• Published on Apr 20, 2019
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Comments • 12 284

  • ZacTheConqu erer
    ZacTheConqu erer Hour ago

    Smosh where is Anthony click where is Lachlan avengers where is black widow

  • ZacTheConqu erer
    ZacTheConqu erer Hour ago

    Where is Lachlan

  • Qasim Afridi
    Qasim Afridi 4 hours ago

    Misfits are fucking cunts

    A&M VIDEOS 20 hours ago


  • sonja hoxha
    sonja hoxha Day ago

    I actually just want to see Lannan when he's sober...

  • Green Phoenix PlayZ

    Every one looks so bored look at Elliott and Cray

  • ClapZ
    ClapZ Day ago +1

    Who is bloody legend

  • Gisky
    Gisky 2 days ago

    Lufu is so innocent 😂

  • Augie
    Augie 2 days ago

    Muselk the best

  • Trey Felton
    Trey Felton 2 days ago

    Y is Lazerbeam the last channel in the description

  • ChristCharmander 95
    ChristCharmander 95 2 days ago

    Where the hell was fruity's

  • Cristina Moran
    Cristina Moran 2 days ago

    5:08 LOL

  • Royalzs Gamer
    Royalzs Gamer 3 days ago

    Litearly 10:01 for a ad revenew Man U bitch click (sorry) Lol

  • Gladys Grajeda
    Gladys Grajeda 3 days ago

    Do a part two!!!

  • Evoke Black
    Evoke Black 3 days ago +1

    *Lazarbeam is wearing ariana grande's nasa merch oh my god!!!!!!*

  • dylan jones
    dylan jones 3 days ago +1

    I mean muslk you suck at fortnite

  • dylan jones
    dylan jones 3 days ago

    Muslims you are trash at fortnite

  • envy_savagelyfe
    envy_savagelyfe 4 days ago

    I think cray likes lufu

  • Fortnite Lover_FTW
    Fortnite Lover_FTW 4 days ago

    Bazz looks like a lot like Cameron from Ferris Bueller

  • Turmirre
    Turmirre 5 days ago

    elliot, you said lachlan was in click...?

  • Abram Chavez
    Abram Chavez 5 days ago +1

    Ik that cray humped his mom a few years ago lol

  • Jet Blake
    Jet Blake 5 days ago

    2:25 Well to be fair have you seen how many knives lannon has

  • Viviana Mullen
    Viviana Mullen 5 days ago

    Everyone but cray and loserfruit look like Cameron yes I’m a moron lazarbeam

  • bekbeast fc
    bekbeast fc 5 days ago +1

    Marcus looks like Josh Dunn (drummer of twenty one pilots)

  • Landon Bodkin
    Landon Bodkin 6 days ago

    Lazar beam is the best youtuber but cuses the most but epic

  • Landon Bodkin
    Landon Bodkin 6 days ago

    Cray has a fucking coyboy mustache

  • Benji Young
    Benji Young 6 days ago +1

    Cray"s table: stop spilling coffee on me please

  • S8TAN
    S8TAN 7 days ago

    2:10 X would die first ;-; just me

    ETC_TURF7 7 days ago

    Where is Lachlan

  • Gaming Will
    Gaming Will 7 days ago


  • MynameisDullfen
    MynameisDullfen 7 days ago

    Lachy drunk af

  • Jim
    Jim 7 days ago

    I have asthma to cray I feel you

  • Major Yates
    Major Yates 8 days ago

    6:23 bruh I listen to their podcast and I remember being on that episode when they said that they wanna see if they could get stoned with the click house

  • kenzv😜
    kenzv😜 8 days ago

    most of the comments were about elliot lol

  • Gaming with Liam
    Gaming with Liam 8 days ago

    magic misfits?

  • Mike Soverns
    Mike Soverns 8 days ago

    Eliot is compressed and depressed

  • Arsh Qasba
    Arsh Qasba 9 days ago


  • Ev D Boss
    Ev D Boss 10 days ago

    What happened to joogie

  • Titus Gillespie
    Titus Gillespie 10 days ago

    4:55 marcus was like wat the fck cray

  • justinC2421
    justinC2421 11 days ago

    THE TITLE OF THIS VIDEO IS WRONG: IT'S "WHO'S" NOT "WHOSE". The sentence would read "who is that comment about?" so you'd abbreviate it to "who's", you'd only use "whose" when it's not a combo of "who" and "is"!

  • Braden Humphrey
    Braden Humphrey 11 days ago +2

    Loser fruit is the best clock TVclipr.

  • Kaden 0_0
    Kaden 0_0 11 days ago

    What did cray do to Lannons sister tanner?

  • Elijah Osborne
    Elijah Osborne 11 days ago

    Send the car crash to lachlan LOL

  • sean the bean
    sean the bean 11 days ago

    elliot you cant call it baby fat

  • Reese Rangers
    Reese Rangers 11 days ago

    Laver bean is the best

  • miguel henriquez deleon

    I wonder why Fresh didn't sign the contract for Click, He could just use a pickle mask,

  • Xtraordinary 3
    Xtraordinary 3 11 days ago

    He got voted on for being white then said”I’m actually a very Mainly man” racist!!!😂

  • Dandridge Mcgraw
    Dandridge Mcgraw 11 days ago

    I feel you cray I am asmatic

  • Taco Tastic
    Taco Tastic 12 days ago

    Who else thinks that lannan looks just like Tom cruise

  • Lincoln Whyte
    Lincoln Whyte 12 days ago

    Cray has asthma definite you can tell

  • boombox
    boombox 12 days ago

    Yea where the f*** is Lochlon

  • Gianna Barnett
    Gianna Barnett 12 days ago

    not one soul:
    not one human being:

