower Girl Rules

    All lip fetish perverts are having a field day

  • Hev Bushnell
    Hev Bushnell Month ago

    Don't look at her nostrils. I said DON'T! now you'll never unsee it...

  • Sara Monteiro II
    Sara Monteiro II Month ago +1

    5:09 please DO NOT do! Ppl will laugh of you!

  • Jigoku Shojo
    Jigoku Shojo Month ago

    OWW her lips are so chapped and dry by the middle of the video, I feel sympathy pains

  • Hannah Channel
    Hannah Channel Month ago

    مجنت اعرف اكو امريكان كانسر

  • Hope and Nice
    Hope and Nice Month ago


  • thereal wolf
    thereal wolf Month ago

    2:50 that don't look neon at all 😐 but good hacks?

  • Anaju Rossato
    Anaju Rossato Month ago

    7:17 well thats awkward

  • Creamy Crap
    Creamy Crap Month ago

    i hate all of these. probly cuz i hate makeup

  • Tamia Clark
    Tamia Clark Month ago

    221 what is in her 👃? Nose

  • Jaider Suarez
    Jaider Suarez Month ago


  • Madeleine Dicochea
    Madeleine Dicochea Month ago

    It’s funny that I’m watching this but i don’t even wear make up because I’m only 10 in 6th grade so yeah....

  • Sxn Petel
    Sxn Petel Month ago

    This is just....... ehh

  • Venecia Guerrero
    Venecia Guerrero Month ago

    I don’t like how people just put on red it needs more decerations

  • Lajuana Longoria
    Lajuana Longoria Month ago

    Blech!!!Just thinking of having chunky glitter on my lips freaks me out! And all the product they use for the "Neon" look. Yuck. My lips are getting claustrophobic! But on a positive note, she has great lips!!!

  • A Random Girl
    A Random Girl Month ago


  • fouzia aziz
    fouzia aziz Month ago +2

    The worst lips and lipstick that I have ever seen in my life.worst hack Ever ever

  • Kristal Gobin
    Kristal Gobin Month ago

    I don't use makeup but I still watches it
    who does this too hit a like

  • Piyali Banerjee
    Piyali Banerjee Month ago

    Natural Lip is best. If you want to makeup it just use a light red-coloured lipstick.

  • Debopriya Palit
    Debopriya Palit Month ago +1

    Pls make teeth whiter by using this 5 mins crafts of yours

  • Panjabrao Wankhade
    Panjabrao Wankhade Month ago +1

    0:41 waao!!!!! she has pretty pink lips 💋

  • ɢᴏᴏɢʟᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴ

    Most of the hacks here in the video was stolen from those Korean girls.

  • Roseqirl
    Roseqirl Month ago

    Even though I don't wear lipstick and hate it
    Why not watch this video?

  • Graan Spin
    Graan Spin Month ago

    Very buetifull

  • 미녀Nübar
    미녀Nübar Month ago

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  • Maryam Fathima
    Maryam Fathima Month ago +11

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    Bailey Swanson Month ago +1

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  • H4 HÔPÊ
    H4 HÔPÊ Month ago +1

    Please don't upload the same ideas😢

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    Devarakonda Pragna Month ago

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  • CRAFTS By Samia
    CRAFTS By Samia Month ago +1

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  • ExpressCartoon15
    ExpressCartoon15 Month ago +4

    30% of comments are random
    20% are haters
    30 are nice
    5% are like ‘who watch’s but never does’
    15% is... comment what you think
    i know Its annoying when people say this but Thx for one comment OMG

  • manda Dharani
    manda Dharani Month ago

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  • Alaïa Rose
    Alaïa Rose Month ago +2

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    Michelle Bolen Month ago

    Am I the only one who is sitting here wondering exactly how they thought SOME of these bad looks were so good they should record it for a video.... the 'crystal' look.... sure.... picture perfect.... uh huh.

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    somali site Month ago

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    -caramel edits- Month ago +2

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    Awe Somw Month ago

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