Spiritual Warfare Techniques Positive Voodoo Orgone Orgonite

  • Published on Jan 19, 2017
  • prayers : www.themarsrecords.com/wp/black-ops/can-prevent-alien-military-abductions-spiritual-attack/
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Comments • 14

  • Setnakhte Amun Re
    Setnakhte Amun Re 29 days ago +1

    Video loads real slow.
    (Must be on point)

  • dexter salvano
    dexter salvano 5 months ago +4

    interesting is your God Jehovah?
    im sorry but all witchcraft will land you in the lake of fire. good and bad . only Jesus Christ is the truth the life and the way ... and the only way to heaven. be not deceived

    • Setnakhte Amun Re
      Setnakhte Amun Re 29 days ago

      Royal Regatta WHAT!!!!

    • Royal Regatta
      Royal Regatta Month ago

      i am is god. i am is you. i am is the eather (internet -eathernet)

    • Black Messiah Side Kick
      Black Messiah Side Kick 2 months ago

      dexter salvano that is fake. youtube qausi luminous. i used to be christian. its made to controll you the #illuminati gave you that religion fool

  • John Redwoodseed
    John Redwoodseed Year ago +2

    Come to California where there are trees taller than the Gwen/cell towers we got redwood, sequoias, red cedar, pine trees that are thousands of years old. Organic culture all farm grown food and medical cannabis medicine. If you want to get away from all this poison please reply I can tell you where to go for spring and well water poison free you.

    • Beastsaver
      Beastsaver Month ago +1

      John Redwoodseed wow 1000 a day? Awesome

    • John Redwoodseed
      John Redwoodseed Year ago +1

      Yup email might of been blocked

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  Year ago +2

      my email is iamorgone@gmail.com, please keep trying if you dont get a response they hack my email, also im on facebook Mehrzad Malekzadeh

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  Year ago +2

      can you connect me you wont believe i just decided to move there :)

    • John Redwoodseed
      John Redwoodseed Year ago +1

      There are plenty of farmers out here just like us light beings that will provide for like minded people and help you in every way. There's still cannabis trimming going on and you can easily make 1000 a day. Every town in Humboldt, Mendocino, and trinity county are always looking for workers

  • Balazs Pk
    Balazs Pk Year ago +3

    Have you ever tried talking to your pyramids in astral? I think they have a soul. I think you can ask your customers pyramids in astral if they have a health problem or emotional problem which needs to be transmuted.

  • Balazs Pk
    Balazs Pk Year ago +4

    I was missing you Bro, thank you for updating us

  • TaoorDao
    TaoorDao Year ago +6

    stay strong brother, i feel you