  • Gianna Barnett
    Gianna Barnett 12 days ago +1

    i can't be the only one who feels bad for lufu. love you lufu

    ELIJAHBOSS 12 days ago

    I actually laughed when Elliot said I consider myself a man

  • Hashan Sadaruwan
    Hashan Sadaruwan 12 days ago

    Some Australian dudes entertaining me

  • bwk on youtube
    bwk on youtube 12 days ago

    Anything that sounds retarded, its Lannan or Cray....If its something nerdy, its Elliot....if it's something legit, its Bazz, Prestige Clips, and LuFu

  • Chiefkiller
    Chiefkiller 13 days ago

    Ellet more like smeliet

  • Stef Davis
    Stef Davis 13 days ago

    Where is Lachy

  • Zachary harrison
    Zachary harrison 13 days ago

    no one:
    literally no one:
    not a single soul:
    Cray: I have a degree

  • FrostedFalcon55
    FrostedFalcon55 14 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Nobody at all:
    Cray:Fruity is thick
    Marcus: kills cray

  • FrostedFalcon55
    FrostedFalcon55 14 days ago +1

    Does anyone else loves it when cray yells LANNAN

  • Smooth
    Smooth 14 days ago

    6:56 everyone discussing and being social, then there's Elliot...

  • Dr Fizzy
    Dr Fizzy 14 days ago

    i actually saw the first comment on a vid

  • Steel Bro101
    Steel Bro101 14 days ago

    This video was posted on my bday

    RICH notRICHARD 14 days ago

    Please get Marcus out of click. No one likes him

  • - End -
    - End - 15 days ago


  • Sheerio Forever
    Sheerio Forever 15 days ago

    Anybody want Lachlan and fresh and another girl to join

  • Charlotte Reynolds
    Charlotte Reynolds 15 days ago

    Is fruity actually the most flexible

  • AJ Hernandez
    AJ Hernandez 15 days ago

    Why does bazz always looks mad and wants to kill all of you

  • The Durpy Dragon
    The Durpy Dragon 16 days ago

    Dont say that about the misfits lazarbeam click and misfits r my fav.

  • Skenzer The II
    Skenzer The II 16 days ago

    i read the first comment they did right before this vid and the answer is moose tits btw

  • emrge
    emrge 16 days ago

    The producer is probally the drunk one because she said the laughing emoji was the crying

    RZRXXXMICHAEL1324 16 days ago

    Markus is dumb

  • Andrxa_ii
    Andrxa_ii 16 days ago

    I am sick. This made me forget that. Thank you.

  • I love and hate life at the same time yea

    Cray: lufu is the thicc one
    Marcus: Nani
    Btw I thought she was dating prestige clips

  • Maria R. A
    Maria R. A 16 days ago

    Lannan is such a pessentttttfchiv'%_●☆68

  • Liam Martin
    Liam Martin 16 days ago

    Marcus was wearing pewdiepie merch

  • AceGames_
    AceGames_ 16 days ago +2

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Nobody on this entire planet.
    Lannan: YoUr A mOrON

  • Naomi Navarrete
    Naomi Navarrete 16 days ago

    Poor Lanan and Lufu ❤

  • I am Geraci
    I am Geraci 16 days ago

    Is Lachlan even in click? Or fresh?

  • blueberry chan
    blueberry chan 17 days ago

    Does bazz really like anime?cuz i like anime and my hero acadiamya(i spelled it wrong)

  • RachelStanc xx
    RachelStanc xx 17 days ago +1

    you know how everyone says Elliot looks like elon musk..
    Muselk - el (el-liot) =musk
    or... el musk

  • Rüzgar Öztürk
    Rüzgar Öztürk 17 days ago

    You are soo stupit lannan

  • The_hunter _vangaurd
    The_hunter _vangaurd 17 days ago

    I’m un subbing all of you for being a bitch boy fuck hole to the misfits

  • Frostis
    Frostis 17 days ago

    Does anyone noticed that cray look like a chipmunk when he smiles?

  • Kiera Bridges
    Kiera Bridges 17 days ago

    Why tf does Elliot have to be so loudnall the time?
    P.s. don't mind my profile I haven't changed it for months.

  • Alexander Reardon
    Alexander Reardon 17 days ago

    Lazar bean is thick

  • Hailey Bailey
    Hailey Bailey 17 days ago

    Cray is crazy because the c in cray is for crazy

  • DMG Frost
    DMG Frost 17 days ago

    where tf is lachy

  • KeanuusHyper
    KeanuusHyper 18 days ago


  • Nathan Hanes
    Nathan Hanes 18 days ago

    Muselk is the best and has the most coments

  • DylanTheGreat2004
    DylanTheGreat2004 19 days ago +3

    I could just imagine swagger and lannan blazing a blunt 😂😂

  • NOoB GaMeR
    NOoB GaMeR 19 days ago

    __ will most likely be my collab partner in edm
    Can you guess who it is?

  • Benjicool 234
    Benjicool 234 19 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    True click: fans where the hell is Lachlan

  • Terbafine
    Terbafine 19 days ago

    Marcus is wearing PewDiePie merch

  • Ash and aax
    Ash and aax 19 days ago

    Ohhh cray has a disability, that explains everything

  • Lilly64 hi
    Lilly64 hi 19 days ago

    God damn it! Why didnt they work harder on finding Lufu comments!? She looked so bored :(

  • King Kobra 360
    King Kobra 360 19 days ago

    That’s a good question where is Lachy

  • Pulse_Spit Fire
    Pulse_Spit Fire 19 days ago

    Lachlan cant be in click because he does not have brown hair

  • Sn1peyouGodly yt
    Sn1peyouGodly yt 19 days ago

    Ive never heard of a clan called renagades